Season 8 Episode 21

Kill Billie: Vol. 2

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 14, 2006 on The WB

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  • This episode made me said because it made me realized that theres only one charmed left before the end.

    I\\\\\\\'ve been with Charmed since the beginning and i have to say that it was painful to watch this episode seeing that there is only one left but we all knew it would come sooner or later. Most of us just hoped it would be later rather than sooner. It was stupid how this season started off with the multiple identities and wanting a normal life, but the ending or at least this episode made up for it. Really. Finally Chris showed signs that he had powers some of my friends were wondering if he actually had powers. And the who Chirsty and Billie thing was kind of getting old with Christy trying to convince Billie that the Charmed Ones are \\\\\\\'evil\\\\\\\' and turning the whole magic community against them. Also i have to say that Billie and Christy are low for using poor Wyatt to gain the hollow and then taking his powers and attempting to kill him. There is only one episode left and I don\\\\\\\'t know how we all are going to accept it. I don\\\\\\\'t understand why Charmed can\\\\\\\'t go on and start off with Wyatt, Chris, and Pheobe\\\\\\\'s foreseen child(assuming that she even has that child?), or maybe a Paige\\\\\\\'s child. They don\\\\\\\'t even have to call it Charmed just don\\\\\\\'t let it end here please!
  • This episode was probably the best episode since Billie and Christy got in the picture! WARNING: SPOILERS!

    I Finally got to watch it and I can't believe what happened! These are some of the best parts in the whole episode: 1. When Piper is beating the crap out of Billie 2. When Leo comes back! 3. It's pretty cool looking when the house blows up but it's really sad seeing what happened, I hate the fact that they made Paige and Phoebe die, I wish they would have made Billie die instead of them so that both Billie and Christy would be dead and Leo would be back and everything would be how it was supposed to be. I hate when they end episodes with "to be continued" It is so irratating! But I still can't wait for the next episode! They finally Killed the Triad! But they looked totally evil when they took in the hollow!
  • The Final battle between good and evil the charmed ones vs Christy and Billie

    In one word Fantastic!
    Everything was great in this episode.

    I have only one negative point. I don't get why Wyatt so easily let his shield down for the demon.
    Also why went the hollow not in him??? Only in Christy and Billie, is this because he doesn't said anything?

    Already in the beginning of the episode the Charmed ones and Cristy and Billie threw poisons to each other. Christy and Piper get hurt. After this the Charmed ones decide to summon the Hollow, so that they get a great power. Christy and Billie also do this but they need Wyatt for this.
    Then there is the final battle and they try to destroy Billie and Christy with the powers of the Hollow. The Manson gets blown up and the only survivors are Piper and Billie. The Angel of Destiny brings Leo back. And then the episode ends with: To be continued.

    In the promo video and text of next and last episode of charmed they say Piper, Leo and Coop go back in time to save Paige and Phoebe! So I’m looking forward for the series final of Charmed!!!
  • Simply the best episode of the season, wass so exiting!, why Leo u dont let Piper kill Billie!

    omg i cant believe the good episode that i saw!

    In the beginin the charmed ones are escaping and hiding of the demons and the jenkins in the underworld, for later comeback to home mix some ingredients and fight vanquishing potion against vanquishing potion with the now corrupted billie and the anti-christy :P!

    later in a attempt to summond the shadow for gain more powers the jenkins steal the wyatt's powers and almost destroy him, but last minute chris orb out his brother of the danger and save him!

    The charmed ones obtain the half of the shadow`s power and the jenkins the other half. The charmed ones vanquish the triad to prevent futures attacks, and later in a critical battle the ultimate powers destroy all the halliwel house!


    this episode was simply awesome, antichristy is totally crazy now and billie its a completly fool...

    phoebe must have recover her empathy powers, but still yet she behave nice in this episode, finally she make something right and left coop and her lovee chains of side to worry of the important things!

    i miss a little henry, piper haves leo, phoebe haves coop, and paige?? she was vanquished in the end or not?

    why leo! why! u dont let piper kill billie she deserved it!! i was waiting that billie come back to the righ way but she didnt.. :P

    well at least anty-christy is death!

    omg now we have to wait only the last episode.... thats s*ckss!... i will be sooo sad...

    i will forever charmed of u! halliwells!

    the next sunday its time to say goodbyee for ever!....

  • This episode was amazing! We finally get to the main battle.

    So, the episode begins with our ladies in the underworld. They are soon attacked by demons and realize that they can\'t stay down there. Meanwhile, the Triad\'s plan is revealed that if the Jenkins\' and the Charmed ones destroy each other, then enough good magic will be gone to tip the balance.

    The two groups of sisters finally battle, but their potions meet in mid-flight and blow the Charmed Ones out of the house, and blow the Jenkins\' through the stairs. Hooray for Christy getting injured! Hahah.

    Anyway, after that failure, demons appear before the Charmed Ones to say that the Triad is still alive and the only way to beat them and the Jenkins\' is to use The Hollow. Leo appears before Piper in some type of spirit form and looks like he approves the use of the Hollow.

    Anyway, at some point in time, Coop pops in to Victor\'s house and Victor rocks as protective Grandpa. Anyone else notice how solid Wyatt\'s shield has gotten? It used to slightly waver and was never really a full solid. But anyway, Victor tells Coop to take a hike.

    Coop finds Phoebe and she tells him that she can\'t be with him at the moment. Not with everything going on at once.

    So finally, both sets of sisters decide to use the Hollow. Billie and Christy use Wyatt to obtain it and then steal his powers. But who knew the Hollow could split into two? Let alone into five? But way to go, Baby Chris, for orbing his brother back to him and Victor.

    The Charmed Ones gain the powers of a demon from the Hollow and then go after the Triad. They vanquish them once and for all, and then go after Billie and Christy. The two super powers collide and the witty banter before the fight is awesome. Especially when Piper just says, \"Next time.\" The two groups of sisters send their new powers against each other and the culmination results in the house exploding. Amazing special effects for a TV show! But one question, if Billie and Christy had all of Wyatt\'s powers, why couldn\'t they activate his shield and protect themselves? Would it just have been ridiculous? Or could the story reason be that the Hollow warped their minds even more than they already were.

    After the explosion, the Hollow heads back into its box, just like nothing ever happened. Piper gets up from the rubble and wobbles around, looking at the remains of the house and trying to find her sisters. She finds Phoebe dead and loses it. The Angel of Destiny appears and brings back Leo. But what really got me was what she said. \"The battle is over, but not the way I expected.\"

    This says to me that the Phoebe and Paige weren\'t supposed to die. Gotta wait till next week, though.

    Anyway, afterwards, Piper hears someone stirring and thinks it\'s Paige, but it turns out to be Billie. Piper goes crazy and finally starts beating the crap out of Billie. Woohoo! But Leo stops her, cause he doesn\'t know that she\'s part of the Ultimate Power. She runs off, trying to find Christy, while Piper tries to blow her up.

    The episode ends with Leo saying that there\'s nothing else for them there. And they leave, with the sirens in the background. No one really knows what happened to Paige and Christy, but I believe they\'re dead, considering that Piper\'s going back in time to save both of them next week.

    Great episode!
  • The cliff's notes version: wyatt was used as an accessory to evil, harlow was summoned by both sets of sisters, coop and pheobe had a little tiff, chris looks like and emo baby, things blew up and apparantly everyone's dead except for piper, leo and billi

    Ok the episode was great but the ending pissed me off. First off, when the house blew up and Piper was holding Pheobe and then proceeded to jump Billie, why did no one bother to look for Paige? That\\\'s not very sisterly, goes to show who the true red headed step child of the family is. lol, and then if i was Leo I would have let Piper beat the crap out of Billie, rumble white girl rumble. Next sunday, everyone better be alive and happy because I swear if this show has a bad ending then Brad Kern deserves to die. I will be on the edge of my seat until Sunday at 9pm when this is all over.
  • Another to be continued... wrrgh!

    It's kinda sad to know that there is only 1 episode left for the total demise of charmed! Long may it live in your dvd collection guys.

    What an episode, I am wondering if that is really the end of Phoebe and Paige, they cannot die like that, way too sad and not the best way to get rid of a charmed one either.

    At least all the loose ends are nearly tied up and neatly tucked away, shame really as there is always an ultimate power if it is not the Source or the Triad or whomever but it goes to show when it comes to ultimate power The Hollow is where you get it from.

    I will be watching my tv set in peace next week while I watch and enjoy the last episode... so for now... this is to be continued!!!
  • A brilliant fantastic episode!

    Forced to hide from Christy and Billie, the Charmed Ones find themselves stuck in the Underworld. Meanwhile, Leo appears to Piper and offers demonic approval; Coop searches for Phoebe; Christy & Billie resort to a new plan to stop the Charmed Ones.

    This is exactly why I watch \\\"Charmed\\\", the special effects were brilliant, the acting, the writing! Hugley entertaining - brilliant!
  • Billie and Christie are finally defeated but without a consequence.

    This was the best episode in the season! The first part of the episode was not really that interesting. But as the episode moved on, the story became more interesting. You can see the friction between the sisters. And who knew that the Hollow can be split up? I was so glad to see Leo back. The ending was so sad. Did the Angel of Destiny say that some of the Charmed Ones would not survive? This episode was just like "All Hell Breaks Loose", somebody died and there was this big battle in the end. I cannot wait to see the last episode. It should be a great series finale, I would be really disappointed because this has been one of the greatest shows ever. Don't forget to watch it, let's show our support for Charmed one last time.
  • the big battle: the first time. will we see it done another way?

    Well, I missed some of it cause of tv hoggin by evil people, but it was so sad at the end where Piper was searching for Paige and Pheobe.
    and, as much as i like leo, (and Billy sometimes) he should have let Piper KILL BILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    really, i mean, as much as the pictures posted on wpix and some of the local wb sites kinda give an idea of how it\\\'s donna end, but still, at least Billy should have gotten a good bashing.
    the line the angel of destiny said was interesting.
    from memory, \\\"this is not how i expected it to turn out\\\"(or similar)
    and chifthanger. evil.
    what i say was really great and i can\\\'t wait until the season final.
  • Oh this is the best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    This was the best episode ever until the next one. I hope this story never ends because it is so good. I wish they would play this episode again. I am still shocked how good and thrilling this show is. I thought that at the end when Piper thought Bille was Paige coughing and found out it was Billie and started to punch her was funny. I just cant wait till next Sunday when they show the next episode. I can tell its going to be real real real good. This is stupid that we got to write (type) a minium of 100 words well I am over a hundred now.

    YEAH CHARMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Greatly done girls. Spoilers!

    This was quite an action packed episode. The only thing I didn't like is Henry wasn't in it! It starts out with the Charmed ones in the underworld, which was kind of fun. We don't see them down there too much for a long period of time. The first little battle with the potions was great too. I loved the effects. Great that Christy was the one that got hurt. She's really beginning to annoy me. I have a feeling that Billie might end up killing her before it's all over with (since we all know that Piper is going back in time to fix what happened at the end of this episode). It was great to see Leo again. And even better, the boys!! Wyatt is talking now! Finally! I love how Chris is coming into his powers before the series ending. Him orbing Wyatt back to Victor's place was great. I also love the protectiveness that Wyatt seems to have over Chris (ie: putting the shield up when Coop came in and when Dumain came in). I loved seeing Coop again. Victor's reaction was expected, he just does not like magical beings. I have a feeling Pheobe was telling Coop to go away for his own safety because we all know now that they love each other. Billie and Christy using Wyatt was just plain wrong. The kid is 3! That was wrong, wrong, WRONG! At least he was ok thanks to his little brother orbing him out of there (at least I'm assuming that was Chris since his powers were consumed by the hollow). I liked how the girls (Billie and Christy) turned on Dumain when they were infected with the hollow. Then of course, the Charmed ones are infected with it. And so ensues the major battle. The manor blowing up was done greatly! And the shots of after the explosion were great too. Piper being alive is great, but her finding Pheobe was heartbreaking, "Breathe kiddo". But at least she gets Leo back. It was only right that Leo would of course have tears in his eyes seeing Pheobe dead like that. I loved the rustling in the background and Piper gently handing Pheobe to him, "Hold her" and calls out for Paige, only to find Billie. I love how she jumped on her and attacked her, but what would have been even better is if they had showed Paige's body (assuming she is dead, I think she is) next to Billie to trigger the jumping, killing reaction (although Pheobe dying was definitely enough to do it). The ending was awesome, "There's nothing left for us here". Can't wait till next week. I hear the whole family will be around (yay Drew Fuller and Wes Ramsey!). Yay! More Grams!!
  • Both sets of sisters go at each other full throttle with drastic results. Fantasitc effects and quite an explosion.

    THat episode totally rocked. there arent enough words to describe just how great the episode was. It is my favorite episode no doubt ( premieres and finales aside).

    It was such a fast paced episode and it just kept you at the edge of your seat. The action was tremendous and saving money this season totally paid off. THose were some great effects.

    Piper and Paige: BOth characters really had nothing going in the episode besides wanting to vanquish Billie and CHristy. They have been one track for some time now. I didnt really mind they were focused and knew what they had to do. I didnt really appreciate Paiges eagerness to surrender, it was totally out of character for her to say something like that. Holly did a fantastic job acting this episode. She is just phenominal, what else do you expect from Holly,lol.

    Phoebe: THe only character with a plot outside of the ultimate power. She and Coop are totally meant for each other and to watch that scene in the bedroom was just insane. I was so upset but I understant where she was coming from. Bigger things to worry about. I felt so bad for her. sHe is torn between love and war,literally. ALyssa did a great job in that scene.

    Billie and CHristy: I really feel bad for Billie. She is so easily manipulated and you know she doesnt really want to do it but then again she is going to do it. SHes torn like phoebe. BOth of them did great in the battle scenes. Christy, although, is totally better at the dark undertones then her sister,lol.

    WHat i liked:
    THe potion battle( i call it a mini battle) It was just fantastic. First they were searching the house which was nerve wracking because they could've jumped out from anywhere. Nice use of projection power on Billies part, very clever. Then they came out and threw the potion. The collision was enormous, blasting Billie and Christy throught the banister and the charmed ones through the window. The fireball effect was incredible and looked really good. I was speechless for like the whole first commercial break,lol.

    I really liked them bringing the Hollow into the picture. It was smart but also dangerous. I cant believe Billie tricked Wyatt. I was totally shocked she did it. the overlapping chanting was done really well and the music was great and very spooky. The spell itself sounded freaky. I was glad they kept the same effect the hollow had from season 4.

    THe scene where all three girls got the energy ball power and then six appeared that was a shock. wasnt expecting that.

    THe hollow battle was beyond fantastic. The little talks cene before was great. Holly keeping her cool and the " Next time." THen the hands fling out and the battle begins. The spot of convergence was getting bigger by the second. THe music in the background wa sgreat. The ball gets bigger basically destroying the living room. Massive explosions just from the bolts coming out fo the ball. It eventually gets too massive and the ball sends all five flying up, the explosion goes through a bedroom then up to the attic and eventually an outside look of the house exploding. That scene was amazing. SOme of the best special effects i have seen outside a movie. It looked really good. It blew me away. SPeechless again,lol.

    Pipers searching scene had me crying. I kne wi was gonna cry too. As soon as she got up i felt it. Holly is just amazing. Such a shame her talents arent rewarded for this show. When she found phoebe i lost it. It was so powerful. I really liked her jumping on Billie, punching her and then choking her. Totally shocked by that but it was great.

    Didnt like:
    Leo had to come back and ruin the scene with his morals and ideals. He stopped Piper from killing Billie. LEo, please, shut the hell up and let Piper kill the witch. I love Billie way more then Leo, I cant express how much more i love Billie, but she killed 2 of my 3 favorite witches and she must go down. I hate Leo even more now.
    Sending phoebe into the manor to retrieve vials/ ingredients without any powers. It was pretty risky, sure she can fight if she had too but it would have been really hard to get a kick or punch in.
    How come Leo had a ghost? He wasnt dead, just frozen. I didnt get that.
  • Phoebe dies, Leo returns, Piper and Billie fighting against each other, Victor, what else do you want?????!!!!

    This episode is, if I could say so, awesome, magnificent, and a classic episode of Charmed, I was thinking that Charmed was going to the bottom with Season 8, but with these last few episodes from here to Vaya Con Leos, I have proven myself wrong because I have watch them and they were not so bad and I think that this episode was great also, because it marks the return appearance of Leo and the great appearance of Angel of Destiny, also Phoebe dies in this episode (again!!) and Piper now must go travel back in time to save her, while Paige and Christy are missing, I think that this episode was great...
  • Two "Kill Billie"'s. Zero Results.

    After watching the penultimate episode of Charmed, I have absolutely no idea how Piper could ever forgive Billie for what she's done. She was let into their lives, became part of their family, moved in with them. And what did Billie do for them in return? Throw them out of their house, turn the entire magical community against them, steal Wyatt's powers, blew up their house and killed two of them. Yep, that's really forgivable.

    Kill Billie Vol. 2 sees the sisters exiled in the Underworld, determined to stop Billie and Christy, who are planning to steal Wyatt's powers. Piper, Phoebe and Paige eventually turn to The Hollow for help whilst, at the same time, Billie and Christy turn to it too. When The Hollow is unleashed on all five women, all hell breaks loose, leading to death and carnage.

    The first 30 minutes of the episode seemed to drag a little, with way too much talking and few decent scenes. But, as soon as The Hollow became a major part of the story, it completely rocked. The big battle between the Charmed Ones and the Bimbos was a spectacle to watch, but it was a shame most of it was revealed in the trailer.

    The blowing up of the Manor was an absolutely amazing scene. Visually stunning and featuring some jaw-dropping special effects, the shots of all the bedrooms blowing up followed by the actual house exploding was just too good for words.

    And what followed was possibly the best scene of the entire season, with Piper finding Phoebe dead, Leo arriving and Piper delivering Billie the ass-whooping she's deserved all season. I had read spoilers for the episode and the Billie-abuse was originally not in the script. I hope Holly Marie Combs (who was just amazing) just went crazy on set, started attacking Kaley Cuoco and the producers decided to keep it in the show. My god, that scene rocked!

    There were also some other great moments in this episode, namely Leo's return. I loved the quick appearances of him throughout the hour and it was awesome to have Brian Krause back for good at the end. It was also pretty neat that he wasn't just a guest star, but back in the credits too. I also loved the scenes between Victor, Wyatt and Chris, especially when Victor threatened to unleash Wyatt on Coop. I've always thought Victor was probably the most underrated recurring character and James Read always does well with his performances. Ooh, almost forgot, Phoebe giving up an opportunity for Cupid sex to be with her sisters? Who'd a thought it?

    Kill Billie Vol. 2 started slightly tedious but eventually became absolutely amazing toward the end. I'm hoping that with Leo back, Piper pissed, family members returning and Billie hopefully beaten to a pulp, we may get the finale we've always wanted. And the finale we've always deserved.

    Director: Jon Paré
    Writer: Brad Kern
    Rating: B+
  • I cried and cried! It is not even the end yet!

    Wow! This episode was unbelivale! That battle was amazing. I was amazed how Charmed went out with a boom. When I cry I do not say or show it but I did! At the end I did! Seeing the house in ruins was very sad! I could not belive it!

    It was amazing when they brought out the hollow. I never even thought of it!That really shocked me. Does baby Whytt have his powers back? I really hope so! Whwn Pheobe yelled at Coop that p!ssed me off! She is like perfect for him! And now she is freaking dead! I am mad they killed her and Pagie. Yet I am happy that Leo is back. This episode really shocked me. It really is going to be a great ending. I hope! Just bring Pheobe back!! And don't make me cry no more!
  • A great episode, with a great ending

    This was one of the greatest episodes I have ever seen of Charmed ever, it was so nerve wracking you knew what was coming up but couldnt believe you eyes near the end, and you didn't know how they would figure a way to bring back Phoebe and Paige from Death, I couldnt belive my eyes they were dead! Anyways this episode had great Graphics for that Huge Explosion, and a Great storyline I can't wait for next weeks episode! Piper must travel back in time to save her sisters, hopefully she able to kill both Billie and Christy next time!
  • It is with episodes like this one that just proves to me they are making a mistake in taking this show off the air.

    I can't believe that Billy let them stoop that low and use Wyatt. Piper seeing Leo was great. It was like in seeing him it let her know if she was making the right choice but I wish it did not have to be at the expense of her sisters. I agree with another review: That in the end, the sisters will defeat the ultimate power and hopefully the triade as well without taking in the hollow. Prevent Wyatt from being used, get Leo back, Paige live happily ever after with Henry and Pheobe and Cupid get together. Hey if anyone knows who played that demon that was helping the sisters let me know, thanks. Charmed is one of the WB's better programing and it will be sad to see them go but maybe they will leave it some what open ended for the next generation of charmed ones (the brothers) and do a spin off.
  • Wow!!

    Thing was nothing like i thought it was going to be. Leo came back ! piper is the only one besides billie that lives! and wyatt poor wyatt got pulled into it !! I bet that in the last episode when piper goes back the charmed ones kill christy and pheobe ends up with coop leo and piper are finally back together and wyatt and chris also back with there family and paige peachy with henry. i cant wait to c it. i hope that billie becomes good and they dont have to kill her or the kill her b/c she tried to kill them. i cant wait . I LOVE THIS SHOW!!
  • This story is a million times better then what they thought was the series ending last year.

    This is why I love this show. Thank you so much for ending this terrific series the way it deserves. I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for next weeks finale. LEO\'S BACK, YEAH!!. I just know Billy realized what she thought was the truth was all a lie and that she and her sister made a huge mistake. Chris is so small and he has such great power already getting Wyatt back home was great. Way to go Grandpa. I will miss this show so much, thanks for 8 great seasons with the best show on the WB.
  • this episode the charmed ones are onthe run from billie cristy, both teams plan to destroy each other with their most powerful potion but they cancled each other out, deamons vist the charmed ones and make a deal they work together to destroy the triade

    omg this episode is one of the greatest it goes down with, \\\\\\\"something wicca this way goes,\\\\\\\" \\\\\\\"oh my goddess (1&2),\\\\\\\" \\\\\\\"centennial charmed.\\\\\\\" makes me want 2 watch, 2 bad itt ending makes me want 2 cry. butt itt was funny when piper punched billie, cause ive been wanting 2 do itt myself. but anyway this episode was great and will be watching the series finale \\\\\\\"forever charmed\\\\\\\"
  • Pheobe...Paige...

    I loved this episode. I haven't really been watching this season, but now that I'm tuning in everything feels so helpless for the Charmed Ones. I love how they both channel the Hollow, and they have a big face-off of equal power. I think that it was a really good idea to destroy the Manor, which kind of symbolizes the sisters link to eachother, their past, and good. I mean, they grew up in that house, and now it has been obliterated. It is so sad when Pheobe and Paige die, although I wish we could see Paige's body. Now only Piper, the oldest sister, is left to finish up the season. It does seem a little predictable that she is going back i time again. They do that quite a lot. You know what would be great? If Prue came back to help them!
  • This is a good review. Please read.

    I just finished watching this episode and let me just say, wow! Ok, I\'m going to break down the episode and tell you what I think. Billie and Christy using Wyatt to unleash the Hollow, that was bad. Don\'t use that poor, little, sweet boy to do something so evil. I was so glad to see Chris and to see how much he\'s grown. Well, back to the Jenkins sisters, I don\'t like them and I\'ve never liked them. I could tell though that Billie still has good inside of her. Christy is the full-blown evil one. I felt sorry for Coop. All he wanted was Phoebe\'s attention and she was nowhere around. It was great when he came to Victor\'s place and told him how much he was in love with Phoebe. Piper began to see a ghostly Leo calling out for her.
    By the way, if you are reading this and haven\'t seen this episode yet I would suggest to stop reading right now. I don\'t want to spoil this episode for anyone. Ok, now for the biggie. Piper, Phoebe and Paige took in the Hollow. Billie and Christy also took in the Hollow (which I didn\'t know could be spread throughout five people.) They all gathered at the house. Billie and Christy shot fire at the sisters and they shot back (with what looked to be like energy beams that elders use.) The house blew up. Then you saw Piper coming out from under all the rubble. Piper then sees Phoebe unconscious and tries to wake her up. See then sees the Angel of Destiny forming in a glow. And then you see Leo. He runs to Piper. She then realizes its really Leo. After a few tears, Piper calls out for Paige. When she thinks she sees her she realizes its Billie. Piper is so angry and tries to blow her up. Not knowing that Billie is evil now, Leo tries to stop Piper from killing her. Billie gets away and the episode leaves you with Piper and Leo standing in the rubble of the Manor.
    I can\'t express how sad it was to see the Halliwell sisters defeat the Jenkins sisters the way they did it. And now they’re going to have to live with the consequences. The preview for next week says that Phoebe and Paige are dead. I was thrilled to see Leo, but I wish he had been in the episode more. I can\'t believe there is only one episode left. It’s going to be so sad next week. I love this show and I don’t want to see it end.

  • sad episode, with some happy parts. Leo returns but Paige and Pheobe are sacrificed.

    I cried at the end of this episode. The writers did an amazing job, and I cant wait for the finale, although I am sad to see it go. The writers did an awesome writing job for this episode and the Girls portrayed their characters well. Leo returning was a good moment, it was Pheobe breaking Coop\'s heart and then the death of Paige and Pheobe that made me cry. I do feel bad for Billie to because she is technically innocent in all this. Her sister is manipulating her. The storyline is incredible. It has such deceit and hatred flowing through it.
  • Every one died except for Piper and Billie. Christy might be alive but we don't know. Piper got Leo back. And Coop got his heart broken. Wyatt lost his powers. Also the manor is totally destroyed.

    This is Insane. Why would you use a little boy to kill his mother? Wouldn't you think That would turn him evil. Even using the hollow was crazy because they could have decimated all magic. Back in season four they used the hollow and it didn't just go right back to its box it didn't make any sense. Piper got Leo back but with cost. This episode leaves you with one question, where's Christy? It's good to know that charmed is going out with a bang literally; Now which doors will close at the season/series finally. This definataly has to be one of the best charmed episodes ever.

    (this was my first review so be nice)
  • In this episode, the Charmed ones have to defeat the Ultimate Power: Billie and Christy, all of them summon the Hollow to help them and end up in a huge battle in the end

    This is by far one of my favorite Charmed episdoes of all time. It was amazing from start to finish! Finally, the Ultimate Power is defeated, but at what cost? With two sisters dead, I am anxious to see what Piper does to cope and help the situation. In the previews show at the end of the episode, Piper is seen going to the past to, well we're not quite sure what, but we can assume only to stop her 2 sisters dying. Although Leo comes back for the last few minutes of the episode, the happiness is short lived when they have to leave everything after the house is blown up and the only thing left for them are their children....series finale next week!!
  • But, it does so in a magnificently outstanding way!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Aaron Spelling.

    After a pathetic pair of preceding episodes, we get a penultimate piece of near-perfection as compensation.

    Among other things? The startling revelation that Chris' magical powers have begun emerging! Which, in turn, reveals the real reason why the Triad has been so worried.

    As the alternate-future (in which Wyatt goes power-mad) was averted in Season 6, that must mean he and Chris help usher in the new Golden Age that the Avatars wanted to bring about, in Season 7.

    And, to the Triad, that would (quite ironically) be hellish.

    On top of everything else, Leo is back! So, Piper can finally stop sounding like the Xena-wanna-be she became, in that non-Paige time line created by Cole.*

    Speaking of which: I can't wait to see how Piper changes history without accidentally bringing Cole back to life. Although, I must confess, I wouldn't mind it if Prue did!

    *See the classic episode "Centennial."

  • Showcases the best and worst aspects of Charmed.

    Charmed is an absolutely incredible series, but this season, the story has been a little difficult to swallow. Alot of it was resolved in this episode, with (spoiler warning) the return of leo, and the defeat of the ultimate power, however, it also showed the preview for next week. I\'m sorry, but they should not have two ending episodes, which is basically what they are doing here. In this one, they win, but two get killed. In the next one, if I am watching it right, has the Charmed Ones going for the gold again, with a little future insight, neither the pair nor the trio win, and Leo doesn\'t come back.

    I sincerely hope that I am wrong about that. It would be the worst ending anyone could possibly think of.

    Anyway, the story was brilliant, the ending was horrible, and the preview leaves alot to be desired.
  • A very special episode. Beware: Spoilers for this and the next episode.

    The ending to this episode is sad and it can make fans who love and missed Leo happy.

    I am not going to tell who what leds up to the end of the episode, you'll have to see that for yourself, but I will tell you the end. The Charmed Ones take in the hollow and so do Bille and Christy. Piper, Pheobe, and Pagie use their powers from the hollow to kill the Triad. That is good right? Right.

    Piper,Pheobe, and Pagie go to the manor and so do Bille and Christy. Each use their powers from the hollow against each other. The Charmed One VS Bille and Christy. When their powers meet, it blows up the manor and sends everyone flying.

    Piper is the first one to recover and starts looking for her sister. She finds Pheobe dead. Cue the tears. While she's holding her dead sister in her arms, the Angel Of Density appears with Leo. Leo is back. Cue tears of joy.

    Leo and Piper hug, Piper still holding her dead sister. She hears coughing and thinks that it's Pagie only to find out that it is Bille. She tries to kill Bille but Leo stops Piper and Bille runs off. By now it is obvious that Christy and Pagie are dead as well.

    Leo and Piper leave the destroyed manor and sirens are heard in the background as the screen goes black.

    The next episode and the very LAST episode of Charmed: Piper travels back in time to save her sisters. My spies tell me the episode covers 80 years in the girls' lives, from the 1970s to around 2050 with numerous stops in between.

    Cue tears again.
  • Is that who i think it is....

    I\'m watching this episode and i\'m thinking that i really recognize the demon the Charmed sisters are working with. He looks really really familiar. I wanna say he\'s Ryan Kwanten from Summerland, but i\'m not sure. Otherwise this is a really great episode, yay for Leo being back. I cant wait til the series finale next week. And Chris, well, big Chris, is gonna be back. Yay! i missed him.
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