Season 8 Episode 21

Kill Billie: Vol. 2

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 14, 2006 on The WB

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  • OMG! This episode was a series classic! From start to end I absolutely loved it! I laughed, I cried, I gasped. Totally the best ending and cliffhanger ever! I thought All Hell Breaks Loose would never be rivalled in that department but I was wrong.

    Starting in the underworld after last weeks corker of an ending I thought the episode picked up pace pretty quickly, none of it seemed slow to me - we were already pretty much in the midst of the action. And how long were the girls down there for before they went on the offensive? In the scene where Nomed spoke to Elise they said Phoebe hadn't been reachable for weeks and hadn't sent in her colum in days so the sisters must've been playing "Survivor: Underworld" for some time.

    Something else they said was also odd, it seems more like the Triad are the real evil incarnate that are unvanquishable and the Source wasn't. It's a bit weird but I like it. Since we saw the Source in S3 he seemed more like a demon and less like an eternal evil. My take on it all is that the Triad is the real manifestation of evil but because they take time to resurrect they can't run the Underworld so the Source was created to lead instead. So "The Source" is more of a spooky title than anything, afterall when they vanquished the Source, all evil was clearly not vanquished and other demons were able to take his crown and name. That's just what I think.

    Victor was great in this episode! I am beyond thrilled that he has a relationship with his grandchildren, makes up for his utter lack of parenting with the girls. His frequent babysitting this year ("They're with dad" is the new "They're at Magic School") reassures that he will stay close like Chris was saying in "Hyde School Reunion", I hope he keeps that good relationship with them. I also loved his words to Coop about not wanting Phoebe to have to go through what Piper went through / is still going through with Leo. He's never been awfully pro-magic and I like that he's sticking to his guns on it and being all fatherly. And after copping it from Victor he copped it from Phoebe! Alyssa was fabulous in that scene and I was so glad to hear her say that her priority is her sisters, even if she is a little man crazy they come first.

    Billie and Christy, pawns though they are, were great again. I won't go into it but I totally ditto Snoopy Dance on how genius having the Charmed Ones fighting human sisters witches was. Nifty. I thought that their was some nice symmetry with The Charmed ones teaming up with a young generation of demons to win and the Triad teaming up with a young generation of witches to win. The whole succession vibe made the Charmed ones seem old hat and the Jenkins' pretty novel - in a "don't mess with us" kinda way. I loved their first confrontation, with the sisters blown out the window and the Jenkins' up the stairs. That was cool! And perecptive little Paige saw through their mind projection pan (which was actually pretty smart).

    Unleashing the Hollow was a nice bit of continuity. Some of the details were different but for the most part it was okay. The directing of the Hollow being summoned was cool, I hoped we'd get a Po3 spell too so I was quite happy! I guess that Hollow page was added by an ancestor after the events of "Charmed and Dangerous". But Billie and Christy! How low are they! Using Wyatt's power to kill his own mother and "hoping that someday he'll understand"!? WTF was that! Grrrrrr. I was happy when Chris orbed his butt back, pleased that he has powers and even more pleased that they are developing like a normal witch - none of this twice blessed "with every new day comes a new power" stuff.

    When they absorbed the Hollow things truly got interesting, the Triad was vanquished in spirit form which makes me wonder whether that equalls a permanent vanquish and the final battle got happening! Wowza! Totally awesome, as good as their Zankou battle and maybe even as good as the one with the Source. I loved their little standoffish banter beforehand and then all hell broke loose! The furniture was trashed, seeing the grandfather clock blow up for the last time was tragic. Seriously, that's when the tears started! And then went the girls flying backward all Charlies Angels-esque, then went Piper's bedroom, then the attic, then the whole manor! I totally lost it! I thought the sfx were all exceptionally good, the only one I thought was dodgy was the streetshot when flaming debri was falling but my mind was in such shock and awe that I truly did not care. Plus the budget of Charmed isn't huge, less so this season, so I was bloody impressed all in all. When it faded from black to the night sky and down to the ruins of the Manor I was still devastated, even moreso when I saw the spirit board and photo of my three favourite, leading ladies. I knew if anyone was gonna get up it'd be Piper and it was, tough as nails. When she found Phoebe I was bawling, especially when she said "c'mon kiddo, wake up". Holly's acting during this scene in particular was so great, when she cries I cry. When Leo then appeared I was so grateful, Billie wasn't dead but the ultimate power was broken more or less so they earnt his return. Then when he hugged Piper who was holding Phoebe it was a brilliant moment, the three season one originals together - dead, battered or recently frozen they were still together!

    Some people think it was wrong that Piper wasn't concerned for Paige but considering what she was confronted with I dare say Piper was just in shock and wasn't eager to go find Paige in a similar state to Phoebe. When she heard noises from the wreckage and it was Billie I saw red! What a troll! I frickin loved that Piper belted her one and tried to blow her up (I blame her aim on the overwhelming emotions). But Leo as per usual made her do the right thing and stopped her from being a killer. The manor exploded, her sisters dead, her rival still alive, Leo back and sirens coming was seriously the best ending possible, especially coupled with "There's nothing left for us here, we gotta go". Anywho "TO BE CONTINUED...", I can and can't wait till next week and the end of my favourite show.

    And so it looks like the Triad got what they wanted, both pairs of sisters are severed, they would've been able to return to power except, you know, VANQUISHED! Until next week where it looks like anything is game with all the time travel. Great trailer from the wb, I really hope we can pull 5 million. Everyboy get you friends to watch.

    All in all, this episode was the closest to a perfect episode in a good long while. I worship Jon Pare for his fabulous work on this episode and Brad Kern for proving he can still write a ripper of a Charmed episode. I hope he proves it all over again next week. Best episode of the season and one of the best this whole series. 9.9 outta 10. I can't give it a perfect 10 because of tiny things like Paige not contacting or at least giving mention to Henry (at least not on screen) and other stuff like that.
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