Season 6 Episode 17

Hyde School Reunion

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2004 on The WB



  • Quotes

    • Piper (about Leo): The point is, he's not around.
      Victor: Was he ever?
      Piper: Were you? (he gives her a look) Sorry.
      Victor: No, no, no. I, uh, I deserve that. I wasn't around enough for you girls, but, uh, I wanna make up for that with Wyatt and his little…um… (he points, indicating the new baby)
      Piper: It's a boy. Chris, actually.
      Victor: "Chris". Why did you choose that name?
      Piper: I don't know. And…he won't tell me. He's very secretive about the future. He's actually the reason I asked you to come. See, he, um, hates me, and he doesn't wanna talk to me, and I need you to find out why.
      Victor: I don't understand your wiccan ways, but I'll try. (he smiles, clears his throat and starts talking to Piper's tummy) Hello, Chris! (chuckles, as Piper rolls her eyes) Chris? Hello, Chris. Can you hear me?
      Chris (off-screen): Someone calling me?
      Piper: Yeah, uh, sweetie, could you come here a sec?
      Victor: Jeez! He can come out?
      (Chris walks in)
      Chris: Uh, can we air this out? 'Cause I gotta get- (he sees Victor) Grandpa! (he rushes past Piper and gives Victor an enthusiastic hug. Victor looks confused and smiles at Chris)