Season 8 Episode 21

Kill Billie: Vol. 2

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 14, 2006 on The WB

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  • Two "Kill Billie"'s. Zero Results.

    After watching the penultimate episode of Charmed, I have absolutely no idea how Piper could ever forgive Billie for what she's done. She was let into their lives, became part of their family, moved in with them. And what did Billie do for them in return? Throw them out of their house, turn the entire magical community against them, steal Wyatt's powers, blew up their house and killed two of them. Yep, that's really forgivable.

    Kill Billie Vol. 2 sees the sisters exiled in the Underworld, determined to stop Billie and Christy, who are planning to steal Wyatt's powers. Piper, Phoebe and Paige eventually turn to The Hollow for help whilst, at the same time, Billie and Christy turn to it too. When The Hollow is unleashed on all five women, all hell breaks loose, leading to death and carnage.

    The first 30 minutes of the episode seemed to drag a little, with way too much talking and few decent scenes. But, as soon as The Hollow became a major part of the story, it completely rocked. The big battle between the Charmed Ones and the Bimbos was a spectacle to watch, but it was a shame most of it was revealed in the trailer.

    The blowing up of the Manor was an absolutely amazing scene. Visually stunning and featuring some jaw-dropping special effects, the shots of all the bedrooms blowing up followed by the actual house exploding was just too good for words.

    And what followed was possibly the best scene of the entire season, with Piper finding Phoebe dead, Leo arriving and Piper delivering Billie the ass-whooping she's deserved all season. I had read spoilers for the episode and the Billie-abuse was originally not in the script. I hope Holly Marie Combs (who was just amazing) just went crazy on set, started attacking Kaley Cuoco and the producers decided to keep it in the show. My god, that scene rocked!

    There were also some other great moments in this episode, namely Leo's return. I loved the quick appearances of him throughout the hour and it was awesome to have Brian Krause back for good at the end. It was also pretty neat that he wasn't just a guest star, but back in the credits too. I also loved the scenes between Victor, Wyatt and Chris, especially when Victor threatened to unleash Wyatt on Coop. I've always thought Victor was probably the most underrated recurring character and James Read always does well with his performances. Ooh, almost forgot, Phoebe giving up an opportunity for Cupid sex to be with her sisters? Who'd a thought it?

    Kill Billie Vol. 2 started slightly tedious but eventually became absolutely amazing toward the end. I'm hoping that with Leo back, Piper pissed, family members returning and Billie hopefully beaten to a pulp, we may get the finale we've always wanted. And the finale we've always deserved.

    Director: Jon Paré
    Writer: Brad Kern
    Rating: B+
  • OMG! This episode was a series classic! From start to end I absolutely loved it! I laughed, I cried, I gasped. Totally the best ending and cliffhanger ever! I thought All Hell Breaks Loose would never be rivalled in that department but I was wrong.

    Starting in the underworld after last weeks corker of an ending I thought the episode picked up pace pretty quickly, none of it seemed slow to me - we were already pretty much in the midst of the action. And how long were the girls down there for before they went on the offensive? In the scene where Nomed spoke to Elise they said Phoebe hadn't been reachable for weeks and hadn't sent in her colum in days so the sisters must've been playing "Survivor: Underworld" for some time.

    Something else they said was also odd, it seems more like the Triad are the real evil incarnate that are unvanquishable and the Source wasn't. It's a bit weird but I like it. Since we saw the Source in S3 he seemed more like a demon and less like an eternal evil. My take on it all is that the Triad is the real manifestation of evil but because they take time to resurrect they can't run the Underworld so the Source was created to lead instead. So "The Source" is more of a spooky title than anything, afterall when they vanquished the Source, all evil was clearly not vanquished and other demons were able to take his crown and name. That's just what I think.

    Victor was great in this episode! I am beyond thrilled that he has a relationship with his grandchildren, makes up for his utter lack of parenting with the girls. His frequent babysitting this year ("They're with dad" is the new "They're at Magic School") reassures that he will stay close like Chris was saying in "Hyde School Reunion", I hope he keeps that good relationship with them. I also loved his words to Coop about not wanting Phoebe to have to go through what Piper went through / is still going through with Leo. He's never been awfully pro-magic and I like that he's sticking to his guns on it and being all fatherly. And after copping it from Victor he copped it from Phoebe! Alyssa was fabulous in that scene and I was so glad to hear her say that her priority is her sisters, even if she is a little man crazy they come first.

    Billie and Christy, pawns though they are, were great again. I won't go into it but I totally ditto Snoopy Dance on how genius having the Charmed Ones fighting human sisters witches was. Nifty. I thought that their was some nice symmetry with The Charmed ones teaming up with a young generation of demons to win and the Triad teaming up with a young generation of witches to win. The whole succession vibe made the Charmed ones seem old hat and the Jenkins' pretty novel - in a "don't mess with us" kinda way. I loved their first confrontation, with the sisters blown out the window and the Jenkins' up the stairs. That was cool! And perecptive little Paige saw through their mind projection pan (which was actually pretty smart).

    Unleashing the Hollow was a nice bit of continuity. Some of the details were different but for the most part it was okay. The directing of the Hollow being summoned was cool, I hoped we'd get a Po3 spell too so I was quite happy! I guess that Hollow page was added by an ancestor after the events of "Charmed and Dangerous". But Billie and Christy! How low are they! Using Wyatt's power to kill his own mother and "hoping that someday he'll understand"!? WTF was that! Grrrrrr. I was happy when Chris orbed his butt back, pleased that he has powers and even more pleased that they are developing like a normal witch - none of this twice blessed "with every new day comes a new power" stuff.

    When they absorbed the Hollow things truly got interesting, the Triad was vanquished in spirit form which makes me wonder whether that equalls a permanent vanquish and the final battle got happening! Wowza! Totally awesome, as good as their Zankou battle and maybe even as good as the one with the Source. I loved their little standoffish banter beforehand and then all hell broke loose! The furniture was trashed, seeing the grandfather clock blow up for the last time was tragic. Seriously, that's when the tears started! And then went the girls flying backward all Charlies Angels-esque, then went Piper's bedroom, then the attic, then the whole manor! I totally lost it! I thought the sfx were all exceptionally good, the only one I thought was dodgy was the streetshot when flaming debri was falling but my mind was in such shock and awe that I truly did not care. Plus the budget of Charmed isn't huge, less so this season, so I was bloody impressed all in all. When it faded from black to the night sky and down to the ruins of the Manor I was still devastated, even moreso when I saw the spirit board and photo of my three favourite, leading ladies. I knew if anyone was gonna get up it'd be Piper and it was, tough as nails. When she found Phoebe I was bawling, especially when she said "c'mon kiddo, wake up". Holly's acting during this scene in particular was so great, when she cries I cry. When Leo then appeared I was so grateful, Billie wasn't dead but the ultimate power was broken more or less so they earnt his return. Then when he hugged Piper who was holding Phoebe it was a brilliant moment, the three season one originals together - dead, battered or recently frozen they were still together!

    Some people think it was wrong that Piper wasn't concerned for Paige but considering what she was confronted with I dare say Piper was just in shock and wasn't eager to go find Paige in a similar state to Phoebe. When she heard noises from the wreckage and it was Billie I saw red! What a troll! I frickin loved that Piper belted her one and tried to blow her up (I blame her aim on the overwhelming emotions). But Leo as per usual made her do the right thing and stopped her from being a killer. The manor exploded, her sisters dead, her rival still alive, Leo back and sirens coming was seriously the best ending possible, especially coupled with "There's nothing left for us here, we gotta go". Anywho "TO BE CONTINUED...", I can and can't wait till next week and the end of my favourite show.

    And so it looks like the Triad got what they wanted, both pairs of sisters are severed, they would've been able to return to power except, you know, VANQUISHED! Until next week where it looks like anything is game with all the time travel. Great trailer from the wb, I really hope we can pull 5 million. Everyboy get you friends to watch.

    All in all, this episode was the closest to a perfect episode in a good long while. I worship Jon Pare for his fabulous work on this episode and Brad Kern for proving he can still write a ripper of a Charmed episode. I hope he proves it all over again next week. Best episode of the season and one of the best this whole series. 9.9 outta 10. I can't give it a perfect 10 because of tiny things like Paige not contacting or at least giving mention to Henry (at least not on screen) and other stuff like that.
  • And we have LIFTOFF... as Charmed's penultimate episode climbs to an explosive climax.

    Wow. This is only the second 10 I've ever scored an episode of Charmed. The first being for "Its a Bad, Bad, Bad World" and the next likely being for "Forever Charmed." It is rare indeed when something called "the Ultimate Battle" actually lives up to that billing. This episode is tense from the beginning with the sisters on the run in the Underworld.

    The somewhat uncomfortable scene at The Bay Mirror could have be cut to leave time for a longer scene at the end, but it is possible that they wanted to give Alise one last scene in the series. The dark demon with the accent is an excellent actor and very effective in all of his scenes. His speech about the old guard of the Underworld being wiped out and the new guard not being ready to attack the sisters again until the next generation is a brilliant move by Brad Kern. In one short speech the perfect ending for Charmed, and the life the sisters wanted, is in sight and made possible, and it didn't take something irrational or spectacular to get there. All it took apparently was killing enough demons. Haha... Great touch with Leo appearing to Piper to help guide her. The subtle manner in which it was done was perfect.

    The scene in the beginning when Coop appears in the attic with Christie and Billy there is excellent. Billie nows believes killing the Charmed Ones is for the greater good. I don't see how, but at least she's there so we can get to the battle now. I love it when Victor goes off on Coop and tells him to buzz off. Good stuff. Very understandable.

    All the scenes involving the summoning of the Hollow are fantastic, some of my favorite scenes in the series, starting when Dumain appears with Wyatt and is talking to Billie. I love it when the camera flashes to the doorway where we see Christie come slinking in through the shadows. Christie is so sexy and evil with her perpetual pout, dark eyes, and obnoxiously shiny lip gloss. Using Wyatt to help kill his mother is a move that even Billie has a hard time accepting, but Christie is actually right on this time. They've gone too far to turn back now. "If we don't do what we have to do, they're gonna kill us." True dat. All the women once possessed by the Hollow are fantastically evil. I absolutely love the scene with Billie and Christie where they take Wyatt's powers. Billie looks even more evil than Christie, and I think this is the only time in the season when Billie actually looks hot. I love the lustful looks she throws Dumain before Christie tries to zap him. Great stuff!!

    Then, of course, we flash back to the sisters. Not sure what the Triad was thinking considering they last like 2 seconds against the power of the Hollow. I guess they couldn't "handle them" afterall.

    Finally, of course, we have the shocking and explosive final scene. Great faceoff with a few words for each actress, and then the power exchange with wind whipping up their hair, ending with the explosion that destroys the manor.

    Holly is as usual amazing in the emotional scene at the end. What a shocking and painful twist that must have been to those viewers of the original airing of this episode, with Paige and even Phoebe apparently dead. It was not as impactful on me since I already knew the plot of Forever Charmed before watching this episode. I knew Piper would go back in time to save her sisters for the finale. It is still a powerful and sad scene though. Like everyone else, I loved when Piper started beating up Billie.

    And Holly might have actually been outdone by Brian Krause in his return. Incredible acting, maybe his best of the entire series. He takes in the apocalyptic scene around him and the devastation and shock are immediately written on his face. Obviously it would have made more sense if they took a moment to look for Paige or explain why they didn't, but I can let it pass. It isn't like Paige wasn't mentioned since Piper thought Billie was her.

    Amazing episode that would have served as a great finale on its own. Fortunately, an even BETTER finale is yet in store.
  • Wow!!

    Thing was nothing like i thought it was going to be. Leo came back ! piper is the only one besides billie that lives! and wyatt poor wyatt got pulled into it !! I bet that in the last episode when piper goes back the charmed ones kill christy and pheobe ends up with coop leo and piper are finally back together and wyatt and chris also back with there family and paige peachy with henry. i cant wait to c it. i hope that billie becomes good and they dont have to kill her or the kill her b/c she tried to kill them. i cant wait . I LOVE THIS SHOW!!
  • A very special episode. Beware: Spoilers for this and the next episode.

    The ending to this episode is sad and it can make fans who love and missed Leo happy.

    I am not going to tell who what leds up to the end of the episode, you'll have to see that for yourself, but I will tell you the end. The Charmed Ones take in the hollow and so do Bille and Christy. Piper, Pheobe, and Pagie use their powers from the hollow to kill the Triad. That is good right? Right.

    Piper,Pheobe, and Pagie go to the manor and so do Bille and Christy. Each use their powers from the hollow against each other. The Charmed One VS Bille and Christy. When their powers meet, it blows up the manor and sends everyone flying.

    Piper is the first one to recover and starts looking for her sister. She finds Pheobe dead. Cue the tears. While she's holding her dead sister in her arms, the Angel Of Density appears with Leo. Leo is back. Cue tears of joy.

    Leo and Piper hug, Piper still holding her dead sister. She hears coughing and thinks that it's Pagie only to find out that it is Bille. She tries to kill Bille but Leo stops Piper and Bille runs off. By now it is obvious that Christy and Pagie are dead as well.

    Leo and Piper leave the destroyed manor and sirens are heard in the background as the screen goes black.

    The next episode and the very LAST episode of Charmed: Piper travels back in time to save her sisters. My spies tell me the episode covers 80 years in the girls' lives, from the 1970s to around 2050 with numerous stops in between.

    Cue tears again.

    What an ending! In terms of sheer power, this has to be the most spectacular climax in the whole eight years (surpassing even the mass vanquish in "Womb Raider"). Seeing Piper lamp Billie in the final scene just puts the icing on the cake. Well worth saving those pennies for, Mr Kern.

    After a surprisingly slow start, the action begins when the girls go up against each other with potions. Nice direction and excellent explosion. There's none of the despair we saw ahead of the battles with Zankou and the Source, just utter contempt on both sides. Love it!

    The scenes with Victor and the boys give some welcome breathing space, and I love the way Wyatt is woven so closely into the plot. Since the end of season six, he's been little more than a teleporting prop. And how cool is it that little Chris has found his powers at last? Shame it's so late in the day - it could have led to some good storylines.

    Twenty minutes in, the Triad decides to use the Hollow. This is inspired. From this moment on, the action literally explodes. Brilliant idea to have both sides summon the Hollow at the same time; the build-up during the chanting is fantastic. It's then just one stunning scene after another: the Jenkins stealing Wyatt's powers; the Charmed Ones throwing six energy balls back at the demon. Awesome! The showdown itself is breathtaking. Bolts of lightning, fireballs and then the Manor blown to pieces. One of the greatest scenes of the whole series. And what a cliffhanger to end with! Phoebe dead, Piper in tears and even the Angel of Destiny in shock. Nice to know there are some things even she cannot foresee.

    If there's one thing missing this week it's Henry. Since he and Paige got married we've barely seen him. By contrast, there's a lot of Coop. Not wholly sure why. Still, I did like that Phoebe told him to scoot off while she fought the battle. That's the Phoebe we used to know.

    Body count for the season stands at 93, comprising 89 demons, 2 darklighters, 1 wizard and 1 evil witch. For the second season in a row, only a minority (38) are vanquished by the Charmed Ones. Between them, Billie and Christy kill 27, while 25 are killed by other demons, 2 die of a virus and 1 is vanquished by Magic School students.

    And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Leo turns up. Good to have you back, mate.

    Score: 9.7
  • The big battle we all knew was coming.

    Of course this episode was intense, and of course it's all what we've been waiting for, and of course it was a great episode. The intensity of the whole thing grew pretty well throughout the whole episode, with some excellent scenes, but I still can't get over the way Billie was convinced by Christy to hate the Charmed Ones.

    Phoebe's talk with Coop was completely AWESOME. She laid it out like it is - she has no time for him, she cares about her sisters the most. Thank you Phoebe! That's the way it should be! The scenes with Victor were pretty cool too. It was nice how protective he was of his grandchildren. The summoning of the Hollow was a really good idea. It's nice to know that ultimate power wasn't truly passed on to Billie and that her and Christy actually needed help (Wyatt) to summon the Hollow, while the Charmed Ones were able to do it themselves. The deal with the demons proved pretty helpful - the demons wanted the Triad gone for good, and they needed help to do that. By gettting the Charmed Ones to use the Hollow, the demons got their wish, while the Charmed ones got power to stop Billie and Christy. It really seems like the Charmed Ones got a good deal there.

    Now the ending, that was probably the best part. The manor blowing up - wow. The manor has been such as huge part of the show, and the long-time home of the Charmed line, and just seeing it get destroyed, watching the pieces fall to the ground, was amazing. Then Piper finds dead Phoebe, and her reaction is so touching. Of course she forgets about Paige, which is sort of weird...but it also might be a sign that Phoebe means more to Piper and that they're really close, as they're true sisters. Oooh and when she found Billie, that was harsh. Ugh, why did Leo have to stop her from killing her?! Seriously Brad Kern, how can you not know we would have all loved to see that *cough* get blown up by Piper.

    Now, what really really makes me mad is - why the heck did Phoebe not have a premonition??????? I mean come on, way to make continuity 0. Phoebe has pretty much not even been a witch all freaking season. She's had nothing but premonitions about her baby issues all season, and to end the show with her not having one is beyond stupid. She'd seriously better have one somehow next week...

    Then once again, we got to see Billie acting like the retard she truly is. I can't see how she thinks it's okay to risk the life of a THREE year old boy, not to mention that he's the son of one of the three women who mentored her, just so she can supposedly stop the Charmed Ones from getting all power-hungry. She doesn't think she's even a bit evil for doing that? She has way too much trust in her sister, too easily forgetting all the Charmed ones have done for her. Also she blew off Coop's mentioning of the spell Phoebe was under just because Christy said he was lying. It sort of takes away from the believeability of the big battle when it seems like it never really should have ever happened.

    Overall though, a very good episode, with lots of drama and no stupid non-funny joke attempts which is what the show seemed to be putting emphasis on more and more the last few years. Sisterly bonding prevailed, and the big battle ended in the loss of life. Now we just have next week to see how it all turns out...
  • It is with episodes like this one that just proves to me they are making a mistake in taking this show off the air.

    I can't believe that Billy let them stoop that low and use Wyatt. Piper seeing Leo was great. It was like in seeing him it let her know if she was making the right choice but I wish it did not have to be at the expense of her sisters. I agree with another review: That in the end, the sisters will defeat the ultimate power and hopefully the triade as well without taking in the hollow. Prevent Wyatt from being used, get Leo back, Paige live happily ever after with Henry and Pheobe and Cupid get together. Hey if anyone knows who played that demon that was helping the sisters let me know, thanks. Charmed is one of the WB's better programing and it will be sad to see them go but maybe they will leave it some what open ended for the next generation of charmed ones (the brothers) and do a spin off.
  • Is that who i think it is....

    I\'m watching this episode and i\'m thinking that i really recognize the demon the Charmed sisters are working with. He looks really really familiar. I wanna say he\'s Ryan Kwanten from Summerland, but i\'m not sure. Otherwise this is a really great episode, yay for Leo being back. I cant wait til the series finale next week. And Chris, well, big Chris, is gonna be back. Yay! i missed him.
  • Mighty Impressive. What Charmed always should’ve been like.

    Action packed from start to finish, Kill Billie Vol. 2 is easily one of the best episodes of this season. All the sisterly confrontations were great and emotional, the special effects were stunning, the dialogue was great and the story itself really, really good.

    The acting was generally great, especially Holly was stunning throughout. The last scene in the blown up manor was min blowing and Brad Kern managed to surprise me and make something actually shocking for once. Who would’ve believed that he would kill off Phoebe?

    Phoebe and Coop’s storyline surprised me as well, as it was good and not unbearably cute as the romances of Charmed often are. It was realistic and sad; the way they always should be like. I loved Leo’s appearances and his reunion with Piper. It was such an emotional moment. I loved the introduction of the Hollow, as it’s always been an interesting phenomena. The guest stars were pretty good as well, and the demon didn’t make me want to kill myself, which is very unusual when it comes to Charmed demons. I also loved the presence of Victor. He’s always been a great character, and James Read is one of the best guest stars on Charmed.

    All in all, Kill Billie Vol. 2 surpasses its predecessor with giant steps and proves that Charmed still can make great episodes when the writers really want. It contained a fast pace, some great dialogue and some really shocking sequences. It also managed to make me really long for the Series Finale next week, which actually seems to be really promising.
  • Kill Billie: Vol. 2

    Kill Billie: Vol. 2 was a perfect episode and setup for the series finale of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome, well written, and full of magic, action and intrigue. It was fun watching the events unfold leading to a final showdown between Billie, Christy and the Charmed Ones. It was interesting that the Hollow was used again. The ending was pretty sad and I couldn't believe the aftermath. It was cool seeing the Angel of Destiny return what was lost. I certainly look forward to watching how the series wraps up in the finale!!!!!!!!!
  • No prisoners!

    This is one of my favorite "Charmed" episodes of all time. It would be considered the calm before the storm, when the Charmed ones face off against Billie and Christy. Pheobe dumps Coop and Piper leaves Wyatt with her father, when he is kidnapped and rescued by his brother. The Halliwells absorb the horrible entity, the Hollow, at the same time as the jenkins. When the power of 3 is pitted directly against the Ultimate Power, the manor is obliterated, Paige and Pheobe are crushed, and Billie survives unlike Christy. Also, the angel of destiny brings Leo back! This episode was powerful and emotional, a series classic.
  • Biggest battle ever!

    This was the biggest battle of the history in Charmed!! The Charmed Ones would be a little stronger because there is 3 against 2! Except Billie and Christy had Wyatt. I knew they could trust those demons but then they got the Hollow which destroyed the Triad for good and killed everyone except Billie and Piper. Man Piper can pack a punch! She sure punched Billie hard and almost killed her. I don't blame Piper for doing that. Both of her sisters just died!
  • second last episode of charmed.

    the charmed ones are hiding in the underworld because billie and christy ruined their reputations.

    the charmed ones and billie and christy decide to use potions to kill each other but that doesnt work.

    demons are at phoebes apartment waiting for her and her sisters to come. they arrive but the demons put them to sleep and wait for them to wake up.

    when they do wake up the demons tell them that the triad are the ones who are planning everything.piper sees leo and decides to help the demons.

    both sets of sisters come to the conclusion that they must use the hollow to destroy ecah other.

    billie and christy take wyatt so that they can get the hollow and steal his powers.

    the charmed ones (infested with the hollow) go to kill the triad and then they go to fight billie and christy.

    the ultimate battle begins and giant beams shoot of of everyones hands.

    piper wakes up and finds phoebe dead. hears paige crying but it turns out to be billie.the angel of destiny returns leo and piper starts punching billie and trying to blow her up but leo tells her to stop and that there isnt anything here fot them anymore.

    the episode ends with a TO BE CONTINUED.

    this is 1 of the best episodes of charmed.

  • My first review :) The Charmed ones have to fight with their new found enemey "The Ultimate Power" of Billie and Chirsty, and in the most important battle yet only one sister from each family remain.

    This episode is deffintley one of the best episodes we have seen in a while! Chris gains his powers, Billie and Christy use Wyatt's powers against the Charmed Ones Christy, Paige and Phoebe die in the most awesome battle ever. And the best part in my oppinion was at the end when Piper was beating up Billie. This was deffintley had me jumping out of my seat and being excited on what was going to happen next! At the same time of all this excitement there was saddness when Phoebe and Paige both died. There was so much hope in my mind that Phoebe would wake up and they would find paige but unfortunately neither of those things happened. Only one more episode left and I miss this series so much! I wish it didnt have to end at season 8 :(
  • A fantastic episode!

    This episode is exactly what i was looking for to contribute to the end of this current generation of charmed!

    Great well thought out storyline with bits and peices from their past, great new special effects and a untradional unhappy ending to boot!

    Some people are saying this won\\\'t be the last season for Charmed, but i believe it is (at least for the girls). Both in the last episode of the once planned ending of Charmed Season 7 and this episode. It is mentioned that the next generation of Charmed will take over from the girls, aka Wyatt, Chris and the other future planned offspring of the sisters and this is what i believe will be (if any) the next installment of our beloved Charmed).

    Charmed - The Next Generation.

    I like that concept!

    New people and a new setting (not Sanfransico) is exactly what is needed to bring a breath of fresh air into this fantastic genre whilst also allowing the girls special guest appearances so people can still see their favourite well loved charactors.

    I look forward to it personally! ;)

    Now back to this episode, i was hoping for a little more fighting between the Charmed ones and Billie & her sister, maybe some physical fights so it was a shame to only have 3 stand offs in the biggest battle of all time but the show stuck to his magical roots so i can't really complain, it was great.

    The ending was certainly not expected, at least if i hadn't of read the episode summerys here i wouldn't of expected it anyway! :P

    If you read episode 22's summery, you will find out that Piper teams up with Koop to use his time travel abilities (out of their designed love context) to change the events that lead up to the death of her sisters.

    I believe this will lead to the magically dismissal of Koop by the Elders for abuse of his powers and him becoming mortal like Leo, this way Phoebie & him can have a normal life just like Phoebie and her father wants.

    I can't wait until tomorrow!
  • The Final battle between good and evil the charmed ones vs Christy and Billie

    In one word Fantastic!
    Everything was great in this episode.

    I have only one negative point. I don't get why Wyatt so easily let his shield down for the demon.
    Also why went the hollow not in him??? Only in Christy and Billie, is this because he doesn't said anything?

    Already in the beginning of the episode the Charmed ones and Cristy and Billie threw poisons to each other. Christy and Piper get hurt. After this the Charmed ones decide to summon the Hollow, so that they get a great power. Christy and Billie also do this but they need Wyatt for this.
    Then there is the final battle and they try to destroy Billie and Christy with the powers of the Hollow. The Manson gets blown up and the only survivors are Piper and Billie. The Angel of Destiny brings Leo back. And then the episode ends with: To be continued.

    In the promo video and text of next and last episode of charmed they say Piper, Leo and Coop go back in time to save Paige and Phoebe! So I’m looking forward for the series final of Charmed!!!
  • Greatly done girls. Spoilers!

    This was quite an action packed episode. The only thing I didn't like is Henry wasn't in it! It starts out with the Charmed ones in the underworld, which was kind of fun. We don't see them down there too much for a long period of time. The first little battle with the potions was great too. I loved the effects. Great that Christy was the one that got hurt. She's really beginning to annoy me. I have a feeling that Billie might end up killing her before it's all over with (since we all know that Piper is going back in time to fix what happened at the end of this episode). It was great to see Leo again. And even better, the boys!! Wyatt is talking now! Finally! I love how Chris is coming into his powers before the series ending. Him orbing Wyatt back to Victor's place was great. I also love the protectiveness that Wyatt seems to have over Chris (ie: putting the shield up when Coop came in and when Dumain came in). I loved seeing Coop again. Victor's reaction was expected, he just does not like magical beings. I have a feeling Pheobe was telling Coop to go away for his own safety because we all know now that they love each other. Billie and Christy using Wyatt was just plain wrong. The kid is 3! That was wrong, wrong, WRONG! At least he was ok thanks to his little brother orbing him out of there (at least I'm assuming that was Chris since his powers were consumed by the hollow). I liked how the girls (Billie and Christy) turned on Dumain when they were infected with the hollow. Then of course, the Charmed ones are infected with it. And so ensues the major battle. The manor blowing up was done greatly! And the shots of after the explosion were great too. Piper being alive is great, but her finding Pheobe was heartbreaking, "Breathe kiddo". But at least she gets Leo back. It was only right that Leo would of course have tears in his eyes seeing Pheobe dead like that. I loved the rustling in the background and Piper gently handing Pheobe to him, "Hold her" and calls out for Paige, only to find Billie. I love how she jumped on her and attacked her, but what would have been even better is if they had showed Paige's body (assuming she is dead, I think she is) next to Billie to trigger the jumping, killing reaction (although Pheobe dying was definitely enough to do it). The ending was awesome, "There's nothing left for us here". Can't wait till next week. I hear the whole family will be around (yay Drew Fuller and Wes Ramsey!). Yay! More Grams!!
  • In this episode, the Charmed ones have to defeat the Ultimate Power: Billie and Christy, all of them summon the Hollow to help them and end up in a huge battle in the end

    This is by far one of my favorite Charmed episdoes of all time. It was amazing from start to finish! Finally, the Ultimate Power is defeated, but at what cost? With two sisters dead, I am anxious to see what Piper does to cope and help the situation. In the previews show at the end of the episode, Piper is seen going to the past to, well we're not quite sure what, but we can assume only to stop her 2 sisters dying. Although Leo comes back for the last few minutes of the episode, the happiness is short lived when they have to leave everything after the house is blown up and the only thing left for them are their children....series finale next week!!
  • This is a good review. Please read.

    I just finished watching this episode and let me just say, wow! Ok, I\'m going to break down the episode and tell you what I think. Billie and Christy using Wyatt to unleash the Hollow, that was bad. Don\'t use that poor, little, sweet boy to do something so evil. I was so glad to see Chris and to see how much he\'s grown. Well, back to the Jenkins sisters, I don\'t like them and I\'ve never liked them. I could tell though that Billie still has good inside of her. Christy is the full-blown evil one. I felt sorry for Coop. All he wanted was Phoebe\'s attention and she was nowhere around. It was great when he came to Victor\'s place and told him how much he was in love with Phoebe. Piper began to see a ghostly Leo calling out for her.
    By the way, if you are reading this and haven\'t seen this episode yet I would suggest to stop reading right now. I don\'t want to spoil this episode for anyone. Ok, now for the biggie. Piper, Phoebe and Paige took in the Hollow. Billie and Christy also took in the Hollow (which I didn\'t know could be spread throughout five people.) They all gathered at the house. Billie and Christy shot fire at the sisters and they shot back (with what looked to be like energy beams that elders use.) The house blew up. Then you saw Piper coming out from under all the rubble. Piper then sees Phoebe unconscious and tries to wake her up. See then sees the Angel of Destiny forming in a glow. And then you see Leo. He runs to Piper. She then realizes its really Leo. After a few tears, Piper calls out for Paige. When she thinks she sees her she realizes its Billie. Piper is so angry and tries to blow her up. Not knowing that Billie is evil now, Leo tries to stop Piper from killing her. Billie gets away and the episode leaves you with Piper and Leo standing in the rubble of the Manor.
    I can\'t express how sad it was to see the Halliwell sisters defeat the Jenkins sisters the way they did it. And now they’re going to have to live with the consequences. The preview for next week says that Phoebe and Paige are dead. I was thrilled to see Leo, but I wish he had been in the episode more. I can\'t believe there is only one episode left. It’s going to be so sad next week. I love this show and I don’t want to see it end.

  • Explosive

    The Halliwells make their way through the Underworld, holding the Book of Shadows. Meanwhile Dumain reports to the Triad that things are underway and all going according to plan.

    Christy checks in with Billie, who has sent the remaining magical elements home. Billie still has doubts about her “destiny” and Christy suggests they use vanquishing potions against the sisters. Coop arrives and Christy lies to him about what happened, and that they don’t know where Phoebe is. He mentions Phoebe was under a spell before taking off, and Billie wonders since that confirms Phoebe’s claims.

    The sisters vow to continue despite Paige’s concerns and they agree to fight Billie and Christy no matter what. Demons appear to attack them and they flee. Another demon named Nomed shows up at Phoebe’s office and suggests to Elise that Phoebe’s absence is cause for concern. He then then talks with his cohort, Zohar (neither of them is named on-camera) and wonders why the Halliwells are hiding in the Underworld, and suspects the Triad.

    Victor Bennett is taking care of Chris and Wyatt when Coop teleports in. Victor threatens him with Wyatt's powers, until Coop gets Wyatt to drop his force field, proving they're on the same side. Coop wonders where Phoebe is and Victor is reluctant to talk to him. Coop admits he’s in love with Phoebe and asks Victor to say his name to summon him when he finds Phoebe.

    The Halliwells have sneaked into the manor and are working on a potion. When they’re finished they go through the manor until Billie and Christy find them with their own potions. It turns out that Billie astral-projected herself and Christy to fool the Halliwells, then the real Jenkins’ sisters show up and they throw all their potions simultaneously. Christy is hurt and Piper is seriously injured, and Paige orbs them out to Phoebe’s apartment. But Nomed traps and knocks them out, and asserts he needs them as much as they need the demons.

    The Halliwells wake up and Nomed reveals the Triad are back and responsible, and he needs their help to kill the Triad for “personal reasons.” He adds that the Charmed Ones destroyed the old guard (the most powerful demons in existance), and up until they were destroyed the younger generation of demons have been unable to take power. They won't be able to pose a threat until the next generation is ready. Piper considers the matter and for a brief second notices a ghostly image of Leo that no one else can see. Piper agrees and the demons fade out back to Magic School. Billie is there tending to Christy’s wound and Billie is still worried. Dumain shows up to find out how they’re doing and then meets with the Triad. They say they need the Hollow, an uncontrollable power that Good and Evil both banished and drove the Source insane, and that Dumain can get the power to acquire it.

    Back at Phoebe’s apartment, the Halliwells are preparing for another battle when their demon allies appear to brief them on the Hollow. Piper determines they need to get the Hollow first. Coop arrives and Phoebe quickly pulls him aside. Unfortunately for Coop, Phoebe is overwhelmed by everything and makes him leave, breaking his heart in the process. Coop leaves and Phoebe goes back to tell them to go ahead with the plan.

    Victor is getting the kids ready for a bath in the next room when Dumain appears to get Wyatt and Chris, who protect themselves with Wyatt's shield. Dumain persuades Wyatt to orb back home where Billie is there. Dumain then arrives and tells Billie they must use Wyatt’s power to summon the Hollow.

    As the Halliwells try to figure out a way to control the Hollow, the demon warns that the sisters must destroy not just the Jenkins sisters but the Triad as well to eliminate the main threat. Leo appears again to Piper alone and she says they must go ahead with the plan.

    Victor is trying to contact the Halliwells while Billie yet again expresses her concerns about using Wyatt, and Billie once more reassures her they have to kill the Halliwells first. Billie finally gives in again and they prepare the spell while the Halliwells cast their spell to summon the Hollow at the same time. The Hollow splits and all five sisters have absorbed the Hollow. Victor tries to convince Chris to take him to Wyatt.

    Dumain orders Billie and Christy to take Wyatt’s powers and they do so. But Chris orbs Wyatt back to him and Billie and Christy attack Dumain, who makes a hasty escape. The Halliwells turn on the demons and the Nomed escapes using Zohar as a diversion. Then Zohar throws an energy ball at Pagie when it hits her the glow of his powers go into Piper, Phoebe, and Paige. Then Piper, Phoebe, and Paige throw 2 energy balls (one from each hand) at Zohar vanquishing him in the process.

    Dumain goes to the Triad and warns that the Jenkins can’t be controlled, but the Triad are unconcerned. The Halliwells arrive and obliterate the Triad then orb to confront Billie and Christy at the manor. They open fire on each other, but their power is now evenly matched. Their fire blasts and energy beams meet halfway, and the power is building, shooting out in all directions and devastating the manor. The energy goes critical, sending all of them flying. The manor explodes, causing the Hollow to return to its containment.

    In the fiery aftermath, Piper digs herself free and finds Phoebe’s corpse. And also Paige is dead but her corpse is not shown. The Angel of Destiny appears and summons forth Leo, who goes to Piper. The Angel of Destiny declares the battle over, although “not as she expected,” and then departs. Piper hears someone crying thinking it's Paige (who is dead) but finds Billie and attempts to blow her up. Leo pulls her off and Billie runs to find Christy (who is also dead) and Piper tries to blow her up as she's running. Leo says there’s nothing left for them and they have to go...
  • The Ultimate Battle begins!!!!! Both groups of sisters take in the Hollow. Only two survive!

    I couldnt blink my eyes! This episode was great. I think Billie knew something was wrong about the whole situation but she was so relieved that she had her sister back that she didn't bother to ask questions! I was a little upset that after the house blew up Piper & Phoebe were showed but where was Paige? I think that Piper seeing Leo was a sign for her to trust the demons and not to worry about them for now! You would think that 3 against 2 that the Charmed ones would of one!All in all great episode.
  • This episode shows us what Charmed is really about. Sisters bonding and kicking ass! (Though in this case it's something non-demonic, making the struggle to fight them so much harder.) With Leo back it makes my heart jump with joy and for me to crave the

    The pivitol moment of the show is near the end when both set's of sisters duke it out: causing the Manor to explode, sending Pheobe to death, and Christy and Paige to disappear. Piper's left alive to have Leo broguht back to hear and one of the Angel's of Destiny to say, "The Battle is over, though not as I expected."

    You can't really say this plot has been used before, even though the Source used it with in the fourth season. The Hallow was used differently this episode, and shown with more destructive power than is did previously.

    Alls I can say is that the this episode has become one of my tops, and I crave for the last episode ever!
  • A brilliant fantastic episode!

    Forced to hide from Christy and Billie, the Charmed Ones find themselves stuck in the Underworld. Meanwhile, Leo appears to Piper and offers demonic approval; Coop searches for Phoebe; Christy & Billie resort to a new plan to stop the Charmed Ones.

    This is exactly why I watch \\\"Charmed\\\", the special effects were brilliant, the acting, the writing! Hugley entertaining - brilliant!
  • 2qwtfcyuhi

    I liked this episode a lot, but I think it was kind of over-the-top. I don't think with all the that the charmed ones did for Billie that she would ever try to kill them. However I was ecstatic that Leo cam back. He was always my favorite and I was heartbroken when he left. Although his coming back was bitter sweet because paige and phoebe were killed in the battle. But he came back to help guide Piper through the right way to end the battle so it was all good. I just wish Christy wasn't such a jerk. :)
  • one of the most explosive, exciting episodes of charmed. SPOILERS!

    although the pace is slow inbetween once it gets to the big conclusion you will believe it was worth the wait. the special effects are amazing and look extremley realistic. not as good as season three's finale but then again no episode of charmed is. it is still extremley enjoyable. some of the best bits may be - when the halliwells face b and c and they all throw potions towards eachother and collide causing a huge fire ball explosion throwing them all through windows and banisters. and when they have the final confrontation with energy beams and fire beams causing the biggest explosion on the show blowing the MANOR up!!! utterly fantastic, extremley enjoyable.
  • The end is near...

    Here is another great episode from Charmed, but sadly it's almost over. In the secod-to-last episode, The Charmed Ones are forced to hide out in the Underworld. But they can't hide forever, when the demons find them and force them out of hiding. The Triad tells Billie and Christy to use The Hollow against The Charmed Ones, who are seeking help from two unlikely allies--two demons who want The Triad gone for good and convince The Charmed Ones to get The Hollow before Billie and Christy do. Leo appears only to Piper and encourages her to take their help. Billie uses Wyatt to get The Hollow, and Billie and Christy get it the same time as The Charmed Ones. The Charmed Ones kill The Triad and return to the manor, where Billie and Christy are waiting. Their powers clash, and causes the manor's destruction in a huge explosion, killing Christy, Phoebe and Paige in the process. The Angel of Destiny returns Leo to a destroyed home, and meets up with Piper. Billie escapes, and Piper and Leo leave.
    Overral, this was a really great episode. It starts off good and climbs up to great with the final ultimate battle that will leave you breathless.
  • The Charmed Ones’ fight for their lives against Billie and Christy as both sets of sisters prepare to release the Hollow

    This episode was probably the best of the season in terms of excitement. Brad Kern did a good job of leading the season towards this point and the season’s arcs really paid off in the final few minutes.

    However saying this the episode dragged slightly. There were many short pointless scenes in the first half hour where nothing much happened. The scenes with Dumain and the Triad did little to advance the plot and Billie reluctance to kill the sisters, made worse by the poor acting from Kaley Cucuo, made the episode drag. Many of the lines were very poor and even laughable. However there were some good points. The scenes with the boys and Victor were so cute and I liked the idea of the sisters wandering the Underworld. The scene with Victor and Cupid was very amusing. I love that Victor is now becoming use to Wyatt’s powers enough to tell him how to act. Victors protectiveness over his daughter is also very sweet to watch.
    The demon that the sisters allied with was actually kind of interesting and well played. Although it does kind of annoy me how the demons seem to know so much about the sisters lives. If I were them, I would be very freaked out!
    The apparitions of an expressionless Leo were excellently done, coming only when Piper needed guidance. The fact that he was dead-pan added to the effect therefore making it not seem corny.

    The second half of the episode however was much better. The pace really picked up especially when the sisters decided to release the Hollow. The abuse of Wyatt’s powers in this episode was actually a surprise to me, but a good move on Dumain’s part. It seemed a little strange however that Wyatt was not affected seeing as it was his powers who summoned the Hollow.
    We then see that baby Chris (who is so adorable!) is coming into his powers as hinted at earlier in the episode. He manages to summon a now powerless Wyatt back to Victors.

    Once the girls have separately called for the Hollow, we then get to see the final showdown between the sisters although the effect of this is ever so slightly lost as they had a similar fight earlier on but with potions. The special effects in this scene are amazing and really make an impact. The explosion of the manor is skilfully done, especially when we see remnants of the manor scattered amongst the debris. Holly put in an awesome performance in this scene and I loved the return of Leo. Pipers crazy beating up of Billie was highly deserved although hitting her with debris would’ve been more effective so it’s a shame they didn’t do this!

    Favourite bits:
    Leo’s return and Brian’s return to the opening credits. I’m so glad they did this instead of listing him as a guest star, as it wouldn’t have been right.
    Victor’s and baby Chris’ appearances. Good to see them as they are frequently mentioned but never seen
    Piper’s kick ass attitude towards the Jenkins. Very appropriate and successfully pulled off by Holly
    Chris’ powers. He totally deserves them especially as he is about 2 now.
    The manor blowing up. If this was the finale it would be a fitting end to Charmed

    Goof and nitpicks:
    Coop. How pointless was he in this episode?
    Billie’s wavering attitude. Come on, pick a side already!
    Piper’s lack of voiced caring about the boys. She has left them with a powerless Victor who was unable to stop the Jenkins from taking Wyatt’s powers. Piper should’ve have maybe thought that they might be in danger
    The Hollow- I’m sure that in Charmed and Dangerous the Source needed the box itself to summon the power. Also Piper said that they have a spell to expel the power but in Charmed and Dangerous it was shown that they needed a good and evil force to read the inscription on the box. Whilst what is in the book might be the inscription, I doubt that they had a chance to copy it down!

    Overall a great episode with an ominous end “To be continued…” Charmed looks to be ending on a high!
  • The Charmed Ones and Billie and Christy both try to find succesful weapons to use against the opponents. Both settle on unleashing the Hollow which leads to a disastrous battle.

    The penultimate episode of Charmed satisfied me. It featured some excellent acting, a well written story (Brad Kern actually has it in him) and memorable moments that rank among Charmed's best.

    Rik Young did an excellent job as the British demon of the week, though the plotline seemed slightly misplaced; why should we, with everything else going on, care that some demons are fed up with the Triad and want them dead? Victor Webster continues to annoy me, and luckily there's only one episode left for him to influence. His popping up in the middle of the suspense was such a downer, and luckily Phoebe did not think 'It doesn't matter that we are facing the greatest battle ever, love is paramount' like he wants her to think. Take a hike, Coop!

    Though the storyline was not Charmed's finest, it worked. The final scene with the exploding manor was mindnumbing, and I'm very happy that Kern had Piper be the surviving sister, seeing as Holly Marie Combs is and has since season 4 been the definite anchor of the show. Holly Marie Combs was beyond good in this episode and shone in every scene she was in.

    I hated, however, that Billie was actually talked into using Wyatt for her own personal gain. She is planning to kill his mother and then she dares use him to do it? Where the hell did her moral go? On the other hand I liked that Christy more than ever seemed brainwashed and unreasonable.

    Piper finding Phoebe's corpse in the ruins was heartbreaking. I just needed one little thing. She should have whispered Prue's name, like calling for help. That would have made the scene perfection, especially as we are facing the end, but obviously in the hands of Brad Kern that is hardly likely to happen. Much better to act like Prue never existed. It thrilled me that the Angel of Destiny had not expected this outcome; it made it appear as though there's actually free will in the Charmed universe and that absolutely everything isn't controlled by the whole destiny crap.

    And of course it was nice to see Brian Krause again. Bring on the finale, Charmed.
  • the charmed ones are stuck in the underworld, while billie and christy have taken over the manner, the girls resurface and team up with demons to battle them, the charmed ones end up summnoning the hollow at the same time as billie and christy

    the girls are stuck in the underworld and fending off demons, they finally decide to resurface and leave the book of shadows at phoebe's apartment while they go to the manner to make some potions to confront billie and christy, they mix a potion in the attic and finally face off with them, they later team with demons to defeat billie and christy and all of them end up summoning the hollow,
    this episode was really good, it sets up the stage for the finale, with christy, paige and phoebe dead, the final battle is over at least until they can all find a way to fix things and save their respective sisters
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