Season 1 Episode 15

Is There A Woogy In The House?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 1999 on The WB

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  • Woogyman

    I have always enjoyed this episode, evil Phoebe is always a fun sight. I actually kinda believed evil Phoebe's line when she said "Prue is just upset it's not her saving the day" and think Phoebe must have cast a spell. At that point in time Prue has NO evidence of any magic but that HAS to be it. And whenever any of them get a new power it was completely out of nowhere, so yes it was plausible Phoebe got a new power, and it was plausible that maybe it was just because she was in dire need and her magic gave her a bat. So yes I felt like Prue was just jealous she wasn't center of attention for once.

    I love Claire, but I think she is unreasonable. Every episode it's Prue's job or "do this thing you don't want to do".

    The Josh storyline is kind of cute, I mean it's nice to see Piper with a guy we know is human and they actually aren't that bad together, he was kind of rude about getting the wine though. Piper did (somewhat) have it first.

    I don't get why people are complaining about a 'fairy tale' defeating it. Well no shit, Phoebe saw it as a kid, had nightmares, so Grams created a fairy tale to calm her down by teaching her the spell.

    I thought they all acted as in character as normal, so don't know why people are complaining about that either. I liked the woogy as a bad guy and the set up of the Nexus and Phoebe's dark side later.

    Fashion - Everything Phoebe wore this episode was gorgeous, particularly that red dress. Much as I'd hate to say it, Prue didn't look too bad herself.

    No - not entirely convinced of Piper's jumper with the weird stripes on it.
  • Is There a Woogy in the House?

    "Is There a Woogy in the House?" was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was fun and exciting. I liked the story which was a classic type of horror and full of action, drama and magic. In the end the sisters realized what they had to do. I liked the fact that a story told by Grams from Phoebe's past actually had some thing truly scary to it! What is it with Evil lurking in basements anyhow? There was a lot of character and plot development. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Evil loves Phoebe, and we love evil Phoebe.

    This episode, Dead Man Dating, Wicca Envy, and Love Hurts highlight Season 1. In fact, all 4 are better than the season finale. The Nexus, and more specifically, the Shadow, is introduced in this episode. We also get our first possession, of many, and with that possession, we get our first evil Phoebe, of many. Alyssa was excellent last episode, and she is at her absolute best here. Most of Alyssa's movie roles involved her playing a bad girl, and she shows us why here. She does it so well. She purveys that same cool overconfidence and sexual magnetism that we saw from bad guys in earlier episodes. We also see the power of conjuring here, as evil Phoebe has the ability to call anything she wants to her hand. Not only is that a cool power, but we also see Phoebe get to use telekinesis to shut the manor door, probably the first and only time in the series that THAT happens.

    Jennifer Rhodes as Grams is introduced here as we see her face down a demon for the first time. Great stuff.

    The short role of Josh that starts in this episode was mostly an annoyance to me. For some reason the writers can't leave Piper without a romantic interest for even a couple episodes. I guess Josh is the precursor of Dan.

    Prue's boss, Clair, is also pretty irritating. Rex as a demon is nearly preferable to this distempered hag. As we continue to list firsts, this is also the first time, to be oft repeated, that the sisters get kicked out of the manor. Too bad Paige isn't around to just orb them back in. All around, a very cool and dark episode where a premonition by Phoebe saves the day at the end.
  • full of excitment

    i felt sorry for phoebe because piper and prue really didn't believe her about this 'woogey man' but phoebe proved them wrong! but not in good way! considering phoebe got posessed by him!!

    i don't think there was any bit in this episode i didn't enjoy watching! even phoebe turning evil made it way more exciting! just the way she talked you could just tell there was something wrong with her. alyssa milano played evil phoebe well.

    the kitchen turning against piper, the boiling water from the showers, people turning evil...
    this is a jam packed episode and is my joint favouret along with 2 other episodes.
  • Woogy Nights

    A thrilling episode which combines an intriguing storyline, a creepy demon, family values and a peak into the show's mythology, this was one of the first classic episodes of Charmed.

    Is There a Woogy in the House? has Phoebe being possessed by the ancient Woogyman, who is unleashed from the basement during an earthquake. As the Woogyman wrecks havoc in the manor, Prue and Piper get information on the Nexus to help them defeat the demon and save their lost sister.

    This was the first "possessed sister" episode and it's excellently written, with some memorable scenes and a really good performance from Alyssa Milano, who probably put all her effort into being possessed since she never imagined the exact same thing would happen to her another 6281 times in the future.

    The episode also introduces the Nexus and the scene where Piper and Prue discover it on the map is awesome, an excellently dramatic scene which has never been repeated on the show since, yet they repeat god-awful storylines all the time! Go figure! Piper gets a new love interest and, unlike all the other boyfriends in the future, he's actually interesting. Shawn Christian gives an immediate impression as Josh and he and Holly Marie Combs have a lot of chemistry.

    Add some good Woogy effects, excellent acting and some really creepy scenes, this episode is a serious classic. The closing moment is excellently written and shot, with the sisters coming together to write about the Woogyman in the Book of Shadows. Flawless.

    Rating: A
  • Amazingly freaky

    Seeing Phoebe act evil really gave me a shiver. She really played the part well and made everything beleivable. Phoebe should definately be more evil, and take away a bit of the goody two shoes attitude.The house repelling Piper and Prue was really good, but Andy is always suspicious of what is going on. A great episode all round
  • A susceptible Phoebe gets drawn to her evil side...

    Whenever I think of season 1, this is one of the first episodes that comes to mind since it really is one of the memorable "classics". The big bad in the episode is interesting, since it combines a childhood fairytale with an insidious and incorporeal evil. On another level, it allows us to connect with stories our grandmothers may have told us during childhood and the real meanings behind them. I remember taking a literature and psychology class and being shocked at all the hidden sexual meanings behind fairytales of my childhood (but that's another story, haha).

    Anyway, props to Alyssa Milano for her role so well. It was well done because it wasn't so much about the Woogy entirely possessing and taking on Phoebe's body (which would have been flat and boring); but the Woogy entering, magnifying, and bringing out Phoebe's darker side. We especially see this when her hidden frustrations with Prue come out:

    "Prue's just pissy because this time she didn't get to play Wonder Woman. I'm not in the mood to soothe your ego".

    -and the famous-

    "You don't live here anymore...HE DOES." [she TKs the door shut, a hidden interpretation which might suggest Phoebe may have been secretly jealous of Prue and her powers as well]

    It was also an important episode because it establishes concepts the show would user later on (such as the location of the manor being on top of a spiritual nexus equidistant from the five spiritual elements and the concept of the great Shadow/"Nexus" power under the house). In addition, it features one of the more favorite spells on the show. Rather than a made up rhyme, a childhood story emotionally tied to her Grams is the one that saves her sisters lives (at least for this episode lol) and begins the tradition of adding to the ever expanding Book of Shadows.
  • Tangible proof that the 'Boogieman', or, in this case, the "Woogyman' does indeed exist as Phoebe is possessed by a demon who is hell bent on giving her the power and the will to murder her sisters.

    It is a standard joke between Prue and Piper that Phoebe has always been terrified of going into the basement at Halliwell Manor because, as a child, she believed the 'Woogyman' lived down there. (She was unable to say 'Boogieman' correctly, so it came out 'Woogyman'.)

    When Prue has to host an important dinner for people connected to the newly-owned Buckland's auction house, Piper agrees to cook and Phoebe will assist with serving etc. Unfortunately, an earthquake causes a large crack in the foundations of Halliwell Manor and releases the evil which Phoebe always believed was the Woogyman of her nightmares. This entity takes over Phoebe's body and encourages her to murder her sisters and make mince meat of anyone who gets in her way. The entity also thoughtfully gives her extra powers to help her on her way.

    It's great to see flashbacks to Phoebe with Grams in this episode and an excellent performance by Alyssa Milano as the script allows her to explore a 'dark side' of Phoebe which we will see much more of later on. We see frightened, child-like Phoebe and dark, seductress, evil Phoebe and it's great to fun to watch.

    Fantastic episode except for the annoying guest actor with the bottle of wine, he really wasn't necessary.
  • Prue is having a special dinner party for the Auction House at the manor. Piper is cooking the meal and Phoebe is being Phoebe. There is an earthquake and a demon is released from the basement that takes over Phoebe and wreaks havoc on the house.

    I have a little quirky thing I do with keeping count of the number of stupid things characters do, say, or react to things that happen in this show. For some reason people loved this episode. To me it was the most annoying of the first fifteen in the series.

    All three of the sisters act out of character. I thought Phoebe was leading the way but Piper ends up passing her in the end. This episode had a pretty good storyline but a number of flaws.

    The Demon was pretty lame. Other than getting Andy to pull his weapon the rest of the "controlled people" didn't wreak that much havoc. So not a very powerful Demon compared to some of the ones they have run into before. The number of times people do things that make no sense are incredible Piper and Prue get back in the house and then Piper tries to run away? Phoebe goes down in the basement even though she never would? Things flashing like they were are not normal even after an earthquake but the sisters just move on as if everything is normal? Oh, and the way the Demon was vanquished in the end, with a nursery rhyme? Why wasn't the spell in the Book of Shadows if this had occurred before and might every time there is an earthquake? The list goes on and on.

    The idea that the house was built on a convergence and that it was built in the middle of a pentagram was pretty cool. It's too bad it was told with this story. Also what is with Claire Pryce. Her one line act is getting a little old. How many people would put up with a boss like that longer than a few days. She is constantly threatening but it is all hollow. It's getting really old.

    As you can probably tell I was not impressed with this episode in general. I generally found it annoying. There were some good serialization points brought out for the story long term but otherwise it was pretty lame. Thanks for reading...
  • Sister is possessed by evil, rhyme saves the day.

    This episode is my favourite in the entire first season. Looking back on it now the bad special effects and the stereotypes are way overdone. Again a handsome man shows up to be a boy toy to one of the sisters (get used to it, we'll see a lot of them throughout the series.)
    There are still too many errors from shot to shot (such as hand positions, hair strains and so on) The supporting actors are as bad as they get and the writing is inconsistent. (If the prof. uses the house in her lectures how come Josh is surprised that she brought up the Nexus thing?)

    BUT! The woogy man is a classic evil and even scary (somewhat). Phoebe gets to be evil and Alyssa Milano shows us some really good acting. There are some well scripted sister moments and the episode just has a feel to it I cannot describe.
    Need to see this one!
  • the BEST episode of season one

    well everyone has said it and i am gonna join in with the craze...its the best episode of season one and one of the best EVER!!! in fact it is actually my fave episode of the show.
    Alyssa in particular gives a defining performance in this episode and is a genuinly great presence in this episode.
    Phioebe and Prue are my fave sisters of this show but Phoebe is at her best here and Alyssa gives her greatest most evil performance of her carreer until season 4s long live the queen.
    Prue and Piper also have character development too.
    the stunt work is just so very well done...and the atmosphere is just soo captivating it cant help but to be a visually splendure episode that marks the first ever time we see the spiritual nexus,aa it possesses Phoebe.
    the mood is dark and very gritty for the benefits of this episodes unique style.
    it demands so much praise.
    all three actresses shine here and the supporting cast are splended too.
    genuinly recommended viewing again and again...a true example of how perfect this show can be.
    it shouldnt be overlooked.
  • Phoebe's Got The Woogies

    Is There a Woogy In The House?-Phoebe's fear of the Woogyman amuses Prue and Piper, until an earthquake releases a shadow demon. Phoebe under the control of the Woogyman tries to kill Prue and Piper, who must find a way to rescue Phoebe and get rid of the Woogyman.

    The first true classic episode of Charmed which introduce very key storylines for the series as well as one of it's most impressive villains. The Woogyman, may seem like just a floating puff of smoke at first, but he actually is a great villain and Phoebe's possession is well written, not to mention well acted. Alyssa Milano gives a great performance and you can tell she was having fun play evil. The havoc Phoebe causes ranging from incredibly funny like turning the dinner into a live duck to rather dark with Phoebe turning on her sisters by trying to kill them. Shannen and Holly were also great as Prue and Piper struggle to save Phoebe as well as their house as it becomes under the control of the Woogyman. The scenes where they are running in terror as they become trapped in the house are intense and well written.

    The concept of the Spiritual Nexus was always an intriguing storyline and the writers crafted a great plot development that will be used again later on in the series. Although, it will never be used as brilliantly as it was in this episode, is still quite original. The episode also introduces Grams, the sisters' grandmother who raised them before they became witches. It may not be the most memorable first appearence from Jennifer Rhodes, but the premontion Phoebe gets of her in the past is a touching scene as it helps her remember the Woogyman spell:

    Phoebe: "I'm light, I'm one too strong to fight, go back to where shadows dwell, you can not have this Haliwell, go away and leave might sight and take with you, this endless night."

    The Woogyman spell is one of Charmed's signature spells and the first time it's used is a powerful moment between the sisters as Phoebe saves them and vanquishes the Woogyman back into the earth. There are also other entertaining scenes of Phoebe converting other people to be in control of the Woogy, especially when she seduces Andy and then he comes back out then pulls out a gun on Darryl and he quickly disarmed him. Also, there's a funny sub-plot with Piper and her new love interest Josh, an assitant professor. While they're relationship lasts for literally 2 seconds, they're sexual tension and banter was quite humorous. All and All, "Is There a Woogy In The House?" is a dark, engaging episode with an excellent "sister possession" plot and introduces manyt key elements for the overall series.
  • Spiritual Nexus.

    Earthquake strikes San Fransisco and accidentally released the spiritual Nexus, which later possessed every people who enter the basement of the Halliwell Manor. The gasman is the first victim, and later Phoebe gets possessed by the woogyman, who she afraid of since when was 5. Piper and Prue didn't notice at all, until they are kicked out from the manor by Phoebe (Woogyman). Great episode and probably the best episode in this series. The writers did a very good job to this show, especially after the disappointing episode "The Fourth Sister". I love this episode. This episode is the first in my "top 10 episodes".
  • The Spiritual Nexus

    After an earthquake, the Halliwell sisters call the gas-man to check the smell of gas that was coming from the basement. The man is possessed by an evil force, who later possesses Phoebe, who is afraid of the Boogeyman, or as she used to call it, Woogyman. Prue and Piper are expelled from their house and they find out that the place is a spiritual nexus, equidistant from the five elements: earth, water, fire, wood and metal. Now evil is living in the house and the two sisters have to fight to rescue Phoebe from the dark side, destroy the evil being and bring the good and light back to the place.

    "Is There a Woogy in the House?" is a good episode of "Charmed". As usual, there are no explanations or consequences for the persons somehow affected by the Halliwell sisters: Andy is only suspended and the fate of the gas-man, the professors, and the neighbours is unknown.
  • An earthquake releases an eerie shadow demon that turns Phoebe against her sisters. Prue and Piper must think quickly to prevent the demons evil influence from spreading over the neighbourhood

    One of the greatest Phoebe based episodes. We find out that she is the sister most susceptable to evil, which is explored in greater depth later in the series. An episode worthy of any charmed fan, the darkness of this episode is neatly twisted with Alyssa Milano's great performance as the evil Phoebe, she definately is a lot better at playing evil than good.

    The shadow demon is very spooky with his immensely chilling voice, he is seemingly one of the hardest demons that the girls face (as Prue and Piper's powers were useless against him)The special effects aren't too shabby either, especially Phoebe's brief power to make objects materialize in a black smoky effect.

    Overall a rather dark and neatly wrapped up episode, one of the finest moments in Charmed 10/10
  • The shadow of the past

    One of the best and darkest hours of the first season, this episode sees Phoebe possessed by a shadow demon which dwells beneath the house. Ok, so the idea of demonic possession may be an old one but this is the first time it has been done in Charmed and Alyssa plays the part brilliantly, creating a truly chilling character.

    The story is exceptionally well plotted and involves all three sisters, so there are none of the pointless sub plots of other episodes. Having the demon possess the Manor is a great twist, and the power it passes to Phoebe is awesome. The writers even manage to bring the girls' work interests into the story, with Piper catering for a client party hosted by Prue. This creates a great setting for the main plot, keeping the action firmly in the house as it turns against them.

    The woogyman is a highly original demon and is cleverly awoken by an earthquake (very San Francisco). The way in which it enters its hosts through their mouths and noses seems not to have gone unnoticed by the makers of Supernatural. The vanquish is equally original: with Prue and Piper unable to use their powers on the demon, Phoebe has to dig deep and use her power to hear the vanquishing spell uttered by Grams twenty years earlier.

    For the first time, we are left with the unsettling thoughts that maybe the Manor is not the stronghold it seems and that maybe, just maybe, the Charmed Ones are not as shiny white as we think. Wonderful episode!
  • Phoebe becomes posessed

    When there is an earthquake the demon who lives in the nexus which is in the girls basement is released. This demon is a shadow demon and is released into Phoebe. The shadow demon tells Phoebe to kill her sisters so Piper and Prue must try and stop her. In order to do this they need to remember a spell that there grams used to say to them. I am light, I am one too strong to fight,
    So go to dark where shadows dwell,
    You cannot have this Halliwell,
    So go away and leave thy sight,
    And take with you this endless night.

    Phoebe is saved before she fully turns evil.

    A good episode
  • An earthquake releases a demon who tries to get Phoebe to kill her sisters.

    A story that Phoebe remembers from when she was little turns out to be real. The Woogyman is released from the basement when a small earthquake opens a crack. The demon possesses Phoebe who then tries to kill her sisters. The sisters try to save Phoebe but when she has a flashback premonition of Grams vanquishing the demon she remembers the story and realizes it is a spell and she ends up saving Prue and Piper. The episode moved along well and was pretty exciting. This was the first time we got to see Grams. Another love interest was introduced for Piper but there was no real chemistry there. It also doesn't make sense to me why Grams wouldn't have put the spell in the Book of Shadows but all in all a very good episode.
  • Phoebe turns evil, makes this episode into one of the best ones.

    This is one of the all time best ones charmed eposides, where Phoebe turns evil for the very first time. Which cases a very good eposide. This Eposide is one of my all time favorites. Not only does Phoebe turn evil but allmost anyone who enters the house. Prue and Piper try to fight off the Woogyman by themselves but cannot remeber the spell Grams told them. Prue and Piper somehow get into Phoebe's mind about the Story Grams told them and then Phoebe started saying it and then Woogyman Was gone! I think i like this eposide because it's the first time Phoebe turned evil and all the adventure. So, yeah i give this eposide a 10.
  • Phoebe is possessed

    An earthquake hits San Francisco, leaving a crack in the Manor basement, unknowingly realsing the possessive Woogy Man.Phoebe is later possessed,Piper and Prue are thrown out of there own home, whilst trying to present a dinner to Prues colleugues.

    This episode is one of the highlights of season 1.
    With its darkness, and Phoebes great acting, Is There a Woogy in the house is very original with a great story to it, and some background information on the history of the Halliwell Manor.

    Phoebe's storyline was great, which could make other episodes, as she can be persuaded to go dark. (and which later on in seasons are).
  • is there a woogy in the house

    i think this episode is great alyssa milano did a fine job acting as if she was possesed by the woogyman.this episode is about phoebe swearing she saw the woogyman when she was little but her sisters never believed her until she started acting weird.this is a great episode you'll love love it.
  • Classic Episode!

    Really intersting episode, since the first time I watched, I really like it a lot the story, Prue was amazing on this one, in a episode that was really simple but was really good, this is one of the classics episodes of season 1 , we discovered that Phoebe didn't like to go to the basement because she was afraid of the Woogy Man, that was so hilarious, and have really great suspense scenes. Phoebe trying to kill Prue and Piper,this was a great entertaining hour of Charmed.
  • Will you be my shadow?

    The first couple of times I saw “Is There A Woogy In The House?” I had some problems with it. I felt that there was something off about it. The story was great, really great, the acting was fabulous and the writing magnificent. But still, something bothered me about it. The more I watch it nowadays, the more I enjoy it, and the more I curse my previous ignorance. The truth is, that I don’t see anything wrong with it now. It is a pure masterpiece with one heck of a villain, and some great, emotional acting and writing.

    The opening scene with the earthquake is hilarious, and Prue’s remarks about Phoebe running through the house naked and screaming was fun as hell. From there the story is masterfully developed, starting as a shadow coming out of the basement possessing people. The excitement of the main story keeps the viewers at the edge of their seats, throughout the whole episode, and I also think the Woogy’s possession of Phoebe made the sisters learn something about themselves and their relationship with each other. Phoebe saw that even she had some darkness in her, and Prue actually showed some affection toward Phoebe. The evilness of Possessed-Phoebe also brought up some real emotions from the other sisters, and it made clear for them what loosing a sister would do to them.

    On top of the great story, and the way that it’s plotted, the shadow is genuinely scary, and looks really good. Phoebe’s powers are very cool and menacing, and Possessed-Phoebe is scary as hell. The other two sisters’ struggle to get her back is touching and excellently acted by Shannen and Holly, but none of them surpasses Alyssa, who for the first time shows that she’s a master at playing evil. All in all, the episode is one of the best of season one, with greatness in all departments, from writing to acting. A Charmed masterpiece.
  • FAVORITE!!!!

    This episode was my favorite of all!!!I loved the fact that it was'nt all centered around Prue and more around Pheobe.It really freaked me out when Pheobe was evil!!But it was cool in a weird kinda of way.I loved how she could materialize things.That was awsome!!!!I wish she had that power.This episode was awsom!Thats all I have to say!!
  • This is one of my favourite episodes. It is brilliant.

    This episode is one of my favourites for many reasons. Firstly it is hilarious - I was laughing most of the way through it (I can't be the only one who thinks it is a bit silly for a twenty-something year old to be afraid of a shadow in the basement). I also felt it dealt well with their bond as sisters, helping each other out and yet still managing to get stressed and argue with each other. I thought it was fitting for Phoebe to be the first of them to contribute to The Book of Shadows since she was the one who discovered it in the first place and was the one who was eager to become a witch.
  • awesome!!

    OMG! this episode is so important to the serise. its the first time the shadows been relased! Pheebs turnes evil!! she looked so hot! i loved how the shadow got released by the earthquake. that was awesome. and the spell 2 get rid ov it (or put it back) was awesome. ull love this episode 2! its great!
  • Who is afraid of the basement?

    I don’t have a basement and this episode made me wonder! And who would have thought that a childhood “demon” would be real! (How many times have you been afraid of the dark?) I think this is one of my all time favorite episodes, we get a good look at Phoebe, and I think the writers set the stage for what is to come in later episodes. I will admit I am one for an episode when the good girls go bad, very bad.

    Over all I think this episode does a lot for the show early on, who would have thought this black shadow, would prove to be so destructive? Not me! I will leave you with what I think is one of the best spells that come from this great show…

    I am light
    I am one too strong to fight
    Return to dark where shadows dwell
    You cannot have this Halliwell
    Go away and leave my sight
    And take with you this endless night

    Blessed Be…