Season 6 Episode 22

It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 16, 2004 on The WB

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  • Chris is about to be born and that means Gideon's plan is in motion.

    After getting out to a rough start with the dramatically shaky Valhalla of the Dolls, Season 6 ends in spectacular fashion with a fantastic double episode that amounts to best season finale until the series finale. The idea of a parallel opposite universe is not only creative but extremely interesting to see acted out, and the acting is up to the task in all regards.

    The slick, creepy Gideon with the sexually suggestive comments and gestures with the sisters is hilarious. Evil Phoebe and Paige are super cool. And my favorites are the evil Leo and Chris. I love Chris' long hair, pony tail, and eyebrow ring. The scene where Leo and Chris stand on top the Golden Gate and express their disgust at the goodness of the world is a classic, and I totally dug it when Chris beat up Darryl, who frankly had it coming, maybe it could knock some sense into him. I'm not sure he should have been able to orb Darryl's gun into this hand. That is Paige's power, and he has never used it before. Chris has Paige's power, Prue's power, and can orb? Wow. Anyway, having Paige's power ruins the crystal cage trap that the sisters catch them in. Remember, Zankou uses Paige's power to orb a crystal to himself and break the cage. Correct?

    Anyway, like the writers, lets not get caught up in minor details. The strip club scene with bad Darryl was pretty hot for a Charmed scene. And I got a big kick out of Billy Drago as the Demon of Hope. The scene where the sisters fight their counterparts is pure fun since neither of them had the power to take Leo and Chris anywhere they didn't want to go anyway. Lastly, Wyatt giving Gideon such a hard time is great stuff as well. Phoebe getting shot in the end was certainly a shock. We all know Leo will heal her, but still... it was shocking in the moment.
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