Season 1 Episode 15

Is There A Woogy In The House?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 1999 on The WB

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  • Evil loves Phoebe, and we love evil Phoebe.

    This episode, Dead Man Dating, Wicca Envy, and Love Hurts highlight Season 1. In fact, all 4 are better than the season finale. The Nexus, and more specifically, the Shadow, is introduced in this episode. We also get our first possession, of many, and with that possession, we get our first evil Phoebe, of many. Alyssa was excellent last episode, and she is at her absolute best here. Most of Alyssa's movie roles involved her playing a bad girl, and she shows us why here. She does it so well. She purveys that same cool overconfidence and sexual magnetism that we saw from bad guys in earlier episodes. We also see the power of conjuring here, as evil Phoebe has the ability to call anything she wants to her hand. Not only is that a cool power, but we also see Phoebe get to use telekinesis to shut the manor door, probably the first and only time in the series that THAT happens.

    Jennifer Rhodes as Grams is introduced here as we see her face down a demon for the first time. Great stuff.

    The short role of Josh that starts in this episode was mostly an annoyance to me. For some reason the writers can't leave Piper without a romantic interest for even a couple episodes. I guess Josh is the precursor of Dan.

    Prue's boss, Clair, is also pretty irritating. Rex as a demon is nearly preferable to this distempered hag. As we continue to list firsts, this is also the first time, to be oft repeated, that the sisters get kicked out of the manor. Too bad Paige isn't around to just orb them back in. All around, a very cool and dark episode where a premonition by Phoebe saves the day at the end.