Season 8 Episode 6

Kill Billie: Vol. 1

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2005 on The WB

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  • Kill Billie: Vol. 1

    Kill Billie: Vol. 1 was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character development for Billie, the sisters face the press, and Phoebe and Dex have an important conversation. The story was well written, exciting, and very engaging. There was action, drama, humor, love, hate, and many other emotions and plot points. It was interesting to learn more about Billie's past and how it affects her today. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • The idea of a 2nd volume is enough to put you off the rest of the season!

    Silly title, rubbish sub-plots, awful demon and some very bad acting from Rose McGowan, 'Kill Billie: Vol.1' is the beginning of Charmed's horrid run of episodes from the final season of the show.

    Are there any good parts? Paige's ghost didn't look half bad. And I was pleasantly surprised when Billie was kidnapped half-way through a conversation with the girls. That's about it.

    The sets have never looked so bare. The acting should be glossed over with a coat of varnish it's that wooden. Story-lines are plucked from nowhere -- Phoebe's possible pregnancy, Leo and Piper's martial spat -- and tossed together as partial afterthoughts: Phoebe is up the duff, then she isn't, all in the name of a supposed subplot. Her 6 week cadaver also ups and leaves.

    Rose has seemingly forgotten how to act - I don't see Paige as Paige anymore. I just see her as Rose attempting to deliver a line convincingly, and failing almost every time. I cringe whenever I see Holly acting her socks off and having to put up with Rose's blahness.

    I think we have 4 consecutive episodes of undiluted torture before we're given the season's corker and then it's time to endure more painfully dull plotting.

  • I hope there’s a little more intrigue, spells and vanquishing, and less bickering in future episodes. Bring back the old Charmed!

    Tonight’s episode was a little disappointing with all of the fighting between Piper and Leo. Leo used to be able to orb away when Piper got grouchy, now he’s stuck having to put up with it. I don’t know why she was so upset about the candy, it seemed petty. Maybe she had PMS?!

    It’s too bad Phoebe found out she’s not pregnant, too. I guess Dex will be written out of the show soon, like Phoebe’s other love interests.

    Billie came through and vanquished the demon, after several attempts. I’m surprised, though, that the sisters let her do it on her own. When Paige was new at being a witch, they didn’t seem to let her do anything on her own.

    I hope there’s a little more intrigue, spells and vanquishing, and less bickering in future episodes. Bring back the old Charmed!
  • I Love this episode!

    Charmed is really amazing me, I am really liking this season, i think its a BIG turn around from last season and i think their ratings are going up and thats a very good thing !! They deserve it!

    They have been on the show for 8 years, and i think they should keep it up !!!
  • Well, at the very least, this episode was an improvement from last week's crappy ep .... but that's not saying much.

    Well, at the very least, this episode was an improvement from last week's crappy ep .... but that's not saying much.

    Loved the Halloween theme .... although it'd kinda dumb they didn't have one last year ... when Charmed was actually ON Halloween.

    Now, Phoebe being pregnant should've been a lot more shocking ... probably would've been if it hadn't been spoiled by the trailer. Course finding out later she really wasn't ... yeah. Dex is incredibly annoying. I always like Nick Lachey's character. Bring him back. Jason Lewis sucks.

    Anyway, Billie rules, as always. Nice flashback scene. She may be a little inexperienced when it comes to demon-fighting, but uh ... she still rules. In the end she was still the one to complete the vanquish (kickass looking demon though ... not).

    Paige, meanwhile, looking to the elders for help? Sad. Paige's scene as the ghostly woman haunting the journalist was pretty cool ... but shouldn't she be punished for that?

    Leo and Piper fighting ... that's new. -_- Anyway, the Halloweeny, trick-or-treating atmosphere made it sort of fun. Liked the costumes at the end.

    Hopefully the series will pick up soon ... if not, the ratings will be going back down the other way.
  • A good improvement on the season so far with insight to Billie and some funny moments

    Well, now that this stupid \"secret identities\" thing is over with, the season may get back on track. The problems with the press make sense and I like the ways Paige manages to deal with it. The part where Piper turns some reporters into mice was a bit much but funny.

    So we\'re into the pregnancy already with Phoebe? Had thought they\'d wait a tad but gives new boost to her dilema. I do like how they\'ve played this, that Phoebe spent so much time wanting to get married and have kids only to find out it may not be happening as she\'d hoped. This could be something to work with.

    The Piper/Leo stuff seems a bit tired but once again Holly Marie shows her great comedic timing that manages to lift most of the scenes and proves how much she\'s the soul of the show.

    And then we get to Billie as we get insight to her past and some nice dramatic moves from her. She\'s been dragging the show a bit so far but hopefully this may give her a better boost in the eyes of fans.

    So a good turning point episode that sets a new tone for the season, which could be desperately needed.
  • Brad Kern needs to fire his writers and hire fans. The fans ideas are better than the writers. Brad Kern needs to check out charmed fans for future ideas how to write the series. charmed has gone downhill and season 7 and 8 is aweful.

    Again season 7 and 8 are aweful. I do not like Charmed anymore. Brad Kerns needs to hire Charmed fans in their 20's who have an active imagination. There storyline is way better than the show. Ths show left its original receipe and now is very silly and offbeat. Please cancel charmed. Should start a spinoff with charmed sons. Dont care for the Billie on charmed. I feel she is Phoebe daugher who was adopted. The show is terrible and it has so much potential.
  • I thought this episode was called "Kill Billie". Sadly, Billie didn't die!

    This episode focused on Billie, the only 'main' character on the show not related to the Charmed ones by blood or marriaged. If I wanted to watch a show about a spunky blond girl, I would have watched some sitcom. I'm loosing fate in what used to be the most enchanting show on tv.

    Was I the only one who was actually upset when Billie told of how her sister was killed/kidnapped that Billie herself didn't die? Also, Billie was the only one actually doing any deamon hunting in this episode while the sisters stayed out of the public eye. The only part of the episode I liked was Paige's tour of the manner. Everything else was just trash! Well, maybe not Pipper's and Leo's fight, that was cute, as they always are.

    Overall, this series has been going downhill, and this is just another step downwards.
  • The Bride Needs To Do Some Damage

    Why didn't the title come true? Why!!?? Billie gets a whole episode to herself and despite getting some more character development, she's still undoubtedly the worst new character on the show since Dan Gordon and his pointless niece back in season two.

    Kill Billie Volume One sees Billie going off on her own (surprise surprise) to kill a demon and being haunted by memories of her past, in which her sister was murdered by a demon. Meanwhile, a bunch of reporters are hounding the sisters, desperate to get an interview, make a movie etc. and Paige gives them all a guided tour to show them how boring they are. Or something. There's also some stuff about a ghost. And Phoebe isn't pregnant. Then she is. Then she isn't again. Then I grab a near-by gun and shoot myself in the head...

    I said the exact same thing last year in my review of Once in a Blue Moon, but why do the producers insist on casting relatively well-known people in this show when they know they'll have to cut them when the reduced budget can't afford them anymore. Dex leaves, unsurprisingly, and I still hate him. It would have been okay if Phoebe was pregnant or something as he would have actually had a purpose but he added absolutely nothing to this show. Six episodes of Phoebe waltzing around like a complete slutty ditz and Jason Lewis giving his best "Tinman" acting and then... nothing. No point. Honestly, why did Brad Kern even think he would be a good character??!! We were given the impression that Dex would be Phoebe's soulmate. They would get married and Phoebe would get pregnant. But, of course, no. Now we'll have to go through the exact same thing later on in the season when Phoebe meets another "potential-father-of-her-demon-spawn-baby". Grrr!

    We get some info on Billie's past but I still couldn't give a damn about her. Kaley Cuoco was particularly bad in this episode and is anybody else tired of her going through the same routine every episode? "I'm feisty. I'm peppy. I don't need any help to kill a demon so I'll go and do some lame back-flippy thing before getting roughed up by a monster and then Paige will come to rescue me. Then I'll go back and prove that I, in fact, CAN kill this demon. Which I do." Aaaggghhh!!! God, I hate her!

    The demon was laughable in this episode. You think that the OTT acting from the Imp Master last week was bad, but in Kill Billie, the demon has an eye patch. A frickin' eye patch! This isn't Sesame Street! Gaaaahhhh!!!! The demon from Billie's flashbacks looked kinda like The Source. So, it's either the writers have ran out of ideas or the make-up artist has ran out of ideas. Or I need my eyes tested. Whatever, I hardly care anyway.

    Besides the crap-a-thon of Billie, Phoebe and Dex, this episode did feature some neat scenes. In particular was Paige's subplot. The tour of the Manor was good and I liked seeing her, Piper and Chris dressed up in Halloween outfits at the end. The special effects as Paige confronted the reporter were excellent and easily the highlight of the episode. It's surprising that Charmed can pull off the best effects in years, despite having a reduced budget.

    I liked how they referenced Prue and I liked how they actually had Halloween in this episode. The last Halloween-set episode they had was right back in season three. About time!

    The worst episode since Malice in Wonderland, I expected the writers to return to form after last week's enjoyable hour but this just sucked. Kill Billie only made me want to, uh, kill Billie more!

    Rating: D
  • Stupid & Pointless

    This was probably one of the worst episodes of the series. Nothing happened except the Phoebe & Dex thing, but who really cares about that anyway? The whole episode was just one big uninteresting emotional spiral. The fact that Billie was dealing with her own issues prevented her from bring her usual quick wit to this episode (which made it worse in my opinion). It might have been alright if they came to an interesting climax, and I kept waiting, but it didn't. Billie's sister was taken by a Prue was killed by a demon & how could her parents not know about demons? Billie had to get her powers from somewhere. And the resolution for the press bothering the sisters was for Paige to show them around the house... Paige's attempts to be 'bad' and scare the media away was just disappointing. In short I am only able to think of a few episodes in first season that were worse than this one.
  • This is the worst episode of the entire season so far. Ziplizard, Maypower03 and Marie300 said it all. Charmed was an excellent show until ...

    I totally agree with Ziplizard, Maypower03 and Marie300's reviews. I couldn't have said it better myself. In short, Having Billy in the show is ruining it severly. Ruined it enough to where they lost several loyal fans. What a shame.The show is nothing but a joke now. Get rid of Billie and the show will be as wonderful as it was before. Not a doubt.

    Thanks for the memory

    An hour which starts out really well but which fades badly towards the end. Wouldn't be the first time....

    First up, I liked the demon. He reminded me of a warlock (remember them!) with the way he went around stealing powers. Very good actor too - sinister without being overtly creepy. Just a shame the cute sidekick had to die so soon.

    A number of reviewers have slated this episode because Billie is the one who goes after the demon. I don't have a problem with this. What I find annoying about her is her rudeness. Someone needs to slap the little b*tch. She does at least get some character development this week with the first mention of her missing sister, Christy. The whole 'painful memories' thing does drag though.

    The media frenzy storyline has been done before, of course, but it's still interesting to see how the girls react to it. Paige's appearance as a ghost is very cool and Piper turning the reporters into rats is pure class! The tour of the house would have had more impact had it not been done in 'Chris Crossed'. I actually thought it was a bit of a lame way to get the reporters to leave.

    Why oh why did Leo and Piper have to have an argument? It was a horrible scene and totally ruined the episode for me. Neither Holly nor Brian looked like they wanted to do it. I can only put it down to the new writer.

    Phoebe and Dex subplot-of-the-week sees Phoebe deciding she's pregnant then changing her mind. Luckily, Dex takes it badly, which means this may well be the last time we see him. Let's hope so.

    Score: 8.9
  • why doesnt anyone like this episode

    its by far one of this shows better episodes and remains high and mighty in action and a few more intense scenes,which is helkped backed up with some skillful action and a great script that makes the entire episode work on its own merits.
    it is one of my fave episodes from the season tht adds to the shows mytharc and aides Billie with some major character development which is of course needed for the rest of the shows run.
    the added depth and detail gives this episode a pace that is of course to be reckoned with.
    it is full of many key moments and the odd gag tht makes this episode great fun.
    the foe of the week is actually a pretty great warlock for the CO's and Billie to take on.
    Poebe also gets development in this episode as she develops a 'bun in the oven'...or has she...the range of emotions in this episode makes it more charmed than anyone can actually realise.
    true charmed at its best.
  • This is not charmed.

    This is not charmed. This episode is full with Billie's drama!! Since when did Billie becomes an important character in Charmed? She's only Paige's charges, a witch who desperately wants to find her sister!! I know she wants to find her sister, and it's hard to find out you lost your sister when you're small and you have no memory about it. But, not full with Billie's drama, this is rubbish! Charmed is the story about the Piper, Phoebe and Paige, not Billie (Not too much)!!

    A filler episode which nothing happened at all. The Charmed Ones seems to have lack attention from the demons after Billie's appearance. Billie vanquished the demon in this episode, which she should not because this tv series is Charmed. It should be about the sisters!!!
  • Halloween!! Xd they did scare us with this episode!!! ... What? you mean that that was not to scare us? You mean that Billie is gonna be main character in all the episodes!!??? Yes, now you have really scared me!! Happy Halloween then!

    Whoa!!! They really did a good halloween episode because now all the charmed fans are scared to death!! We wanna see the Charmed ones fighting demons and not Billie doing that!!! Xd

    The episode itself is a good one! I have to say it has a perfect photography and a cool camera job! That makes the episode a great one! (For example before Paige orb to the boy bedroom... The photography of the table with the bottle is so perfect! And the scene when Billie goes out jumping the stair is a good scene too!!)

    The scenes and the stories were good enough. Phoebe really transmits the pain in this episode! and the whole Piper part was great! Paige's ghost thing was just not so great! Was kinda of not normal, it made no sense! She is a good person! she never would have done that!!! It was just a thing to make a good effect! Xd

    The demon was a new one... not very original I might add! And the whole explosion nuclear in the vanquish was horrible! Anyway the battle scenes were not so bad (would be better with the sisters anyway) For exemple when the demon throw the potions to Billie (and that scene is not well filmed!!!)

    Anyway, the episode is a good one! So it gets a 8
  • Too much Billie !! again

    Armed and ready to vanquish, Billie inexplicably freezes and is flooded with childhood flashbacks when she sees her latest demon target, The Dogan. Wanting to prove to the Charmed sisters that she is an asset, Billie casts a spell to erase her fears and goes after the demon. However, when the spell doesn't work, Billie opens up to the sisters and relives her painful childhood memory of the long-ago Halloween when her sister was kidnapped by a demon. Meanwhile, since announcing their involvement with Homeland Security, the sisters have been bombarded by the press. Wanting to put a stop to it, Paige turns to the Elders for help. After telling Dex that she is a witch, Phoebe and Dex realize that their relationship is moving too fast and decide to slow things down - without the help of magic. Leo confronts Piper on being Mr. Mom.
  • Billie must deal with her painful childhood memories of her sister's kidnapping, before she can vanquish her latest demon target, The Dogan. Meanwhile, the press are bombarding the sisters.

    Great episode. We learn a bit about Billie and her past. Billie's sister, Christy had brown hair but in the future episode she has blonde. That's weird. Paige did a good job with saying how boring they were. I thought they would see the book but they didn't. Paige so should of hunted that guy again. That was so funny.
  • Nothing really happened!

    This episode was clearly a filler episode where nothing really happened.

    Billie's trying to haunt down a run-off-the-mill demon facing the loss of her sister and her fear of demons.

    Phoebe's not sure where her relationship with Dex is going. Neither is he. They file for divorce, which makes Phoebe the only witch on the show that is already divorced TWICE (!). This is obviously a consequence of her sleeping around after Cole's death. She jumped from guy to guy but no relationship was really serious.

    And finally, Piper & Leo are having a fight over Leo being without powers and having to fulfil all the domestic duties without getting proper acknowledgement for it.

    All in all a real filler episode. I'm still a little bit confused about last week's episode where they decided to get their old lives back! Just totally implausible to me!

    By the way: Real good reporters would find out that the sisters have been involved in many unsolved cases and they wouldn't give up researching simply because they got a guided tour through the Halliwell house. Thus, I only give this episode 6.5 points out of 10 (otherwise I would probably give 7.5 - 8.0 points).
  • enjoyable.

    Kill Billie vol 1 is one of my favourite episodes of charmed season 8 because it gives billie something to do and because we get to hear about billie sister getting kidnapped when she was just a child.

    Lots of journalists are outside the charmed ones home so they can find out why homeland security covered up their deaths. Phoebe and dex also break up which i liked because i didn't really like dex. this episode os mainly about billie but i still like this episode even though i am not a big fan of billies.

    overall: this is a great episode one of the best episodes of the final season of charmed.
  • Much better than some seem to think. A bit overacted at some parts, but still fun and exciting.

    Although it’s a very Billie-centric episode, Kill Billie: Vol. 1 (horrible title, by the way) is both exciting and fun. Many seem to think it’s one of the worst in a very long time, but I don’t agree. Yes, it is quite average and a bit filler, but when you look at it, it really does have quite a few good aspects, and some originality about it. Billie is ok in this episode, and she’s actually given something to work with. Well, there is the same overused “Billie screws something up and the sisters will have to get her out of the mess” – plot line, but this time we get to see some depth in her, and we find out that she actually have some history and some goals in her life. It opens up a whole new story line with her kidnapped sister, which will eventually get more interesting. She also proves once again that she’s smarter than she seems, and she shows some respect for danger.

    Piper’s overreacting, neurotic behaviour is as fun as always and I loved the remark about her vanquishing Billie. Holly is as always very fun and she looks as fabulous as ever. The Dex and Phoebe romance got an abrupt, but yet satisfying and realistic end. I loved his questioning her feelings towards him. There is a possibility that he’s actually right, and her feelings for him came from her premonitions. The photographers that appeared everywhere and nowhere, although quite fun, were completely pointless, but led to some funny scenes where Paige show them the grand tour of the house, and once again shows us her excellent comedy skills. Her rampage against the evil journalist was a bit harsh from her side. To go to him through his bad conscience was a bit low, according to me. But at least the ghost was well done. I also liked that Piper and Leo had a little fight, it’s good that they still don’t get along all the time. We all know they’re the perfect couple, now we get to see that they’re a realistic one too.

    The masked demon was badly done and I don’t see the necessarily of his sissy little companion at all. Although the green guy was important for the story, the could have chosen a more interesting demon, and more importantly; a better actor. This one was just so overacting and extreme. Not frightening or intimidating at all.
    I also enjoyed seeing some Halloween celebration again. It was a long time since we last saw that, and Paige’s costume was totally adorable. As was Holly’s obsession with pleasing the children’s demand for candy.

    All in all an average Charmed episode with some bad demons but an interesting story line that opened up some new ones for future episodes.
  • An episode where nothing really happened but crucial as it would lead to a darker storyline ahead.

    As a big fan of Charmed, I\'ve got to say that the show reached a bad turn with the new recruit of Billie, played by Kaley Cuoco. She potrays a young witch whose eager to kill as many demons as possible. In this episode, she faces a demon who reminded her of another demon from the past and soughts to erase her fear by casting a spell. Thinking that the memory has been erased, she goes after the demon yet again but is still haunted by the past. You\'d think she realised that the spell did not work but she tries the spell one more time and goes after the demon yet again. The spell was of no help and it left her running away from the demon for the third time.

    The episode reveals a dark past of Billie which she has to come to terms with in the future. However, with her running back and forth between the demon and the book just makes the episode a boring one. Billie seems like a drag with her whinning and overly enthusiasm when the mention of demons come up. She also hardly listens to any advice given by the sisters and relies on her powers (without any experience) to fight demons.

    I think that the show could do with more interesting storyline and the climax of an episode (vanquishing of a demon) should be more exciting, meaning that the demon should put up a better fight,like The Source, and not just chanting a spell and throwing a potion.

    Even with what looks like a hopefully temporary setback, I will forever be a Charmed fan waiting for an incredible and unexpected return of the Halliwell family.
  • False advertising.

    After having seen both Kill Bill movies, you would think the title Kill Billie: Vol. 1 would mean that our favourite new character we all love to hate, Billie, would be dying soon right? Wrong, I was very disappointed about this. I was glad to see an end to the media following the Halliwell's, but I thought Paige's ghost would have scared the reporter guy even more than it did, but he just kept on going. And I was also glad to see the end of Phoebe and Dex, I just didn't feel right about them as a couple. It could have been explained a bit clearer though, I really didn't understand just what was going on between them. Did anyone else notice when Piper and Leo were having their argument, that the bruise Leo came home with somehow disappeared when he got changed, and also the top Piper had on looked familiar to something she had worn before. The end was really cute with baby Chris dressed in a little wizard costume. But where was Wyatt, will we ever get to see the brothers together? I'm looking forward to next week, this week just scraped by with an eight from me, it could have been better.
  • Billie faces her demons, Phoebe faces Dex's fears, Paige faces the media and Piper and Leo face off with each other!

    A fairly calm and uninteresting episode, but it wasn't that bad. None of the storylines were that bad in themselves, but once again there were too many of them which meant that none were really concentrated on which was a shame.

    Billie's storyline was obviously setting up for a story arc with the mystery of her missing sister. Charmed has clearly taken inspiration from other shows at this time (Lost, Desperate Housewives and Veronica Mars) in creating a mystery storyline. Whether or not this works for Charmed remains to be seen but its got to a fairly interesting start.
    The demon that Billie faced was very boring and pathetic- better demons please!

    Paige's deals with the media was nicely solved with the tour of the manor which reminded me of the tours in the flash forwards in "Chris-crossed" but the idea of the media themselves being so interested in the sisters, seems a bit ridiculous. The media on the doorstep was especially stupid and unrealistic. Paige's idea to haunt the lead reporter was very harsh and unfair but the special effects were really well done.

    Phoebe's storyline with Dex was finished in this episode, which is a little sad as Jason Lewis is a good actor and could've been a good addition to the cast. However the storyline had gone as far as it could've gone especially with this new development- pregnancy?? It was obvious from her handling of this news (she didn't even tell Piper) that this was a phantom pregnancy and so it was kind of pointless. But it was a fairly nice ending to the storyline and fitting to the whirlwind (and slightly weird) relationship.
    Before I finish with Phoebe, I just want to pick up on her behaviour during this episode. I know she was preoccupied with her 'pregnancy' but she seemed to not even care about the press on her doorstep. She even didn't care about the fact that they might be exposed. She wanted to just tell everyone- "Could it get any worse?" One word- Prue, or do the writers not remember that little incident?

    Piper was very neurotic during this episode- as she usually is. Her paranoia about the media is well founded especially with the boys. However the storyline with Leo came out of nowhere. They just started yelling at each other. Although I can see where Leo was coming from and think that Piper was being a little unfair, it was just a surprise. Saying that however, it was great to see some angry emotion that was believable from Piper and especially Leo, who has been badly under-used this season.

    A distinctly filler episode with some rubbish demons but some actual emotion which has been missing from the season so far.
  • One of the best season 8 Charmed episodes I've seen to date!

    I liked this episode, especially as Billie had been waiting to vanquish a demon of her own! LOL. It's a shame she has not yet found her sister, did her parents ever try to find her? What demon attacked that household the night her sister got kidnapped anyway? I think Billie is one of those who has the confidence to face up to these demons, she seems to know the ins and outs of being a witch, plus she seems to know what she is doing (like researching a demon, making a potion strong enough to vanquish them, etc...). I hope there's more episodes centred around each and every character, rather than just one person.
  • This poor show, going further downhill by the episode...

    Okay, so can anyone tell me what was up with that flip over the bannister? I get that she wanted to get out of the house in a hurry, but geez... Between that and the wannabe Matrix style confrontation in the alley... Could we just ditch the whole Billie character? She is just so annoying - I want the sisters back, as they were before, kicking demon butt.

    Paige's little house tour was rather amusing, but as for the rest of the episode, it can't even really be called filler. There was virtually no real character development or advancement of the storyline - not that there really is one so far this season...

    Here's hoping that things improve in a big hurry, or I'll be taking this one off my list of shows to watch.
  • Average ep that is focused on Billie, Phoebe & Dex, Paige & the press and Piper & Leo as a couple.

    The episode wasn't that good, i don't have a lot to say about it.

    Leo 'again' has a stupid crappy role in this episode.
    Billie was kinda buggin me again.
    Piper is acting like, i don't know how to say it.
    Phoebe has another love issue as always (it really started to get anoing since Leslie) She'll probably have another one now that she and Dex are divorced and 'taking it slow'. And she desperatly wants to fulfill her preminition (why not let things go how they're supposed to go and not rush everything)
    The demon in this episode was better than the Imp nerd and the other one, but i've still seen better and creepy looking ones in the first couple of seasons.

    This episode actually just gives a storyline for one of the next episodes

    Expected a better episode after a good one like 'Rewitched'
  • This was when the charmed ones came of out the hole

    i personally thought this episode was kinda point-less the Charmed ones shouldnt have been hiding in the first place thye should have just been piper,phoebe,paige not julie and whoever else i thought this seasons storyline was bland and not exciting at all some where and others werent i hope charmed can keep good episodes coming or no season 9!!
  • a halloween episode without much of a halloween theme going on. what happened with kill billie. they need to go back to the things they did when the show was more exciting. they need to pick it up or the show won't last another season and i love this show

    what happened to all the excitement charmed used to have. now it is just going thru the motions and this episode was just one of many i have seen lately that doesnt fill up to any premise of a show. when the source came back he was easy to kill.
  • Charmed is finally pulling themselves up, improving.

    I have to say, I was slightly worried when we had the flashbacks, cause for a second there I thought that she was having a preminition, but this episode was such an improvement from the previous episodes.

    Phoebe's love life isn't simply fixed by making, and they look at the more human side.

    Although Piper and Leo's fight seems to come around quite unexpectedly, it is nice to have those two back to their human sides.

    I like Billie's fighting in this one, much more realistic.

    They're all growing, and more importantly, the plot lines are improving!!
  • Better than I had expected.

    Kill Billie Vol 1 actually turned out better than I had expected it to be.

    From all the spoilers I read, I thought that there was going to be more details about the kidnapping of Billie's sister and that the whole episode was going to be about that, but it turned out there were only a few flashbacks about the whole story. It looks like they may be planning to continue this storyline in future episodes.

    Also, In this episode we find out that Leo is beginning to get frustrated in his role as "Mr Mom" and him and Piper start to fight.
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