Season 6 Episode 17

Hyde School Reunion

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2004 on The WB

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  • Freaky Phoebe and the demons of projectile vomit...


    This is the worst of Season 6, and that is saying something considering James Reed is in it, who typically elevates every episode he is in.

    Victor is involved in the best comedy of the show as he attempts to talk to Piper's belly when she asks him to have a talk with Chris. It is cool seeing Victor and Chris together, and Victor even gets his one and only orb of the series. Chris's melancholy over Piper being dead in his future, as already noted in "Chris-Crossed," is pretty understandable. And Piper's reaction to Chris calling him "mom" for the first time is an all-time great Charmed moment, easily the best moment of the show.

    The main plot is actually another example of the writers trying to capitalize on a normal event in the life of someone Phoebe's age. As such, the high school reunion is a sensible idea. The problem is that the conflict they worked out of it is more annoying than dramatic. Apparently all 4 sisters (including Prue) had long straight black hair in high school and were somewhat uncomfortable in their own skin. It is an old story by now.

    It was very intelligent of the writers to have Rick proudly tell Phoebe that he had killed before. Once he said that, he was no longer an innocent, which opened the door for the sisters' rare vanquishing of a mortal. I liked that. Nice twist.

    Unfortunately, most the rest is forgettable. The main problem is that Freaky Phoebe displays way more power than normal Phoebe ever did, and yet she allows Rick to bully her with a shotgun. Why not just turn HIM into a dog? This sucks any drama otherwise possible out of the whole Rick conflict.