Season 6 Episode 23

It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 16, 2004 on The WB

Episode Recap

Leo helps Paige bring Phoebe inside the manor, where Leo heals Phoebe's gunshot wound.

"Will someone please tell me what the hell is going on here?" asks Chris, who's just returned from Magic School.

"The neighborhood patrol shot her point blank," Paige says, "and nobody so much as blinked an eye."

"What?" Chris exclaims. "Why?"

"Because by getting us all to the evil world, Gideon screwed up the balance," Leo explains, "messed with the grand design."

"Well, if you ask me," Paige says, "the grand design was pretty messed up in the first place."

"Wait," asks Phoebe, "are you saying because of what he did, our world is bad now, too?"

"No, on the contrary," Leo says. "It's good. Too good. Where every little infraction is a capital offense and everyone just accepts it."

In the Underworld, Gideon convinces Barbas to help him eliminate Wyatt, saying it's the only way to shift the balance back. "Believe me," Gideon says, "you don't want this child growing up any more than I do, Barbas. His power is too great. He is an enormous threat to both of us."

Phoebe and Paige go to the hospital to be with Piper, who's in labor. The waiting room is full of "lawbreakers" who've had appendages amputated for minor infractions. Paige notices that even though it's nighttime, it's still light outside.

When they get to Piper's room, they find her oddly perky. They tell her that Gideon is trying to kill Wyatt, but Piper laughs. "That's ridiculous!" she says. "He's an Elder!" Piper's contractions get worse, and the doctor forces Phoebe and Paige to leave.

Meanwhile, Leo goes to find Gideon, but one of the other Elders tries to dissuade him. "We can't allow you to take matters into your own hands."

"Gideon did," Leo says.

"Yes, and look what he's wrought. The world is spiraling out of control. Innocents are being hurt, killed, all because one Elder acted alone…Please, Leo, your emotions are clouding your better judgment. The fate of the world is more important than any one child."

"Not more important than my son," Leo says.

Leo orbs back to the manor. Chris scrys for Gideon but can't find him. Chris says, "What I don't understand is, if Gideon always viewed Wyatt as a threat, why did he turn him evil in my future?"

"I don't think he did intentionally," Leo says. "I think Gideon tried to kill Wyatt in your future...only just like in this time, he found out that Wyatt can protect himself. So, he probably had to get him away so he could figure out how to do it."

"You mean kidnap him."

"Imagine being taken away from us for weeks, maybe even months. Constantly fending off Gideon's attack." They realize that this must be what turned Wyatt evil.

At the hospital, Barbas taps into Piper's fear of losing her sisters. He plants the idea in her mind of reciting a spell to convince them to conform. Leo discovers that Phoebe and Paige are as perversely happy as everyone else in the out-of-whack world, and he realizes it's up to him to correct the imbalance. Since the imbalance was created by too much good in the parallel world, he decides that the way to correct it is by performing a great evil in his own world.

With the sisters at the hospital and Leo searching for Gideon, Chris is alone at the manor with Wyatt. Gideon, in his invisible form, goes to grab Wyatt. Chris fights, but Gideon stabs him with an athame. Chris calls for Leo as Gideon orbs out with Wyatt.

Leo tries to heal Chris, but since Gideon cast a spell on the athame, only Gideon has the power to heal Chris's wound. Leo goes to the sisters and snaps them out of the spell. While Phoebe stays at the hospital with Piper, Paige goes to the manor to stay with Chris. Darryl and Inspector Sheridan show up to arrest Chris for breaking out of jail a few weeks earlier. However, when the cops realize Chris is mortally wounded, they leave him alone with his family. Chris dies in Leo's arms, then disappears.

Gideon takes Wyatt to Barbas's lair. Barbas tries to kill Wyatt, but Wyatt orbs away. To locate him, Gideon follows Wyatt's orb trail, while Barbas follows his fears. Gideon finds Wyatt and traps him in a crystal cage, then calls for Barbas, but Leo intercepts the message. Disguised as Barbas, Leo stabs Gideon, then turns back into his own form. Leo calls for the mirror that Gideon uses to communicate with his evil self in the parallel universe. On the other side of the mirror are Evil Leo and Evil Gideon.

"Remember, you can't do anything," Leo says to his evil counterpart. "I have to do this alone."

"Do what?" Gideon asks.

"A great evil." Leo shoots electricity from both hands, electrocuting both Gideons and vanquishing them.

At the hospital, the doctor approaches Phoebe and Paige. He tells them that Piper is hemorrhaging, and he can't stop the bleeding. In a cheery voice, he says, "I like to think she's moving off to a better place."

Phoebe shouts, "Now you listen to me. You get your ass back in that room, and you save my sister and her baby! You understand me?"

The doctor calls for security. Paige tries to calm Phoebe, reminding her that in this changed world, they shoot people. But as the guards approach, day turns to night and the guards walk right past Phoebe. The doctor becomes serious and says to the sisters, "I'll do everything I can." Leo's act of great evil has restored the balance.

Leo brings Wyatt to the hospital, and he waits with Phoebe and Paige. The doctor comes out and says about Piper, "We stopped the bleeding...I think she's going to be okay."

"And the baby, is he all right?" Leo asks.

"You tell me," the doctor says. A nurse comes out and places baby Chris in Leo's arms.

Paige begins to cry, saying, "Looks like we didn't lose him after all." Leo takes baby Chris into the recovery room to be with Piper, and the doors magically close behind him.