Season 8 Episode 21

Kill Billie: Vol. 2

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 14, 2006 on The WB

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  • Not Brad Kern’s best work

    This was not Brad Kern’s best work. We’ve seen the Hollow unleashed before—in much more dramatic fashion. Neither the Charmed Ones nor Billie seemed conflicted about having to vanquish their friends. The scenes with Victor and his grandsons were cute—I’m glad Chris has finally come in to his powers. But all the excitement of the episode rested on the spectacle of the battle and the destruction, with very little attention to character development. It was great to see Leo again, but there was no buildup to an emotional reunion between him and Piper. His return could only seem mundane when juxtaposed with Phoebe’s death. I wanted more, and I expected more. Overall, the episode was disappointing.
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  • Kill Billie Vol. 2 Very interesting episode, very interesting acting and VERY INTERESTING REWIEV! Read it!

    Before I start I have to say that this episode was one of the best in all seasons. I really liked it.

    Firstly, I have to say that there were many battles, fights and other actions in this episode.
    What do we have in it?:
    1. Victor is back.
    2. Elise is back.
    3. Chris has got his powers (at least).
    4. Whyat talks a lot with everyone.
    5. The Hollow is summed.
    6. The House was blown up.
    7. Leo is back.
    8. Phoebe is dead, Page is missing.
    9. Piper !REALLY! wants to blow up Billie.
    10. Christy is missing.
    Oh, yeach all the battles were perfectly great! I liked the last battle and the potion battle in 8x21. Special effects were fantastic and powerful.
    I also like all Kern’s episodes. This is one of them. Brad is doing a very good job and I hope that he has written the best last episode ever of Charmed for us which many of you can see today, but I can’t because I can only watch it by downloading episodes.
    But there were some things that I didn’t like a little. For example, I don’t understand why we can’t see Henry in this episode. Paige was going to die and she didn’t say “GOOD BYE” him. We should see him in FOREVER CHARMED. Another thing that they used THE HOLLOW again. Why don’t the writers think about something more interesting or new powers. Anyway, it is not very important, I liked all HOLLOW things and how all the sisters summoned it.
    To sum up Kill Billie Vol. 2 admired me a lot! One of the best! I liked the whole episode, especially the final action. Let’s hope for wonderful ending of our favorite show! Good luck guys.
  • The best episode yet

    This episode was fantistic. It was grat from start to finish. Still cant belive Bille was having douths. Piper seening Leo as a ghost when she needed an answer to a difficult question was , how will I put it sad. i mean why did he cum back, why?????
    Manor exploding was utterly fantastic. I mean wow wow wow. Christy was a huge bi@th I men talk about desperate. Hollow part was gr8. Grate to see Pheobe finally having an active power hoe good. Best part of the whole thing was when Piper found Bille and strated to attack her. How grate was that to watch. I mean I know Im standing up for Bille most of the tyime but this was the best thing I have ever seen. Pipper laying into Bille and strangling her just utterly fantastic. But of course Leo the big fu@k had to interven and let Bille escape I mean if u say that u would obviously think ythat she is doing it for a reason. Hopefuly he will be less stupid and that the Final eposide ever is the best that it can possibly be.
  • The Halliwell sisters take a gamble and use the Hollow as a way to finally take down the Jenkins sisters, who unknown to the Halliwells are also planning on using the Hollow.

    This is a great episode! This is the kind of episode that made me fall in love with Charmed in the first place! The action, the emotion, everything!

    But this episode really made me angry as well. What happened to Billie?? I'll admit, she was never my favorite character, but this took the cake. How could she turn on the Halliwells like that? Didn't she live and interact with them for months? And it only took a little bit of persuading to convince her that they were evil? How naive can one person be? And then to use Wyatt like that? To go along with a plan that uses a three-year old to lead to the death of his mother is just wrong. I can't imagine just how brainwashed you have to be to go along with that, even if it is your big (crazy) sister's plan. I was overjoyed when Piper started beating on her at the end of the episode and was really hoping that she would just blow her up. I can't think of a reason for the Halliwells to forgive Billie at this point. It's almost impossible to come back from that.

    However, on a lighter note, I loved the return of Leo! Not only were the little moments when he'd appear to Piper sweet, proving their awesome connection, but the end was so heart-wrenching! Piper FINALLY gets her husband back, just when she's lost both sisters. Great performances by Holly Marie Combs and Brian Krause.

    As much as I hate for it to be the last episode ever, this episode made me very excited for the next one.
  • This story is a million times better then what they thought was the series ending last year.

    This is why I love this show. Thank you so much for ending this terrific series the way it deserves. I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for next weeks finale. LEO\'S BACK, YEAH!!. I just know Billy realized what she thought was the truth was all a lie and that she and her sister made a huge mistake. Chris is so small and he has such great power already getting Wyatt back home was great. Way to go Grandpa. I will miss this show so much, thanks for 8 great seasons with the best show on the WB.
  • Am I the only one that sees that they forgot about eight years of episodes? Well done but I wanted to see more, in fact, what about the story?

    I think that the two scenes of figth (the first with the potions and the big bang at the end)are great but the episode it's not just about that. Isn't it??

    The final battle was great, one of the best moments in the show!! I get so happy when a saw that great final!!! They have never do a thing so "huge". The special effects were fantastic and the idea of blowing up the manor!! Great!!
    That's why I have to give a 8 to this episode. And let's not forget about Holly, her job was remarkable! She is so lovely and she made a great scene!!! I love her!!

    But, the episode has 40 minutes to understand!!!! And the final is 10 only!!!
    First, I hate the idea of the demons helping them!!!
    It should have been a big sisters episode and it wasn't. The demons get too much atention! And they wasn't familiar in episodes before (I mean, in the seven season, when they work with Zankou, we knew Zankou and it was familiar) In the other hand! The scene with the potions is great but i expected more! Piper didn't blows up nothing!! Paige doesn't orb anything.... It has a great view but it could have been more!! I mean al least 5 minutes of figthing no??

    I have to say one more thing!!! I get so **** when we see Phoebe dead and... NOT PAIGE??? I seems like Paige doesn't exist and Phoebe is more important!I hate that (Even in the continuation Piper keeps talking about Phoebe... "I have to save Phoebe" and when she gets the ring to travel in time she says Phoebe again!!!! What about Paige???
  • Charmed Part one of the two final episodes, EVER! Let the battle of all battles begin with the sisters vs. sisters, that in this episode, ends a way, noone could have expected.

    Paige, Phoebe & Piper plan the battle against christy & billie, and both summon and take in The Hollow, most powerful over controlling power ever. The Last Battle begins, with a draw of power becomes too much, EXPLODES the manor, sending the five girls flying, after enough rubble has cleared, piper seems to be alive, and finds a dead Phoebe, Leo is finally returned to her as the destiny is fulfilled not as planned, but when Piper finds Billie alive as well, she makes her run away with her anger, What will piper do now? To Be Continued...GRAND FINALE NEXT.
  • Plenty of action, great acting, cool story, amazing special effects.

    This was one of the more violent episodes in the series that I have seen in a while.

    The body count in this episode was pretty surprising. Several people were killed who were not demons.

    One thing that is so surprising is that Billie still does not realize that her sister is really evil. This is one thing that seems to have been stretched further than suspension of disbelief can handle. Magic is one thing, but this degree of blindness is too much.

    The number of special effects in this one episode was staggering. The size of the special effects and makeup crew working on this series, especially this episode, must be staggering. It is kind of awe-inspiring how much labor goes into making a single 40-minute episode of a televised dramatic story.

    As far as buildups for a series finale go, this one was pretty good.
  • Charmed is going be missed no matter what!!!!

    In this episode I really dislike Billy but you know I guess thats the way its supposed to be I come on Kristy is save by Billy and the sister and this is how the sisters are repaid. Kristy got what she deserved and I\\\'m glad Billy eventually comes to her sences.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Can you tell I\\\'m out of thought man I suck. . . . . . . . .
  • wonderfully written,whoever thought of this.

    the girls are stucked in the underworld phoebe piage and christy are dead. its left for the two remaining witches billie and piper to save their sisters.
    they both end up summoning the hollow at the same time which spells for disaster. this episode was well written and plotted a good foundation for the finale for once the sisters are faced with real fights not only against evil but their own lives.
    i hope billie sees that christy isnt who she claims she is and that the sisters really care for her with the sole aim of fighting evil.
    simply expolsive. loved it cant wait to see how they survive from this
  • Well it seems Brads finally doing something right. He gave us the best episode we've had in a long time

    It seems Charmed is going to go out in the true lory it deserves. They did this episode with true style. The Manor exploding was fantastic and the battle was truly spectacular, if not a little short. A few plot holes ere and there but its Charmed come on we always knew they'd still make a mistake. Can't wait for the finale now
  • The penultimate episode and it rocks. Normally they are kind of a drag, but this was very good. The halliwells join with demons to summon the Hollow, and the jenkins kidnap Wyatt. Each is trying to defeat \'the enemy\'

    I like how in the end, it\'s not potions, its magic against magic. And how they both must be evil to be good. They both turn into what they are trying to beat.

    i think it is unrealistic that the jenkins\' would take wyatt. he is barely talking, would they really hurt him? well, they dnt HURT him but you know. (just an aside, previously when Dumain is trying to persuade Billie and shows a clip of Wyatt versus Chris, and says this is how he will turn out, err HELLO! he\'s is facing CHRIS! that surely makes up for it! at least chris is good! anway...)

    It is so much better than any other episode. Phoboe ends up telling Coop he has to wait, she is busy. Which is the story of her love life, being too busy trying not to die. Its a nice way to some up her recent subplot.

    Baby chris has powers (about time too). And the Hollow is back!

    NOw i like the Hollow, it makes everything more interesting. And i like how they use something from a previous series.It rounds it off nicely. NOw all they need is flashbacks.

    This is definatley the highlight of the series, if not the show. Better thought out and planned than the end of series 7, it is realistic and doesnt make you think \"yeh right!\" at the end.

    They have finally made an end worth watching, oh and the girl on girl fight? Piper on Billie, nice touch! when magic fails, its fist in mouth! cant wait for the next episode!
  • My views on Kill Billie; Vol. 2.

    This week\'s eppy was awesome! I cannot believe a battle turned out this way for the Charmed Ones! It didnt surprise me that Christy did turn out evil, as she had spent the bulk of her life with these demons, what else could she have learned? I still dont get how Billie could have been swayed by Christy\'s thoughts. The way the house got blown to pieces did not surprise me considering this was a big battle. How on earth could Billie want to use the child she once looked after to obtain power? I dont blame Piper for getting angry, the Charmed Ones save the world on a weekly basis, and the thanks she gets are her sisters being killed by a couple of teenagers.
  • No Way !

    At the end of this episode Phoebe dies (but is she really dead!?!?!)… I couldn’t help the tears when Piper was holding her body and telling her to breathe … She called her Kiddo!
    What I don’t understand is that why didn’t Piper look for Paige at all? It must have been really hard for her to find her sister like that but still Maybe Paige could have healed Phoebe if she wasn’t all dead yet.
    Something really good better happen in the next episode. I personally don’t wanna leave “Charmed” after 8 years and sad and tearful!
    It's not fair ... Phoebe was Great!!!
  • Pheobe...Paige...

    I loved this episode. I haven't really been watching this season, but now that I'm tuning in everything feels so helpless for the Charmed Ones. I love how they both channel the Hollow, and they have a big face-off of equal power. I think that it was a really good idea to destroy the Manor, which kind of symbolizes the sisters link to eachother, their past, and good. I mean, they grew up in that house, and now it has been obliterated. It is so sad when Pheobe and Paige die, although I wish we could see Paige's body. Now only Piper, the oldest sister, is left to finish up the season. It does seem a little predictable that she is going back i time again. They do that quite a lot. You know what would be great? If Prue came back to help them!
  • this episode is entirely magical,

    this episode is great i like when the charmed ones are in the underworld hiding from billy and christy the epiosde could be my favourite nearly its really really good and then it continues and its a bit confusing actually alot confusing but not as confusing as forever charmed i would love to go into the charmed thing where there filiming but it would not be the same as watching the tv you could see all the stunts and things like that anyway very good episode
  • Whoa! What just happened?!

    This episode was so exciting and the twists were non-stop> This was probabaly my fourth favorite episode of the series, numbers 1 2 & 3 being "Forever Charmed" "All Hell Breaks Loose" and "Charmed and Dangerous". "Kill Billie Vol. 2 was sooo great, I jsut did not think the writers would be able to pull off such an episode in which the Hollow makes a reapperance, and Paige and Phoebe die at the hands of Billie and Christie. This was probably the episode that really made me hope that Christie would not turn back to godd and that she would definitly die. I just doubled up on the hate I had for her and Dumaine for how they used baby Wyatt in this episode. The worst part of it was probably the final battle though, it was a little anti-climactic, I think there should have been spells, potions, running around, you know, the works, but all in all it was a terrific episode in my book.
  • Showcases the best and worst aspects of Charmed.

    Charmed is an absolutely incredible series, but this season, the story has been a little difficult to swallow. Alot of it was resolved in this episode, with (spoiler warning) the return of leo, and the defeat of the ultimate power, however, it also showed the preview for next week. I\'m sorry, but they should not have two ending episodes, which is basically what they are doing here. In this one, they win, but two get killed. In the next one, if I am watching it right, has the Charmed Ones going for the gold again, with a little future insight, neither the pair nor the trio win, and Leo doesn\'t come back.

    I sincerely hope that I am wrong about that. It would be the worst ending anyone could possibly think of.

    Anyway, the story was brilliant, the ending was horrible, and the preview leaves alot to be desired.
  • This episode starts off with The Charmed Ones in the Underworld. They are running from basically everyone. Billie and Christy are devising a plan. Eventually they meet up at the end and blow up the mansion. Phoebe is dead, Leo is back, and Billie is looki

    This episode was crazy. So much happened that was wild. I thought this was one of the best episodes ever. The Charmed Ones get infected with the hollow just like Billie and Christy. The fights between the sets of siblings are so powerful. I loved the end. They are summoning so much power that they blow up the mansion. Then Piper is the strong one who must not have gotten hurt as bad and finds Phoebe dead. I can't believe she died. Phoebe, the reasonable one, dead. I loved it when Piper thinks its Paige and goes "Wait...Billie" and then jumps on Billie. She starts punching her and Leo has to pull her off. Leo should have let Piper finish but the guy had no clue what was happening.
  • Wow! although =( for phoebe

    There hasn\'t been an episode this good since season 3 or 4 (I just loved it when the sisters went against the Source, and the Cole became the Source, then Cole getting escaping from the wasteland... I really liked Cole, it would be great to see him in the finale, though I\'ve seen the cast listing, and it doesn\'t seem likely)

    The episode had the old suspense I\'ve been looong missing, Leo\'s back, and with phoebe\'s death (and probably also paige) we still have to see how is piper going to fix that (I would probably try to ask an avatar for a favor, but that seems too easy, so it\'s unlikely to happen)

    There\'s a couple of inconsistencies (specially with the hollow, why did the charmed ones, knowing how the hollow works, didn\'t just wait to bee attacked, therefor absorbing the power) but with magic you have to cut\'em some slack.

    The really sad part is, there's only one more episode.
  • Another to be continued... wrrgh!

    It's kinda sad to know that there is only 1 episode left for the total demise of charmed! Long may it live in your dvd collection guys.

    What an episode, I am wondering if that is really the end of Phoebe and Paige, they cannot die like that, way too sad and not the best way to get rid of a charmed one either.

    At least all the loose ends are nearly tied up and neatly tucked away, shame really as there is always an ultimate power if it is not the Source or the Triad or whomever but it goes to show when it comes to ultimate power The Hollow is where you get it from.

    I will be watching my tv set in peace next week while I watch and enjoy the last episode... so for now... this is to be continued!!!
  • Billie and Christie are finally defeated but without a consequence.

    This was the best episode in the season! The first part of the episode was not really that interesting. But as the episode moved on, the story became more interesting. You can see the friction between the sisters. And who knew that the Hollow can be split up? I was so glad to see Leo back. The ending was so sad. Did the Angel of Destiny say that some of the Charmed Ones would not survive? This episode was just like "All Hell Breaks Loose", somebody died and there was this big battle in the end. I cannot wait to see the last episode. It should be a great series finale, I would be really disappointed because this has been one of the greatest shows ever. Don't forget to watch it, let's show our support for Charmed one last time.
  • the big battle: the first time. will we see it done another way?

    Well, I missed some of it cause of tv hoggin by evil people, but it was so sad at the end where Piper was searching for Paige and Pheobe.
    and, as much as i like leo, (and Billy sometimes) he should have let Piper KILL BILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    really, i mean, as much as the pictures posted on wpix and some of the local wb sites kinda give an idea of how it\\\'s donna end, but still, at least Billy should have gotten a good bashing.
    the line the angel of destiny said was interesting.
    from memory, \\\"this is not how i expected it to turn out\\\"(or similar)
    and chifthanger. evil.
    what i say was really great and i can\\\'t wait until the season final.
  • the charmed ones and billie and christey prepair for the final showdown. the potion fight leaves piper and christey wounded and then discover that they must take in the hollow in order to kill eachother then end result is finominal

    I think this was a really great episode, but some things were not thought out properly, i mean in the bug potion battle a huge firball is generated because the poition clashed in the middle of the room and all it did was throw the sisters thorugh the window and hurl billie and christey towards the staircase but wene we see them they dont have any burn marks on them even though a lot of fire was involved...... the final battle was on that I really injoyed, I loved the huge exploshion but was left gobsmaked at the remains of the manor . one thing that confused me was that if an exploshion happened in the middle of the night people would come to investigate all i heard was alarms and dogs and maybe a distant ambulance but what happned to paige and christey we never find out what happned tot them, and wene leo tells piper they have to go they end up leaving phoebes body lying there and they didnt have very many injureys considering the extent of the exploshion. although I really did injoy this episode even though it did have some flaws to it
  • OMG its truly AWESOME & easily BEST episode in Season 8 ! Definitely one of my favourite episode of Charmed ever ! Read more inside , ITS great =) Hehe...

    OMG , this episode is truly awesome ! It definitely best episode from Season 8 and one of my favourite episode of all time...

    1st all , Brad definitely save alot of money in this episode... This prove that he can still make really great episode of Charmed if he want to , it just he dont want or trying so hard... This episode do remind me of Season 3 - 4 episode , it has suspense , action , sad , and all even a bit comedy...

    2nd , all the girl looks and other stuff - its weird cuz all the girls can come to the manor again and changed clothes and everything just to look beautiful lol... I mean cant they just wearing their 8x20 clothes like in this opening episode ? Anyway , i dont think thats best deal , they all look great anyway.. I like when the girls got that Hollow thing and their eyes turn black , scary but fabulous just like the Source

    Phoebe - Im lovin u in this episode... Finally we see some strong quote and a bit emotion from her when she talked to Coop , i just love when she talked to him like that although she shouldn\'t yelled at him.. Coop didnt do anything wrong , is it just me or when one of the scene when The Charmed Ones throw that potion at Christy & Billie , i saw her double stunt face there ? or thats really her ? lol... And also , im sooo angry they didnt return her power even Empathy in this episode ! Could they atleast give her premonition back in this episode ? They are alot of scene where her premonition can worked etc like they could make her see Christy & Billie got the Hollow too , she died , the fightscene between them & The Jenkins sister or anything ? Stupid !

    Piper - You are amazing dude ! Haha lol , the last scene are awesome when u saw Phoebe died and starting to teared... Im thinking she can showed a bit more emotion but whatever , its still awesome ! But 1 thing that i dont like is her fake double stunt , i mean its obvious thats not her at the last scene when she attacked Billie ! After i realized its her double stunt , im not satiesfied cuz all im thinking is about her double stunt doing that not her (Piper) lol... But its awesome when she attacked Billie and trying to blowed her up , thanx to Leo she got away... ! I also think she could at least find Paige ! She dont know if she already died or not , im sad she didnt at least find her... But i do like when she thought that was Paige who making that noise and then found out its that ugly Billie lol

    Paige - She could at least tell Henry about her situation... But i guess Brad didnt make him appeared in this episode or previous episode (I hope next episode they showed Henry) , i cant really said much about her in this episode , theres not much... And i cant believe she said \'Maybe just give up ?\' in that Underworld scene lol ! Im glad she realized that was trap at the minor when Piper & Phoebe want to throw that potion =)

    Billie - Haha , im glad u got beated by Piper ! U should just die in that explosion ! You busted , Piper taught u well now u betrayed ! Why dont u just die ?!

    Christy - I really cant hate this girl much , but still u evil so im glad u died at the final scene haha ! Although u alive in the next episode again... Whatever... Lol

    Leo - Im glad Leo finally back and in the credit... But i dont like when he\'s hair short now while he actually frozen so he cant cut he\'s hair ! And why he always make that weird ugly monkey face when trying to be sad etc in that last scene with Piper & died Phoebe ? Hmm... You shouldn\'t stop Piper from blowed Billie ! But whatever , im just glad he\'s back again and in next episode also =)

    Coop - Hmm just like the previous episode in Charmed , u okey =)... Too bad Phoebe mad at u ? lol , i like the scene when he and Victor at the apartment.. Great in my opinion

    Victor - Haha really great quote and her scene really didnt waste in this episode... I like the way he talked at Wyatt about the card , and at Coop about Phoebe and some else..

    Wyatt - Lol , finally u talked more then 1 word... Its soo cute when u talked etc \'It wasnt me , its Chris\' lol... Too bad that Jenkins sister take ur power but he did got it he\'s power back after that last fight scene right ?

    Chris - He\'s growing up lol , and he has a cute smile and hair just like me haha.. And finally he got he\'s power now ! Yay ! And he orbed Wyatt home ! =)

    Dumain - I hate this ugly guy

    The Triad - Why they standing like POSING in one of the scene when The Charmed Ones want to killed them lol ? Anyway im glad they died and yeah i know in next episode they lived again lol...

    That 2 Ugly Demon - Annnnnooooying expecially that white guy... Blalala i dont care about u guys

    Power - WoooOoOooo we have some coool power in this episode ! Im glad we get to see the Hollow again... I like the Charmed Ones & Christy , Billie Hollow power in this episode ! Really cooooool ! And the way that demon throw that energy ball and the girls got it ? Priceless ! I love it when they throw 6 energy back at that demon back haha LOL ! But im sad its only potion now and noo kick ass action like they used to , Phoebe didnt even kick or punch somebody in this episode :(... The last scene are great when power to power scene ! Really really great and the way they showed the house explosion in details are great too ! But i really dont like they showed the house explode from up the house , looks fake ! And that siren car are sooo cartoon lol !

    Overall - All must fan must see this ! Its great and truly awesome episode ! Im just sooo sad that this Sunday theres only 1 last episode last ever *cry* , i dont know what i will after Charmed ends :(

    OMG i cant believe i type all that in 1 episode ? Lol , thats crazy ! And sorry about my english if yall dont understand
  • this episode the charmed ones are onthe run from billie cristy, both teams plan to destroy each other with their most powerful potion but they cancled each other out, deamons vist the charmed ones and make a deal they work together to destroy the triade

    omg this episode is one of the greatest it goes down with, \\\\\\\"something wicca this way goes,\\\\\\\" \\\\\\\"oh my goddess (1&2),\\\\\\\" \\\\\\\"centennial charmed.\\\\\\\" makes me want 2 watch, 2 bad itt ending makes me want 2 cry. butt itt was funny when piper punched billie, cause ive been wanting 2 do itt myself. but anyway this episode was great and will be watching the series finale \\\\\\\"forever charmed\\\\\\\"
  • the charmed ones are stuck in the underworld, while billie and christy have taken over the manner, the girls resurface and team up with demons to battle them, the charmed ones end up summnoning the hollow at the same time as billie and christy

    the girls are stuck in the underworld and fending off demons, they finally decide to resurface and leave the book of shadows at phoebe's apartment while they go to the manner to make some potions to confront billie and christy, they mix a potion in the attic and finally face off with them, they later team with demons to defeat billie and christy and all of them end up summoning the hollow,
    this episode was really good, it sets up the stage for the finale, with christy, paige and phoebe dead, the final battle is over at least until they can all find a way to fix things and save their respective sisters
  • The major battle between, Christie and her sister, and the Charmed Ones. Things get intense! Such a sad ending!

    This episode made me cry at the end. It had so much tension and suspence going on! It was amazing! I absolutely loved it. IT's one of many Charmed episodes that make you HAVE to watch the next one. IT was just beautiful, Charmed to its greatest. Reminds why I watch this show, and read all the books.
    Because I wan't able to watch the few episodes right before I didn't understand why Billie and her sister were fighting the Charmed Ones, but it didn't matter because it was still great. I really think the best part was The Battle when they all have the Hollow, and fire it at each other. It made me sad to see the manor go down, because I loved that place as much as the sisters. Also when Piper woke up and found Phoebe dead, I strated crying. I did wonder why she didn't bother to figure out what happened to Paige. I would have also done the same thing and choke that little brat!
  • Great Episode

    I loved this episode!!! I liked how they used The Hollow to destroy the Triad once and for all. Also I liked how they finally explained how the Triad survived after being destroyed by both the Charmed Ones and Cole. I thought that bringing in the Triad was a good idea but I would have prefered if the Charmed Ones had found a way to destroy that thing once and for all. That thing is a menace but what I don't understand is how there was a spell to summon The Holllow and get rid of it. There shouldn't have been either. Well maybe it could have had a summoning spell but not one to get rid of it. The Hollow can only be gotten rid of by a being of good and a being of evil reading the inscription on the box and that didn't happen. I also didn't understand how come The Hollow left and flew back into its box once almost everyone was dead. It should have gone on to seek a new host and continue its thirst for power like it did last time. The Seer said that it wouldn't stop untill all was destroyed when the Source let it out but it did stop this time. I also don't understand why it left Billie and Piper. They weren't dead!!!
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