Season 8 Episode 21

Kill Billie: Vol. 2

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 14, 2006 on The WB

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  • Magical Face Off

    In this episode things turn a little more darker for the sisters. Bille betrays them and joins up with her sister Cristy completely corrupted by evil. Both of them overtake both the Book of Shadows and the Hallowell manor. The Hallowell sisters have to retreat and go to certain lengths to fight both Bille and Cristy.

    This episode had both heartfelt and emotional drama and at the final moments a lot of intensity. It was interesting seeing a few of the conversational moments. From the campfire all three of them are contimplating where their lives are going and what they want out of the future. Obviously one of the main things, which we here thoughout the show is the common need for commitment to someone they love and raise a family. But also wonder if they will be able to defend humanity from evil at the same time, or very long for that manner. All three sisters look like they want to hang up their guns, possibly for good. Sure being a superhero can be fun, but soon like any job it can start to feel sometimes or most of the time like a liablity, puting their lives on hold. There was even one short moment when Pheobe and Coop talk. And of course Pheobe has to break Coops heart for his own good, to get him out of the line of fire. Although you can tell from her Pheobe's sad look she really wanting to talk to him more, spend at least a sufficant amount of time with someone she loves before going into battle.

    Some of the most interesting interaction was Bille with Cristy. We easily see Bille is a good guy but unfortunately is fighting for the wrong side. Bille knows that what their doing doesn't feel right but unfortuantely she is both confidantly and concienciously week vunerable to manibulation, so she can't see though her sister's lies conciously or allow herself to think for herself. The final conflict was very exciting, just seeing the sisters showing up at the front door of the bad guys lair you knew they ment business, and of course they just fired on the Triad. All I can say was these guys had it coming. Down to a battle where the Hallowell sisters versus the evil duo in a power war. It was supprising seeing the manor blew up, but even more shocking and sad know who lived and died. I didn't mind Cristy died, she was just asking for it. I was very sad that both Hallowell sisters Phoebe my favorate character in the show and Page both died.
    It was exciting seeing Piper completely anger when she saw Bille survived and she physically hit and strangled Bille and also tried to blast her but missed. The war has been won but with dire cost.
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