Season 4 Episode 20

Long Live the Queen

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 02, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

Episode: "Long Live The Queen"
Original Air Date: 5/2/02
Written: Krista Vernoff
Directed: Jon Paré While Cole continues his duties as the Source, he struggles with Phoebe. She has killed several demons, causing tension in the Underworld. They pass it off at first as hormones, but in fact it is her baby's affect on her, along with an evil tonic that is contributing to her erratic behavior. She has a premonition of a demon, Mallick, killing an innocent, Greg. Conflicted between good and evil, she ultimately decides not to ignore her gift. She flames to the Manor. After a tense moment, she explains that she's there to save an innocent with the help of her sisters. She hasn't changed her mind about Cole; she simply wants it both ways. Good witch one minute, queen of evil the next. Piper argues that she must choose a side and stick with it, but Paige convinces Piper that they should help. It may be a way to strengthen the good in her that is obviously fighting to get out. Phoebe leads them to Greg just in time to stop Mallick. However she keeps them from vanquishing the demon and lets him go instead. This begins another heated argument that ends with Phoebe flaming out and Piper taking off to be alone. While Paige watches Greg, Leo goes to find Piper. He discovers her alone and drunk at P3. She has been numb over the loss of Phoebe, but now the pain has grown. Suffering from feelings of failure, she chooses to drown her sorrow, rather than dealing with her emotions. Leo attempts to talk to her, but she freezes him, then falls, knocking herself out. Meanwhile, Greg leaves his meeting. Paige follows him and they are attacked by another demon. It doesn't go smoothly, but Paige manages to vanquish him. She orbs to P3 with Greg and sees Piper unconscious and Leo frozen. She has Leo orb Greg to safety, while she sobers Piper up. Cole confronts Phoebe. He found out that she helped her sisters stop Mallick from completing his task. They have the same argument that she had with her sisters. She can't do both, she must choose evil or good. Cole continues to take heat from the other demons regarding Phoebe's actions. He realizes he must kill Greg himself to calm them. Phoebe walks in the manor. She tells her sisters that Cole is planning on killing an innocent, and they have to vanquish him. Piper and Paige are pleased. They decide to use Greg as bait. Leo can orb him out as soon as Cole arrives. Piper calls Leo who orbs in with Greg. "Phoebe" morphs into Cole, but before anyone can react, he kills Greg and flames out. Back at the penthouse Cole flames in to find Phoebe upset once again. They argue about the tonic. She has discovered the truth, that the Seer's tonic is pure evil and has been weakening her good side. He pleads with her to drink it, and she does. Then he tells her about killing the innocent. She is panicked. She knows her sisters will be coming. She suddenly feels sick, runs to the bathroom, locks the door behind her, and vomits. Piper, Paige, and Leo orb in, angry and devastated by the loss of their innocent. Piper blows Cole up, and Paige begins placing several crystals into a circle around him. Piper screams for Phoebe, but Cole reconstitutes himself and knocks Paige down before she can place the final crystal. The battle continues until Phoebe emerges from the bathroom. She is a wreck, but has no choice. She kisses Cole, and drops the final crystal into place forming a force field around him. Cole calls out to her, pleading. They begin to recite the ancestor spell. A tearful Phoebe buries her face in Piper's shoulder as they finish the spell and Cole explodes in a vicious blast of fire. Back at the manor Phoebe is understandably destroyed. Piper and Paige enter. With no words, they go to her. Holding her tight, they all know that it's not over. The Source may be dead, but Phoebe is still carrying his child. They have a difficult road ahead.