Season 7 Episode 18

Little Box of Horrors

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2005 on The WB

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  • Chapo!!! A 10 episode! There has nothing nothing bad!!! It's so great! The camera job, the acting, the music, the effects, the story...

    There nothing wrong in this episode!

    The story is great: Well Written and fabolous, it has a very interesting drama, the surprise scenes... The acting: Piper and Paige where so great in this episode!I love the scene with Paige Leo and the Elder, Rose knows how to do it!! we feel the pain!! "I've asma...""FANTASTIC" a great escene when she did that! And I loved the acting of Nina and Hope, they both did a great job!

    The "behind the cameras" job was so great aswell: The effects were so good: When the minion troes the fire call to the box (I love that scene)the "smoke" from the box in the underworld moving in the air,and the vanquish of Katia was kinda knew...

    The Camera Job was perfect: The scenes in the underworld were so great (I loved when katia trows Hope's Friend into the dark of the cave how it si shown) And, Last but no least, the music was awesome... You have to listen this episode so loud!! The music when Hope "meet" Pandora Box is really perfect!!

    I love it so i give it a big 10!! You must see it!!
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