Season 6 Episode 15

I Dream of Phoebe

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2004 on The WB

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  • Another chance for Milano to be blond and bare...


    For the last few seasons, it seems Milano couldn't escape being turned into something blonde and bare. This episode is no different as Phoebe works to rescue a "damsel in distress" genie. It turns out the genie is actually just waiting to dupe the next person so she herself can be free, kill her previous master, and unearth the magical lost city. It's a cute story but nothing too special.

    For Leo and Piper fans, which I admittedly am, this episode did hold a tidbit of hope for their eventual reunion. As Chris hopes to bring his parents together so that he can exist, his parents literally "sleep" together (a trick of the genie Phoebe). While sleeping, Paige and Phoebe fight off the genie and end up dying. They never leave the earthly plane though because Piper, having called out to Leo, "hears" her and heals her in his sleep. Her life saved, the spell was in limbo, and the girls never died. In the end, it was this that enabled the girls to defeat the evil genie. The scene where Leo heals Piper clearly steals the show and is only rivaled by the later scene when Leo asks Piper if she wants to join him to pick up Wyatt and they go off to get him. It bodes well for the future.