Season 1 Episode 2

I've Got You Under My Skin

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 1998 on The WB

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  • I've Got You Under My Skin

    I've Got You Under My Skin was a perfect follow up to the series premier of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the sisters discover more about themselves and their powers. Each of the sisters has a fair amount of character development and some of the other major characters of the show are introduced. It seems that some know more and some know less than the three sisters. This episode had a great story with the sister's facing their second foe together. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • A life a little complicated...

    So, here we are, a fourth time through. I'm hoping to catch all the reviews I've missed. The first time around I thought this was mostly a kick into neutral after the substantial start of the first episode. However, with a repeated viewing, I see this as yes, a necessarily slower character-driven episode that not only further developed the characters but also set up some key threads for Season 1. Prue got her job at Bucklands, and Charmed's first recurring bad guys, Rex and Hannah, were both introduced. Prue also starts the most start-and-stop relationship in the history of the show with Andy. Prue appears to be taking the stance that being a witch prevents her from having a normal life. It is something to be dealt carefully with.

    Piper hates being a witch. That is the main development for her character, and we will see this same theme capitalized on throughout the remainder of the series. No character changes as much as Piper's, but this will remain the same. Her subplot of being afraid of being evil and using a church to test it is mostly in the show for humor. Holly's acting here is tremendous. I loved the reaction after she was able to enter the church.

    Ironically, Phoebe jokes that she is the one that needs to worry about being evil. Yes, and THAT will be a recurring theme for her character. Phoebe has a somewhat light part here. She has an important scene in the attic with Piper where she plays Leo, before Leo, and she becomes the first to find out that she can't use her powers for personal gain, a lesson that really doesn't take. She also does her normal fighting with Prue. Andy and Darryl continue their Mulder and Scully routine here. The writing is still mediocre, but the acting is better. The episode is light on magic, actually dipping into Islam for the vanquish of Javna, rather unique. Decent vanquish at the end, but still somewhat quaint compared to the effects of later seasons.
  • One of the best episodes of series one and deffinetly shows Prues character coming through!

    I really enjoyed this episode and really love the character of Prue Halliwell. She is strong and its so great to finally see a strong female character on our screens who fights for what she believes in and also has a great sense of style whilst doing so (Well for at the time it was filmed at, at least). I look forward to seeing Prue and Andy's relationship grow and to also see how the two characters develop within the future episodes. I am already glued to the screen with this series and cant wait to see what is to come of this series and hopefully many more.
  • Never mind the's the sub plots

    One week into their new lives, the sisters face their first demon; a being named Javna who sucks the youth out of young women in order to stay young himself. Ok, so this is hardly an original concept, but it is only the second episode so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

    What is far more interesting is what we find out about the sisters.

    Piper is still uncomfortable with being a witch and, in particular, with her lack of control over her power. Her scenes in the kitchen and at the church, while funny, also show real fear on her part thanks to some great acting from Holly.

    Prue gets a new job and we begin to see how career minded she is. She also gets (back) together with Andy in what turns out to be a one night stand. This actually sets up their relationship nicely and it's a shame it dwindles away to nothing in later episodes.

    Phoebe is still loving her new power and is determined to make the most of it. The way she walks straight into Javna's trap also shows what a trusting person she is, although I could see why a lot of folk might say she was being irresponsible.

    I wasn't sure how or why Phoebe's lottery ticket unwrote itself in the last scene. In later episodes, personal gain brings consequences but it doesn't stop their powers from working. I also think it's hard on Phoebe when Prue blatantly uses her power to fling Andy's alarm clock out of the window so she can sneak off while he's sleeping. How is that not personal gain?

    The banter between the sisters was very well written and it was a cool vanquish. The hand of Fatima. Love it!
  • The sisters try to keep their powers in check, whuich is particularly difficult for Phoebe, as she cannot resist a peek into the future when it comes to flirting with men

    This episode contains individual and uniqe sub plots for each sister, my fav. was the one involving Piper, who is too scared to enter a church, fearing she is too evil and will be sruck by lighting. This is very funny and shows superb acting by Holly Marie Combs.The scene where Phoebe is telling Piper not to worry that she is a good, caring person, is very touching and it shows a tender side to Phoebe. Prue's storyline shows her interviewing for a job at Bucklands, and introduces us to the infamous duo Rex and Hannah who will become one of the greatest foes in the series history. The demon of the week, Javna is pretty dark and has very strange powers very different from many demons in the show, the vanquish was very strange but effective when Prue's hand became the hand of Fatima, very cool special effects

    Overall 8/10 enjoyable episode containing a lot of sisterly bonding
  • Story development...

    This time, the sisters have to figure out how a twenty five year old woman looks like a seventy year old. It is the work of Javna. This demon poses as a famous photographer, Stephan, and illudes young women into his studio where he sucks the youth out of them in order to become young forever.

    Meanwhile, Piper deals with doubt about the origin of their powers, while she watchs a documentary about the Salem Witch Trials. Are their powers they good? Or are they bad?

    Prue goes on a date with Andy and ends up in his bed. However, she wants to take things slower. Also, she goes on and interview at Bucklands Auction House. There, she meets Rex, her boss, who apparently isn't what he appears to be.

    Phoebe gets a premonition with the winning lottery numbers and although she gives them to an old couple who is in need of the money, she plays with the numbers too. However, it goes against the rules of magic and she ends up with a blank lottery ticket. She also, goes to Stephan's studio and almost gets "sucked". But Prue and Piper find out and go and help her.

    In the end, Piper blows her fears away, Prue gets the job and Phoebe seems to get more mature.

    The episode ends with the sisters toasting magic.
  • Torn

    season 1 is by far the strongest run of episodes this show has ever had...ever,it gathers some dark material for this episode,as a petrifying warlock for the carmed ones to face.
    Javna is a warlock who in actual fact is a shapeshifter who steals the yuth of many women in san fransisco.
    thisepisode has the essence of being a classic and contains many twists and turns to keep u entetained enough and u will neer evr be bored with this episode.
    Piper gathers some develoment in the character department.
    also Phoebes luck with men doesnt get any better throught the course of the shwo.
    this is a definitive corker and a great follow up to the fantastic something wicca this way comes
  • Piper is dealing with the fears that she is evil by being a witch while Phoebe uses her power for personal gain without Prue finding out. While dealing with all this a worlok named Javna is sucking the life from women to make him look younger.

    This episode was another good one it was also a bit creepy. I like how Phoebe was being the typical younger sibling and ignoring what her older sisters orders not to use magic. I liked how Piper who in the other seasons is ressuring Phoebe that she is not evil but it is reversed in this season. I liked Prues part in it becuse she had the nerve to chew out her potentil boss. I would have never had the nerve to do that. I liked the parts with Andy just becuse he is just being himself.......not afraid to speek out.
  • The girls do their best to get on with their lives as normally as possible but this proves impossible as young girls start going missing and Piper has difficulty with her powers.

    Pressure is mounting on Piper as she seems to be doing more managing at the retaurant where she works than being a chef. This stress causes her powers to become somewhat unpredictable and her feelings are made worse by the fact that she sees a television show about the evils of witches and wonders if she will ever be able to enter a church again?

    For Prue, having left her previous job, she attempts to secure a job at a new auction house which means that she too is stressed but everything seems to go well. While the Halliwell's are trying to sort out their lives, the police are dealing with repeated disappearances of young women and have no leads.

    Phoebe is flattered when famous photographer, Stefan, wants to take her picture and she is keen to meet him at his studio. Unfortunately, Stefan is not what he seems and Phoebe is in mortal danger. Can the sister with the least active power be saved in time by the other two? Let's hope so!
  • Young women are disappearing and the police are baffled. Piper is running the restaurant Quake despite the fact she really is a chef. Prue is trying to get a job at an auction house. A famous photographer has offered to take pictures of Phoebe.

    A much weaker follow up to the initial Pilot episode. I am not sure if it is the dialogue or if it is the way the show is produced. The story is good but the ending and how they get there is a little weak. Maybe the overall focus on the girls and their jobs throws things a little off. It almost seems like the witch thing is a nuisance more than anything else.

    Young women are disappearing and it is because a Demon named Javna parading as a supposedly famous photographer named Stephen is draining the life force from them turning them into old women with feeble memories. So they become homeless in that they can't really remember anything about their past lives. Stephen/Javna played by Michael Phillip is recognized by Phoebe at her sisters restaurant and he invites her for a shoot at his place writing the address on a napkin.

    Brittany Reynolds played by Cynthia King is a friend of Piper and Phoebe's. She has a Angel tattoo which they notice because it is on the back of her hand which is illegal to do in the US for health reasons. This happens right before she disappears.

    We get to see the girls not try to use their powers but not succeed for the most part. Piper's big dilemma is that she thinks she must now be wicked as she is a witch. While at the Catholic Church giving left over food to the poor she notices an older woman with a tattoo just like Brittany's and then she recognizes her. She and Prue need to find Phoebe who is off getting pictures taken when Brittany recognizes the address as the one where Javna is. They race to the location and the three of them defeat Javna at the last minute just as the police arrive. Andy is with them and they claim that Phoebe's car won't start and of course it starts right up for him. Andy is skeptical but we leave that to another time.

    Of note otherwise is that Prue gets a job at an auction house so she can continue to use her skill as a historian and artifact specialist.

    A little silly at times but I think that is going to be expected. This was a pretty heavy duty Demon. By the way, all the women got their youth back when he was destroyed and seemed to forget the whole ordeal in general. Convenient. Oh, also Piper finds out she is not evil! Thanks for reading...
  • Talk about sucking the life out of people.

    Not Charmed at its best, but definitely a successful episode which managed to mingle sister issues, exploration of characters, suspense and magic, that wonderful cocktail that characterized Charmed's early days.

    Despite the rather lame special effects, the storyline is actually quite frightening, the warlock twist being the only difference from an actual serial rapist or even killer. This is a plot device that Charmed totally abandoned later on: The Charmed Ones coming to the rescue when stumbling upon evil forces, not evil force of the week trying to kill them with fireballs. The episode has real horror moments (most notably the typical man in the back seat), and I remember how terrified I was when I watched this episode years ago.

    Holly Marie Combs in particular stands out in this episode, especially in her moving dialogue with Alyssa Milano in the attic, questioning her new identity with sincere and relatable worries. We were introduced to Rex and Hannah, the big bads of season one, and the 'personal gain'-issue was aired for the first time (and well so with Phoebe).
    The whole church problem was kind of silly, but apart from that, most things worked in this fine, exciting example of early Charmed.
  • The sisters try to keep their special powers in check and live their normal lives, while a demon steals the youth from young woman!

    Executive Producer Brad Kern and director John T. Kretchmer make a fine episode for Charmed.

    I have to admit that this episode is less better than the series premiere.I didnt like this episode very much but I didnt hate it either!

    I didn't like the fact that this episode paid more attention to their normal lives instead of their wiccan ways. Although I liked the fact that they lived their normal lives while tryinng to combine it with their wiccan lives. I didn't like Prue's and Andy's story because we're gonna see it again in the third, fourth etc. So I was kinda bored and it didnt put a closer abouth their relationship, ending their storyline with Prue saying Call me? I liked both Phoebes and Piper's storyline! They were very good!I liked the idea of the demon who steals the youth and I actualy liked the battle in the end. It wasn't very adventurous but it had realy good direction!

    Blessed be, John

    By the way the direction was good in this episode but I think that it could be better!

    Now about the writting I thought that it was good but we have seen Brad Kern in better episodes ( All Hell Breaks Loose) This episode was a fine episode with good combination of magic and personal issues but Charmed will have a lot of better episode than this!
  • The sisters try to keep their special powers in check and live their normal lives, while a demon steals the youth from young woman!

    Executive Producer Brad Kern and director John T. Kretchmer make a fine episode for Charmed.

    I have to admit that this episode is less better than the series premiere.I didnt like this episode very much but I didnt hate it either!

    I didn't like the fact that this episode paid more attention to their normal lives instead of their wiccan ways. Although I liked the fact that they lived their normal lives while tryinng to combine it with their wiccan lives. I didn't like Prue's and Andy's story because we're gonna see it again in the third, fourth etc. So I was kinda bored and it didnt put a closer abouth their relationship, ending their storyline with Prue saying Call me? I liked both Phoebes and Piper's storyline! They were very good!I liked the idea of the demon who steals the youth and I actualy liked the battle in the end. It wasn't very adventurous but it had realy good direction!

    By the way the direction was good in this episode but I think that it could be better!

    Now about the writting I thought that it was good but we have seen Brad Kern in better episodes ( All Hell Breaks Loose) This episode was a fine episode with good combination of magic and personal issues but Charmed will have a lot of better episode than this!
  • Beauty Ain't Skin Deep

    I've Got You Under My Skin-Piper has trouble dealing with her power and fears what might happen if she enters a church. Meanwhile, Phoebe meets a photographer who sucks the life out of young women to keep himself young, and Prue faces relationship complications with Andy when she gets a job at an auction house.

    Only episode 2 and Charmed begins to have first season jitters with this uneven episode. One thing that hurts this episode is how similar it is to the Buffy premiere episode that aired no so long before this one. It features characters who have aged rapidly and are only identified by the tattoo their associated with. While a lot of fans specualate that Brad Kern stole the idea (which considering what he did to Charmed, who wouldn't believe it!), the storyline still feels weak and uneventfully. Javna is a lame demon who can steal the youth from innocent women and it's too bad his powers look very fake with low budget the show has at this point. Also, his human persona, Stephon is boring and barely holds your attention. The remotely interesting thing is when the sister vanquishes Javna with Prue sporting a cool looking magical curse on her hand.

    The sub-plots are what really behind any depth in the episode as the sister try to control their powers. One of the best scenes is Piper accidently freezing the kitchen and Darryl almost catching them. Piper's resistance and fear of being a witch is actually the highlight of the episode. Holly Marie Combs gives a great performance as Piper breaks down in front of Phoebe freeing that them being witches mean their evil. It's a surreal and believeable development as suddenly a powerful gift can go either way when you don't quite understand it yet. I liked also that when Phoebe tries to use her premonition to win the lottery is backfires on her as personal gain is important plot development that runs through the series. All and All, a average, sometimes dull episode with Piper's storyline being the only thing worth watching.
  • My review for the second episode of Charmed

    Piper is scared about going to Church, after watching a documentary on a myth on how lightning would strike witches who tried to enter a Church. Phoebe meets a photographer named Stephan, who really turns out to be a demon named Javna that steals women's youth to make it look young. Prue gets offered a job at Buckland auction house, by a man named Rex. This episode had a lot of surprises. For instance, I never thought that Brittany had turned into an old woman when I saw her. Also, I thought Rex was very charming, until the incident with the paint in front of his assistant Hannah made me change my mind about him. Speaking of Hannah, I was thrilled to see Leigh-Allyn Baker, whom fans of the show 'Will and Grace' would remember as Ellen (of Rob and Ellen, whom Will and Grace used to beat at everything). Since I had only seen her in a comical role, I enjoyed watching a dark side of her in this episode, even if it was only for a moment. I found Piper's storyline very interesting as well, since I was intrigued to know what would happen if she did step inside a church. Phoebe's storyline with Stephan and the lottery ticket was interesting, but easily forgettable.

    All in all, this was a good episode, but nothing great. However, since it was only the second episode, I guess I expected that. All in all, it did contain an introduction to a few characters that would play a major role later in the reason.
  • The second episode of charmed!

    In this episode we see Prue trying to get a new job and having relantionship trouble with Andy. She eventionly gets a job at an auction house. Meanwhile, Andy and Darrell are trying to find out why some many females are dissappearing, the last being at Qauke. Also at Quake, Phobie meets a photographer who offer's to take photo of her. She aggrees. Also on this episode, Piper trys to see if she can get into the local church worrying that a witch can't. She soon's finds out that she is a good witch and can get into the church. Phobie finds out that her photgrapher is a youth sucking demon...........This is a great episode but I fell like something is missing...........
  • Phoebe learns not to go home with everyone. She needs to be more careful now that she is a witch.

    This one the sisters learn to be more careful of who they leave with and they need to stick together. Prue get a new job at the auction house. It was a little strange how she got the job because she didn't even apply for it but after thinking about it she really did want the job. Prue also has trouble in her relationship with Andy. Phoebe learns that when she goes to photoshot it turns for the worse she becomes the next victim. The sisters come together and kill him but I thought they way they did was a little strange and differnt. But it was pretty cool.
  • Youth sucking demon

    Really who hasn't seen a youth sucking demon before? The whole youth sucking demon thing was lacking originality and as such was very dull.

    I did love Piper though. It was great to see her dealing with her powers and the knowledge that she was a witch. It was great to see her struggling with whether she was evil or not. I loved seeing her at the church trying to see if she could get in and in the end realizing that she was good. It was interesting to see her chatting with the father about witches too.

    Prue and Andy were annoying. It was amusing though when Prue was leaving him after they slept together and she moved his alarm clock out the window.

    Phoebe falling for the demon guy was so bound to happen. It was obvious that he wasn't going to be a normal guy. I did like it at the end when Prue and Piper had to bail her out and then Andy saw them.

    It was great though to see all three of them trying to control their powers. I loved that Prue was all about not using them and then she used them anyway. This was a pretty lame episode but it wasn't all that bad.
  • "Are you a model" , the oldest trick in the book and Phoebe falls for it !!

    The sisters attempt to keep their special powers in check. This proves especially challenging for Phoebe, who can't resist peeking into the future when it comes to an attractive guy. Trudeau and Morris hunt for a man who abducts women, unaware he's an evil being who feeds off women's beauty and has set his sights on a Halliwell sister. That guy may look like hip New York photographer Stefan but is actually Javna, a deadly demon with an eye for young ladies. He maintains his eternal youth by sucking away their life force, using the oldest line in the book ("Are you a model?") and Phoebe falls for it. Prue rekindles her high-school romance with Andy and lands a prestigious job at an auction house but is struggling to keep her new-found witch status under wraps. Piper worries about being a good person while being a witch are calmed when she enters a church unscathed. Phoebe narrowly escapes Javna's evil eye when Prue and Piper come to her rescue. Javna is the Halliwell sisters first lesson that they have more than warlocks to worry about and much more to learn about their powers !! .
  • I've got you under my skin

    Phoebe is going to be the next victim of the demon Javna. A demon who sucks the youth out of people to keep himself young. Piper is scared to go in church because she's a witch and Prue is having difficulties with Andy. The spells are weird and the storyline odd but overall an average episode.
  • creepy looking demon guy!

    This episode wasn't my favorite but it was very funny. I love piper. Shes hillarious. My favorite part was when there all in the kitchen at quake and she freezes the guy thats about to drop the plates and she gets all stressed out over it and then she yells at pheobe. she was also very very funny when she thinks that because she is a witch she cant walk in the church and shes afraid and she makes up the story about her friend to talk to the priest! funny! My favorite scene from this episode was when piper is up in the attic crying and pheobe comes and talks to her and tells her that shes a great person and shouldnt be ashamed of who she is. It was very heartwarming to watch.
  • The demon Javna sucks the youth from young women and Phoebe is his next victim. Piper worries if she's evil and Prue struggles with her relationship with Andy.

    I found the main story about Javna to be lacking but I thought the sub-plots made up for it. Piper thinking she might be evil because she's a witch was pretty funny and I loved her reaction when she froze the kitchen at Quake. This was probably the first time that it was erroneously mentioned that the people found guilty of witchcraft in Salem were burned at the stake (they were hung. But I guess the "burned at the stake" mythology sounds better for entertainment purposes). This episode also introduces us to some continuing themes and characters - the idea of "personal gain", Prue afraid to let Andy know her secret, her job at the auction house, Rex. I also noticed that in the early episodes that Phoebe doesn't need to touch something to get a premonition.
  • Evil eyes...

    Good episode. The powers of the demon are not so original but it's interesting how they vanquish him.
    Phoebe understands that she couldn't use her power for her own benefit. She also learned to be more careful with unknown people.
    Piper still couldn't accept her powers and it's very funny how she go to the church. Especially when she start shouting "I am good"...
    Prue have had sex with Andy on their first date and she is a little regret it. She also have doubts about her new powers and that makes her a little unsure about a relationship with Andy.
    Rex Bucland and Hana Webster make me think for something wrong...
  • Mad About Youth

    A step down from the pilot but still enjoyable, the second episode of Charmed features some interesting subplots for each sister but suffers when it comes down to the A-plot of the week.

    I've Got You Under My Skin has the sisters battling a demon who steals youth whilst dealing with their own personal problems: Prue's new job at Buckland's, Piper's fear of being unaccepted by religion and Phoebe attempting to get a job.

    The A-plot is lightweight at best with some obvious developments. As soon as the waitress at Quake gets a speaking line, you know that she'll end up on a mortuary slab by the end of the teaser whilst Phoebe's kidnapping is surprisingly tedious. This story bears a lot of resemblance to the Buffy episode Anne in which Buffy battles a youth-stealing demon. There's even an old woman recognized to be a victim by their tattoo!

    Piper's subplot is the most convincing and Holly excels as she becomes weary of her destiny. She isn't that religious, it's just that she wants to know that she'll be accepted by it despite being a witch. Her worry is excellently played by Combs and shows she is Charmed's best acting asset. Prue begins working at Buckland's and it sets up the long-running arc of her demonic bosses, Rex and Hannah. But, they don't get much to do here and they don't make much of an impression. Phoebe's subplot is hardly worth mentioning as it's pretty much a waste of time.

    This episode is an entertaining hour but which features a mostly undemanding demon which is spent way too much screentime devoted to, dragging the hour down a little.

    Director: John T Kretchmer
    Writers: Constance M Burge, Brad Kern
    Rating: B-
  • A demon known as Javna abducts young adults (women) around Quake to try and suck their youth so he is able to stay eternally young. Is defeated by the hand of Fatima.

    I found this episode to be rather boring. It did not show much of the characters, not to mention it didn't show much demon kicking as future episodes tend to.

    This episode was more about how the charmed one's are coping with "being a witch" and how they feel about it. Do they like it? Dislike it?

    Throughout this episode, we see various attitudes towards witchcraft from each one of the sisters. By looking at their reactions, we can see how they really feel about things, how they cope, and we are able to explore their way of thinking and dealing.
  • Weried

    The Charmedones find their friend Brittney who has aged over night. Thenthey have to figure out who or what did this to her.
    Meanwhile Phoebe is offered a moodeling job from a handsome photographer. Prue is tring to find a job after qutting her other one. And she goes to a auction house to find one. Which is ran by what i think is a is someone evil.Also poor Piper think she is evil. Oh yeah Phoebe learns a bit about personal gain.
    At the end the handsome photographer is the demon and Phoebeis his next victam. But her sister cometosave the day. And Prue gets the job. Also Piper relizes she is not one of the bad guys.
    The acting in this episode was good. I thought the story line needed work. It was more of a filler then anything.
  • The second episode of Charmed has a slightly boring main plot, but a bunch of wonderful sub plots and a lot of character development.

    A Semi-filler episode, mainly focusing on the sister’s getting used to their newfound powers. They vanquish their very first demon (Jeremy was a warlock); Javna. He actually proves to be a very original demon and I liked how Phoebe was dating him, making the sisters understand that they can be anywhere or anyone. Piper’s obsession and anxiety over the possibility of being evil is very cute and I love how the series manages to be supernatural, but yet realistic. The writers really make us believe their feelings are real and the largest thing strikes me is how they really feel like sisters. The bond between them is one of the things that creates that earthy, realistic and sweet feeling of the series.

    The main story is a bit boring at times, and only serves as a statement to show what the show is all about, and setting the rules for future episodes. As often when it comes to Charmed, the subplots are much more interesting and gripping than the main story, and Piper’s learning that their powers aren’t evil and the discovery of the little thing called personal gain. The sisters continue to bond and get used to the fact that they’re the protectors of the innocence. It also has a lot of character development, or rather establishment. All of the relationships are now clear for everyone, and ready to develop. In the end, this episode suffers from the boring and slightly uninteresting main plot, that unfortunately takes up most of the episode time.
  • Creepy

    I thought that this episode was brilliant and thought that the villian (ie. Javna) was suffiently gross, scary and creepy looking. I also thought that the storyline of Piper being afraid to enter a church for fear of being struck down by lightning was entertaining as well as showing she was human and the sisters did not just accept the fact they were witches. It also allowed for a close conversation between Piper and Phoebe about their inate goodness.
    I like the warlocks Rex and Hannah at Bucklands and think it is good that the writers have evil that is not immediately detected and vanquished - it also adds suspense - what are they going to do next?
  • dont watch...

    this episde was really bad. i didnt like it. this is a bad episode for it 2 be the 2nd of the series. Javna was not a good character. this demon was pointless. if u havent watched it, then u better not. the whole bpisode was point less. dont watch!
  • The Episode that got Under my Skin – in an average way.

    This is was an episode which would have been ok as an episode in the middle of the season - but not as a second episode, especially when you have a first episode like 'Something Wicca this way Comes'. It really lowers the standard.

    It was fascinating to watch the young people growing old (Which reminds me a bit of Cryto in reverse) at such a speed and also interesting to see Phoebe using her power the way she did.

    Obviously, the writers had no idea how they were going to use Phoebe's power at this point of writing as she seemed to have perfect control of it while in later episodes she states being unable to control it.

    Overall - Average episode, Charmed has seen much better.
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