Season 8 Episode 21

Kill Billie: Vol. 2

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 14, 2006 on The WB

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  • Kill Billie: Vol. 2

    Kill Billie: Vol. 2 was a perfect episode and setup for the series finale of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome, well written, and full of magic, action and intrigue. It was fun watching the events unfold leading to a final showdown between Billie, Christy and the Charmed Ones. It was interesting that the Hollow was used again. The ending was pretty sad and I couldn't believe the aftermath. It was cool seeing the Angel of Destiny return what was lost. I certainly look forward to watching how the series wraps up in the finale!!!!!!!!!
  • And we have LIFTOFF... as Charmed's penultimate episode climbs to an explosive climax.

    Wow. This is only the second 10 I've ever scored an episode of Charmed. The first being for "Its a Bad, Bad, Bad World" and the next likely being for "Forever Charmed." It is rare indeed when something called "the Ultimate Battle" actually lives up to that billing. This episode is tense from the beginning with the sisters on the run in the Underworld.

    The somewhat uncomfortable scene at The Bay Mirror could have be cut to leave time for a longer scene at the end, but it is possible that they wanted to give Alise one last scene in the series. The dark demon with the accent is an excellent actor and very effective in all of his scenes. His speech about the old guard of the Underworld being wiped out and the new guard not being ready to attack the sisters again until the next generation is a brilliant move by Brad Kern. In one short speech the perfect ending for Charmed, and the life the sisters wanted, is in sight and made possible, and it didn't take something irrational or spectacular to get there. All it took apparently was killing enough demons. Haha... Great touch with Leo appearing to Piper to help guide her. The subtle manner in which it was done was perfect.

    The scene in the beginning when Coop appears in the attic with Christie and Billy there is excellent. Billie nows believes killing the Charmed Ones is for the greater good. I don't see how, but at least she's there so we can get to the battle now. I love it when Victor goes off on Coop and tells him to buzz off. Good stuff. Very understandable.

    All the scenes involving the summoning of the Hollow are fantastic, some of my favorite scenes in the series, starting when Dumain appears with Wyatt and is talking to Billie. I love it when the camera flashes to the doorway where we see Christie come slinking in through the shadows. Christie is so sexy and evil with her perpetual pout, dark eyes, and obnoxiously shiny lip gloss. Using Wyatt to help kill his mother is a move that even Billie has a hard time accepting, but Christie is actually right on this time. They've gone too far to turn back now. "If we don't do what we have to do, they're gonna kill us." True dat. All the women once possessed by the Hollow are fantastically evil. I absolutely love the scene with Billie and Christie where they take Wyatt's powers. Billie looks even more evil than Christie, and I think this is the only time in the season when Billie actually looks hot. I love the lustful looks she throws Dumain before Christie tries to zap him. Great stuff!!

    Then, of course, we flash back to the sisters. Not sure what the Triad was thinking considering they last like 2 seconds against the power of the Hollow. I guess they couldn't "handle them" afterall.

    Finally, of course, we have the shocking and explosive final scene. Great faceoff with a few words for each actress, and then the power exchange with wind whipping up their hair, ending with the explosion that destroys the manor.

    Holly is as usual amazing in the emotional scene at the end. What a shocking and painful twist that must have been to those viewers of the original airing of this episode, with Paige and even Phoebe apparently dead. It was not as impactful on me since I already knew the plot of Forever Charmed before watching this episode. I knew Piper would go back in time to save her sisters for the finale. It is still a powerful and sad scene though. Like everyone else, I loved when Piper started beating up Billie.

    And Holly might have actually been outdone by Brian Krause in his return. Incredible acting, maybe his best of the entire series. He takes in the apocalyptic scene around him and the devastation and shock are immediately written on his face. Obviously it would have made more sense if they took a moment to look for Paige or explain why they didn't, but I can let it pass. It isn't like Paige wasn't mentioned since Piper thought Billie was her.

    Amazing episode that would have served as a great finale on its own. Fortunately, an even BETTER finale is yet in store.
  • the charmed ones are stuck in the underworld, while billie and christy have taken over the manner, the girls resurface and team up with demons to battle them, the charmed ones end up summnoning the hollow at the same time as billie and christy

    the girls are stuck in the underworld and fending off demons, they finally decide to resurface and leave the book of shadows at phoebe's apartment while they go to the manner to make some potions to confront billie and christy, they mix a potion in the attic and finally face off with them, they later team with demons to defeat billie and christy and all of them end up summoning the hollow,
    this episode was really good, it sets up the stage for the finale, with christy, paige and phoebe dead, the final battle is over at least until they can all find a way to fix things and save their respective sisters
  • No prisoners!

    This is one of my favorite "Charmed" episodes of all time. It would be considered the calm before the storm, when the Charmed ones face off against Billie and Christy. Pheobe dumps Coop and Piper leaves Wyatt with her father, when he is kidnapped and rescued by his brother. The Halliwells absorb the horrible entity, the Hollow, at the same time as the jenkins. When the power of 3 is pitted directly against the Ultimate Power, the manor is obliterated, Paige and Pheobe are crushed, and Billie survives unlike Christy. Also, the angel of destiny brings Leo back! This episode was powerful and emotional, a series classic.
  • The major battle between, Christie and her sister, and the Charmed Ones. Things get intense! Such a sad ending!

    This episode made me cry at the end. It had so much tension and suspence going on! It was amazing! I absolutely loved it. IT's one of many Charmed episodes that make you HAVE to watch the next one. IT was just beautiful, Charmed to its greatest. Reminds why I watch this show, and read all the books.
    Because I wan't able to watch the few episodes right before I didn't understand why Billie and her sister were fighting the Charmed Ones, but it didn't matter because it was still great. I really think the best part was The Battle when they all have the Hollow, and fire it at each other. It made me sad to see the manor go down, because I loved that place as much as the sisters. Also when Piper woke up and found Phoebe dead, I strated crying. I did wonder why she didn't bother to figure out what happened to Paige. I would have also done the same thing and choke that little brat!
  • Biggest battle ever!

    This was the biggest battle of the history in Charmed!! The Charmed Ones would be a little stronger because there is 3 against 2! Except Billie and Christy had Wyatt. I knew they could trust those demons but then they got the Hollow which destroyed the Triad for good and killed everyone except Billie and Piper. Man Piper can pack a punch! She sure punched Billie hard and almost killed her. I don't blame Piper for doing that. Both of her sisters just died!
  • second last episode of charmed.

    the charmed ones are hiding in the underworld because billie and christy ruined their reputations.

    the charmed ones and billie and christy decide to use potions to kill each other but that doesnt work.

    demons are at phoebes apartment waiting for her and her sisters to come. they arrive but the demons put them to sleep and wait for them to wake up.

    when they do wake up the demons tell them that the triad are the ones who are planning everything.piper sees leo and decides to help the demons.

    both sets of sisters come to the conclusion that they must use the hollow to destroy ecah other.

    billie and christy take wyatt so that they can get the hollow and steal his powers.

    the charmed ones (infested with the hollow) go to kill the triad and then they go to fight billie and christy.

    the ultimate battle begins and giant beams shoot of of everyones hands.

    piper wakes up and finds phoebe dead. hears paige crying but it turns out to be billie.the angel of destiny returns leo and piper starts punching billie and trying to blow her up but leo tells her to stop and that there isnt anything here fot them anymore.

    the episode ends with a TO BE CONTINUED.

    this is 1 of the best episodes of charmed.

  • Great Episode

    I loved this episode!!! I liked how they used The Hollow to destroy the Triad once and for all. Also I liked how they finally explained how the Triad survived after being destroyed by both the Charmed Ones and Cole. I thought that bringing in the Triad was a good idea but I would have prefered if the Charmed Ones had found a way to destroy that thing once and for all. That thing is a menace but what I don't understand is how there was a spell to summon The Holllow and get rid of it. There shouldn't have been either. Well maybe it could have had a summoning spell but not one to get rid of it. The Hollow can only be gotten rid of by a being of good and a being of evil reading the inscription on the box and that didn't happen. I also didn't understand how come The Hollow left and flew back into its box once almost everyone was dead. It should have gone on to seek a new host and continue its thirst for power like it did last time. The Seer said that it wouldn't stop untill all was destroyed when the Source let it out but it did stop this time. I also don't understand why it left Billie and Piper. They weren't dead!!!
  • My first review :) The Charmed ones have to fight with their new found enemey "The Ultimate Power" of Billie and Chirsty, and in the most important battle yet only one sister from each family remain.

    This episode is deffintley one of the best episodes we have seen in a while! Chris gains his powers, Billie and Christy use Wyatt's powers against the Charmed Ones Christy, Paige and Phoebe die in the most awesome battle ever. And the best part in my oppinion was at the end when Piper was beating up Billie. This was deffintley had me jumping out of my seat and being excited on what was going to happen next! At the same time of all this excitement there was saddness when Phoebe and Paige both died. There was so much hope in my mind that Phoebe would wake up and they would find paige but unfortunately neither of those things happened. Only one more episode left and I miss this series so much! I wish it didnt have to end at season 8 :(
  • I haven't seen it yet but it looks really good! I think we are going to actually have some action that we haven't had in a very long time! :-)

    Well we all know its going to be a all out battle. Christy and Billie against the Charmed Ones. Who will win!?!? My bet the Charmed Ones, I mean who wouldn't think that they always do! It's going to be sad to see them go though! One thing I never saw coming though was them using the hollo, what was with that? They haven't used that since the source! *gasp* Thats some good writting... they haven't used that in awhile. My only thing was though, was how in the world did they get the hollo in to all 5 of them... not to realistic to what they did when the source was around to me. Anybody else agree or disagree?!?!
  • Filled my night with action and suspence

    This episode was so full of suspense after the last episode when they had been outted by Billie and Christy and forced into hiding because the magical community was against them, this episode takes the cake for ultimate action in this series. With the Jenkins; Billie and christy and the Charmed Ones; Phoebe, Piper and Paige all being consumed by the Hollow. When Billie and christy stole Wyatts powers I was shocked! Billie should've known right then and there that Dumain was tricking them. And then when the sisters vanquish the Demon and take his powers and then go after the Triad that was great you know they meant business! I loved the battle when they all didn't need to use potions because wow just wow the manor was a wreck and I was so sad when Piper found Phoebe dead in the rubble, I can only wonder where Paige was or even more what she looked like maybe she was completly gone but I was real glad that at least they killed Christy I only wished they had killed Billie too but then there wouldnt be another episode would there? Oh when Leo came back I liked how the Angel of destiny said the battle is over though not how i had expected.

    this ends my review
  • loved it

    i thought this was a excelllen episode, a brilliant battle and it made me cry. the ending was so sad when phoebe and paige were dead. it was so great to see Brian Krause back in the opening credits, and it was sad when Leo returned because he had no idea of what had happened just to find his wife injured and lying on the floor hugging her dead sister. i am glad christy is dead, shame that billie survuved though. it was very nerve wracking, and it was so sad to see the house blow up. i hope things are resolved next week. great episode, will be sad to see charmed leave
  • I think this episode which was the second to the final was very painful and sad to watch, especially towards the ending.Phoebe and Paige dying was just so hard to take.Billie and Christie taking little Wyatt's powers and using him to summon the hollow was

    I think Billie is quite silly for not seeing through her sister or seeing what her sister really was and what she was trying to do.I was preety upset when Billie took part in using little Wyatt to summon the Hollow. Banishing the Charmed ones from the Halliwell Manor Wow, that was funny.What pained me more was what happened with Phoebe and Cupid.After they finally got together she had to tell him to leave her.That part made me sad.Christie is just a demon.What is wrong with her.Dumain is sick. Little Chris being able to bring his bother back was very cool and Wyatt using his shield to protect him and his brother was very nice.The sisters killing the triad after absorbing the nexus was fantastic i thought no one was going to kill them and at the end Leo came back to Piper which was nice but it looked like he came back at the expense of all their deaths. But i really think that this episode was nice.really really nice.
  • Oh my god!! The best episode this season...maybe even ever!

    This episode rocked! The first 10 minutes may have been a little slow but after that I was completley hooked! The battle and the explosion were probably the best bits of special effects I have ever seen on this show!! Great to see they have finally decided to give Chris his powers and leave him to save Wyatt for a change!!! The hollow was absolutley fantastic!!! I mean WOW! From the moment they summoned the hollow I was on the edge of my seat!!! I hated Piper before, now I despise her! Get off Billie you fat b***h!! But that being said it did look pretty cool. I amen't a huge Leo fan but it was still great to see him back and not have Piper forget about Phoebe when she saw him. The acting was brilliant in this episode too! Especially from Kaley and Holly! I know I hate Piper but whenever she cries I have to cry along! I could almost feel the anger between Piper when she found Billie! The ending was great!! I really can't wait to see the last episode of this amazing TV show!!! GO CHARMED!!!
  • The best episode yet

    This episode was fantistic. It was grat from start to finish. Still cant belive Bille was having douths. Piper seening Leo as a ghost when she needed an answer to a difficult question was , how will I put it sad. i mean why did he cum back, why?????
    Manor exploding was utterly fantastic. I mean wow wow wow. Christy was a huge bi@th I men talk about desperate. Hollow part was gr8. Grate to see Pheobe finally having an active power hoe good. Best part of the whole thing was when Piper found Bille and strated to attack her. How grate was that to watch. I mean I know Im standing up for Bille most of the tyime but this was the best thing I have ever seen. Pipper laying into Bille and strangling her just utterly fantastic. But of course Leo the big fu@k had to interven and let Bille escape I mean if u say that u would obviously think ythat she is doing it for a reason. Hopefuly he will be less stupid and that the Final eposide ever is the best that it can possibly be.
  • This episode was filled with huge suspense the entire way through. You want action, it had it!

    I loved this episode, it managed to grip me right from the start.
    I don\'t want to go on and on, so I\'ll just say that my fave bit has to be when they\'re bot calling the Hollow. and then when they go into battle, you know that it\'s comign, but you still feel shocked when the whole Manor explodes.
    with Leo back, and Pheobe dead it\'s a whole lot of emotion for Piper, who takes it out on Billie. It was great.

  • Just a general \"what I think\" about the episode.

    Besides the final episode this episode is my all time favorite. This episode was so action PACKED. The ending really suprised me though. It was really hard to believe that Paige and Phoebe got killed. This was also the first time you saw the hollow take on that many people at the same time. My favorite part was the end when they all (Paige, Piper, Phoebe, Billie, and Christy) unleshed the hollow destroying the house. It also reveals that Piper and Billy are much stronger than I tought. Everybody involved in the explosion died except for Piper and Billie, now that is really hard to believe. Now action packed episodes like that keep me going.
  • Billie and Christy go after the most powerful magic and the Charmed Ones must make friends with demons in order to stop them.

    I am loving this!!! Leo is back!!! I hated that he wasn't in for a while. And I love that Phoebe must chose between love and her sisters again. I love that Billie and Christy are really that idiotic!!! Like the sisters haven't encountered this kind of dilemma before!!! LOL.
    Anyways, I love that Chris is coming into powers-might be a foreshadowing of the future....I'm weary on how Wyatt is so easily deceived, he was always much smarter than that. And Billie, she is still trying to figure things out. Coop expresses his feelings to Victor-AWESOME. I'm pretty sure Victor is thinking-"Oh, not again."
    The ending was sad. I know that the sisters have died in the past-but we all know that this is the season finale!!!
    There is no more episodes to come next season!!! So, hopefully Christy is dead too...:-)
    I am so glad for the previews after this episode-whew!!! I'm glad Leo is there to help Piper through all this. Hoping to see ole Coop again.
    I can't wait for the last episode. This will be a sorrowful ending to a great show!!
  • In one word, WOW!!!!!!

    This has got to be one of the best episodes of the show!
    From beginning til the end the episode was action packed, interesting to watch and fantastic.

    The show really got back on it's old track, the sisters are more powerful then ever with the Hollow inside of them and it was just great to see them fight evil again.
    Plus Leo is back!

    There is a downside though, if the Triad was SO powerful, the Charmed ones vanquished them pretty easily and the Ultimate Battle only lasted a minute or so. The writers could have let some demons help Billie & Christy so it would be more exiting and it would last longer, eventhough i loved the battle, it could have been done better.

    Overall this episode is a classic and is definitely showing Charmed at it's best
  • It's About Freaking Time The Show Gets Good Again!

    After being banished to the underworld by Billie and Christy, the Charmed Ones try to formulate a plan as to how to get rid of those pesky Jenkins girls, also known as the Ultimate Power. The Charmed Ones finally resurface and confront Billie and Christy at the Manor, and, after being duped by an astral projection of the duo, turn and face the real thing and escape before anyone is seriously injured-or dead(Shame, really-I knew those Jenkins pansies were trouble the whole time, really, I did). Paige, Piper, and Phoebe go to Phoebe's condo to regroup, and are met by two demons who are also out to get the Triad, making them an ally of the Charmed Ones, as they are working toward of stopping the Ultimate Power, and therefore, the Triad. The demons inform the sisters of the Triad's plans to use the infamous Hollow to stop the sisters, and they decide they need to get the infernal box before Billie and Christy do. Dumain, meanwhile goes to Victor's and convinces Wyatt to orb back to the Manor to, as Dumain puts it, "Save Mommy". When Wyatt appears, Dumain explains that they need Charmed power to summon the Hollow, and Billie and Christy hold his hand and summon the Hollow at the same time as the Charmed Ones and it goes into all five of the at the same time. Dumain has Billie and Christy steal Wyatt's powers, but, thanks to Victor's pleading, Chris, it would seem, comes into his powers and orbs his brother back into the playpen, safe from harm. Meanwhile, the final confrontation occurs at the manor, and due to the great powers held by all involved the house is demolished in a fiery explosion. Piper pulls herself out from under debris, and finds Phoebe, dead. A bit later, the Angel of Destiny appears, with Leo in tow, saying that it is done, although, not as she expected. Leo tells Piper that they can't stay here, there's nothing left for them anymore, and has to physically remove Piper from beating the crap out of Billie. The episode ends with her running away to find Christy, and "To Be Continued" appearing onscreen.

    Wow. It was such an incredibly great episode. I was surprised the writers had it in them, looking back on the sub-par episodes they have come up with this season. I can't wait for the next episode to see how this show is going to end.
  • A fantastic episode!

    This episode is exactly what i was looking for to contribute to the end of this current generation of charmed!

    Great well thought out storyline with bits and peices from their past, great new special effects and a untradional unhappy ending to boot!

    Some people are saying this won\\\'t be the last season for Charmed, but i believe it is (at least for the girls). Both in the last episode of the once planned ending of Charmed Season 7 and this episode. It is mentioned that the next generation of Charmed will take over from the girls, aka Wyatt, Chris and the other future planned offspring of the sisters and this is what i believe will be (if any) the next installment of our beloved Charmed).

    Charmed - The Next Generation.

    I like that concept!

    New people and a new setting (not Sanfransico) is exactly what is needed to bring a breath of fresh air into this fantastic genre whilst also allowing the girls special guest appearances so people can still see their favourite well loved charactors.

    I look forward to it personally! ;)

    Now back to this episode, i was hoping for a little more fighting between the Charmed ones and Billie & her sister, maybe some physical fights so it was a shame to only have 3 stand offs in the biggest battle of all time but the show stuck to his magical roots so i can't really complain, it was great.

    The ending was certainly not expected, at least if i hadn't of read the episode summerys here i wouldn't of expected it anyway! :P

    If you read episode 22's summery, you will find out that Piper teams up with Koop to use his time travel abilities (out of their designed love context) to change the events that lead up to the death of her sisters.

    I believe this will lead to the magically dismissal of Koop by the Elders for abuse of his powers and him becoming mortal like Leo, this way Phoebie & him can have a normal life just like Phoebie and her father wants.

    I can't wait until tomorrow!
  • in this episode the charmed ones sommon the hollow and so do billie and chrity, so the power splits up and now they are equaly as strong, they kill the trid and then go after billie and christie. but their powers are eqaul matched and the house gets blown

    i thought this episode was great! the speal effects were so cool! but it was also very sad to find out that pheobe is dead, but we don't know about paige or chistie, but billie is still alive. alsopiper got leo back so that was a plus. i cant wait to see what happends next! hope that they say something about prue, because that story was never finiched. i like everything about this episode, though pheobe should get her active powers back soon its almost over and piper should get another power we hardly ever see her freezing power anymore and her exploding power is rarly used. its time for a new power for her. even whyatt has more powers, they should have given chris powers faster thought, but better late than never! but it was still great!
  • Perfect, just perfect, that is all I can say. It was really nice to finally see some good special effects on this season. Kinda sad the finale is coming..

    WoW... speechless... i mean, this episode was well written, Brad Kern... i take my hat off to you man, you were able to bring back to life a show that was doomed. Who cares if the ratings havent been good, still.. Charmed is GOOD.. and for the past 8 years it has been filling our Thursday and Sunday nights with entertainment...

    This 8th season to me.. has been the best, because even though it's been rushed and all.. the writing improoved.. and it had suspense and intrigue.

    Looking forward for the series finale... even tho i actually think that leaving Phoebe and Paige dead would have been a great ending
  • part one of series finale.

    my comment on this episode:

    Oh, my gosh. I couldn't believe what I'm seeing here! In this episode, christy and billie got magic commiunty turns against the charmed ones to make them bad people.

    I knew that this must be triad's dirty work once again and I couldn't wait to see triad's reign has come to end for good time time and charmed ones finally did it! I clapped my hands so tearfully!

    but, the "forbidden" ones..the powers that charmed ones and bille, christy got. I knew that they were gonna kill each other like hell!

    After they got hurted, but not for piper's sisters. they all are dead, I closed my eyes and refused to let my tears comes out!

    I was very, very, very upset to see this! It was too painful for me to watch this episode! Now, coming this final episode ever..I will cried my eyes out for good and I think charmed ones had no choice but to destroy billie and christy for good.

    That's what I believe charmed ones will do it this time. I know piper will have to rewind the events that got his sisters dead.

    I'm very curious to know what will happening to them?! Will their journey comes to end and that there'll be peace at last?

    My fingers crossed for this!
  • This episode culminates in a showdown between the Charmed Ones, and Billie and Christie. The battle ends with everyone dying except for Piper and Billie. What is interesting here, perhaps not surprising, is that Phoebe chose battling demons over love.

    The episode begins just after the Charmed Ones went to the underworld after realizing that everyone in the magical community views them as evil. Once in the underworld, the sister's finds themselves fending off the demons.

    Meanwhile, Domain is in magic school addressing the spirits of the triad as to why the showdown hasn't started yet between all the sisters. While Billie and Christie are discussing the situation regarding the Charmed Ones, Coop materializes to ask about the location of Phoebe. It doesn't take long before he senses that there is a problem and quickly gets himself out of there.

    The Charmed Ones continue to figure out options for dealing with Billie and Christie and whoever is behind their actions. They ultimately decide to orb to the attic to get some potions ready for the battle. While in the house, Piper begins to see Leo's spirit emerge to give approval for the actions they are about to take. Coop shows up at Victor's apartment unexpectedly and Victor tells Wyatt to orb and sheild both Chris and himself from the intruder. Coop reminds Wyatt that they met at Paige's wedding when he sneaked some icing off of the wedding cake with Henry. Wyatt then lowers his sheild. Coop then proceeds to ask Victor about Phoebe and tells him that he is in love with her. Back at the manor, the girls go in search of Billie and Christie and find them about to throw potions at the sisters. Just when they are about to throw back at Billie and Christie, Paige realizes that they are just holograms of the real Billie and Christie. The real Billie and Christie arrive and, after some arguing, both sets of sisters throw potions at one another and it causes such an explosion that the Charmed Ones crash through one side of the house landing outside while Billie and Christie crash into the wall above the stairs. The Charmed Ones orb out and back to Phoebe's loft where they are thrown unconcious by awaiting demons. The demons want to take over the underworld but realize they can't with the triad in power. So they enlist the help of the girls to resurrect the Hollow--the great source of power protected by both good and evil--to eliminate the triad. Through encouragement from Dumain, Billie and Christy decide to access the Hollow. However, they do not have the power to do it alone. Dumain goes to Victor's apartment and manipulates Wyatt into believing he needs to save his mother, and talks him into orbing to Billie and Christie at the manor. After some convincing from Dumain and Christie, Billie talks Wyatt into holding hands with her and Christie while they say the spell to gain access to the Hollow. Both the Charmed Ones and Billie and Christie all say the same spell simultaneously in the Hollow can't decide which way to go so it goes to all of them. Before the Charmed Ones say the spell however, Coop finally locates Phoebe and the loft and she tells him that he has to leave her alone because she is so overwhelmed by everything going on that she can't deal with him right now. He is hurt and leaves. Back at the apartment, Victor is panicked because Wyatt is gone and can't get a hold of any of the sisters for help. Meanwhile, after Billie and Christie are taken over by the Hollow, Dumain drains Wyatt powers. At the same time, Victor asks baby Chris to play hide and seek with Wyatt and bring Wyatt back--it works. Shortly after, the Charmed Ones orb in to confront Billie and Christie, this time without potions. Each set of sisters uses the Hollow to kill the other and when all the power converges together it wipes out the whole house burning everything in sight. After which, nothing is recognizable anymore. During the explosion, all of the sisters went flying and it is discover that the only ones to survive are Piper and Billie. The angel of destiny appears and brings Leo back to life. Leo tells Piper that they have to go.

    I truly love this show. This is a fabulous episode and I can't wait to see how it ends. How will Piper save her sisters? I really want there to be a nice ending.

  • The Halliwell sisters take a gamble and use the Hollow as a way to finally take down the Jenkins sisters, who unknown to the Halliwells are also planning on using the Hollow.

    This is a great episode! This is the kind of episode that made me fall in love with Charmed in the first place! The action, the emotion, everything!

    But this episode really made me angry as well. What happened to Billie?? I'll admit, she was never my favorite character, but this took the cake. How could she turn on the Halliwells like that? Didn't she live and interact with them for months? And it only took a little bit of persuading to convince her that they were evil? How naive can one person be? And then to use Wyatt like that? To go along with a plan that uses a three-year old to lead to the death of his mother is just wrong. I can't imagine just how brainwashed you have to be to go along with that, even if it is your big (crazy) sister's plan. I was overjoyed when Piper started beating on her at the end of the episode and was really hoping that she would just blow her up. I can't think of a reason for the Halliwells to forgive Billie at this point. It's almost impossible to come back from that.

    However, on a lighter note, I loved the return of Leo! Not only were the little moments when he'd appear to Piper sweet, proving their awesome connection, but the end was so heart-wrenching! Piper FINALLY gets her husband back, just when she's lost both sisters. Great performances by Holly Marie Combs and Brian Krause.

    As much as I hate for it to be the last episode ever, this episode made me very excited for the next one.
  • after a long time that the 3rd season final rulled the top, came this episode and replaced it.

    without knowing how the show is going to end yet, i think that this episode is the series' best. it had everything in it - memories of past years, tribute to past moments and - the biggest battle of all.

    I cried my eyes out when phoebe died. the only time the show made me cry was when prue died, and even then, we as a viewers couldn't really be there after it happened. we had to hear about it in a non-direct way not being able to experience it ourselves.

    In phoebe's case we saw everything - piper & leo's agoney and pain, and afterwards - Piper's rage towards billie.

    The way the camera moved through the demolished house, serveying the wiji board from the 1st ep., the big clock from the 1st season final, and finally - the photo of piper and phoebe with their new half sister.

    This is the end of an era. for eight years the manor was our home, and now it is over.

    I'm really gonna miss the show.
    Do you think there is a chance for a movie ?

  • This time, like the last Season Finale, the sisters are (once more) forced out of the Manor, there is Victor, and there is an explosion. Take the 7th Season Finale, multiply everything by two and you get this episode.

    Since I saw this episode, everything I can do is thinking about it and expecting the finale :). Yeah, I'm not kidding: this episode was really great, compared not only to "Gone With The Witches", not only to the season 8, but to all "after-Source" seasons.

    Once more this season, I feel like this episode is somewhat blended from earlier episodes. But this time, the ingredients aren't just any eppys: this one reminded me "All Hell Breaks Loose" by it's insanity, "Charmed And Dangerous" (hi the Hollow) and "Something Wicca This Way Goes?" (Victor, kids, the explosion, risks of further exposure). These were all memorable in their ways, an this eppy is too.

    Both sets of sisters are finally OK with fighting with each other to death after the events of the last episode. While the Jenkins', Dumain and the magical creatures aren't around, the Haliwells orb back and prepare some potions. After some tense investigations, all five are reunited downstairs, where they use an identical potions at each other. No casualties, but Piper and Christy are hurt.

    While the Jenkins' still squat the Manor, the Halliwells orb to Phoebe's place only to be knocked out again, this time by Nomed, a demon who wants the Triad's demise and thinks the Charmed Ones could help. When Halliwells wake up and hesitate whether they have to help, a ghostly Leo helps Piper making up her mind. Nomed decides he and his friend should spy the Triad and their two protegées.

    What they learn is terrible: the Triad wants Billie and Christy to use the Hollow in order to gain power and destroy the Charmed Ones. The Halliwells decide they should try getting the Hollow before the Jenkins' do. While the halliwells look for the spell, Dumain manages to get Wyatt to the Manor so he could provide the necessary power to summon the Hollow. Both sets of sisters summon it in the same time, and it splits in five. Every sister is infected and gets new powers, as well as the ability to absorb these.

    After killing Nomed's pal and destroying the weak ghosly forms of the Triad, ultimately killing them, the Halliwells orb back into the Manor where the Jenkins' wait for them. After a short chit-chat, all of them blast energy rays. Colliding, both sets of rays create a big enery ball that explodes, throwing girls all around the Manor. It grows bigger, the Manor explodes and the Hollow returns to its chest.

    Piper wakes up in the middle of the debris, weak. She walks around, looking down, only to find Phoebe's corpse. The Angel of Destiny appears and brings Leo back. Then, Piper hears someone else. She shoves debris off a breathing and coughing body only to find Billie. Leo prevents Piper from killing her and says they have nothing more to do here.

    To be continued...

    That episode was great. Can't wait to see the Series Finale (yikes, that sure sounds weird ^^).
  • an amazing episode you can not miss one of the best in the series this episode is included in my top 10 charmed episode list it's great!!!!

    this episode had it all drama potions spells powers sisters this is one of the best charmed episodes ever and the final was amazing the best one i've ever seen if you like charmed don't miss this episode and please don't miss the last episode next week FOREVER CHARMED let's give charmed a great goodbye with very high ratings.
  • This is definetely a great episode, it was incredibly sad. Leo came back, but Phoebe is dead, and Paige seems to be missing. I cried definetely, it was the perfect episode, and it hurts more to know there is only one more episode left, then its over.

    Theres only one more episode left, and this one ended, with just one charmed one left. Piper. Phoebe is dead and Paige is apparently missing. I definetely cried when Leo came back, but it was hard to celebrate it, because we lost two that are deeply loved. I hurt for piper, shes went through the pain of losing one sister, now she lost two more. Its heart breaking. What is more hurtful, is the fact that there is only one episode left, and we'll have to say goodbye to the charmed ones forever. Honestly, I hope it ends happily.
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