Season 8 Episode 9

Hulkus Pocus

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 2005 on The WB

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  • Hulkus Pocus

    Hulkus Pocus was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was fun and full of character development. It was cool watching Phoebe try to figure out her life and help take care of a baby while Henry finds the father. I loved seeing the sisters all hulked up looking like neanderthals after they were infected by a virus started by the government. The ending with Paige and Henry was pretty great and Phoebe talking with her future self was awesome! I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!

    28 demons later

    An intriguing plot but far too rushed towards the end. The idea of a magical virus was an excellent idea and I really liked the involvement of homeland security. This is the first time we've ever had anything approaching a conspiracy theory on Charmed and it really lights up the episode. It comes too late in the day to add to the show's mythology but it's nice to know the writers still have a few fresh ideas left. Unfortunately, the theory isn't well explained and there are far too many plotholes. For example, it was never explained how the virus came about. All we were told was that a demon was injected with human blood and the resulting mixture injected back into a human. Now I'm no doctor but I don't see how that creates a virus.

    Top marks this week go to make-up. I always appreciate it when the demons look like demons and this is the best example in ages. That said, I don't understand why the sisters needed to "hulk out" in order to find the caretaker. They didn't do anything while they were there that they couldn't have done as themselves. Still, all good fun I guess.

    What is it with babies at the moment? First we have Phoebe obsessing over them then Henry turns up and dumps one in Paige's arms. As a way of getting Henry into the episode it's no bad thing, but they have used the abandoned baby plot twice already. And are we really expected to believe a police officer would be allowed to leave an abandoned child with a random woman he met one week ago? I don't think so.

    Phoebe's interactive premonition is the best bit of the episode. As a character she has been seriously underused this season and it's great to see her powers move forward once more. If she can now interact with the future then presumably she can also travel into the past and change things. Now that really would be intriguing. Score: 8.8
  • Deadly virus spreading in the magical being.

    Billie get infected with the dead virus!! Billie get infected with the dead virus!! Billie get infected with the dead virus!! I wish Billie just died in this episode, but she didn't. I hate Billie, after the appearance of Billie Jenkins in Charmed, the show is getting worse and worse. Luckily this episode is manage to save the show from getting to the WORST. Not the best episode in this series and I don't really like this episode. But because Billie get infected with the virus, I give this episode 8.5. Less Billie drama in this episode, which save the series from getting worse.
  • Phoebe: "We can't let her die" Me: "Why not? XD" At last a Power of Three Episode, At least a power of three demons... Back to basics

    A good episode... Why? Beacuse they let out Billie Character and bring back the Charmed Ones fighting evil!

    This episode it's like the old ones! We can see Billie as the innocent, and they saving her, as the Charmed Ones. The characters in this episode are realistic again... I mean they used to be able to give her life to save a inocent, till the dead thing and the avatar thing came up! Here we see that again! And I think that are the real Charmed Ones!

    The acting and the camera job of the episode it's great! I love Piper first scenes, she's great and Phoebe did a good job in this episode too (We can feel how she feels about Billie so well) Anyway, why is now Phoebe with Billie suddenly? I guess that was Paige's job!

    The story was kinda original! The only thing that didn't like was the "they are all the same" demon thing, the first one and the second one were exacly the same! So the last one! They could have do different masks or something! It just don't sounds real! And I get tired of see magic demon school! Why suddenly are the freaky demons in season 8 are there?? Beacuse I kinda of obvious it's because of the sets!... You know what! The underwourld sets are better than the whole thing in magic school!!

    We have a episode with good acting and a good story and it's a great one! Great enough to put there a 8!
  • When a demon escapes from custody, Agent Murphy enlists the Charmed Ones to help, where they learn a government created virus is spreading amongst magical beings, that causes them to "hulk out". Meanwhile, Billie becomes infected with the virus.

    Great episode! Billie turns into one of those things. I think they had those in season 6 well like it anyway. That Agent Murphy guy is done with. I thought there would be more of him because the other agent dude that left and then Agent Murphy decides to keep there sercret? I think there should of been a little more story line with that. More Paige and Henry!
  • I liked the episode but it was kinda like the epiosde once in a blue moon in season 7 ??

    The help of the Charmed Ones is enlisted by Agent Murphy when a demon escapes from the government's custody. They discover that a government-created virus is spreading amongst magical beings causing them to "hulk out." After Billie is scratched by a demon and becomes infected with the virus, Piper and Leo race against time to find an antidote to save her life. The sisters realize the only way to save Billie is to become infected with the virus and turn into "hulked out" versions of themselves. Meanwhile, Paige is put in charge of watching a baby when one of Henry's parolees is busted. Phoebe reflects on her failed premonition about having a baby.
  • Anyone see any similarities to this and \'Once in A Blue Moon\'?.

    This episode was most proberly the writers at there best this season. And I wonder why that is, they copied the plotline from the episode \'Once In A Blue Moon\'. The rest of this season was an absoulte totutre to watch, it rather should have been called \"Billie Search\'s For Her Sister, Discover\'s She Has Turned Evil, So In The Final Episode Decides To Kill Her\'. I think that would suit it. I suppose I should by the eighth series to see what special features they have promised us, but I\'ll keep the reciept handy, so I can return it immediatly.
  • We need episodes like this one! Congratulations!!! New idea!

    Hello everybody. At least we have an episode with interesting idea and plot. We haven't ever seen episodes with virus or smt like this. I think that Hulcus Pocus was one of the best episodes of season 8. I's also add it at the top of the best 10 episodes ever of charmed. I'd pick Hulcus pocus at the 10th place. I really liked it, because there were many scenes and fights, actions and exciting moments. There were almost 7-8 interesting moments that I liked most. For example, the last fighting or fighting when Billie Monster attacts Halliwell sisters. Have you guys ever thought that charmed ones repeat themselves in the 8th season? I mean that source, fairy tales (like Malice in a wonderland), arrests, superheroes or smt else has already been in that show. Can you think the newest ideas of the show. I can. I imagined that writters can write episodes about chiromantists or something like that magic is going to end because some demons found the place where all the magic is located and the decided to use almost the whole magic because it is the unlimited and ultimate power. So sisters must stop them and bring magic back before demons could get it for their own. What do ou think, ha? Fresh ideas? You can write me you own if you would like and send the to my mail: I am waiting!
  • Don't sulk, be a hulk.

    I love Charmed. I just love it. I was very disappointed with last week’s episode, and all the things that bugged me, every tiny little flaw, was amazingly turned around in this episode. Just when I thought the season had started to go down hills again, they turn it around, with the best episode of the season.

    I would like to start off with the main story, which for once was fabulous. There were no cheesy superhero, or fairytale creature, but super strong demons and witches, threatening to destroy the magical community. They really created that desperate feeling, and the demons looked original for once. Also the way the finally found the antidote, was great. They didn’t rush trough things, or throw together a hasty ending. The whole episode was thoroughly worked through, and the writers thought about everything. It’s nice to see that the government actually do something, even if they screw up a lot. I like Agent Murphy, and that’s actually very rare. Usually the agents or investigators are just as annoying as you can be.

    Piper and Leo, was as usual, great. They are the ones keeping the series fresh and natural, and I just love the chemistry between Brian and Holly. Their marriage keeps me happy, even in the total darkness. It’s just adorable how they still try to have a normal life, and actually manages to, now that Leo is a mortal. I think Leo’s becoming a mortal was the best thing that could happen for their marriage. Now he can focus everything on their life, and he doesn’t risk being distracted by the elders, avatars or whatever.

    Paige’s personal story in the episode was great as well. She doesn’t want to admit her affection for Henry, which is understandable with her recent history with men. Brody, Nate, Glenn, Shane… the list of failed romances goes on and on. But I like Henry, and I like the sparks between him and Paige. He really is her type. We got to see how very alike they are, and the whole abandoned baby was great too, even if it didn’t do anything for the main plot.

    Phoebe’s plot was so great. When she was sitting crying at the table just before they injected themselves with Billie’s blood, I actually was happy. She finally shows us a bit of the old Phoebe. I think her character has died a bit this season. As terrible as it is for me to admit it, she actually has been a bit boring since the beginning of season 8, which is really sad. She used to be my favourite Charmed One, but she just has been a bit off since Something Wicca. She’s doubted herself, their decisions and mainly her premonitions. But the one in the end, and her conversation with Billie gave her her will to live and date, and her hope for the future, back. Finally.

    And at last, Billie. Man, she surprised me in this episode. It’s just funny that in my last review of Battle of the Hexes, I said that it finally occurred to me how annoying she was and how I hated her. And then this episode comes and shows me that she really has depths. And she can act. I hope her character will develop in the same tracks. Not so bimbo. She fits much better as a bitter kick-ass witch, that can still be fun and easy going. I’ve decided to give Billie a new chance. Because I really felt sorry for her when she was dying.

    I have high hopes for next week’s episode. It looks to be the best of the season. It’s just so sad that Brian has to go. But I’ve learned to accept it. I can’t wait for it to air.
  • billie freezing

    okay so this clearly shows that billie cannot be from good! i mean this has to mean shes been evil all along right even in the series finaly billie and her sister christy have to go up against the charmed ones! i think that phoebe doesnt use her powers enough anyways and she needs to have a real premonition of an innocent she has to go protect you know?

    The episode was not much better than other ones, it was just one simple episode in which one witch is going to die and the other ones have to save her in a tremendous way. It was not that bad, it was at least better than any other episodes of this previous season, that is turning more of love and all that stuff rather than fighting demons and finding a solution for it. What I said is that CHARMED was great at the first six seasons, but later it turn boring and very dull.
  • This week wasn't any better, until it ended.

    Once again, this weeks episode really wasn't anything special, its really obvious that Charmed is running out of ideas. Piper and Paige go to vanquish a demon, but there is something different about him. After doing some research, they find out that the government created the virus after they captured the demon in the desert, ant it is spreading amongst magical beings, that causes them to "hulk out". Billie goes to magic school to try and get answers about her missing sister, and ends up hurting a demon making him enraged. when the demon gets infected with the virus also, he comes after Billie and passes it on to her. The sisters have to find an antidote or Billie will die. Henry reappears in Paige's life, asking her to look after a baby who will be put into foster care if he doesn't find the infant's father. Does Henry not have any friends? Piper calls upon an Elder and finds out the virus is spreading, so she and Phoebe go to Agent Murphy and they ask him what he’s hiding. After scaring him with their powers he confesses. Phoebe decides the only way to save Billie is to hulk out also and find the antidote in the test subject. Of course they succeed and Billie survives. Phoebe tells Billie that she is one of the family now, which really annoyed me because Billie only gets in the way. After losing faith in her premonitions, Phoebe touches a baby blanket, and she’s herself with her future daughter, and her future self tells her its her destiny and that she’s living proof of that. The ending really made up for the poor quality of this episode.
  • Look Who's Hulking

    Undoubtedly the best episode of the season so far but still lacking in some parts, I expected Hulkus Pocus to be an absolute mess with terrible bad guys and a lame "gimmick" idea to have the sisters turning into wrestler-type women. Thankfully, I was wrong.

    The episode sees the sisters investigating a mystery virus which has begun spreading through the demon community, making them all "hulk out". Piper, Paige and Phoebe must resort to drastic measures when Billie is infected. Meanwhile, Paige is asked by Henry to keep a baby safe whilst he tries to find the baby's father.

    The "hulking-out" storyline was interesting. Despite bordering on X Files-like in some scenes, it made for a needed change to the regular demons-of-the-week and the government involvement was intriguing and quite daring for Charmed. Although, the mystery of the entire story was completely thrown out the window when Billie became the center of it all. Phoebe calling her "family" was sickening to hear and I literally felt like vomiting. It really annoys me how she's almost highjacked the entire show. Everything seems to be about her and it's really pissing me off!

    But, strangely, Billie wasn't the worst character in this episode. Phoebe was. I never imagined I would defend Billie, but seeing Phoebe telling her to concentrate on the mission rather than her sister was just... unbelievable! Excuse me, Pheebs, but what have you been so obsessed about for the past 9 episodes? You're desperate attempts at getting knocked up! How could she be so hypocritical! She was also really arrogant when she said she's giving up on her premonitions since they haven't helped out with her personal life. Sure, forget about the innocents they need to save! Self-absorbed whore!

    I did like how the demons actually looked demonic. The hulked-out versions of the sisters looked really cool but it's a shame that they used their normal voices, making the whole thing sound corny. The hulked-out sisters didn't take up much of the episode, surprisingly, and I was glad to see those scenes kept to a minimum.

    Piper rocked in this episode. Her stand-off with Agent Murphy was hilarious and Holly excelled with some really good comedic timing. I also loved when Piper almost blew up Billie. Anything to do with the blonde bimbo getting injured is good in my book! There was also a really good scene where Phoebe completely lost it in the kitchen and starting slamming refrigerator doors and throwing stuff. It was a shocking scene and well acted by Alyssa (gasp!), but it's a shame she was so worked up because of Billie's infection etc.

    Phoebe's premonition at the end didn't make much sense. We've never seen evidence of her using this type of ability before and it just came out of nowhere. I also have no interest in her baby obsession so any scene involving it usually passes me by. Paige's subplot wasn't that interesting (enough with the babies!) but at least we had Henry back again. Ivan Sergei is, honest-to-god, the greatest new character added to Charmed in 4 seasons and his scenes with Rose usually make her act a little better as she hasn't twitched or seizure-d ever since he came on the scene. Good job, Sergei!

    I've never been a massive fan of Leo but, for some reason, I'm really starting to like him this season. He hasn't been too intrusive and his scenes with Piper usually make for some of the best parts of each episode. But, of course, being such wonderful geniuses, the writers have decided to write him out of the show. The preview for next week's episode was heartbreaking and it seemed like the first dramatic preview in around 3 years.

    Hulkus Pocus did have some problems but most of them were superficial. The best episode of the season so far, but one which could have been a lot better.

    Rating: B-
  • Billie becomes ill and the charmed ones hulk out. It was nearly a good episode

    This episode really had the potential to be so good and then in the final 10 or so minutes, it really fell to pieces which was a shame.

    Once again- and this has been one of my main annoynaces of the season- the episode had too many storylines. Billie's sister quest, the demon virus thing, Paige and Henry, Phoebe swearing off men, Piper and Leo's skiing trip. Piper and Leo's storyline was unnecessary and fairly pointless- it would've been more productive to just leave this storyline out. Paige's storyline was more interesting due to Henry who at least is a decent actor even if this is yet another recycled storyline from season 2.
    Phoebe's storyline was very dull as this is again another recycled storyline. It was just boring but I did enjoy her premonition which was some nice continuity from last season. The storyline also gave some nice sister moments between Piper and Phoebe.

    The demon storyline was actually a very good one. The idea of an undiscriminating virus was new for charmed and could've been a great idea for a continuing storyline. But it was as if the writers ran out of time or just couldn't be bothered to finish it up properly. Firstly Piper and Paige's treatment of Agent Murphy was cruel and unfair- he was obviously not involved in the experiments and although they were right to pressure him they had no evidence that this virus was the fault of the government. (although it did do one good thing and got rid of Agent Murphy who was a little unnecessary) Secondly, maybe it was just me but I did not get the whole experiment thing when they were discussing it. It also seemed that Piper came to the conclusion that this man's blood was the antidote- very quickly. It wasn't clearly explained and more time could've been spent on it.
    The girls were also completely reckless in deciding to 'hulk out'. The antidote was a long shot and if it was wrong then they would've died. It seemed stupid that after all they went through at the start of the season, they would want to end up dead now. Also shouldn't they have really thought about it logically because the Elder said that the more powerful the being the quicker, they die- the Charmed Ones are the most powerful witches in the world surely the virus would kill them quicker?? But of course once again, the charmed writers don't think this through! The only good bit about the solution was that the sisters were actually working together.

    Overall I thought the episode started fairly good and it was a shame that it didn't finish as it could've.
  • Billie gets a deadly magical virus which causes her to hulk out. Piper, Phoebe and Paige must race against time to save her in time before this virus flames her alive.

    This was a great episode! So much action and drama in it. Holly and Alyssa acted great as always. The storylines just blew me away, they were awesome. I would make people watch this. The charmed ones finally went after the demon for a change, I would make anyone watch this episode. This episode is exactly why I watch this show. 10/10
  • wow

    Well, this was one of the....... no not that um .....this is a episode that makes you think about how people think and how much time they have on there hands. Overall I think it was a good show. I liked it beacause billlie is close to finding the demon that killed her sister and i liked it beacuse it when they transformed into the monsters but what I don't get is how if they were monsters why did they keep there powers, usually when you turn into something you lose you powers and get new ones .Am I not right ? ? ? ? ?
  • Very, very good episode.

    I think that Hulkus Pocus was one of the best episodes of season 8. I can honestly say that season 8 is a very good season and writers are trying to do everything to show us all the beauty of charmed's show. Hulkus pocus s also a very special episode. I mean that charmed ones are having a lot of adventures and the are becomming a very horrible monstars and this is exacly how the charmed ones saves Billy's life. The end was very good and wounderful! There were many batteles in this episode and it was really very interesting to watch how girls are trying to get away from one or another situation.
  • Billie gets sick and the sisters try to find an antidote for her or she might loose her life!

    this was a good episode and I liked how it somehow more revolved on the sisters and how they managed to do something again without the help of Billie, though I like the character Billie too... :) I'm finding this whole sister thing very interesting for Billie

    and i liked this Hulk stuff in this episode. Very original... :D
  • This wass a definate improvement from the previous episode.

    What can I say , this is a definate improvement from the previous episode Battle of the Hexes . Hopefully this means that this season will finally start to get better & more interesting . ( Fingers crossed )

    Apart from Pheobe whining almost through the whole episode about not being pregnant as usual , it was actually amusing & funny .

    It looks as though Paige & Henry will become an item soon . But the whole "looking after a baby to save him from foster care" story line was done before in season 2 . ( I think )
  • one of the best episodes of this season it had it all

    a great episode with a great story line, it was something never seen on charmed it was clever plotted and the girls were faboluos, one of the best episodes of this season it had it all powers drama etc and we also saw phoebes premonition power increse she could project her self into the premonition that was very cool because now she can stop premonition before they happen, the writers are getting smarter so that's good =).
  • Glad to see the writers still have some ideas!

    This episode finally came after a few less than desirable storylines. Some of the stuff was ‘do over’ but for the most part it was new and exciting. The jury is still out of Billie but for some reason I think Billie is gonna end up getting herself killed.

    But I thought the acting was good and the story overall was good. I just hope they don’t fall off the deep end again! It just seems that once they get going they fall off the truck. I hope they keep it together, but with what will happen next week…I have my doubts.
  • YES! im so happy!

    Wow! they are finally back. The real witches from the past seven seasons. I was really satisfied with the episode i thought it was great. I like how Billie was hurt and couldn't save herself and how the charmed ones risked there lives for her. It shows that they have a close relationship now. I think it was funny when they turned into those things lol and they were fighting with each other. oh and another thing how the demons.. well some of them acutally looked like monsters and not like a human!! That was great. Now im really excited for Sundays episode it looks like im going to cry... I love leo and i think he's a big part of the show. and im going to miss him.
  • They did it again !!

    This episode I found was one of the BEST !! I mean, how Piper confronted Murphy was soo cool ! And how Paige has a new guy she likes is even better ! And that part in the end where Pheobe gets that premenition !! Is even better !!

    Charmed is doing EXCELLENT this season !
  • Now Billie is a really witch.

    This was one of the best episodes since the season premiered. Billy is on the search to find her sisters killer kidnapper. When she goes to Magic School, she gets infected and turns into a monster like thing. Then, in the attempt to save her, the sisters all turn too. Now that Billie has changed into shomething else, she is like a real Halliwell witch. Piper - Windingo Phoebe - Banchie (I really spelled that wrong). This episode showed everyone a little more insight into Billie's character. I think that this show is getting better every week. I love it. This is such a great show.
  • pretty good episode

    Well, this was one of the....... no not that um .....this is a episode that makes you think about how people think and how much time they have on there hands. Overall I think it was a good show. I liked it beacause billlie is close to finding the demon that killed her sister and i liked it beacuse it when they transformed into the monsters but what I don't get is how if they were monsters why did they keep there powers, usually when you turn into something you lose you powers and get new ones
  • This episode is about Billie getting infected by a virus that turns any magical creature into super “hulk-like” creatures that still have their powers.

    This episode just reminds me how much I can't stand the fact that Billie even exists. This show is SUPPOSE to be about the Charmed Ones. The show has had this type of storyline for the longest. Now it is all about introducing a new witch that is rebellious. This type of attitude was supposed to be Pheobe in her pre-witch days. That type of character storyline has come and gone.

    Another guy has come into their lives-mainly Paige’s life. Funny how it is Pheobe who is the one that needs-that is looking for a man. Pheobe has lost faith in her premonitions. Leo is making an appearance here and there (too bad he is no longer a whitelighter). If it weren’t for his knowledge of all things magic-what use would he be but to endure Piper’s sarcastic insults (which she has thankfully laid off as much as she used to from season 2-7).

    Pheobe gets to encounter herself in a vision that is from a previous episode (season 2-Cheaper By The Coven) which starred Charisma Carpenter as the new seer to the Source. She is given hope by her future self. She can also thank her compassion for Billie’s life as a character developer. By the way, Alyssa Milano is soooo beautiful, and I would hope that she does end up with the Dex Lawson (Jason Lewis) or someone who looked just as good as him. 

    The sisters’ have become infected with some sort of a virus. This part is the classic part and is why I love to watch this show. It involves magic and it exploits their powers. I love it!!!

    Aside from having to endure watching Billie involved in their lives, the sister’s still love saving the innocents and that is why I watch this show.
  • This was probably one of the best episodes this season.

    I will admit that I liked the story line and how it all played but it did feel a little rushed.
    I felt this could have been a 2 episode arch versus one but I liked that it was slightly original for them.
    The episode starts out with the sisters hunting a demon for Agent Murphy with really no reason as to why.
    They have lots of mysteries going on about the quest for agent murphy. The background story while partly about Phoebe was really about Paige and her new love interest.
    I personally am glad they found a good strong actor to be Rose McGowan's love interest. He will compliment them when Leo goes.
    Anyway. Billie stumbles into what the Sisters are researching for murphy and all the storylines come together. I like how we get to the resolution.
    Hope you all saw this episode.
  • It made a point to some simple facts of life. First time realized that Rose McGowan actually can cast for wonder woman....

    Simple facts of life that's really better of twisted for entertainment, such as: (1) Government simply make mistake. It's not always conspiracy; (2) Some friends can be quite inconsiderate, and you have no way to say no. Their intention might be for good, except the work fell unto our laps without prior consent; (3) Survival instinct. Demons, witches, human, or whatever. They'll get to the same place through different methods.

    P.S. Page got great smile, and she got the wonder woman image in her.
  • Fantastic episode, I don't know why The WB made such a wack trailer for it. Really the BEST episode so far from season 8. A virus is spreading amon the magical community and it's up 2 the Charmed Ones 2 find a antidote

    I really loved this episode. It's the best episode from Season 8 so far.
    It's like the Charmed of the good ol' days and a real improvement after the awful sucky Battle of the Hexes episode.

    The storyline is great and the demons finally have some visual effects after they're 'hulked out'

    This is just one of the best episodes EVER of Charmed and i really, really, really recommend that you watch it if you think that Charmed has been slacking off. Because this episode will definetely change your mind about it and it shows that the writers still got good potential to make killer episodes like this.

    Holly looked hot in this episodes by the way and they all were acting good, i was really impressed with Billie in the drama parts.

  • to the mitill guy, you are wrong.

    about the paige and henry storyline. they played an important roll in this show. without them. pheobe would not have believed in her preminitions again. and she found out that she actually was going to have her child. i mean, i dont know about you, but to me, that is pretty important. and. to the part with the "cheesy" voice overs. its not liek charmed has thousands of dollars to spend on special effects. i doubt if you tried you couldn't even with of a show nearly as good.
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