Season 6 Episode 22

It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 16, 2004 on The WB

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  • A good ending

    If Chris goes back to the future, and the cops come for 'Chris' (for whatever reason they go to the Halliwell manor), they're going to find a baby. That doesn't look like magic, that looks like a guy gave a fake name and disappeared and since he committed his crime before the baby was born it'll look like a massive coincidence

    Paige's evil was actually pretty crap. All she did was pout, put on a weird soft voice and act 'better than thou'. Evil Phoebe was pretty good, she acted like herself and made her evil with just subtle looks and the make up. Paige looked ridiculous though.

    I also don't get why the book allows Gideon through. the book senses good and evil probably better than Wyatt does, he's got evil intentions, he's killed people, I'm fairly sure he's hardly good enough to touch the book.

    Can't believe Wyatt stabbed Gideon. But are they forgetting that Wyatt is currently sitting in their attic alone.

    I loved Phoebe getting shot at the end. It was actually kind of completely random but it seemed so good at the same time. Paige's acting was atrocious there though. Just yelling at pathetically. Here's an idea, drag her inside so Leo can orb safely? He's inside the house remember!
  • It's a Bad,Bad,Bad,Bad World

    How is it that none of the strippers are credited on the episode?I Love the Blonde Stripper that first appears at the scene of the nightclub.
  • It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World

    It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World (1) was a perfect first half of the season six finale of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written, interesting, and intriguing. There was a lot of character development, plot progression, and action. I liked seeing the duality of the sister's alternate selves. I am glad to finally be through Gideon's plotting and scheming and it was very interesting to watch every thing happen the way it did. I certainly look forward to watching the season finale and to finish this two part story!!!!!!!!

    It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World (2) was a perfect follow up to the season six finale of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching the character and plot development along with the magical action and intrigue. Leo and Chris come to terms while learning more about Gideon and Piper goes into labor with Chris. I thought it was interesting to see the different parallel universes work together. I liked the way every thing played out and I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Episode


    It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Part 1-Gideon creates a portal that puts Chris and Leo in a mirrored world where evil prevails, and Phoebe and Paige travel to the parallel universe to rescue them. Meanwhile, Piper gives birth to baby Chris.

    After probably the worst season of the series (until abysmal last), Season 6 ends with another over the top, ridiculous two parter with a long and equally ridiculous title. Gideon finally makes his final move on Wyatt and does so by teaming up with his evil counterpart from an alternate world ruled by evil. Now, the idea of an evil world mirrored to the sisters' world is an interesting plot, even though alternate realities have been done to death on fantasy shows. But with these writers, they take all the possible complexity and imagination from the plot and turn the counterparts of the characters into a bunch of Gothic-looking rejects, especially the sisters. Evil Chris and Leo are pretty pathetic, all they do is beat up poor Darryl, which doesn't help with his current animosity towards the sister. We do get a nice moment between Shella and Phoebe at the beginning reminding the sisters that Darryl has become family to them over the years and it's true. Although, considering how selfish the sisters have become this season, that scene loses it's weight. Darryl is completely justified for his anger and the sisters have no one to blame but themselves.

    But this episode has a far share of cringe-worthy momentslikeBarbas, the Demon of Hope. Seriously, Billy Dragoplays good and badtheSAME way. Not to mention, the good twin vs. bad twin fight between the two Paiges and Phoebes. The SFX work to make it seem like two Phoebes were fighting each other was so dodgy, you could tell it was just Alyssa and her stunt double.But it is nice to know the writers remember Phoebe knows how to fight without her powers, considering they've been treating her like she's so helpless without her powers. The only really great parts are Gideon trying to stab Wyatt, which is just disturbing, especially Wyatt stabbing Gideon with his powers and the ending where the sisters and Leo return to their world looking like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood x10! But what should have been an eerie, disturbing moment, is ruined by Rose McGowan. Seriously, what kind of reaction is that! You sister just got shot and your acting like you dropped your favorite lipstick in an air vent! *headdesk* All and All, a pretty mediocre part 1.

  • Chris is about to be born and that means Gideon's plan is in motion.

    After getting out to a rough start with the dramatically shaky Valhalla of the Dolls, Season 6 ends in spectacular fashion with a fantastic double episode that amounts to best season finale until the series finale. The idea of a parallel opposite universe is not only creative but extremely interesting to see acted out, and the acting is up to the task in all regards.

    The slick, creepy Gideon with the sexually suggestive comments and gestures with the sisters is hilarious. Evil Phoebe and Paige are super cool. And my favorites are the evil Leo and Chris. I love Chris' long hair, pony tail, and eyebrow ring. The scene where Leo and Chris stand on top the Golden Gate and express their disgust at the goodness of the world is a classic, and I totally dug it when Chris beat up Darryl, who frankly had it coming, maybe it could knock some sense into him. I'm not sure he should have been able to orb Darryl's gun into this hand. That is Paige's power, and he has never used it before. Chris has Paige's power, Prue's power, and can orb? Wow. Anyway, having Paige's power ruins the crystal cage trap that the sisters catch them in. Remember, Zankou uses Paige's power to orb a crystal to himself and break the cage. Correct?

    Anyway, like the writers, lets not get caught up in minor details. The strip club scene with bad Darryl was pretty hot for a Charmed scene. And I got a big kick out of Billy Drago as the Demon of Hope. The scene where the sisters fight their counterparts is pure fun since neither of them had the power to take Leo and Chris anywhere they didn't want to go anyway. Lastly, Wyatt giving Gideon such a hard time is great stuff as well. Phoebe getting shot in the end was certainly a shock. We all know Leo will heal her, but still... it was shocking in the moment.
  • Send in the Clones Part One

    It's hard to believe that Charmed has been running for six years now and they've never done an episode about evil twins. It has to be one of the most obvious sci-fi storylines which has been done on almost every fantasy series from Buffy to V.I.P.!

    It's a Bad, Bad etc. has Gideon creating a portal for Chris and Leo to go back to the future. But, due to Gideon's evilness, it's actually a portal to a mirror dimension where the good guys in the real world are bad guys in the other world and vice versa. The sisters soon cross over as well and discover their evil twins (complete with punk hair and bad taste in clothing... okay, there isn't much difference with the latter!)

    The idea of evil twins is, as previously mentioned, extremely clichéd nowadays but Charmed manages to use the story well and its fun to see Phoebe and Paige (looking extremely hot) decked out in leather with rock star hair and brass knuckles. Piper doesn't get to do much as she's back home expecting baby Chris (as well as Holly being pregnant in real life) but it's nice to see Phoebe and Paige get to lots of stuff that doesn't revolve around babies or men. It's a shame that Barbas comes back, even when acting like a good guy (in the mirror world) Billy Drago doesn't convince and I honestly can't believe how he gets work! The closing moments, with Phoebe getting shot, is almost identical to All Hell Breaks Loose but without any of the pain or shock. No offense to Rose, but she acts Paige's shock as if a bee has just buzzed by. Hello! Your sister's just been shot! At least act slightly concerned!

    The first part of the two-part finale is a good episode if slightly clichéd, but compared to the rest of this god-awful season, it's one of the best in ages.

    Rating: B

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall....

    This episode packs more intrigue into forty minutes than most shows manage in a season. Just goes to show you should never be afraid to take an old theme and rework it.

    To clear a path to Wyatt, Gideon sends Chris and Leo into a parallel world where good is evil and vice versa. Little does he know his actions will throw both worlds wildly off track. It's a thrilling way to end the season and sets up some memorable scenes.

    Seeing evil Leo and Chris step out from the portal totally rocks, particularly when Chris turns out to be a darklighter. I never thought I'd say this but Brian Krause makes an awesome baddie. Sadly the same is not true of Drew Fuller, whose acting is as lifeless as ever. Piper has another light week so it's left to her sisters to act out the plot. Evil Phoebe looks great with her punk hair and knuckle dusters. Wish I could say the same of Paige. Nul points to the stylists for that hairdo!

    Evil P3 is brilliant, although I don't see why it was full of pole dancers. I'm sure most pole dancers aren't evil. Loved the idea of the demon of hope. Presumably there would have been a Source of All Goodness until the evil Charmed Ones vanquished him?

    Fun though it is, this episode does highlight some major flaws in the show's treatment of good and evil. The sisters have never flinched at vanquishing anyone they consider to be bad. Yet, here, the folk in the evil world have jobs, lives and families the same as they do. Aside from the dark clothes, is there really a difference?

    The screwed up happy world at the end is very cool. Hands up who thought Phoebe was really going to die though? Thought not.

    Score: 9.4
  • must see!

    i like this episode seeing two different sides of the characters, the good and the bad. it's an alternate reality that collides. this reminds me of the roswell episode meet the dupes where the good ones meet their dark counterparts. it's always interesting to see that there is another dimension where a different version of the characters exist. the balance needs to be restored coz their paths should never cross in the first place resulting in tragic consequences. there's also a betrayal from an ally they never thought of so they must act fast if they want to see their worlds again. this is the first part of the season finale which is good.
  • Part 1 as season 6 .. possibly the worst season.. possibly not.. draws to a close... it is somewhat upsetting..

    In the first part of this double episode, Gideon sends chris and leo into an alternate world, where all good is evil and all evil is , of course, good. This sends the evil chris/leo into their world. The good want the good leo/chris back and the baddies want their duo back. Paige and phoebe go to the baddie's world.. they fight.. the evil paige/ phoebe are dressed up really cool... they work together.. good barbas tells them that Gideon is the one after Leo.

    The 2 paige's work together and create a portal to send the 'goodies' back into their world. Once there, they step outside, and find good has overwhelmed their world, and Phoebe gets shot for parking in the neighbours driveway. [To be continued..]

    (did I mention this season ends with Darryl still hating the charmed ones?)
    ((Pretty good ep!))
  • its a great episode worth watching

    this episode is one of my favourites and tells you that there is another world to the charmed ones the good world and the bad world as msaid to be the parellell universe. as pipers in labour with baby chris gideon is ploting to turn wyatt evil, while phoebe gets shot and pipers in labour and leo very mad its a bad bad bad world.... and remeber to watch the second continuation of its a bad bad bad world
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