Season 6 Episode 9

Little Monsters

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2003 on The WB

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  • An alright one.

    So after Paige spent a year condemning Cole purely because he's a demon, regardless of his actions, she doesn't care now about labels. While I thought Chris is a bit cold about the idea of vanquishing a baby, but i hated how naive the girls are again about Chris's warnings. Should at very least consider what to do with the baby! Why does nobody care that Chris wants to protect Wyatt?

    Back when Leo was their whitelighter they'd be the ones doing the research and they actually wanted to know what they defeated, even after the fact. Now they could NOT care less and Chris is the one doing the research, writing the spells, mixing the potions and if he's lucky they'll show up to use it.

    But I do see where Piper comes from, the idea of blowing up a baby is pretty horrendous. And he looks so cute. The fact he knows how to use his powers though is creepy. Just because he's a baby doesn't mean he won't mature over night or start killing at age 2, they don't know how demon babies grow up.

    Although the two babies were adorable and trying to separate them and they keep orbing or shimmering to each other.

    And Jason going to Rome is kind of bad timing but he is a massive business man and he just bought another business. So yes while it's suspect timing it's not like it's unbelievable that he has to go away. And Phoebe acting like it's all about her and her little slip up and that he's a pig now is kind of annoying, understandable I guess but annoying.

    Once again Paige's issues with being adopted were annoying. It's a demon baby, not an actual baby. I believe what Leo said, that he's predisposed to evil and while he may not grow up evil it'll be like an alcoholic swimming in alcohol. And Paige isn't defensive of the child she's defensive of herself and it's over the top.

    I did like this episode though. Interesting story and demons. And I liked the beast, I may have shipped Derek and Piper for a couple minutes there. And the baby shimmering into the stroll was cute.
  • Demon's First Baby

    Charmed manages to wrangle up a very watchable episode, one that even has a moral quandary for the sisters to battle over at its core. Its Manti-core. (I'm too good sometimes.) While the sisters don't neccessarily take the issue of killing a new-born, demonic child as seriously as you'd expect, what with the majority of it playing out as though they're arguing over who has to get up off of the couch to change the channel, it's still a mildly entertaining piece of fluff, and actually establishes Paige's growing need for independence much more effectively here than any episode so far this season. It's a tried and tested maneuver to pit Paige against her sisters, and it still manages to effectively generate the slice of drama we do get here.

    Props should also be given for having actual demons show up and kick a little arse. There's always a tiny, geeky part of me that enjoys whenever a badass demon shimmers in and hands the sisters their bruised behinds on a plate. The Manticores were pretty nifty lookin', I just wish more was made of them. But not to fret, because we're also treated to a demonic Beauty & The Beast metaphor, and a little hunchback to boot. The switcharoo mishap was actually really well done, with Paige and Phoebe thinking that they were rescuing Piper from her captive, when in fact they were delivering the baby right into the hands of the bad guys.

    At the end of the day, Jason is still on this show, so this was never going to be a perfect episode. And what day is it this week? Cos Leo and Chris are best pals again. Whitelighters, eh?
  • Little Monsters

    Little Monsters was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. magic, and intrigue. It was awesome to see the sisters be torn over helping a demon baby, and I liked the way it all played out. There was a lot of action, drama and intrigue over the child. It was awesome for Piper to connect with the father and to learn that he only wanted the best for his baby. I liked how it all played out and i certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Demon Baby One More Time!


    Little Monsters-After vanquishing a Manticore demon, Piper, Phoebe and Paige become foster parents to its orphaned half-breed infant but upon Chris' plea to vanquish the child, they believe that by raising the child with love they can change its destiny. Meanwhile, Phoebe surprises her boyfriend Jason when she responds to feelings he hasn't expressed yet, and Paige gives Darryl a superpower.

    Wow. Where did this come from!? Seems like there's some life in a so far lifelless Season 6 as "Little Monsters" delivers a surprisingly dark and complex episode. Sure, we've had episodes with abandoned babies and demon babies before, but the writers to manage some great questions: Should the sisters really vanquish the Manicore baby just becuase it was born a demon or should they save it giving it a chance to grow up and become good? The whole "nature vs. nurture" argument is nothing new but it's used rather well on Charmed with the sisters arguing over what the baby's fate should be. I also liked that they tied the baby with Wyatt making the baby's true nature more of mystery, since Wyatt doesn't defend himself against the baby, doesn't that mean the baby's good or could this possibly be the demon that Chris has gone back in time to protect Wyatt from? The there was Phoebe's empathy which she didn't sense anything from the baby. This is the kind of moral ambiguity that's missing from Charmed of late and made Season 3 and 4 the thought-provoking seasons they were. It's good to see the writers bringing up a threat that really blurs the line between good and evil.

    I have to say, it's about time we got some demonic looking creatures again on Charmed. It's seems all the budget hasn't been wasted on bad CGI after all. The Manicores looked creepy and the fact they ate and harvested demons made them even more menancing. The Beast was pretty awesome looking and the fact he turned out to be not only an innocent but the father of the baby was a nice twist. The scenes between the Beast and Piper were touching and broought some depth to the story. It's been a while since we've had some well developed innocent with sympathic backstories. Sure we had Larry in "Soul Survivor" but compared to the early years, innocents just come and go now, instead we just have the sisters being put under silly spells or defeating stupid villains not worth talking about. You actually feel sorry for the Beast (who we later learn is a human and name is Derek) Derek really seemed like a genuine man and possible ally for the sisters (maybe even a love interest for Piper for the rest of the season?) But he never returns and it's a shame considering he's such a well developed character. There are two sub-plots in the episode and their actually not that bad. Paiges gives Darryl invinciblity to stop a criminal, which is pretty hilarious. It's kinda cool seeing Darryl with powers, not to mention enjoying it. The sight of his destoryed office trying to control his strength was priceless! Then there's Phoebe telling Jason "I love you too" and despite Phoebe having an Urkel moment at the start of the episode, both Alyssa Milano and Eric Dane finally show some sweet chemisty in their scenes for once and that last moment where he tells Phoebe "I love you too" was a nice line ender. All and All, 'Little Monsters" is a solid episode with a strong, layered (for Charmed anyway!) plot with dark moments andgreat character development.

  • Interesting Episode!

    I can't believe Charmed ones killed the baby's mother. But, why mother attack them for ??? Mother shouldnt do it! Charmed one had no choice to kill her to protect themself! Derek/Beast tried to find his son and finally got him back in the ending of this episode. Derek became human once again!! Derek looks so cute and hot. I love his hair, curly!! I kind HALF agree with Chris because baby is dangerous "evil". The baby might have genetic of evil. We never know. I love when Chris wants to protect Wyatt from Demon come close to Wyatt to turn him to evil! Great Episode!
  • Nature or nurture?

    A much better offering than of late, "Little Monsters" centres on a demonic but very human looking baby which the Charmed Ones take into their care. If this sounds like a remake of the Season Two episode, "Reckless Abandon", don't worry. It isn't. It's a lot better.

    Two sets of baddies seem to be after the baby: a pack of cannibalistic demons and a mysterious hunchback 'beast'. When Piper is kidnapped by the beast she and her sisters end up making some very different choices. It's a clever storyline which keeps you guessing all the way. The only weak point is the explanation of how Derek became the beast. He claims he made a few potions and these changed him but how could he make potions if he wasn't magical to begin with? Hmmm.

    For once, the demons actually look like demons. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to see this. They even have demonic feet. Top marks to wardrobe and make-up! The vanquishes are also good, particularly when the beast rips out the heart of one of the manticores.

    Chris and Leo seem to be joined at the hip this week, orbing together and agreeing on every point. While this is all very cute, I much preferred it when they were fighting. Wyatt and his new friend were good value. Loved that thing with the dummy. For the first time on the series, Darryl has a wholly separate subplot, in which Paige makes him invincible. It's fun to watch but a wee bit pointless.

    Very occasionally, Charmed raises some genuine moral issues and this turns out to be one of the best. When the baby shows up, Chris's first thought is to vanquish it but Paige reasons that it isn't yet evil. I'd like to think Paige is trying to make amends for the way she judged Cole so harshly but I'm probably giving the writers too much credit. Still, it's a good talking point, particularly with what's around the corner....
  • Entertaining baby demon episode.

    The sudden arrival of a baby demon that brings danger into the Halliwell manor was an interesting plotline that kept me interested in the episode from the beginning to the end.

    The episode had a good plot, scenes filled with both danger and comedy, cuteness (Wyatt and demon baby scenes) and it told the touching story of a man who was willing to become deformed only to get his baby. It is amazing how much someone would do to protect their own.

    The Jason and Phoebe scenes were also nice, I'm glad their relationship is lasting this long. I'm also glad there's always someone with different advice, that being Chris. It was also funny seeing Darryl handling his super-strength. All in all, this was an entertaining episode that just can't be missed.
  • Very much like Beauty and the Beast.

    When an infant is found after a vanquishing, the Charmed ones have to look after it. They try to keep it away from Wyatt, but that doesn't work out as they have developed a special bond. Although now that they have a demon baby in tht house, they have manticores after them. A beast like creature also tries to steal the baby. Failing that he takes Piper. The beast then manages to steal the baby from Paige and Phoebe. When Piper sees him and the baby together she realises that he was trying to save the baby. It turns out that he is the babies father. Unaware of this Paige and Phoebe make a deal with the manticores and manage to safe Piper. Although, when they realise their mistake the orb back quickly to but are too late as the baby is gone and the beast is almost dead, although he is human now. They manage to safe the baby and kill the manticores.Whilst all this is going on Phoebe is having problems with Jason after telling him how he felt, before he knew.
    It is not one of the best episodes doen but it shows the bond that can form between infants and how far a parent will go to save their child. It is a heartwarming episode.
    Although, it resembles The Beauty and The Beast a lot.
  • Charmed back to basic demons!! About time !!

    After vanquishing a vicious Manticore demon, the Charmed Ones are obliged to care for the demon's cute little half-breed baby (human body, forked lizard tongue). Though they hope to alter the baby's ultimate destiny by raising it to do good rather than evil, Whitelighter Chris exhorts them to destroy the infant before it is too late. Elsewhere, Jason is so taken aback when Phoebe tells him she loves him that he feels the need to leave the country, and Paige makes the latest in a long line of magical blunders when she bestows a superpower upon Inspector Morris to help him defuse a hostage crisis.
  • Cool demons, lacking plotline?

    This episode was another excellent episode of Charmed, with awesome disfugured demons and cool special effects. It is about the charmed ones finding a manticore/human baby and the fight for it between its father (a human who turned disfigured in order to save his son) and a group of hideous manticores. Some good acting in this episode by Holly Marie Combs in particular I think, with Rose McGowan doing a good job as always. This episode was pretty good but it also seemed to lack a little something, though I can't quite put my finger on it.
    Basically this was good.. but not spectacular.
  • Despite Writing Flaws, There was a Special Gem Hidden in this Episode.

    This Episode reveals how good of an actress is Holly! Despite a "Flawed" script, Holly is excellent at showing Piper having a special connection with Derek. Even in his "Monster" facade, you get a powerful notion that Piper has strong feelings for this guy, despite his hideous appearance. At the end when Derek returns to his normal human appearnce, the Chemistry between Piper and him jumps right off of the screen. I am REALLY disappointed that this was a potential relationship between Piper and Derek could not be further explored. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of Leo and Piper. It is there relationship that first attracted me to the show. However, after Leo "Dumped" Piper, Leo lost his shot with Piper. I do believe Leo should remain in Wyatt's life as much as possible, and Piper proved she could handle that. Nevertheless, Leo BROKE is Marriage vows and what angers me most is that he broke is promise to Piper's father Victor. Back on Piper's wedding day, you will remember that Leo won Victor over by solemnly promising to be Piper's side for the rest of her life and NEVER hurting her.

    In conclusion, I would have truly like seeing Derek and Piper becoming an item.

    Mark -- Chicago, IL
  • Nurture vs. Nature, Paige vs. Phoebe and Piper, Fantastic episode

    I was very surprised when I first saw it and I still am when I rewatch it. THis is one of the standouts of season six. It has drama, suspence and a lot of action.

    We begin with the doomed couple of traveling nonstop macking in a restaurant. Paige eventually comes along to pull Phoebe but not before Phoebe channels Jasons love and blurts it out loud. CLassic moment but I could have done without that cheesy teeny bopper recond scratching effect, what was that? ANyway Piper is in trouble. A fight ensues, Phoebe and Paige get sent flying and land on a conveniently placed mattress. Piper tries to blow the thing up but fails. Paige orbs a wire and that blows it up. I dont know how the thing went through the demon but whatever. More importantly a demon baby was left behind with a creepy snake like tongue, should be a fun episode.

    We pick up with the girls trying to figure out what to do with the demon baby. Aside from it being cute CHris wants to vanquish it. He thinks its a threat against Wyatt. And its by this episode that I remembered that whole threat storyline got played out. He constantly said it yet we knew why he was there. Its like a bike saying "I am here for you to exercise with." BUt anyway this leads to a very ethical conversation not seen before. Its handled greatly and the writer thought it out. Not that I am saying the writers arent intelligent its just we have never delved into what makes a baby turn into a demon, which goes hand and hand with WYatt also. Paige thinks its nurture but CHris and Piper a drop thinks its nature. I dont really know where to interject because really it depends on the kid/animal. CHris goes to get reenforcements, Piper gets stuck with the kid, Phoebe goes to deal with Jason and Paige goes to help the totally useless Darryl.

    Its a very chatty episode. I am all for love problems because it makes the sisters seem more human other than super powerful chicks but I rather see Jason go out the door,lol. Phoebe goes to the office where she barges in on a meeting. NOt for nothing this guy is so wrapped up in his professional life I am shocked he has time for Phoebe, I would have dropped him already. In any case Phoebe fumes when she learns he is off to Italy, to sign something or whatever I dont care. I want my dear Phoebe with a boyfriend who is actually around. Paige goes to help the idiot and casts a spell on him. I so don't care about Darryl even more than JAson and that says a lot. Ill sum this up, the spell makes he impervious to bullets and superstrong. Of course he gets all cocky but soon realizes he rather be whimpy, waste of money this character.

    CHris gets Leo but you know Piper is going to win this fight. WOmen always win on this show, duh, especially when you have dweeb Leo and semidweeb CHris. Phoebe walks in and rants about JAson, sweetie dump his ass already. SHe tries to take Wyatt away from the demon baby but he unleashes this unearthly cry. Its rather impressive. THe beast shimmers in and pimpsmacks Phoebe half across the attic and into Piper. That was a fantastic shot. I love when people get sent flying around the house. Wyatt protects the demon and the beast takes Piper. That scene was edited very nicely.

    Paige comes in and unleashes her knowledge of hostage situations. Yeah hi you didnt pick that up from anyone, thats common knowledge, anyone can figure that out. THe fantastic duo orb in and make duh faces over the previous events. I am totally ragging on CHris because the writers have decided to make him and Leo chummy for todays episode. ANyway Leo orbs Wyatt to CLoud Land.

    Piper is tied to a stair post and trying to reason with the demon. Holly is totally great when its one on one with demons, so much confidence. ANyway she does this really cool thing where she blows up the rope and then something behind the demon and the scene fills with dust. THe door has a forcefield. SHe uncovers some pics of a human with some baby toys. We eventually find out he turned himself into a beast to get his son back. THis is where I had to deduct one point. Manticores take humans to blend in with society but how the hell did they get him. THere was no reference to the manticores knocking humans out or anything. Its a rather large plothole but other than that the episode flows nicely.

    Over at pimpsmack manor, Phoebe is yelling at Jason over the phone and slowly waking up the demon baby. He unleashes his cry again and manticores come. Paige gets hit first and then Phoebe. THese hits look really painful. ANyway the beast comes and rips out a heart, totally disgusting but cool. He takes the baby. Credit must be given to the makeup team this beast is creepy and the makeup is very nice, even his feet are demonized. In any event Piper teams up with the beast to save his son and the other P's help the manticores, I smell a smackdown.

    They get Piper and beat the hell out of the beast, poor guy. They orb back too late and he reverts to his human self. He is not a bad looking guy. Leo heals him and makes a reference to being a dad first. We get a shot of CHris smiling at that and if that wasnt a huge clue for the viewers then I dont know what is. SMackdown, I told you. THe P's orb to the cave and vanquish the manticores. THe explosions are much more elaborate in this episode, must have been a few extra thousand dollars in the bank this week. THey get the kid and bring him to dad. Ok I really thought this guy was going to be a love interest for Piper. THey have more chemistry between them then Leo and Piper when we were in season 4. A fine days work in the Halliwell Manor and a very impressive episode.
  • Talk about screwing up right and left

    This episode does two things that really annoy me. First it makes Paige out to be a total screw up. First that wacko spell on Derek. And it potrays Pheobe as a sniveling whining brat. The only scene I really liked is when Chris follows Leo up on top of the "golden gate bridge" Chris Asks If anyone can see them Leo responsed saying "Not me but you look like a lunatic standing up here talking to your self". Then it just gets kinda weird, Piper actually flirting with derek (the Beast). I'm mean that's cute and even though I'm a huge fan of Piper and Leo together. I probably wouldn't have minded see more episodes with Derek and the cute little (half Demon) baby.
  • The episode entitled, ‘Hot Mamas’ focused on a demon baby that the sisters come across.

    The episode entitled, ‘Hot Mamas’ focused on a demon baby that the sisters come across. Now, if I could only get over that freaky tongue thing.

    This was almost perfect. The only flaw would be in the ‘out of thin air’ storyline involving Darrel. An invincibility spell? That’s just a little far-fetched for me. Although, it was funny to watch the spell go wrong.

    All in all, I would give this episode a 10 out of 10.
  • Never Act with Animals or Kids #7

    An almost direct remake of season two's Reckless Abandon, Charmed does the exact same storyline with the sisters taking care of a newborn baby... except it's a half-demon baby. Ooh, how riveting!

    Little Monsters has the sisters vanquishing a Manticore Demon (Dark Angel, anyone?) but having to take care of it's half-demon baby who is now being hunted down by another demon called The Beast.

    What is with all the babies on this show?? Is it just another excuse to have Alyssa doing that vomit-inducing baby talk she's "brilliant" at? We already have Wyatt and Chris, can't we just leave the baby storylines alone? At least this story is slightly original and it's a nice twist to see that The Beast actually wants to help the baby, instead of killing it. It was nice to see an actual demon on the show, just like the old days. All the demons we see nowadays on the show look just like normal humans who exhibit powers so it makes a nice change to see one with scales and a creepy tongue.

    The subplots with Phoebe & Jason and Paige & Darryl seemed like time-fillers but it was nice to Darryl with powers (albeit only for a couple of hours). Though we've already seen the "sisters taking care of an orphaned baby" storyline on the show before, it seems that season six is (finally) on the up.

    Rating: C-
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