Season 8 Episode 21

Kill Billie: Vol. 2

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 14, 2006 on The WB

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  • The penultimate episode and it rocks. Normally they are kind of a drag, but this was very good. The halliwells join with demons to summon the Hollow, and the jenkins kidnap Wyatt. Each is trying to defeat \'the enemy\'

    I like how in the end, it\'s not potions, its magic against magic. And how they both must be evil to be good. They both turn into what they are trying to beat.

    i think it is unrealistic that the jenkins\' would take wyatt. he is barely talking, would they really hurt him? well, they dnt HURT him but you know. (just an aside, previously when Dumain is trying to persuade Billie and shows a clip of Wyatt versus Chris, and says this is how he will turn out, err HELLO! he\'s is facing CHRIS! that surely makes up for it! at least chris is good! anway...)

    It is so much better than any other episode. Phoboe ends up telling Coop he has to wait, she is busy. Which is the story of her love life, being too busy trying not to die. Its a nice way to some up her recent subplot.

    Baby chris has powers (about time too). And the Hollow is back!

    NOw i like the Hollow, it makes everything more interesting. And i like how they use something from a previous series.It rounds it off nicely. NOw all they need is flashbacks.

    This is definatley the highlight of the series, if not the show. Better thought out and planned than the end of series 7, it is realistic and doesnt make you think \"yeh right!\" at the end.

    They have finally made an end worth watching, oh and the girl on girl fight? Piper on Billie, nice touch! when magic fails, its fist in mouth! cant wait for the next episode!