Season 7 Episode 20

Imaginary Fiends

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 08, 2005 on The WB

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  • Eh te wa??

    Imaginary Fiends was a fairly good episode, if you discount the racism and blatant ignorance about an indigenous culture. It was great to see some positive father-son relationship building between future and present Wyatt and Leo. Especially following the comments made by future Chris in series 6 about Leo's unsupportive parenting style. I was so offended however to see that instead of looking on the internet and researching Maori culture, the writers just invented things!!! That is absolutely ridiculous! Why did Paige bring back a 'bear' mask from New Zealand when there are no bears in New Zealand and nothing in the traditional carvings even remotely resemble that mask. This was lazy and displaying a shocking lack of sensitivity. My next gripe is concerning the distortion of Te Reo Maori, the indigenous language of New Zealand. It would not have been hard for the writers to actually look up phrases in Te Reo and use the actual language instead of inventing words. Imagine a Chinese tv show changing really important cultural aspects of the USA and using made up words rather than actually speaking in American English. (Ok, so I'm aware there are more probably more English speakers in China than in the rest of the world so this wouldn't actually happen, but still, you get my point). My summary would be that there was a positive theme in this episode, but unfortunately it was outweighed by the negative, inaccurate cultural insensitivity that was displayed.
  • Imaginary Fiends

    Imaginary Fiends was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development along with action, humor, and hope. It was fun seeing Leo and Piper dealing with the issues facing Wyatt. The story was well constructed and it all played out perfectly. It was great to see Phoebe go back to school and be challenged. It was interesting to see the imaginary friend issue from Wyatt's point of view as well. I liked how every thing played out and there were many awesome scenes. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Not Much Imagination Here


    Imaginary Fiends-Unbeknownst to the sisters, baby Wyatt's new "imaginary" friend is actually a demon named Vicus who is trying to win Wyatt's trust to turn him evil. Meanwhile, Piper casts a spell to be able to understand baby Wyatt, but inadvertently brings 25-year-old Wyatt back from the future.

    Ehw! I would expect that something as dark and twisted as a demon pretending to be an imaginary friend to turn Wyatt evil would have know....dark! But it's like dark and twisted don't exist on Charmed anymore! All that's left is corny and cheesy! I can't even stress enough how tacky the demons are becoming! The one that attack Piper, Phoebe and Wyatt looked like reject from the Matrix with black shades. Also, what was up with the laser wipes?! O_0 The story actually starts out promising with Wyatt taking to some invisible being and we sees it's a demon trying to turn him evil. Sure we've been down that road already with Season 6 but this story still had potential with the Imaginary Friend angle. But once future Wyatt comes into the picture, things just start rolling down! Everything that Wes Ramsey does as Wyatt is extremely cheesy! I couldn't help but laugh at the moment where he tells the demons to "leave his family alone" before he unleashes his powers on the demons. Not to mention, once he becomes evil, he turns into this pretentious, cliched bad guy with a forced British accent.Lines like"You always said spanking was barbaric" made me cringeIt's such a drastic contrast from his subtle, dark performance from "Chris Crossed". Vicus was no better and is vanquished quickly, without nothing much to say about him. He was basically a filler villain until future Wyatt went bad. There just really isn't any sense of danger or fear from the characters, I mean Phoebe and Paige are surrounded by over a dozen demons yet they only end up with some scratches?....right! O_0

    I guess the only decent moment is Leo reaching out to little Wyatt and getting him to give him the bear. It's still corny but it's the only time where the emotion felt real between the characters. Then we have a sub-plot with Phoebe and her college professor. I honestly don't know why the writersbroughtPhoebe back to college, especially considering it leads absolutely no where after this episode! I mean I'm sure the idea of Phoebe get her Masters would have been a great story for her for the next (and abysmal) final season, but there was no point to it! Anyway, "Imaginary Fiends" is another potentially thrilling, dark episode given the Charmed treatment with sucking all the drama out of it and replacing it with pure cheese!

  • Wyatt is talking to an invisible friend, and his parents disagree on how to raise him. As it turns out, the invisible friend is a demon looking to turn Wyatt evil, and the solution to both problems is the same thing.

    This is also one of my favorite episodes of Charmed. Originally I had thought taking Leo's powers away was a really bad idea, but the writers have done a really good job of keeping Leo relevant to the story even while only being a regular joe. In this episode, he absolutely saves the day when he realizes that the key to saving Wyatt isn't magic but the love of a parent. The future Wyatt is awesome in both guises. It is great to see the good future Wyatt as confirmation that Chris succeeded on saving him. It is also great to see that Wyatt recognizes everyone, suggesting that they are all alive in the future. The scene when Wyatt used some of his power to simultaneously destroy 3 demons was awesome, though I'm not sure what he was waiting for. Evil Wyatt was as effectively dangerous as in Chris-Crossed, though the final scene showed he wasn't so evil after all. The final face off with Leo and the toddler Wyatt is one of the most powerful scenes of the series. With Leo constantly drifting in and out of his kids' lives for so long, it is great to see him finally show his love for his children. In the end, it is enough to save the day.
    This represents the 2nd great episode in a row as the writers seemingly got into a good groove here in Season 7.
  • Oooohhh! An Evil Floaty Teddy Bear!

    Imaginary Fiends was extremely disappointing. When I read that the episode would be centered around baby Wyatt being lured into evil by a demon posing as his imaginary friend, I imagined that it could be a very creepy and shocking episode. Sadly, it turned out to be a run-of-the-mill, average hour of Charmed.

    To rescue baby Wyatt, the sisters call adult Wyatt from the future. He's back, not evil and with a new shiny haircut! The imaginary friend demon Vicus steals baby Wyatt's teddy bear (don't ask) and he crosses over to the dark side, meaning adult Wyatt turns evil as well.

    Then, the episode suddenly changes direction as Wyatt kills Vicus half-way through and the sisters have to deal with evil Wyatt yet again!

    Wes Ramsey was absolutely awful as Wyatt and for some reason, when Wyatt turned evil, he suddenly put on this weird English accent. Where the hell did that come from?

    Also, is anybody else getting bored by the constant scenes that appear in almost every episode that feature the demon-of-the-week shouting pointless rants to his sidekick in an underworld cave? And then the sidekick to get killed off soon after? I found Vicus a boring villain and Evil Wyatt was just as bad. We've already seen him evil before so why bother doing the story again?

    This was a boring and painfully acted episode which should be avoided.

    Leave my family alone!

    What an episode! This is the first Wyatt based storyline in a while and, boy, is it worth the wait. The plot is one of the most original of the series and the action is quite literally explosive.

    Adult Wyatt is an absolute dude. The scene where he vanquishes those demons in the attic has to be my favourite of the whole series. It's just awesome. What I would give to be able to do that! Wes Ramsey is neither as chilling nor as brawny as he is in Chris-Crossed but he is very convincing as good Wyatt and I found myself rooting for him the whole time.

    The plot is every bit as enjoyable as the action. With little Wyatt unwilling to speak to anyone except an imaginary friend, Piper casts a spell to communicate with him, which whisks his adult self back from the future. Turns out he isn't talking to himself, he's talking to an invisible demon. This is a brilliant twist, as is the idea of having the demon curse little Wyatt's teddy bear. What better way to get to a young child than to curse his toy? Superb! I also loved that Leo had to earn back Wyatt's trust to lift the curse. It made for a very touching ending.

    Dark though it is, there is also some wonderful comedy. The reference to Chris swallowing the marble is hilarious, particularly Piper's reaction (in fact, Holly is great throughout). We also get a very good guest actor as the head demon, although I'm less convinced about the sidekick.

    This instalment gives some much needed closure to the 'is Wyatt evil?' storyline, which is all the more important when you bear in mind the show was originally expected to end in a few episodes' time. It really doesn't get much better than this.

    Score: 9.7
  • Now... How someone can say that season 8 is bad??? A great story, a great acting job and, of course, a awesome episode! SO SO SO original!!!

    I think that the story is itself a awesome idea. Vicus trying to turn back, the Wyatt from the future, an then the change of the story. I was great to watch!!

    What else!!!?? DO you see that battle!!!??? I loved it! I dare to say that it's one of the best battle sin charmed history (I not count the big ones... source, zankou, etc)
    The boy with this strange-strings!!! I was a very original idea. And the trowing balls were uniques not the normal fire and energi balls. And... Wyatt strange power... that scene worked so well!!!

    Talking about great scenes!! this episode has a lot: When Wyatt take wyatt (rebundation! Xd) you can see little wyatt is playing with a little toy that starts to fell downhill when he is orbed... Isn't that original? I loved the effect.

    I don't give a 10 to this episode because of the strange battle were the girls are surrender by so many demons!! It was kinda "not-believe it". (but they Phoebe's fly before of that was great too)

    And the first piper-paige scene was so lovely!!! They are fantastic!
  • Definitely a Classic!

    This episode is one of the best episodes in the series. Adult Wyatt's performance was outstanding! The episode reminded me of every reason that I love watching this show. The entire cast is outstanding. Alyssa Milano never ceases to amaze me and the acting of the rest of the cast is so good that I never even feel that I'm watching a television show. My eyes are glued to the screen from the time the show comes on until the time it's over. I never want to miss a second!

    My only regret is that the show ended. Thank God for re-runs!
  • I like this episode a lot!

    A very nice episode! After all is said & done, Wyatt is OK again! I just can't get over how good this series is, I like every episode of it. Unlike some people here who don't like some episodes, every one for me is very important. I've felt so many new emotions because I've watched Charmed that I think without it having been made I wouldn't be sitting here OK now. I've needed the emotions that I've found in this series to help me have hope that my life will get better, & I'm waiting for the day that it does!
  • This is episode is sort of like a final conclusion and the season story arc of Wyatt becoming evil.

    In this episode Wyatt, little two year old Wyatt, seems to have some kind of imaginary friend and he's the only one Wyatt will talk to. When Piper casts a spell to communicate with him it sort of goes oddly wrong and a 25 year old Wyatt from the future appears. (Now granted that was a bit of a stretch just to get future Wyatt there but it was necessary.) So, as it turns out this imaginary friend little Wyatt is talking to is actually a demon trying to corrupt Wyatt and turn him evil once again. Suceeding, the one good future Wyatt is not evil once more and lose on the city and the sisters. But this time Chris isn't around to save him and magic doesn't seem to do any good with his imaginary friend whispering in his ear, there's only one person that can save Wyatt. Daddy. Leo, having to rely on his family instincts and faith that Wyatt despite everything is truly good deep, without his powers saves his son (in present and future tense).

    I kind of think this was a really necessary episode to show that it wasn't really Wyatt that was evil, it was that with the great power he was blessed with comes great conflict and many who wish to corrupt him. The sisters have teetered on the brink of evil on more then once occassion, have been conrrupted themselves, and have even been evil in their past lives. Why should their children by any different.
  • I believe in love conquering all but it bodes this question. If love can conquer all then why does the world need the Charmed Ones?

    This had to be one of my favorite episodes. Sure it wasn't as far fetched over the top and unbelieveable as most, but oh how touching, with the whole father/son moment. It really added to Leo's character's importance and gave him a clear purpose for still being around. I personally could've really done without those "Smarty Pants Phoebe" and "Woo is Me Whitelighter" sub plots there. And come on, if they don't want to know about the future in fear of changing it then why does Wyatt keep telling them little things. Oh yeah and I loved getting to see Wyatt in action with that awesome power of his.
  • Brian Krause shines in a complex, family-oriented episode.

    In this psychologically complex episode, Piper and Leo's parenting skills are stretched as they realize the key to reversing a curse on Wyatt lies not in magic but in themselves. Brian Krause delivered a powerful, understated performance in demonstrating that a parent's love can overcome any evil.

    The plot was tight but complicated. After a second viewing, some of the elements I found confusing became more clear. As always, writer Henry Alonso Myers turned in dialogue that was smart and engaging.

    It was a treat to see Wes Ramsey again, and to get a sense of how the future would turn out. Great performances by the cast, and a great episode overall.
  • A good episode but it could have been so much more.

    A great idea for an episode as it shows the continually development and trials Leo and Piper face trying to bring up such a powerful child.

    More could have been made of the evil demon trying to take Wyatt as not much was explained about him. I thought the evil teddy bear was a good idea as it shows how everyday objects could be a hazard if they fell into the wrong hands.

    Overall a good episode, but not my favourite.
  • I Love This Episode So much!!

    I Love This Episode So much!! its now deffinately one of my favrouit episodes of all time. I love future Good Wyatt he is so cute and so is the baby him as well. i loved the emotional bit where leo had convince wyatt to give him the teddy bear uh so emotional :\'(. I so glad that this episode gave me a bit of closure on the \"did Chris change the future??\" thing i\'ve going through my head.
  • I love it when they do a future episode

    Well this has got to be my favourite episode of season 7 with no doubt, I mean we got to see how future Wyatt turned out and he turned out very fine. It’s always great when Charmed does a future episode because it feel like we are getting view of the future no matter how brief it was . The look on Piper face when her 25 year-old son comes to hug her and Leo was priceless, There is one thing that bothered me as soon as future Wyatt saw the demon why didn’t he try to vanquish him-you would think it would be instinct to kill any demon he see?.,

    What really stood out was his line ‘LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONG’ then we saw how powerful he was.

    I was wondering were good & bad Wyatt were played by different actor or the same actor?.

  • Future Wyatt is cute!

    A very good episode. Enjoyful to watch and with its twists. It was weird how they didn't always stick close to baby Wyatt once they found out there was an invisble demon on the lose, though.

    It was interesting how the Wesley A. Ramsey (future Wyatt) had lost so much weight since "Chris-Chrossed". He became so much cuter now without the facial hair and the goody-too-shoes look, but when he morphed back into "Evil Wyatt", it still looked weird since you had that image of him from "Chris-Chrossed" in your head.
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