Season 6 Episode 17

Hyde School Reunion

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2004 on The WB

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  • Pointless Filler Episode #9184

    Oh, and it was all going so well. After three brilliant episodes, Charmed reduces itself to kid-oriented garbage with Hyde School Reunion, an episode that appears only to of been made to be a stalemate to the season premiere of the WB's reality series "High School Reunion", which aired the same night.

    The episode has Phoebe attending her high school reunion and a spell going wrong, causing her to revert to her former teenage bad girl self. The subplot, where Piper calls her dad Victor to come and see Chris and ask him about his problems, is more effective and it's sweet to see Chris calling Piper "mom" for the first time and there are some revelations about Victor and Chris' relationship and also of Piper's death.

    Compared to Piper's high school reunion episode, the A-plot is absolutely awful. It seems to drag on for ages and you don't care at all about the cliché characters Phoebe used to hang around with. The B-plot is absolutely brilliant. The scenes between Chris and Victor are well written and played well by both James Read and, dare I say it, Drew Fuller. He's actually good in this episode (shock horror!) and Chris is seriously becoming the most interesting character on the show. The revelation that Victor raises Chris after Piper dies when he is 14 is extremely moving but a good decision on the writer's part to continue the pattern of the Halliwell women dying and the children being raised by a grandparent.

    This episode would have been given an extremely low rating but the Chris subplot raises it from being "criminally bad" to actually quite good.

    Rating: F
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