Season 6 Episode 22

It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 16, 2004 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Sheila mentions showing up at the house a wreck before, refering to when Darryl was arrested in the episode Crimes and Witch-Demeanors but the cleaners took care of that event and everybody not present in the courtroom had their memories erased so how would she remember that?

    • If the mirror realities were exact, what was Barbas the demon of hope doing? It seems unlikely that he would assist Gideon in trying to kill baby Wyatt. Considering he wanted his world to be peaceful, it is doubtful he would assist in attempting to eliminate a future paragon of good doesn't it? It is possible that since the worlds were out of whack that things were going differently over there but then that does not explain how evil Leo wound up back at the mirror since that implies events went the same.

    • If the Gideons were able to open up the portals and cross over, why didn't they just switch Wyatts? Since they were so determined that their specific Wyatt would grow up to be the ultimate evil/good no matter what then why didn't they consider that? Even switching future Wyatts would have worked!

    • If Morris is supposed to be working for the girls in the bad reality why do they have to attack him to obtain a answer?

    • When bad Leo and Chris get out of the portal, Paige's hands change position between shots.

    • TRIVIA: A Liz Phair song repeats as the season finale song. Her song Extraordinary was played during the season five finale and her song Take A Look closes this season.

    • The evil world is presented as a mirror image of our world, whatever happens in one world happens in another world. But the problem is, if people from one world have powers than their counterparts from the other world don't? For example, take Leo. His Whitelighter self can't create and use crossbows, and his Darklighter self can't heal. What do the Evil counterparts do when Leo heals someone in our world? And how did the Barbas from the other world kill people with... hope? Even the temper difference feels illogical - the good Darryl is faithful to his wife, while the bad Darryl cheats on her. Kids in the evil world smash cars' windows, while clearly no one is doing this in our world. It is impossible for both worlds to be mirror images of each other.

    • TRIVIA: The neighbor who assaults Phoebe, Mrs. Noble, lives in the same house Dan used to live in, back in season 2.

    • When Leo kills Gideon he says to the bad Leo he could not do anything, that he has to make it all on his own. Even if Leo is attacking only the good Gideon, the bad one is being attacked as well. How is that possible? Why do the powers affect the bad one too? It makes no sense. The mirror is not the reason because it is only a way to see the other world.

    • When Leo gets to the hospital he finds Paige there and she tells him that he cannot visit Piper because the time is up and he could have troubles. Anyway seconds later she said that Phoebe was with Piper.

    • When Phoebe and Paige are gonna get out after they are under the spell, Phoebe says that she has not moved the car so it does not bother her if the policeman shoots her again. They used the car already at the beginning of the episode and they went to the hospital. So that means that even she got shot, when she came back home she parked in the same exact spot. That makes no sense, it is like she does not care if she gets shot again at all.

    • When Paige and Phoebe are under the spell, why does Chris not try to reverse it? After all he is a witch too and he can make spells too.

    • TRIVIA: Chris is named after Leo's father.

    • Why do good Phoebe and evil Phoebe move the curtain that covers the mirror at the exact same time? We have seen that good Phoebe moves the curtain because she has found a chess piece on the ground. In the bad world that piece would not be there so the bad Phoebe would not move the curtain at the same time.

    • When Barbas' cave is shown, behind him is a dark sky. Gideon says that they are in the underworld, so how is it that the underworld is above ground? It makes no sense, there no way a sky could be there.

    • Even though she has been shot a minute before, Phoebe goes out again, even though she could get shot again easily. Also she says that they cannot orb because they are afraid of what could happen if they see them, but later they orb a few times into the hospital.

    • Leo says that the elders would not be affected by the change of the world. Why not? It is not a spell, it is a global change, it is a alternative reality. So why would they not be affected?

    • When Phoebe is being healed by Leo, Paige stays at the other room looking at them. She says she is very worried, so why she does not get any closer to Phoebe? Why she is there?

    • When Paige and Phoebe go to the evil world and they're talking to Gideon, at one moment, Phoebe looks straight at the camera.

    • After Phoebe was shot, the music playing sounds a lot like the demon-attracting music from the season 3 episode We all Scream for Ice Cream where the Ice Cream Man captured demonic children.

    • When Phoebe is arguing with the neighbor about the dumpster blocking half the street and there is no where else to park, if you look behind Phoebe, there is more then ample parking space for a Mini Cooper.

    • TRIVIA: When Wyatt stabs Gideon, the athamae is hit right where his heart is, and if he was human he would've died. However though it is not stated outright, it is implied in the series that Elders and whitelighters do not die the way humans do. Leo was stabbed in the gut in a previous episode, which should have been a mortal wound, but he healed instantly. It is likely that Elders do not have the same physical vulnerabilities as human beings do.

    • When both good and evil Paige orb a boulder at each other, Leo, Chris, and Barbas jump over a huge rock to get out of the way. All of them land on their stomaches, but on the back of Leo's pants there is a dirt stain. How would he get dirt there if he landed on his stomach?

    • TRIVIA: At the end of this episode, the ice cream van from the season three episode "We All Scream for Ice Cream" appears with the theme tune for it.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode Wyatt shows how his powers have grown. He puts up his forcefield when left alone with Gideon when he senses that Gideon wants to harm him. Later, after Gideon pierces Wyatt's forcefield, he tries to stab Wyatt with a knife. Wyatt blinks and the knife orbs out of Gideon's hand and then with the nod of his head, the knife stabs Gideon in the chest.

    • When Phoebe is shot, why does Paige call for help from "anybody" and only belatedly from Leo? Surely a magical healer who can instantly arrive is your first port of call.

    • When the evil Leo and Chris are standing on the top of Golden Gate bridge, even though they are on a green screen, it's supposed to look realistic. yet the water isn't moving in the background and neither are the clouds.

    • How is it that when both Paiges are fighting each other, that they happened to have boulders/rocks that are exactly the same size on both sides? Even though they are identical in movements doesn't mean that everything around them is also in a line of symmetry.

    • Gideon says Piper should relax because she might go into prematural labour. It is stated at the start of the episode she is only two days away from her expected date, so it would hardly be premature labour.

    • Sheila mentions that she and Darryl "never fight" yet in an episode from last season she and Darryl witness Piper and Leo "using their tools" to express their displeasure with one another and admit to Piper and Leo that they too have been in counselling. Why go to counselling if they "never fight"?

    • When both Paiges face off, the good Paige keeps orbing the arrows, but wouldn't it save time if she just orbed the crossbow away instead?

    • In Re: Paige used only four crystals to trap evil-Chris and evil-Leo. In previous episodes, the "crystal cage" has always been shown with five crystals. And even afterwards, in Part 2 of this episode, Gideon used five crystals to trap Wyatt.
      In the episodes when there dreams came to life, they only used three crystals to trap each dream.

    • Who redrew the triquetra in the "good" world when Paige and Phoebe are in the evil world with their counterparts, and Piper is at the hospital?

    • Chris could be trying to get back to his time before baby Chris is born so that he can have his powers. It's been stated that no 2 sets of yourself can have the same powers at the same time, so it's logical that he would want to make sure that he still gets his powers. Which could also explain why you don't see Chris using any powers from the womb, like we saw with Wyatt and Phoebe.

    • When Chris and Leo draw the triquetra it is not the same as the one shown on the book. The three corners touch each other, but it should interlock with itself.

  • Quotes

    • Barbas, Demon of Hope: Your presence here gives me great hope, the hope that someplace there really is a different kind of world, a world where the greater good, the uh...the goodness of the heart prevails.
      Chris: (to Leo)Is he for real?

    • Phoebes: Shut up!
      Paiges: Shut up!
      Evil Paige: We'll take care of you later.
      Phoebe: Psst. (Both Phoebes and Paiges turn around, their backs toward the other) (Phoebe turns to Paige) Okay, we're gonna have to make a move because the longer the worlds are out of balance…
      Evil Phoebe: The worse the damage is.
      Evil Paige: We have to get everyone back to where they belong.
      Paige: Problem is, there's no talking to those witches. I wish I could just vanquish them.
      Evil Phoebe: Me, too, but that'll really screw up the balance. We're gonna have to settle for…
      Phoebe: Knocking them out so we can get Leo and Chris outta here.
      Evil Paige: Good. We'll orb out and grab them…
      Paige: From behind.
      Phoebe: Perfect.

    • Paiges (checking caller ID on their phones as they ring: It's Piper. (they answer their phones) Hello?
      Piper (on phone): Where the hell are you? I'm in labor, for Christ's sakes. Get your ass down here.
      Phoebes: Is she okay?
      Paiges: She's in labor.
      Piper (on phone): Who's that? You've got an echo. What the hell is going on?
      Paiges: I'm on my way.
      (They hang up and Leo, Chris, and Good Barbas stand up)
      Paige: We have to go get Piper.

    • Leo: No, it's too dangerous. Remember the last time you went through a portal - you were almost dinosaur kibble!

    • Chris: You know your time-travel section is due for a serious overhaul. I mean, I can find more information googling.
      Gideon: Googling?
      Chris: Never mind.

    • Evil Gideon (about Piper): She's got a bad temper and it's even worse now that she's pregnant.
      Phoebe: Yeah, yeah, it's the same in our world.

    • Piper: You did clean out the nursery, didn't you?

    • Paige: This is the bassinet from hell.

    • Barbas (good version): C'mon ladies, have some hope. We can work this out peacefully.
      Paige & Phoebe (evil and good versions): Shut up!

    • Piper (with a quirky look on her face): Excuse me people - those were black orbs, where did they get black orbs from?!
      Phoebe: Okay, breathe, breathe, Piper, you don't want to go into labor yet.

    • Piper: (to Paige) Don't forget diapers! Lotsa diapers!
      Chris: Okay, I need to get out of here.

    • Piper: Since when are you in such a hurry to say goodbye?
      Phoebe: Well, since something happened with the thing, and the thing, with the thing.
      Chris (funny, puzzled look): Heh?

    • Leo: (to good Barbas, about Paige and Phoebe): No don't worry, they're not evil.
      Evil Paige: No, but we are.

    • Evil Chris: Can you believe all the liquor stores are closed in the morning here? What's up with that?
      Evil Leo: Didn't stop you from kicking the door in. Why didn't you orb?
      Evil Chris: What's the fun in that?

    • Doctor: Does it hurt when I touch here?
      Piper: Yeow! That smarts!

  • Notes

    • This episode scored 4.8 million viewers.

    • International Episode Titles: Spain: Este Mundo es Malo, Malo Czech Republic: Špatný, špatný svět (Bad, Bad World) France: Pour l'amour d'un fils (For the Love of a Son) Italy: Per il bene o per il male? (For Good or for Evil?) Germany: Gute und böse Welt (Good and Bad World)

    • This episode is known as "Nice Girls, Naughty Girls" in Australia, and "Mirror Image" in the United Kingdom.

    • This episode aired May 14, 2004 in Canada.

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