Season 3 Episode 15

Just Harried

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 2001 on The WB

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  • Oh look more Prue.

    While I can agree that the Prue sub-plot may have been over quite quickly to me it should never have happened. I would rather have had a demon free episode, with just love and romance than have the wedding get trashed and it be Prue-centric just for the sake of it being that way.

    I thought the wedding was still done amazingly in the end, everyone that should be present was, the lights, the magic, the emotion - all written well.

    But yeah, I don't get why this guy would ride a motorcycle into the home... I mean why not just walk in, what'd you expect was going to happen when you trash a house? And you ARE human so when you saw what you trashed, when you saw her astral project why didn't you react?

    But to me, Prue's neurotic issue number 100, makes me believe she doesn't care about the wedding. I get it was her Inner Desires that broke out, a skanky, sltty tramp apparently, but apparently your inner desires do NOT care about Piper's wedding one bit? Because that side was still a part of you. You say that yourself at the end when you give in and return.. So your inner self apparently has no respect for Piper.

    I would love this episode 1000x more if the wedding just didn't get ruined. i mean have like the funeral scene in season 4 where you fight a few demons, but nothing is damaged. A demon shows up, you vanquish it, no damage caused but Piper takes it as a sign and storms off. You'd still get your emotional scenes with Patty.
  • Just Harried

    Just Harried was a superb and very entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because it was Piper's wedding! It was fun to see the sisters preparing for the big day and also to see the trouble that ensued. Prue's astral self took on a life of her own and was a bad girl causing all sorts of chaos. Poor Piper had to deal with a lot on her big day. It was awesome to see Grams and Patty again. The ceremony was beautiful and I'm glad to finally see Piper and Leo make things official. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Piper, the heart of the family, and this episode, the heart of the series...

    This is a tragically underrated episode. This is pure entertainment throughout, and one of the best episodes of the entire series.

    This episode proves that though there are great episodes that are dark, see Centennial Charmed and Awakened, an episode does not have to be dark in order to be great. In fact, an episode can be fun and uplifting and be just as great.

    This episode is strong from the beginning, and there are many, many great parts. One of my favorites is Phoebe yelling at Prue as she rides away on a motorcycle, "Prue, get your astral @ss back here!" Or when Victor tells Leo he could be fine with a whitelighter as a son-in-law (good idea, that), and Cole comes downstairs, causing Leo to ask Victor- "What is your stance on demons?" Hahaha... Or when Victor reacts to Patti showing up- "Okay, who brought my ex back from the dead?" and Grams responds- "We know you two have issues, but that is what the reception is for." Hahaha... Or when Cole talks to the killer outside the bar- "I am a fortune teller. I predict you are going to give me a full confession." Great stuff!!

    Cole is awesome throughout the bar scene. I love it when he and Leo work together.

    I love it when Leo takes charge for a rare time and gives everyone orders and says, "We have a wedding to save."

    The scene where Patti appears to Piper is one of the most emotional scenes of the series, and Holly gives arguably her best performance of all in this scene. If you hadn't figured it out that Piper is the heart of the series, then Patti says it outright in this scene. The extended scene when Patti talks to Prue and Phoebe is equally well written and just tremendous.

    The brief conflict involves more neurotic issues for Prue, who is quickly turning into a head case that I'm not going to be overly sad to say goodbye to at season's end. Her unresolved issues have now sprung into her astral world and result in some Hell's Angel wannabe riding his motorcycle right through the manor's front door in the middle of Piper's wedding. Some have complained that Prue got too much focus, but actually, her subplot is rather quickly and efficiently handled and doesn't detract from the focus of the episode, which is the wedding.

    Phoebe got to flex some muscle in this episode. I loved how she brought Prue's astral self back and told her- "Nice spell, huh?" I imagine both actresses appreciated their brief throw down, and so do we. The wedding is an iconic scene, a seminal moment for the series, and one of the few absolutely perfect scenes. It was perfect that Grams, Patti, Victor, Cole and Darryl were all there. It was perfect that Leo lit the room with magic light, and that it cascaded down upon the wedding party as Leo and Piper kissed. Major kudos to the writers for the vows, which were incredibly concise, direct, and so true for both characters. This is such a great scene that I'm going to even give Prue her due and not wish that Paige was there instead.

    I only give this episode a 9.5 because of Prue's issues being the only conflict, but it is as close to a 10 as you can get without getting there.
  • Prue is clearly sick of always being the responsible one, and it shows as she becomes 'Prue the Wedding Crasher' as Piper and Leo keep trying to tie the knot.

    Finally, it appears as though Piper and Leo are headed for the altar. This event seems to have been a long time coming and Piper is very, very nervous that some demon or or other will arrive and ruin everything. Little does she know that the 'demon' will, in fact, be her own eldest sister who keeps astral projecting out of the Manor and into a more wild and carefree life before the nuptials can taqke place.

    Prue isn't deliberately trying to ruin the wedding, she just obviously wants a life where she is not 'in charge' all the time. She certainly gets her wish in this episode, but at what cost?
  • Just Get Married Already!

    Another episode which improves with repeated viewings, the landmark occasion of Piper and Leo getting married finally happens, after, what seems like, 699 pit-stops.

    Just Harried sees Piper and Leo preparing for their wedding day whilst Prue's astral self suddenly has a life of its own and is framed for the murder of a biker.

    Piper and Leo's wedding day makes for some fun marriage clichés and Holly Marie Combs and Brian Krause are both believable in the episode. But, it's a shame that what should be their episode is taken up with Prue and her dramas. They're not interesting and the setting of the biker bar is kinda lame. Despite some problems, it's nice to see Shannen get to act out-of-character and the reasoning behind Astral-Prue's determination to escape is intriguing and slightly sad. She craves the love and normal life that Piper and Phoebe have and it's sad that she never got to experience that before her death.

    The episode marks the first time that Grams, Patty and Victor all appear together and the reunion between Patty and her daughters is heartbreaking. It's a scene which is classic Charmed and portrays real sisterly bonding that hasn't been seen on the show in years. The closing moments, where Piper and Leo are finally married, are really emotional too.

    A really good episode which skilfully balances two interesting storylines.
  • Prue Steals Piper's Thunder!

    Just Harried-On the day of Piper's wedding to Leo, Prue's astrally-projected-self adopts an uninhibited, wild personality that threatens to ruin the wedding and place Prue in jail for murder.

    A great episode that marks one of the most pivotal moments of the series: Piper and Leo finally get married. It's a touching occassion played well by all the cast, especially Holly Marie Combs and Brian Krause who make Piper and Leo's pre-marital jitters seem so real. Both were so convincing as Piper plays the worried bride who is afriad her wedding might ruined and wants it too be perfect as well as Leo being so nervous yet confident in the life changing experience as his about to marry the woman he loves with all his heart. The highlight of the episode is surprisingly not the wedding, but when the sisters' mom return on Piepr's wedding day to be with them. It's a beautiful, over-whelming scene with some touching writting and great performance by all 4 actresses in the scene. It's great to see the whole Haliwell family together in one episode with James Read, Finola Hughes, and Jennifer Rhodes all returning and giving fine performances in their respected roles. I especially loved the scene where Victor gives Piper some great support about her marriage with Leo and helps her to rethink whether she should give up on her wedding or not.

    Lastly, on the writers' part, it was rather selfish of them also have a storyline where Prue's astral form wrecks havock in the same where Piper gets married, but both storylines are actually interwine quite nicely. The scene where Prue takes off with her new motorcycle driving boyfriend during Piper's wedding is an excellent scene. Also, Shannen and Alyssa really worked well together (What a surprise as at this point, I'm guessing that were at each others' necks!) in the scene where Phoebe tries to understand why Prue's astral form is trying to become free of Prue. It's a quite sad development as Prue is trying to live out her dreams while her sisters are leaving there's. Prue has always been just as much of a mother to her sisters as a sister, and her inner demons are very well written. The episode ends brilliantly as Piper and Leo finally tie the knot which made for one of the most memorable moments of the series. All and All, "Just Harried" is such a great episode with 2 wonderful storylines, which feature the unforgettable wedding of Piper and Leo.
  • Nice day for a whitelighter wedding

    So the big day has finally arrived. The flowers are set, the dresses are ready - surely nothing can go wrong now? Well, obviously it can or we wouldn't have a story. I'll be honest, though, I didn't expect big sis to be the one spoiling the day.

    When Prue has a run of vivid dreams, it turns out she has been astral projecting to a biker bar in her sleep. This would be fine if she hadn't been accused of murder while doing so. It's a fascinating idea but I can't help thinking they should have saved it for another week, when it could have made an intriguing main plot. As it is, it ends up taking up a lot of time in what should be a Piper based episode.

    Despite the airtime given to Harleys and leather, we still get plenty of family bonding. Finola Hughes makes a very welcome return as Patty and her scene with the sisters is a real tearjerker. Not to be outdone, Victor makes his peace with both Patty and Leo this week, giving us a family line up to compete with "Forever Charmed". I'm still not convinced the marriage would stand up in court, mind you.

    I was waiting for something to go wrong at the ceremony but I didn't expect it to be the bloke from the bar steaming in on his motorbike. The action is suitably dramatic and I love they way they keep the wedding music running throughout. Excellent editing!

    I'm surprised this episode didn't score more highly given the number of Leo / Piper fans out there. Maybe if they'd shown a bit more of them it would have fared better.
  • When things should be all about Piper they're really all about Prue

    This one was really entertaining. It was nice to see what Prue's power of astral projection was really capable of. Seeing Prue in the biker bar playing pool and hooking up with a guy wasn't what you really expected to see in Prue's dream. It was cool to see that Phoebe was worried about Prue not getting enough sleep.

    It was so funny to watch the interactions between Piper and Leo in the beginning and the interactions between Victor and Leo throughout the entire episode. I loved Piper freaking out when Leo saw her in her curlers; it was so cute to see her like that. And of course I loved Victor and Leo. It was so amusing to see Victor come in and just give Leo that look and it was great to see him tell Leo that he didn't want Piper marrying a Whitelighter. It was even better when they were discussing the Whitelighter robes.

    Prue was great telling Piper that she would Butt-kick anyone that tried to ruin her sister's wedding and then ruining it herself. It was so awesome to see her biker bar guy come into the house on his bike and how astral Prue just went along with him ruining Piper's wedding. I loved Phoebe trying to wake Prue up too. It was really great that she had to break out the book of shadows to get Prue back. It was made even more interesting by the psychology that Phoebe used. You did expect something to go terribly wrong but you weren't really expecting Prue to be what was wrong. I loved when Victor and Patty were both at P3 trying to convince Piper to come back. They both did an amazing job at trying to convince her to come back. I loved Victor saying that his marriage to Patty was one of the best times of his life even if things didn't work out in the end. It was even better since before that Patty had said the Victor always said the wrong thing and he had everything right while he was trying to talk to Piper.

    I loved Leo, Cole, and Darryl all trying to find the real murderer to clear Prue's name. Cole was great when he was alone with the real murderer. I loved how he just turned into his demon half and scared the guy.

    It was sweet to see Piper and Leo finally getting married in the end though. This was a really entertaining episode and I really enjoyed watching it.
  • Piper finally marries Leo !!

    While Piper 's praying for a demon-free wedding day, Prue is haunted by dreams. In her first dream she meets, T.J., a handsome stranger, at a biker bar and as she leaves the bar she fights off an attacker. The next morning, the attacker in Prue's dream ends up dead and the police have witnesses that describe Prue as the suspect. Back at the Manor, while Piper gets ready, an exhausted Prue tells Phoebe about her dreams. She then goes upstairs to rest and falls asleep. In her second dream, T.J. tells Prue the cops are after her for murder. The cops show up, arrest Prue and she wakes up. The wedding begins and Darryl tells Prue and Phoebe that Prue's wanted for murder, the girls decide to tell Piper after the wedding. All of a sudden, T.J. bursts through the door on his Harley, Prue collapses and "Dream Prue" materializes, she jumps onto the bike and rides away. Piper calls the wedding off. Phoebe summons "Dream Prue" and discovers that she is Prue's inner desires that Prue has suppressed. Phoebe convinces her to go back inside original Prue, she wakes up and the cops arrest her again. Meanwhile Cole, Leo and Darryl find the real murderer and the charges are dropped. Piper changes her mind about the wedding and in front of Cole, Darryl, Prue, Phoebe, her mother, her father and grandmother, Piper finally marries Leo.
  • Piper and Leo are getting married but prue keeps astral projecting in her dreams and crashes pipers wedding. Piper is upset an decides there will be no wedding. will she change her mind ???

    Well what can i say this was a great episode but could have had a better storyline to make it more exciting instead of just prue astral projecting herself out into pubs. It could have been something like a demon that is determined to crash piper and leos wedding and take piper in captive and make the two sisters and leo find her so the wedding can go on. Their mother that was brought down for the day could also help them as she has powers. I liked the charmed onesgran as she was quite funny and looked wuite weird hovering around.
  • Piper and Leo are getting married!

    Piper and Leo are finally getting married! I adore them so much together and they are so sweet and cute together and it's just so fantastic that they are finally getting married, though I don't appreciate Prue's little astral-repression of whatever the heck she is going through. Anyway, the wedding itself is of course totally magical and sweet and perfect! I love them together so much, although one thing that has always gotten to me about them as that Piper seems so cynical about their relationship. It's a constant downer, Phoebe has more faith in her relationship with a demon. It's kind of a shame, plus Piper is a bit of a perfectionist. That's never really a good thing, especially for a wedding day. The day is bound to let you down!
  • The wedding...

    It's Piper and Leo's wedding day and everything is gonna be perfect. Right? Prue reveals to Phoebe that she's been having these dreams that have been keeping her up at night. They don't want to ruin Piper's wedding so they don't tell her. Prue goes off to dreamland and is in this biker bar. This man attacks her and she fights back. Then the next day the guy Prue was kissing is being questioned by the police. Prue is wanted for murder. She is arrested in her dreams but wakes up and escapes. Patty even came for Piper's wedding. As the wedding is taking place TJ the guy who liked Prue came in and they rode off, ruining all the decorations and the cake. The Prue who rode off was her asto alter ego and wanted to be free. She relized she wrecked Piper's wedding and was sorry. Then the police come in and arrest her. Cole and Leoo get it straitened out and Piper and Leo get married. Grams makes the wind chimes move and Leo throws these orb light things. The wedding was so beautiful.
  • Piper and Leo finally get married!

    While watching this episode, I was so happy for Piper and Leo! They finally, although barely, made it! Partially thanks to Prue.

    In the beginning of this episode, Prue decribes this reoccuring dream that she had been having all week, where she is in a biker bar with a sexy guy. She later states that the dreams she has been having are so real that it is like she is up 24/7 and goes to rest...not sleep. Eventually we find out that Prue's ID or inner desires are using sleep and astral Prue to escape into what Prue believes are dreams but are in reality...real.

    Prue being charged for murder.
    Piper and Leo get married.
    The girls see their mom again.
    Cole using his demon side to smell fresh blood on the hands of the real killer.

    It all makes for some great tv!
  • The wedding of Leo & Piper...finally!

    I was starting to wonder about whether or not Leo or Piper would ever get married. Especially when Prue wrecked it, I couldn't believe that. But I'm glad Piper decided that the wedding must go on! I actually thought it ended pretty nice even though a lot of things were destroyed. I really loved the chime-music and the lighting Leo made, that was really pretty. It was also nice that the Halliwell's had their mom there for the wedding, it really meant a lot to Piper. Even though the decorations and cake for the wedding were wrecked, atleast her family was there which was something they hadn't seen in a long time. Very nice episode.
  • Piper and Leo\'s getting married but in the middle of it Prue\'s in trouble with strange dreams that turns out to be her-astral-self projecting out to live a life on it\'s own. When her-astralself is accused of murder Piper\'s wedding is ruined. In the en

    My favorite episode of all time! It is terribly romantic and is a symbol for the victory of love!
    I think it is a great episode and I love it when Prue crashes the wedding with her biker lover. That part makes me laugh. What I love the most is Phoebe(Alyssa Milano)\'s line: \"Prue get your astral ass back here!\" - Hahahaha I so love that..
    Well the end makes me drop a few tears, it\'s really cute, they are such a nice cuple. And Johan Pachabel\'s \"Kanon\" is the perfect melody for a wedding. It\'s SO beautiful and it has been used twice in the serie. This was the first time and the second time is during Phoebe\'s wedding in the Season 4 episode \"Marry-Go-Round\".
    You guys should hear that piece of art in its full version it\'s really really great! You\'ll love it!
  • Pretty good episode!

    I like this episode alot. I liked how Piper and Phoebe got the power to blink. That would be a cool transportation power but I would prefer orbing. I also liked how they could practically do whatever they felt like doing. I like how Phoebe was shattering things. I didn't like how they shattered Leo. Luckily he was still alive even though you can't kill a whitelighter unless your an elder or another whitelighter (I think). I liked how Piper froze everything and turned the wedding planners into pigs in blankets. That was cool. It was also cool how they turned Leo into a stick in the mud. That demon that took prue the asian girl was a weird demon. This episode was good, but not my favorite.
  • good girl/ bad girl

    Piper had planned this wedding day for a long time. She wanted it to be perfect. But of course nothing ever goes perfect in that household. Prue transforms into some bad girl character who ruins Pipers wedding day. She takes off on a motorcycle and throws caution to the wind. It's not really Prue however it's a posessed Prue. Piper gives up hope on a normal wedding and Pheobie is left to help Piper through this all while Prue is out somewhere not even knowing what she had done. This was a great episode because it shows how things aren't always as we plan them to be.
  • Finally...they tied the knot!

    A very emotional episode, there were moments that made me feel like crying (had I been watching alone) and some funny moments as well.

    I always expected the episode to be all about Piper because of her big day, but all the focus was on Prue & her astal self. I have to admit it was cool how astral Prue wanted to get away & have a life, but that should have been in another episode.

    My favorite part (apart from the end when Piper & Leo were finally married) was the reunion between Patty & her daughters.
  • The shoulda been awesome episode that was almost all that

    Well, it was a really great episode, although could have been better. It was the episode with Piper and Leo's wedding, although was kind of overshadowed by Prue's astral self.
    The wedding was still great, despite a few mishaps, and Holly and Brian did a fabulous acting job in it. Definitely an episode that will get those sensitive people a bit teary. Its a great one though.
    Prue however, took some of the spotlight away with her astral self. I honestly think that the whole thing with her could have been better if it was downplayed slightly, more of the focus on Piper and Leo, and i'm not just saying that because i'm a piper fan. Shannen did a great job acting in this one though, no doubt about that, bit more work on the writers part was needed.

    Overall, a fantastic episode, definitely a special one for all those Piper/Leo shippers out there. Love the wedding vows at the end!
  • So... i do like Shannen but

    Isn't this suppose to be Piper's Big Day?? So why take all the attention out of her and put it on Prue?
    I actually like the episode and all but this was not cool, they should've made Prue's astral debut after Piper's wedding, not wreck it...

    Although, it will be memorable but not as much for the reason it should right?