Season 1 Episode 15

Is There A Woogy In The House?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 1999 on The WB

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  • Woogy Nights

    A thrilling episode which combines an intriguing storyline, a creepy demon, family values and a peak into the show's mythology, this was one of the first classic episodes of Charmed.

    Is There a Woogy in the House? has Phoebe being possessed by the ancient Woogyman, who is unleashed from the basement during an earthquake. As the Woogyman wrecks havoc in the manor, Prue and Piper get information on the Nexus to help them defeat the demon and save their lost sister.

    This was the first "possessed sister" episode and it's excellently written, with some memorable scenes and a really good performance from Alyssa Milano, who probably put all her effort into being possessed since she never imagined the exact same thing would happen to her another 6281 times in the future.

    The episode also introduces the Nexus and the scene where Piper and Prue discover it on the map is awesome, an excellently dramatic scene which has never been repeated on the show since, yet they repeat god-awful storylines all the time! Go figure! Piper gets a new love interest and, unlike all the other boyfriends in the future, he's actually interesting. Shawn Christian gives an immediate impression as Josh and he and Holly Marie Combs have a lot of chemistry.

    Add some good Woogy effects, excellent acting and some really creepy scenes, this episode is a serious classic. The closing moment is excellently written and shot, with the sisters coming together to write about the Woogyman in the Book of Shadows. Flawless.

    Rating: A