Season 6 Episode 23

It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 16, 2004 on The WB

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  • Send in the Clones Part Two

    An absolutely brilliant episode to finish off the season, part two of It's a Bad, Bad etc. has some genuinely sad scenes, some shocking twists and some daring storytelling.

    The episode has Leo healing Phoebe's gunshot wound (surprise, surprise) and the sisters attempting to get to Piper, who they discover has been put under the sinisterly happy spell which has infected this changed world. Leo and Chris attempt to protect Wyatt from Gideon's clutches and Chris is killed in the process, sending Leo off in a whirlwind of vengeance-seeking.

    It was very brave of the writers to kill of Chris. They obviously hired Drew Fuller for his looks instead of his acting ability (which, frankly, sucks) and it was extremely shocking to see them kill off the character who is most likely to pull in more female viewers (as Leo's looking a bit rough nowadays). His death scene is extremely sad and Rose McGowan is excellent as she starts to weep at the door of the room in which Chris is dying in. Barbas is absolutely awful as usual but Gideon, the big bad of the episode, is brilliant. It was great seeing Leo go all psychotic on him at the end and finally ending his cycle of evil. The closing moments, in which Piper gives birth to baby Chris and everybody is happy again is very moving and promises loads of good storylines for season seven.

    Season six has been an absolutely awful season with some painfully bad episodes (Prince Charmed, Power of Three Blondes, My Three Witches etc. etc. etc.) as well as some (rare) brilliant ones (Legend of Sleepy Halliwell, It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Chris-Crossed). This season is perfect in showing that Charmed has past it's prime and the writers are showing signs of difficulty in finding good storylines. Hopefully they'll improve but if they don't, I think it's time for Charmed to close the door on the manor for the last time...

    Rating: B+
  • Clash of the Elders


    It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Par 2-Gideon creates a portal that puts Chris and Leo in a mirrored world where evil prevails, and Phoebe and Paige travel to the parallel universe to rescue them. Meanwhile, Piper gives birth to baby Chris.

    Definately the better half of the season finale, although still nothing really amazing about it. It's about as good as Charmed can get during these later years anyway. The performances in this episode are definately better than the last, Rose McGowan manages to control her over the top mannerisms and convinces in most of her scenes this episode despite that awful performance at the end of Part 1. The whole cast seems like their taking the material more seriously, even though the whole evil world plot is as silly as can be. With Gideon's failed attempt on Wyatt, he teams up with....Barbas....and plans yet another way to kill Wyatt. I do have to admit, the gleefully good world the sisters are stuck in it's pretty hilarious. The hospital scenes in particular have some disturbingly funny moments like the doctor threatening to rip offPaige and Phoebe's knee caps. But once Piper and Paige are put under Piper's spell, the episode begins to suffer. God, I think Paige and Phoebe could anymore annoying! Rose especially seemed like she was phoning in her "Mary Sue" performance, this time..I don't blame her.

    Probably the most effective part of the episode was Chris' death, especially sacrificing himself to save Wyatt. yes, I don't like Chris and still don't but his death was kinda heartbreaking, especially when Leo is at his bedside when he fads away. Paige's tears were also effective, especially considering I thought Rose McGowan forgot how to act. After that, we get Leo's meltdown in the attic which is pretty jarring since when did Leo have lightning powers?! O_0 Anyway, this all leads to a showdown between Gideon and Leo which is pretty badass, since we never get to see Leo let loose and kick some a$$! While is still makes no sense that Leo has these powers, Gideon's death is brutal and shcoking. I also liked how it paralled with Paige breaking the news to Phoebe, it builded some great tension and seeing Phoebe snap at the doctor was refreshing, especially seeing Alyssa put in a good performance for once. Haven't seen Phoebe that serious and worked up since at the end of Season 4. The episode ends with another Halliwell arrival in the family: baby Chris is born and in Charmed fashion, it's a touching moment between Piper and Leo as they both hold their new son as Paige and Phoebe, while holding Wyatt, look on. It's also the first finale that ends without the Halliwell Manor door closing, instead we get the recovery room doors to Piper's room close. All and All, Part 2 was definately the better half of this finalebut is fairlyaverage managing to give us some good moments of solid acting and hreatbreakingscenes despite the weak plot with the alterante world.

  • And now Phoebe, Paige, Leo, and Chris find their world coverted into a too-good world where misdemeanors are counted as felonies, and the sun is always shining. Big Chris goes back to the future (he gets stabbed by Gideon), and baby Chris is born...

    Is it just me, or are the ideas of 'good' and 'evil' seriously screwed up in these episodes? Gideon is allegedly "good", but he wants to kill an innocent two year old, which doesn't sound too good to me. Whereas"'evil" Phoebe and Paige are loyal and loving people - look how much they loved Piper and Wyatt. And what's up with the too-good world? "Good" is not the same as "happy". It is the sadness and the emotions that MAKE us good and caring!!! And if the poeple were really "good", the policeman would never have shot Phoebe, he would have either forgiven her, or at least taken her in for a fair trial! Shooting someone for parking their car in the wrong place, and not even hearing their side, is clearly and obviously evil!!! At the very least a good person would have felt bad! And in a good world, people would have rushed over to help an injured person, no matter what she did! I repeat, happy and good are two VERY different things!!! Good people can be sad, and evil poeple can be happy! And truly good people would have been way more merciful than Gideon was to Wyatt or the too-good poeple were to criminals! The way the poeple in the too good world acted was no better than a horrible dictator! And last but not least, a good person would have felt horrible to see a patient die!!! The way the doctor behaved in the too-good world was ridiculous, a good person would have been sad and sympathetic, especially since Piper hadn't done anything wrong! Okay, I just had to get that out, because the way the 'good' people acted was just not good! They acted BRAINWASHED, not kind!
  • Gideon creates a portal that sends Chris and Leo to an alternate world where evil prevails, and Phoebe and Paige travel to the parallel universe to rescue them. Meanwhile, Piper gives birth to baby Chris while Wyatt is kidnapped.

    This was a very sad episode for me, considering that Chris is my fav character. It's a good episode, and has its ups and downs, but the saddest part was Chris dying. I think this is the first time Leo actually kills somebody using his elder powers. Overall: great episode.
  • Gideon is still trying to get Wyatt and wont let anybody stand an his way! So when Chris try to save wyatt gideon stabs him. :(

    This episode Chris dies and its so sad! I almost cried! The sisters also got to see there evil parts when they go into that other reality that was pretty cool! I especially liked how the dark and evil sisters worked together to stop Gideon and how Leo killed him!
  • Another good one.

    While I completely see where Leo is coming from, he was being quite a brick wall at the start when the other elder was trying to talk to him. "Some elders shared his thinking" "oh so you did" "no" "well then I'm going after him" - did you completely ignore the point and have no idea what he said?

    Phoebe and Paige are a bit annoying here. You go to another world and don't try and blend in, in fact you make yourselves stand out. You realise your world is different but instead of trying to blend in you act stupidly. "turn it down a notch", you know they're like this everywhere now. Yelling "snap out of it"? It's not a spell you idiots.

    I don't get why Leo doesn't listen to Chris. He never wanted to be an elder (as he said multiple times), his family never wanted him to be, he's never up there, he's basically their whitelighter and he certainly doesn't act like an elder (killing people).

    I like how the 4 of them are talking about committing a serious evil to shift the balance back. It's like hello Good Phoebe and Paige, you are talking about most likely - murder - to shift it back and you don't even care. But it is obviously true.

    I get why Barbas was in this episode, he was kind of needed to trick Piper into casting the spell and all. But seriously, you want to see the 'ultimate demon' and you chose Barbas? (well suppose that's Part 1 anyway). He's pretty hard to keep dead sure, but he's still not some most dangerous demon.

    I hate when they get super happy though, Phoebe and Paige are just irritating!

    I love how it goes between people and it's all like a big circle. Leo: "Gideon made her do it" Gideon: "Leo will be figuring out it's me". Obviously we know who will win in the end but it's cool to think of when one will catch up on the other.

    Yay to seeing future Wyatt! We don't get to see him enough, and he plays him quite well, I actually feel like I can see that Wyatt in little Wyatt's appearance too. I like how they brought back Excalibur too. It'd have been cool too if we could've seen Good Wyatt attacking evil Leo.

    I don't get why Leo didn't just heal Chris straight away and follow Gideon's orbs, they seem to be able to do that. Or always used to in the past.

    Barbas always gets too cocky and arrogant which always ruins him and makes him slightly annoying. Gideon is trying to be smart about killing Wyatt and Barbas just acts stupidly. Like when he had Cole's powers, you could've ruled the underworld and spent time planning to take them down properly over time instead and probably succeeded because he is fairly dangerous.

    I don't get why Gideon didn't just slip a binding potion into one of Wyatt's bottles. Offer to babysit or something. And then he'd be powerless and you'd probably be able to go through with this entire plan with a you know, human baby, just make sure you do the binding potion right before this plan.

    The house raid near the end was pretty lame.

    Wyatt killing two demons with the blink of an eye is just so over the top it's completely stupid. He's powerful I know, but god what's the point of having a prophecy about the charmed ones when you can get a baby who kills demons just blinking.

    Yes Leo is watching his son die but is he forgetting that, be Wyatt being born good and growing good now, future Chris doesn't need to come back and therefore will never have died here,

    And I agree, where the hell did Leo get that electric power from. If elders can't defend themselves, if elders don't do harm to people why do they have such an offensive power. But I like Leo's breakdown when Chris died.

    I actually do love these two episodes, I just like nitpicking when little things nag at me and everyone else has talked about the good.

    Sins of the father

    An absolute blinder to end the season. The sisters are trapped in a warped version of reality, Chris dies and gets born on the same day and Leo finally gets his revenge on Gideon. The plot is superb and the action is gripping throughout, with some real surprises at the end. It doesn't get much better than this.

    The world's morals are seriously screwed up by the shift in power, resulting in one of the most inventive plots of the series. The relentless happiness and false smiles are really disturbing and to see Piper as part of it is frightening. I'd rather they hadn't infected Paige and Phoebe too but, that said, Rose McGowan is excellent as bubbly Paige.

    When Gideon teams up with Barbas, the action really escalates and the last few scenes are amazing. Nice to see Wes Ramsey back as grown up Wyatt. Bold move to kill off Chris but I guess he was leaving anyway so why not?

    Leo is the undisputed hero this week and it's he who calls the shots. He also displays some fantastic new powers. I absolutely love it when he gets all kickarse like this. For me, seeing him electrocute Gideon is one of the defining moments of this show. The range of emotions Brian goes through is amazing and I'd rate this as easily his best performance so far.

    There are some great individual scenes. The way Phoebe and Leo whisk back the curtain to see their evil selves is storming, and Chris's death is full-on tragic. Interestingly, his birth is handled very differently to Wyatt's. No orbs or demons this time, just a regular birth in a hospital. It's the perfect ending to an hour of madness.

    This season, the Charmed Ones and their associates manage to vanquish a whopping 102 demons, 8 darklighters, 2 warlocks, 2 mortals, 2 phantasms, 1 elder, 1 banshee, 1 evil witch and 1 headless horseman. That's a total of 120 evil beings, making this their bloodiest season so far. And all this despite making only one vanquish in the first five episodes.

    Which way now indeed.

    Score: 9.7
  • The last episode of the season. They finally find out about Gideon and try to stop him. Unfortunately, Chris dies in Leo's arms and fades away, but Leo is able to save Wyatt from Gideon and Barbas and baby Chris is born.

    I was in tears at the end of this episode. I found it extremely delightful and my heart was breaking when chris was dying. The only thing i did not like was that while Leo was looking for Gideon, Phoebe and Paige were just waiting at the hospital.I would have liked if Phoebe and Paige were actually involved in rescuing Wyatt and i also thought that things were happening too fast, like leo finding out about barbas, and how quickly Gideon seemed to give up. Also, if the elders were not affected when the world turned too good, why didn't they offer to help the charmed ones? Overall i was very satisfied with this episode and i think it was a great way to end the season.
  • The 2nd half of this ep was the best.. surprisingly sad though!

    In this half of It's a bad bad bad world things really start to heat up. It is more fast paced and gripping.

    Chris sacrifices his life in order to save Wyatt and dies in Leo's arms. It is a much sadder moment than I would have anticipated, not having liked chris that much, but it was sad. It is kind of confusing though.. is he dead in the future or not? And why only 1 demon? Hmm.. After Chris dies Leo is heartbroken and goes after Gideon in a rage! (excellent acting by Rose McGowan when Chris died btw)

    Leo kills Gideon and the ties between the 2 worlds are broken. Meanwhile in the hospital baby chris is born and it is all very touching.

    This ep was kind of confusing but I really enjoyed it. it was nice to watch charmed again! Now I am sad as we will only get to see chris grow up to 2 years old since charmed ends in 2 years, and I am reviewing it over 3 years after it aired..
  • This episode was fantastic, even though it was a little bit confusing!

    i loved this episode when i watched it last year. It was exiting but i found it sad that chris had to return to the future but i found it even more sad when chris ( from the future) died! It was fun seeing alternate realities. It was confusing but funny, seeing demons being nice and the charmed ones being bad. Then it was fun seeing a world so perfect that it was bad(if you get me), when Phoebe parked over her neighbour\'s drive, so a police confronted her and instantly shot her. It was areal tearjerker when Gideon killed chris and Leo went mad and by season 7, got crazy!
  • Your feeble skills are no match for the sheer power of the darkside of Leo... Pure awesomeness.

    I had originally thought that Forever Charmed would be the only episode that I would give a perfect 10 to, but after watching this a third time, I changed my mind. This episode is as good as it gets for Charmed. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you damn glad to see an elder get fried, and it will just all around keep you riveted. As I said for the first part, this is the best season finale to Charmed until the series finale. The happy, hokey world was a bit annoying, which I'm sure was the point, but here is a list of the awesomeness.

    Billy Drago and Gildart Jackson are tremendous in their scenes together. Their first dialogue scene is a gem, and I continue to be thoroughly entertained by Drago throughout. "Is the big elder afraid of the itsy, bitsy, little baby?" Hahaha...

    Holly's acting, like usual, is fabulous in the couple scenes she is in, especially when Drago plays on her fears.

    I thought Phoebe and Paige were hilarious after Piper put the spell on them, especially Phoebe and all her baby talk with Chris. hahaha... Apparently to live in this altered reality, you just need to be high.

    Another great scene is when Chris uses his power to throw Darryl out the front door. He then looks out the door at Darryl, and in a hilariously cocky manner says, "Have a nice day," and then uses his power to shut the door. Sweet. And another is when Wes Ramsey reappears as the older, evil Wyatt, and he takes Excalibur to his dad. Somewhat fitting when you remember King Arthur used that sword to kill his own son, Mordred.

    Chris's death is a tearjerker. Rose McGowan is magnificent as Paige stands in the doorway stricken, and Brian Krause, of course, is better than ever. Wyatt orbing around the underworld vanquishing demons is hilarious and awesome simultaneously. Then, of course, Leo summoning the mirror, talking to his evil counterpart, telling Gideon he is going to commit a great evil, and then electrocuting Gideon is one of the all time greatest Charmed moments. Here's a memo: don't mess with Leo's kids.

    The final scene with Chris's birth, Leo going in to see Piper, and as Charmed tradition, the hospital room doors swinging shut with the words "Recovery" on them, is great in pretty much every detail. This ultimately shows that the story arc for Season 6 actually had Piper and Leo at its heart. Like Season 2, they start the season separated, and they finish the season together, in recovery. Just an all around fantastic episode.
  • This second part of the episode is great it was funny, sad, magical, dramatic everything you would want.

    This episode continuse after Phoebe is shot, Leo heals her and she is ok but they find out that their world has gotten too nice and if there is bad they will punsish this is because the Charmed Ones kept switching over to the parelell universe which caused each worlds to loose their quality, Gideon is still after Wyatt but Leos saves the day when he gets to Wyatt and saves him but Gideons life is ended after a beloved Father, Elder and Husband kills him due to his behaviour with his son. Meanwhile Piper finaly gives birth to her baby turns out its a boy and she calls it Chris , who knew ???
  • Excellent Episode!

    I really enjoyed this episode!!!It was quite pivitoal. It brought new depth to the charchters. They killed off future Chris and brought up a new side to Leo. He killed Gideon and even his evil self said he didn't think he had it in him. I liked that they had Leo play a more active role for once in the show. Usually he only gives advice and healing and only goes to battle to be there if the sisters needed to be healed. Instead this time he went into battle by himself and vanwuished the villan by himself with cool new powers he got as an Elder that he's never shown before. I liked that he went off and vanquished a villan on his own under his own power. The only times he ever vanquished someone before was the Siren when he had Piper's powers and was the only one who could and when helped Phoebe against the Gamemaster's so she could vanquish the threat to his son. But this time he did it by himself and using his own powers. I thought that it was pretty cool that the writers had him deal with the threat by himself. He was the one who was most affected by what happened with Gideon since he trusted him for so many years and the fact that the guy killed his son and tried to kill the other so it was just right that he got to kill him.
  • Great! A ll the twists and turns that a good plot should have

    I can\'t beleive that Chris died, it was given that he would die or leave to go back to the future but it was very sudden, and who would have thought that Gideon would kil him?

    Poor Piper and Leo, at least they have baby Chris and Wyatt still. Paige and Pheobe when they were very happy was funny, but annoying because you wanted them to snap out of it.
  • Awesome.

    Loved this episode. Sad to see Drew Fuller go but ah well we've still got Brian Krause. When he got all mad and blew all that stuff up in!!! He's a great actor and its good that he's still in it after so long. barbas is so annoying. i wish they could vanquish him for good. It bugs me that he keeps popping up.
  • Leo & the Charmed Ones fight to save their sons.

    While fighting Gideon who they found out while in the alternate reality, is the one who will turn Wyatt evil, Phoebe and Paige accidentally land back in a world where good is extreme. Phoebe gets shot, and Leo must heal her. Baby Chris finally arrives! Although in a hospital rather than a home birth with Wyatt, babies are always great. However, at the same time that Chris is being born, future Chris dies at Gideon's hand. Leo goes on a rampage and kills Gideon, but cannot save Chris. Inspector Sheridan is on the case, and will haunt the Charmed ones well into the next season.
  • Two episode season ending

    I just finished rewatching the season 6 finale and even though I knew Chris wasn't dead I still teared up. It was very cleaver the way they had the duel worlds. The story line of Leo being put into the position of choosing between his two sons was a great concept. I was so glad when Leo lost it after he thought Chris had died in his arms. Finally Leo showed some real emotion. When Paige had the tears in her eyes standing by Chris's bedroom was so heart wrenching. Though the super good world was a bit hokey it was over shadowed in my opinion by the dad/son issue. Excellent episodes.