Season 6 Episode 15

I Dream of Phoebe

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2004 on The WB

Episode Recap

This episode opens with Phoebe arriving at the newspaper and checking her messages. She is startled by Chris, who is waiting in her office to ask for help. He admits that he has been ignoring her 'calls' ("I put you on mute.") while consulting oracles and fortune tellers and such who advised him that this is the month of his conception. If he can't get Piper and Leo back together soon, he won't be conceived ("If mom and dad don't screw, this month, I'm screwed"). Phoebe berates Chris for making so many mistakes and then gets an empathic flash from one of her messages. She and Chris orb to a desert cave in the Middle East where they are attacked by two demons. After Phoebe vanquishes them, another demon, this one on a flying carpet, attacks and is driven away. Phoebe picks up a bottle which fell from the flying carpet and out pops Jinny the genie, who promptly thanks Phoebe for responding to her letter.

Back at the Halliwell manor, Leo heals Chris' wound while the genie begs Phoebe, her new master, to wish her free before Bosk, her old master, returns. No wishes, says Phoebe, "I know all about genies, you're tricksters." When Chris learns that Piper is on a date with Greg the Fireman he becomes highly agitated ("You mean the one she's insanely sexually attracted to !?!"). He can't believe that Leo isn't upset as well. Then Leo announces he is petitioning the Elders to send Chris back to his own time. "You mean abandoning me again", Chris responds.
As he starts to orb out to stop Greg the Fireman from "sleeping with my mom", Phoebe accidently wastes a wish by wishing he wouldn't do that, grounding a surprised Chris. Paige arrives and soon begins sprouting new jewelry and then a new dress - conjured gifts from Richard. The genie reveals that Bosk has been searching for Zanbar - a lost, magical city whose evil power will make him unstoppable. Phoebe has to waste a second wish wishing that Chris can orb again so he can go get Piper. Chris arrives at the apartment just in time to break up Piper and Greg, who are getting hot and heavy on the couch. Neither is pleased by his rather rude interruption. Meanwhile, an angry Bosk returns to his secret lair where his main helper presents him with 'The Eye Of Aghbar", an amulet which will ward off witches spells. At the same time, Paige has gone to see Richard, who will not listen when she implores him to please stop using magic. He accuses her of treating him "like a common criminal".

In the attic, Phoebe is mixing a vanquishing potion and talking with Jinny when Piper and Chris orb in. Piper doesn't understand why Chris keeps knocking Greg. After Piper goes off to telephone Greg, Phoebe and Chris are attacked by Bosk on his flying carpet. When her potion is useless against him and his magical amulet, Phoebe wishes Jinny free. Jinny then kills Bosk with a fireball ("Who's the master now?"). Chris orbs the bottle away from her and she flees on the flying carpet before Piper can react. Phoebe is now stuck in the genies bottle and calls Chris 'Master'. Chris orders her out of the bottle and she emerges dressed in full I Dream Of Jeannie garb - including bright blonde hair and long, blue 'pantaloons'. Piper calls Leo and Chris points out that she always turns to Leo when she's in trouble. Leo blames Chris for freeing a demon by not heeding the warning on the bottle. Phoebe points out that it was her fault and that the warning is in Arabic. Leo says the Elders have agreed and that he is taking Chris back to his time. Phoebe tells him that he doesn't know what he's doing. Chris wishes Leo would just get over whatever issues he has with him - and, Presto, Leo is transformed into Mr. Friendly. He hugs Chris and tells him to forget about the "whole going back to the future thing". Piper misses all this because she is on the phone with Paige - who can't come home just yet because she's arranging a ghostly intervention for Richard. Richard arrives home, surprised to see the ghosts of his dead family waiting for him. He deeply resents the 'intervention' and angrily disappears.

Back at the cave, Jinny is taking over as Queen of Bosk's henchmen. Now it is she who wants the genie bottle in order to wish for the raising of Zanbar. Leo, meanwhile, is wrapped up in writing a letter of apology to Chris. He doesn't understand when Chris tells him to forget it : "Honestly, a letter's not going to mean a hell of a lot to me. I got plenty of them growing up … from my father … ". Chris again implores him to get back with Piper but Leo says that only a miracle could make that happen. Downstairs, Paige orbs in and laughs when she see's Phoebe the Genie. Everyone is mystified by how chummy Chris and Leo have suddenly become but Chris stops Phoebe from explaining by ordering her back into the bottle. He argues with her in the kitchen and makes her comply by wishing that Piper and Leo would sleep together. Piper and Leo immediately fall to the floor - sleeping together. An irritated Chris ("You tricked me!") orders an angry Phoebe ("When I get out of this …") back into the bottle. Then, while Paige argues with Richard at the door, Jinny's minions attack Chris. Jinny suddenly appears but Richard stops her from grabbing the bottle. Paige traps Jinny by orbing a ring of crystals around her. Richard, however, then vanishes with the genie bottle.

Chris admits to Paige that he wished for Leo and Piper to sleep together and Paige freaks, assuming that Chris is some kind of pervert from the future. To calm her down, Chris has to explain that they are his parents. At Richard's, Phoebe (from inside) knocks over the bottle so that she can get out. Richard is searching for a book of wishes when Paige orbs in. He knocks her away when she throws a potion at him to strip him of his powers. Back at the manor, Greg the Fireman drops by ("for a little booty call?" as Chris puts it). Chris is happy to show him Leo and Piper 'sleeping together' on the couch, after he makes Leo's arm wrap around Piper. With Chris distracted, Jinny summons her flying carpet which gets fried freeing her from the crystals. She threatens the sleeping lovers with a fireball, forcing Chris to orb her to Richard's house - where Richard has just wished Phoebe free, becoming the new genie himself. Jinny grabs the bottle and wishes the Charmed Ones dead. Paige and Phoebe collapse as Richard is forced to comply. Jenny orders him back into the bottle and disappears.
Chris cries as the sisters souls begin to rise from their lifeless bodies. But Leo, still lying with his arm around her, somehow heals Piper. Although alive, both continue sleeping. Paige and Phoebe don't understand why they are ghosts and haven't "moved on". They decide to find Jinny and rectify the situation. Just after Jinny has Richard raise Zanbar, Paige, Phoebe and Chris show up and slay her demon helpers. Phoebe possesses Jinny's body and makes her wish Richard free, once again trapping Jinny in the bottle. Richard immediately wishes the Charmed Ones alive again and gets rid of the lost city.

Paige comforts Richard before he takes the power-stripping potion she made for him as they tearfully prepare to 'break-up' and say farewell. Piper and Leo are uncomfortably shocked to wake up together and quickly draw apart. Phoebe hides the fact that Chris made them sleep together but reveals that Jinny wished the Charmed Ones dead. She doesn't understand why they didn't die. Piper recalls that, hovering over her body, as if in a dream, she saw a sleeping Leo heal her after she had called out to him - thus breaking the genie's spell and saving all three sisters. Then Piper and Leo orb up to 'heaven' together to get Wyatt. Phoebe tells Chris that there may be hope for him yet.