Season 8 Episode 6

Kill Billie: Vol. 1

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2005 on The WB

Episode Recap

Piper is venting over pumpkin carving and the fact they're being hounded by movie producers, since everyone wants to know how they're tied into Homeland Security, and Paige tries to reassure her. Billie wanders in and says she'll handle a demon she's been tracking, They're interrupted by the arrival of more reports hounding them.

Piper is organizing the candy for Halloween the next day when Paige notices they have rats. Piper is unconcerned about them – she transformed a few reporters. Paige wants Phoebe to talk to the lead reporter, Seth Perra, and convince him to leave them alone. Piper reluctantly goes ahead and transformed them back and sends them running.

Leo manages to get past the reporters as Paige goes out to handle them. Paige meets with Phoebe who is concerned about the fact Dex hasn't got back to her since she revealed she's a witch. She reveals that Seth is trying to win his reputation back after he revealed a source and got her killed. Then Phoebe reveals that she's pregnant by Dex.

A demon at Magic School, the Dogan, is planning on taking power by killing other demons, and plans to rise again to lead after learning of the return of the Charmed Ones. It's the demon Billie has been tracking and she show sup – she recognizes the demon from her childhood. The demon hears her and she flees, and the demon spots the vanquish potions she dropped.

Phoebe goes to meet with Dex, who isn't handling it very well. They go out and Seth and his photographers are there to ask her questions about their relationship. Later Phoebe gets together with Piper, who suggests she writes a letter in her column. A distraught Billie shows up and the sisters confront her – Billie reveals she lost the potions and she froze when she saw this particular demon. She flashes back to a nearby pumpkin and Halloween and thinks it's associated with her fear. After she heads upstairs, she overhears them expressing concerns about whether she's ready. In the attic, Billie casts a spell from the Book of Shadows to erase the memories so she can handle the demon.

Paige meets with Seth at P3 and warns him that they're working on an ongoing case, and pursuing the matter might get innocents hurt. Paige drops hints about the girl he got killed but Seth continues to go with it. Phoebe prepares to get her column changed when Seth confronts her, vowing they've made things worst.

A confident Billie heads out to an alley to confront the demon, but the Dogan and his henchdemon show up. Billie has more memories of her childhood and a demon attacking her, and the Dogan grabs the vanquish potions from her and throws one at her. He lets her flee before waiting for the demon to arrive so he can take its powers.

Dex has read the column and goes to the paper to meet Phoebe, where they discuss her vision of them being married and the fact he's uncomfortable with that and her spells. Billie arrives at the attic and after giving a story to Paige, casts the memory erasure spell again. Paige goes to Seth's bedroom to take on the image of the dead girl's ghost , laying a haunting on him.

Billie returns to the alley where the Dogan is attacking a girl who is actually the shapeshifted demon. The Dogan banishes the demon after stripping him of his powers, and then Billie shows up. The Dogan destroys his henchman and then attacks her and she apparently banishes him, but he teleports back to Magic School, vowing vengeance.

The next day Seth publishes a big headline against the sisters and it's clear Paige's plan isn't working. After discussing Phoebe's problem again, and suggesting she redo the pregnancy test, Paige decides to "call in the big guns" while Leo shows up and tells Piper he got into a fight at Wyatt's pre-school, when photographers started taking pictures of their son. Leo isn't happy that Piper wants him to lay off and that he doesn't have powers to deal with it. Leo is also dissatisfied that he's back to doing handyman-type jobs and Piper expects him to do everything.

Paige meets with one of the Elders, who tells her they can't use the Cleaners or memory dust, and they have to use a human solution. He suggests they just show the reporters how ordinary they are. So she gives the reporters a tour of the home and showing them how little of importance going on. Meanwhile Phoebe shows up to reveal that the second pregnancy test proved negative She eventually takes them up to the attic and convinces them there's nothing going on and they leave. She notices the memory-erasure spell and believes Billie is in trouble. Sure enough, the Dogan is attacking Billie and Paige shows up to teleport her out.

At the manor, the sisters tend to Billie's wounds and are concerned the Dogan will track her there. Billie's reveals her memories of how her and her sister as children were going to bed when a demon entered their room and took her sister Chrissy – a demon she think s is similar to the Dogan. The Dogan shows up and grabs her, then teleports back to Magic School. The sisters decide to trust her and at the School, Billie manages to toss a vanquish potion into his mouth, destroying him.

Phoebe meets with Dex and reveals she thought she was pregnant but she wasn't, and that it scared her. They decide to take it slow and see where it goes. Piper and Paige are handing out candy, while Leo and Chris are out trick-or-treating. Piper thinks she and Leo have been taking things for granted and they need some time apart. They wonder if Billie will get over her sister being kidnapped by a demon, while Billie is at her old bedroom considering a picture of her sister.