Season 6 Episode 15

I Dream of Phoebe

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2004 on The WB

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  • phoebe releases a genie from a bottle..... but turns out to be evil!!!

    Phoebe releases a genie from a bottle and the genie turns out to be evil. The genie wants to find the lost city of zanbar to rule it.. while the genie is discovering Zanbar Phoebe is a genie from releasing the other genie and Chris is her "master" after he held the bottle Phoebe became a genie and got into her bottle. So because of the master Chris he gets three wishes from Phoebe he wishes that Piper and Leo sleep together but, Phoebe takes the wish too literaly and makes them actually "sleep" together,
    which leaves only Phoebe, Paige and Chris to ge the genie back into her bottle, the girls and Chris finally hatch a plan after the genie wished the charmed ones dead but they did not die they didnt move on. But Leo saved the day becasue while him and Piper were sleeping together he healed Piper which healed Paige and Phoebe.The girls posess genie and wish for Zanbar to be gone and Richard makes the wish come true as he wished Phoebe free from before.Then the genie possesed by Phoebe wishes the charmed ones alive again then genie gets put back in her bottle and Zanbar is returned to where it belongs "LOST"