Season 7 Episode 20

Imaginary Fiends

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 08, 2005 on The WB

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  • Wyatt is talking to an invisible friend, and his parents disagree on how to raise him. As it turns out, the invisible friend is a demon looking to turn Wyatt evil, and the solution to both problems is the same thing.

    This is also one of my favorite episodes of Charmed. Originally I had thought taking Leo's powers away was a really bad idea, but the writers have done a really good job of keeping Leo relevant to the story even while only being a regular joe. In this episode, he absolutely saves the day when he realizes that the key to saving Wyatt isn't magic but the love of a parent. The future Wyatt is awesome in both guises. It is great to see the good future Wyatt as confirmation that Chris succeeded on saving him. It is also great to see that Wyatt recognizes everyone, suggesting that they are all alive in the future. The scene when Wyatt used some of his power to simultaneously destroy 3 demons was awesome, though I'm not sure what he was waiting for. Evil Wyatt was as effectively dangerous as in Chris-Crossed, though the final scene showed he wasn't so evil after all. The final face off with Leo and the toddler Wyatt is one of the most powerful scenes of the series. With Leo constantly drifting in and out of his kids' lives for so long, it is great to see him finally show his love for his children. In the end, it is enough to save the day.
    This represents the 2nd great episode in a row as the writers seemingly got into a good groove here in Season 7.
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