Season 1 Episode 15

Is There A Woogy In The House?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 1999 on The WB

Episode Recap

The house is shaking, the sisters run down the stairs talking about the earthquake. They straighten Grams' picture and walk to the kitchen. They notice a smell coming from the basement. As Piper informs them that she has already called somebody to check on it, the doorbell rings. As Piper goes to answer it, Phoebe and Prue talk about a Buckland's dinner party being hosted at their house. Piper and the guy Piper called walk into the room and he immediately notices the smell. He goes down to the basement, Piper and Prue starts to make fun of Phoebe's fear of the basement and the Woogyman. They ask if that's why she hasn't been down there in 18 years. Next we see the gasman in the basement. Suddenly, the lights cut off. He pulls out a flashlight and starts to look around. He notices a large crack in the floor and bends over to check it out. He pulls out a screwdriver and sticks it in the crack. Suddenly smoke starts to shoot out of it and the man jumps up. The floor open up and the Woogeyman comes out. It surrounds the man and then absorbs inside of him. Now we see Piper going through the mail and handing it to Phoebe. They start talking about the Woogeyman again. Suddenly the man walks out from the basement. He says that " By tonight, there will be no more problems". Piper and Prue both leave. Now in the basement we see the gasman who is currently possesed by the Woggey man. He asks which one the Woogey wants and the Woogey says Phoebe.

Now we are at Bucklands with Prue, she is using her power to straighten a picture. Her boss walks in and they start talking about the dinner party guest list. Professor Widlesfey walks in and says she will be bringing a guest to the party. Her and Prue start talking about the history of the manor. Prue calls Piper and tells her that their will be one extra guest at the party. Piper hangs up and notices the bottle of wine she was about to get is gone. She looks over to see a man holding it. She says she needs more than he does and freezes him. Realizing that she can't use her powers for personal gain she unfreezes him and walks away. Now we see Phoebe walking down the stairs. She sees that Gram's picture is crooked and fixes it. She hears the gasman call out for help and runs for the kitchen. Afraid to go to the basement she asks what's wrong. He replies that he fell and that he thinks he sprained something. About to walk down stairs. She touches a picture and has a premonition of Gram's fighting the Woogey. She walks down to the basement and sees the woogey. It possesses her too.

Now we see Piper coming in with a bags full of groceries. As she is walking in she gets shocked by the door. She calls for Phoebe. Kit quickly runs out the door. She calls for Phoebe again. She walks to the kitchen. When she turns around she sees the gas man. He attacks her, she calls for Pheobe. He reaches for a knife. Phoebe runs in from the basement and a wooden bat materializes in her hand. She hits the man on the head and he falls on the ground. Piper realizes that the bat just appeared in Phoebe's hand. To avoid the subject Pheobe says they need to call 911. Now we see Andy and Darell walking outside talking about the man. Prue walks up and asks what's going on. She runs in the house and gets shocked by the door. She asks what happened and Piper explains. Phoebe goes back down t the basement.

In the next scene we see Phoebe sitting in a chair in the basement wearing a red dress. Next we see Piper cooking. She gets shocked. Prue walks into the room. Piper gets shocked again. The doorbell rings. The guests are now here but the food isn't ready. Phoebe walks up from the basement. The doorbell rings again. Phoebe goes to answer the door while Prue goes to finish getting ready. Now we see Piper still cooking. The guy from the wine store walks in and gives Piper the wine. he was the plus one. As he walks out Phoebe walks in. Piper gives her some food to take to the guests. We see Prue and Phoebe both waking in. Phebes takes the lid off the food and there is a live duck inside. Now we see Piper in the kitchen, Phoebe walks in and almost stabs her. Luckily Josh walks in the knife materializes away. Now we see Prue giving a tour of the house. Phoebe comes in and tells Prue that Piper needs her in the kitchen. Phoebe takes over the tour. Now we see Prue and Piper in the kitchen. Then we see Phoebe thanking the professor to the basement. Meanwhile Prue informs everybody that the party is cancelled. They all leave. Prue and Piper walk them out. Now we see Phoebe behind them she shuts the door. Prue tries to open it but gets shocked so bad she is thrown across the lawn.

It is the next morning and we see Prue and Piper outside. Piper throws a rock at the window and it gets shocked. They realize she has been possessed by something and decide to go see the professor. Now we see Pheobe walking down the hall ordering a pizza. The picture of Gram's catches fire. Now we see the professor being carried away in handcuffs. Prue and Piper go in the office and draw on a map the fine points that make their house a nexis.

Now we see Andy and Darell pulling up to the manor. Phoebe opens the door. She tells him she think there is a gas leak in the basement and he goes to check it out. Prue and Piper walk up the steps while the door is open and froze. They run up stairs.They figure out that it is the woogeyman but they also realize that only Phoebe knows the spell. They somehow manage to get her to say it and vanquish it.