Season 6 Episode 15

I Dream of Phoebe

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2004 on The WB

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  • A tricky Genie? Go Figure!

    Continuing in their recent rehash of old things, the writers have decided to go the way of Barara Eden. THe writing was pretty good which is more than I can say for the effects.

    We begin with Phoebe barging into the Bay Mirror and running into Chris. We learn he is trying to pinpoint his conception date but knows it is this month. I swear this kid should be placed in school because he messed up big time and now is scrambling to fix it. Two bones to pick: THe way Chris refers to his parents conceiving him is totally disgusting and vulgar for their own child to say."Screw?" ANd secondly Phoebe did hit on you but maybe you decided to block that out because total ewww. SHe is reluctant to help him and I would be too. THis scene shifts tones when she gets a vision of some lady begging for mercy. Over in the "Middle East" P and C investigate the scene. Two sword armed men come in and Phoebe throws potions on them. I guess demons have a different dress code in Egypt. A terrible flying carpet comes in and Feebs throws a potion. THat thing is so bad, the effects crew should have been fired. THere are no words to describe how revolting that effect was. THey make up for it when Phoebe rubs the bottle a pink tornado appears to reveal a genie.

    We pick up with major bickering. Phoebe doesnt want the genie, CHris wants Piper home and Leo wants to send CHris home. GIve it up, go up to Elderland and stay there. Leo orbs away, thankfully, but CHris wants to follow him. Phoebes wishes he wouldnt. Ok that was an easy slip up, I will let it slide. Paige comes home in a rather disgusting ensemble. WHats with the green thing,Rose? Richy Rich is putting spells on her. SHe is thrown into this absolutely beautiful black evening dress and her hair is up. I have seen this dress before, Oh its the dress used for the promos shots this season. Rose looks stunning and I wish she would always where an evening gown because she works it like theres no tomorrow. ANyway Phoebe gets stuck with the Genie.

    Over at Grease Monkey Apt. Piper and Him are macking. It is vomit inducing. SHe gets pulled away by Chris. Paige tries to deal with Richy Rich but its futile. THe guy is like Cole the Second. Over at the manor The demon with the carpet bursts through the windows. I have to admit that was a pretty good shot. Phoebe wishes genie free and who would have thought the chick was evil. She is one of my favorite characters, well demon characters. SHe flies away but CHris got the bottle. WHo is in it? Phoebe naturally.

    Her outfit is quite nice compared to other crap she has been in. Chris is her master, which sounds very wrong. SHe has this wicked cool blue tornado effect. Leo decides to ruin the scene with his suspicion of Chris. WIsh him dead please. He does wish for Leo to forgive Chris. Phoebes hand movements are close to the original Genie from the show but not exactly. Jinny regroups and wants to find the lost magical city she previously mentioned. Paige tries again to deal with Richy Rich but fails.

    Chris wants to wish his parents to sleep together but Phoebe thinks its wrong,as do I. She does it but since they are tricksters, they actually fall asleep. CHris is furious and sends Phoebe in the bottle. LAter on CHris uses this to his advantage to make the Grease monkey leave her alone. Its a cute scene but whatever. An extremely impressive fight scene takes place. Jinny and her band of idiots shimmer in. Paige and CHris fight. Its choreographed nicely and the effects are impressive. People are flying around like crazy. Paige does her orbing thing and traps Jinny but RIchy Rich gets the bottle. Phoebe knocks the bottle over and tornadoes out. I thought they had to be rubbed or commanded out of the bottle. Richy Rich is going bonkers. Paige makes a stripping potion for RIchy Rich ANd orbs over to his house. Alyysa Milano is hilarious as a genie and really shines through on her comedic genius. Rich knocks Paige out. At the manor Jinny freed herself and threatens CHris. Its very intense but not for nothing couldnt he have just sent her flying with his power. Jinny gets the bottle but before that RIchy Rich wished Phoebe free and now he is a genie. Jinny wishes the Charmed Ones dead and I was floored. THat blew me away. Just the way she delivered that line was insane. Drew Fuller graces us with his impressive acting skills and I mean that. He did a great job with this scene. He is crying and his voice is cracking, so emotional, I got teary also. Leo somehow heard Pipers cry for help which I guess is the writers way of saying "THeir love is transcendent" which stopped Jinnys wish. THey dont move on which helps them fight Jinny.

    Wrap up: Phoebe and Paige haunt Jinny. Phoebe enters Jinny and wishes her back in the bottle. Now I would have thought that would have trapped Phoebe also but I guess not. RIchard saves the day in a way. THe effect scene of Zanbaar rising was ok. Not the best thing but not worse than those flying carpets. RIchy RIch decided to take the potiona nd he is out of the show for good. CHris gets pissy but Feebs reassures him that there is a lot of love between those two.