Season 6 Episode 22

It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 16, 2004 on The WB

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  • Send in the Clones Part One

    It's hard to believe that Charmed has been running for six years now and they've never done an episode about evil twins. It has to be one of the most obvious sci-fi storylines which has been done on almost every fantasy series from Buffy to V.I.P.!

    It's a Bad, Bad etc. has Gideon creating a portal for Chris and Leo to go back to the future. But, due to Gideon's evilness, it's actually a portal to a mirror dimension where the good guys in the real world are bad guys in the other world and vice versa. The sisters soon cross over as well and discover their evil twins (complete with punk hair and bad taste in clothing... okay, there isn't much difference with the latter!)

    The idea of evil twins is, as previously mentioned, extremely clichéd nowadays but Charmed manages to use the story well and its fun to see Phoebe and Paige (looking extremely hot) decked out in leather with rock star hair and brass knuckles. Piper doesn't get to do much as she's back home expecting baby Chris (as well as Holly being pregnant in real life) but it's nice to see Phoebe and Paige get to lots of stuff that doesn't revolve around babies or men. It's a shame that Barbas comes back, even when acting like a good guy (in the mirror world) Billy Drago doesn't convince and I honestly can't believe how he gets work! The closing moments, with Phoebe getting shot, is almost identical to All Hell Breaks Loose but without any of the pain or shock. No offense to Rose, but she acts Paige's shock as if a bee has just buzzed by. Hello! Your sister's just been shot! At least act slightly concerned!

    The first part of the two-part finale is a good episode if slightly clichéd, but compared to the rest of this god-awful season, it's one of the best in ages.

    Rating: B