Season 7 Episode 18

Little Box of Horrors

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2005 on The WB

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  • Pandora's Box in the Hands of Buff, uh, I Mean, Hope!

    Cameron Litvack continues to fulfil his title as the best writer on Charmed with this brilliant episode.

    Little Box of Horrors features the sisters attempting to stop a deadly, shapeshifting, leather-clad villainess called Katya from opening Pandora's Box and unleashing misery on the world. The sisters attempt to find Hope, the guardian of the box who is the only one who can protect it from Katya.

    The idea of Pandora's Box is intriguing and it's surprising that it hasn't been used on the show before. The guest stars are mostly excellent, in particular Shani Pride as Hope's best friend Darcy. Brooke Nevin is slightly annoying as Hope and her performance just grates on you.

    The constant shapeshifting hijinks throughout the episode are entertaining. I fell for it two times throughout the episode, once when Katya shapeshifted into Nina and again when Paige shapeshifted into Hope to rescue Darcy.

    Little Box of Horrors felt a lot like a season one episode. The storyline was standard of back then, with the sisters teaming up to rescue an innocent. It was good to re-visit this strand of storytelling as it hadn't been utalised for a while now.

    This is definitely one of the best episodes of season seven with a healthy mix of thrills, comedy and twists.