Season 6 Episode 15

I Dream of Phoebe

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2004 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Chris holds out his hand for the bottle while on the floor, the book is open next to him and it's a blank page, then when the camera switches to the bottle flying off and they show Chris again a second later, the book is now open on Bosk's entry.

    • The Arabic inscription on the Genie bottle can be translated like this:
      From right to left: "20- DON'T" (Upside-down) …"BE SAD GOD IS WITH YOU." It doesn't have anything to do with what Leo said. Also, those few words can't possibly measure up with the two sentences "read" by Leo.

    • In this episode it is said that the only way a genie can be freed is for the master to wish it free and then they become the genie. Yet in the season 2 episode Prue wishes the Genie free and does not have to switch places. Which could be possibly be explained by Jinny's curse however in this episode when Phoebe became the Genie she had to listen to Chris when he ordered her into the bottle. But in the season 2 episode The Genie would not listen to Phoebe when she tried to make him leave her alone. In fact once released he pretty much did whatever and went wherever he wanted. Side Note: Jinny the Genie was a demon who was cursed by someone. That is why whoever freed her would change places with her, not because she was a Genie.

    • TRIVIA: This is the second of two times the sisters come across a genie. The first time was the season 2 episode Be Careful What You Witch For.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode Paige is given jewelery (earrings and a necklace) by Richard, via magic. This is the same exact jewelery that alternate Pheobe is wearing in the season 5 episode "Centennial Charmed".

    • When Chris and Phoebe enter the cave in the desert to look for Jinny, Chris is wearing a brown jacket. But when he bends down to look at a pile of half buried bones, you can see he's wearing a black leather jacket- the same one he's seen wearing later through the show. Then when he straightens back up, it's the brown one again.

    • TRIVIA: This episode features the final appearance of Balthazar Getty (Richard Montana).

    • TRIVIA: This is one of four episodes with "Phoebe" in the title. However, there is only one episode with "Paige" in the title, one with "Prue" and two with "Piper".

    • TRIVIA: Paige finds out about Chris' true identity in this episode.

    • Leo reads the inscription on the genie bottle, which is in Arabic, from left to right. But the Arabic language reads from right to left, unlike English.

    • In this episode Leo takes Piper to pick Wyatt up but in the next one, he tells her she is not allowed up there. Was Wyatt "up there" - Leo didn't say where he took Wyatt.

    • If Leo wasn't a elder in Chris' past, why does Chris in this episode say he got letters from his father when he was a kid? Why did Leo write him letters instead of talking to him - where was Leo that he couldn't orb to Chris?

    • When Paige is wearing her green top you can clearly see that it switches positions between shots.

    • When someone dies on the show, their spirit leaves their body, but as it has been seen/explained previously until their soul "moves on" Leo can still heal them. Once the spirit moves on they cannot be healed (example in episode 6.9, the beast only changes to human again when he dies, but they are able to heal him after this as they move quickly before his spirit moves on). In the episode Saving Private Leo Piper dies and then begins to move on, but Leo is able to heal her in time and she returns to her body.

    • If a genie can be used to kill others, even the powerful Charmed Ones, and demons have posessed the genie, wouldn't they have wished to either become the Source of all Evil or kill him or kill a lot of witches?

    • Richard's current level of powers and his means of "materializing" bear a striking resemblance to Cole's power level and "bright shimmering" of the fifth season. In addition, coincidently the name of the actor who portrays Richard Montana is Balthazar Getty, which is almost the name of Cole's demon half from seasons 3-5 - Belthazar.

    • Why didn't Paige orb the bottle to her the many times she tried to get it back?

    • Why didn't Bosk just wish for the location of Zanbar.

    • How did Phoebe know those thieves were demons. She took quite a risk.

    • Jinny must be more powerful than the Source,since she is able to fool the BoS and break out of the crystal cage, which he never could.

    • When Phoebe and Chris are in Phoebe's office talking, her scarf tails keep changing from front to back. When we see her back and Chris' face, the scarf is flipped to the back, but when we see Phoebe's face, the scarf tails are in the front.

    • Leo already healed Piper at least once after her body died. In the episode "Awakened", after Piper's heart stopped beating and the doctors gave up, Leo healed Piper in the astral plane. The only differences in this episode are the fact that Leo healed Piper while he was asleep, and that her death was not a result of any physical injury. As learnt in this episode, the wishes can be taken quite literally, so Richard could have used the book he had about genies to fulfill the wish for the sisters' death in such a way that will leave a chance for them to be saved.

  • Quotes

    • Leo (trying to write an apology letter to Chris while under the influence of the genie's spell): But after everything I've put you through, I feel like I owe it to you.
      Chris (with bitterness): Honestly, a letter's not going to mean a hell of a lot to me. I got plenty of them growing up.
      Leo: Sorry?
      Chris: Uh, from my father. He wasn't around much.

    • Chris (exasperated): Look, I'm running out of time here, so what do you say we get to use that genie to make mom and dad... you know...
      Phoebe: That's vile, and against the rules. I would think that you wouldn't wanna be conceived that way.
      Chris: Well, it beats not being conceived at all.

    • Ghost Phoebe: Hey, Chris. We're not moving on.
      Ghost Paige: Why aren't we moving on?
      Chris: Who cares? You're still here.
      Ghost Paige: Got any unfinished business?
      Ghost Phoebe: No, you?
      Ghost Paige: Yeah, now that you mention it, it would've been nice to find out I had another NEPHEW…before I died!

    • Richard: I've got a book of wishes around here somewhere.
      Genie Phoebe: Wishes?
      Richard (as he searches the drawers): Yep. Gotta get the wording right.
      Genie Phoebe: Yeah, maybe you should just wish for sleep, because I'm really good at that wish!

    • Genie Phoebe: I do believe the element of surprise is very important here.
      Chris: You sure? Because we could always take our time with this plan, you know, keep Piper around just a little bit longer?
      Genie Phoebe: Yes, master.
      Chris: Good. I'm glad you agree.
      Genie Phoebe: A-actually I d-I don't agree, but I ca-I can't… (frustrated) How am I supposed to take charge and take commands all at the same time?!

    • (Phoebe became a Genie in the bottle)
      Piper (looks into the bottle): Will you come out of there, please?
      Phoebe: I can't! I don't know how. Try commanding me.
      Piper: Uh, okay. Get the hell outta there!

    • Piper: What is this big emergency? Can't it wait an hour or two?
      Chris: No, it can't. There's a demon on the loose, a genie running amok, and it took me two wishes to get here.
      Piper: You can't make wishes with genies.
      Chris: See, we need you. Come on.

    • Greg: Is there a problem here?
      Chris: Yeah, many problems, many levels. Piper has to come home now.
      Greg: Excuse me? Who are you again?
      Chris: I'm a friend of her husband's.
      Piper: Ex-husband. And he's not really a great friend.

    • (Chris has just told Paige that he wished for Piper and Leo to sleep together)
      Paige: You! Oh my god, you are sick! What is wrong with you? You're disgusting!
      Chris: No!
      Paige: You are some creepy registered sex offender from the future!
      Chris: No, no, no...
      Paige: Oh my god, you are so gross!
      Chris: I'm Piper and Leo's son.
      Paige: What?!

    • Chris: I wish for Piper and Leo to sleep together tonight.
      Phoebe: I'm not...
      She nods her head while clapping her hands together. They then hear a thud and walk towards it, to see Piper and Leo asleep together
      Chris: They're sleeping together! (to Phoebe) You tricked me.
      Phoebe: No. You wished for them to sleep together, and they're sleeping together.

    • Chris: If mom and dad don't screw, I'm screwed!

    • Leo (to Chris): Hey buddy, do you wanna sit down and talk about it?

    • Phoebe: Oh, I feel soooo bad.
      Chris: Well, as you should.

    • Phoebe: You're unbelievable. I mean, most kids who are the cause of their parents' divorce actually feel guilty. And you're sitting here like it's part of your master plan.
      Chris: I'm sensing some real issues here.
      Phoebe: Oh you're damn right there are issues. You can't just pop in from the future and play with peoples lives because your big brother picked on you.
      Chris: He picked on the world Phoebe!
      Phoebe: I'm not finished. Your parents were happy until you split them up. And now you want my help because you didn't think this all the way through?
      Chris: Feel better?
      Phoebe: Yes
      Chris: Will you help me?
      Phoebe: No.... oh I don't know.

    • Phoebe walks in her office door and gasps when she finds Chris waiting for her.
      Chris: Phoebe, I need your help.
      Phoebe: I've been calling for you all week! Didn't you hear me?
      Chris: The first couple of days, yeah, then I put you on mute.
      Phoebe: You can put me on mute?
      Chris: Yeah.

    • Phoebe: Okay, I'm just trying to get used to you being my nephew... uh I never hit on you did I? Chris: What? No. Phoebe: Oh, thank God. Chris: Can we focus here, please? Mom and Dad need to have sex. Now who's going to tell them? You or me?

    • Phoebe: I still want to know why we didn't die?
      (Chris glares at Phoebe)
      Phoebe: What? I'm curious.
      Chris: Oh, sure, you don't mind them knowing they almost died but not that I... never mind.

    • Chris: They're not waking up. How come they're not waking up?
      Phoebe: Would you relax?
      Chris: Relax? I'm sorry, did you say relax? Because I'm about to disappear, vanish forever, cease to exist.
      Phoebe: Oh my God. You are so dramatic!

    • Phoebe: We're gonna do this my way mister!
      Chris: Master.

    • Chris (to Phoebe): If we don't do something soon, I could end up half-fireman instead of half-whitelighter!

    • Paige sees Phoebe and laughs.
      Phoebe: You're laughing at me? I'm trying to be sympathetic and you're laughing at me!?

    • Piper: Do I need to call Chris to shut you up?
      Phoebe: You wouldn't!
      Piper: Try me.

    • Jinny: When I form my empire the first thing I'm gonna do is rid the world of witches.
      Paige: Oh yeah? Well when you're back in your bottle the first thing I'm gonna do is put you in the microwave. Hahha!

    • Phoebe (in her genie costume, to Chris): Hello master.

    • Phoebe: I thought she was an innocent. How was I to know that I was going to unleash a demon?
      Leo (pointing to the bottle): It says so right here.
      Phoebe: Oh right, right Arabic!

    • Paige: Don't you need to go help Major Nelson?
      Piper laughs and Phoebe gives her a look.
      Piper: What? It's kinda funny!

    • Piper: You look ridiculous.
      Phoebe: I feel ridiculous.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Sním o Phoebe (I Dream About Phoebe) France: Mauvais génie (Bad Genie) Italy: Quel genio di Phoebe (That Geni(us) of Phoebe) Germany: Bezaubernde Phoebe (Charming Phoebe)

    • This episode aired on February 13, 2004 in Canada.

  • Allusions

    • Piper: We need to stop her!
      Phoebe: We already did, while you were sleeping.

      "While You Were Sleeping" is a 1995 film starring Sandra Bullock.

    • Phoebe: I didn't hit on you, did I?

      This is a reference to the episode "Oh My Goddess, Part 2". While Phoebe was infused with Aphrodite's powers, she made a pass at a younger elder and Chris.

    • Paige: Don't you need to go help Major Nelson?

      This is a reference to the 1960's TV series I Dream of Jeannie, about a US Military Major, and his Genie named Jeannie.

    • Title: I Dream of Phoebe

      This is a reference to the 1960's series I Dream of Jeannie that ran from 1965-1970.