Season 4 Episode 20

Long Live the Queen

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 02, 2002 on The WB

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  • Cole dies...again.

    This was one of three Charmed episodes that really made me cry. Beautifully portrayed, it ends up with Phoebe having to kill her true love (who, in my opinion, is also one of the greatest looking guys on the planet) and the pain she goes through vanquishing him, and at the end is very well done.

    I watch it time and again, and still hope that he doesn't die!
  • A whole new side of Phoebe, the dark side, combined with a little white magic... Visions can't be ignored..

    a nice episode. Phoebe joined the dark side along with COle but she soon finds out that the Seer is poisoning her and she gets a vision of an innocent she needs to save. Which makes the demon question the loyalty of the new queen.

    Piper believes Phoebe has made a choice and prepares some potions as Leo and Paige worry about her.

    When Phoebe saves the innocent together with her sisters, Paige thinks that the good in Phoebe tries to come back but Phoebe remains by Cole's side but questions her decision.
    When she finds out that Cole knew what was in the drinks the Seer gave to her, she gets mad as she also finds out that Cole killed the innocent (As he pretended to be Phoebe at the sisters' house) which disturbs Phoebe even more

    When Paige, Piper and Leo drop by their house to destroy Cole, they ask Phoebe to come and help them. When Phoebe emerges from the bathroom she kisses Cole which really makes you question who's side she'll choose since we're nearing the season's end. But she picks up a rock and places it on the ground, making a beginning with cole's death.

    The last scene is beautiful as all three sisters lay in bed with each other, as two of them are just there for Phoebe in her time of need.

    Nice episode, which I highly recommend, I have seen it several times and I still enjoy it a lot!
  • The best episode of the series. Ever. This is Charmed at its best.

    This is my all time favourite charmed episode. It has everything that makes charmed my favourite TV-show; excitement, romancesorrow and of course the main thing of both the episode and the show in general: the bond between the sisters.

    Cole is the source of all evil and Phoebe is has become his queen. Together they rule the underworld. As much as I love Phoebe I'm not surprised that she ended up as the queen of the underworld. She has always been the daring one, and if you add that to the fact that she was so incredibly in love with Cole, it didn't come as a great surprise. I find it interesting how Phoebe still has good in her even with the Seer's tonic and the offspring of the Source in her belly. The only thing that keeps her from becoming compltely evil is her sisters and the fact that she misses them.
    The sisters, meanwhile, confront the problem differently. Paige is hopeful that Phoebe will come round and still sees her as her sister. piper on the other hand blames herself for the outcome of Phoebe. This is very typical of Piper. When Prue died she blamed herself.

    You follow Phoebe and see her struggle; should she choose her sisters and the power of thrre or the love opf her life. The big showdown between Cole and Piper and Paige was so great. They both lay their hopes on Phoebe, and we had no idea wether she would choose Cole or her sisters. When I realized what Phoebe had chosen I was heartbroken. Cole is such a good character and I honestly believed that he would never come back agai. The moment were Phoebe says her "last" good bye to Cole is the saddest part of all the charmed episodes.

    the acting of this episode is outstaning. Alyssa is so believeable as evil and I really felt for her during the whole episode. Holly and Rose also did great performances and the final scene of the episode where the sisters lie down together in Phoebes bed and just hold each other is perfect. No words are needed, they understand each other.

    A little final note:
    I loved Alyssas hairdo. Delicious. Also rose's top looked so great.
  • One of the absolute best episodes of Charmed

    There aren't very many episodes of Charmed that I've cried by the end of. However, this episode is one of those episodes that pull at your heartstrings. It also features some great acting by the entire cast and a storyline that has yet to be rivaled, not just in the Charmed-verse, but in all of TV-dom.

    Phoebe, having married Cole and taking the throne of the Underworld with him, seems to be turning more and more evil by the minute. Her evil baby inside her has a lot to do with that, as does a mysterious tonic the Seer gives her everyday. Cole has asked Phoebe to stop killing demons, so when faced with a premonition, she must save an innocent without killing the demon. She gets away with it, but the entire family is tricked when Cole shows up to the manor, glamoured as Phoebe, and kills the innocent. It is apparent what the Charmed Ones must do: They must vanquish Cole. Phoebe, crying the entire time, joins her sisters in the spell to vanquish him. By the end of the episode, The Source has been vanquished (again) and Phoebe is heartbroken.

    The last scene is what does it for me. The sisters are all in Phoebe's room, and Piper and Paige are attempting to console their sister. Piper is embracing Phoebe, while Phoebe holds Paige. It gets me EVERY TIME. I have two sisters, and this scene just reminds me how lucky I am to have two sisters that love me. (Aww, cue sappy music.)

    However, that's not what makes the episode. What makes this episode great is the discord between Phoebe, her sisters, and Cole. Phoebe wants to stay in the middle, neither good nor evil, but Cole and her sisters are telling her that she can't have it both ways. This is very much true - she can't save demons and save innocents at the same time. Phoebe sees her world crashing around her as she finds out Cole knew about the tonic the Seer had been giving her every day. The tonic is poisoned and supposedly contains "pure evil," to make Phoebe and her unborn baby stronger and more evil.

    I find this aspect of the episode most intriguing. Phoebe doesn't know who she can trust. Cole and her sisters are telling her the same thing, yet they are on different sides of the playing field, and she doesn't see why they can't compromise. It's almost a descent into madness. Everything Phoebe had known before marrying Cole and ascending to the throne with him was wiped away, and everything she knew since then also disappeared. It's almost as if Phoebe doesn't know where she is supposed to fit in the fight between good and evil. She's married to the Source, so she can't be completely good, and yet she's a Charmed One, so she can't be completely evil. In this aspect, she has a lot in common with Spike from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer": There's something about them that makes them different. They can't fit in on either side.

    It turns out that Phoebe goes back to her good side, but it's the journey back that makes this episode a treasure.
  • Sad

    This was another episode that made me cry. Even though i knew that Cole would come back, i still cried and cried. He wa the best thing that ever happened to Phoebe, and then she vanquished him. Though he was evil and put her through pain, he was willing to give up being the Source in 'We're off to see the wizard' so that he could remain with Phoebe forever.
  • He Should Have Stayed Dead...

    This has to be the darkest episode in Charmed history. Looking back on it, I think that it might have been better if Cole was actually killed in this episode, without him returning for the first 12 episodes of next season.

    Long Live the Queen has Phoebe slowly crossing back over to the good side after she gets a premonition of a young man being killed by a demon. Whilst Cole tries to keep her evil, Piper and Paige try to lure Phoebe back over to their side so they can kill Cole once and for all...

    An explosive episode which has some of the darkest moments on the show, it's a shame that Charmed never returned to this level of darkness during the next three seasons. The closing moments, where Piper and Paige hold a mourning Phoebe in bed as the scene fades is heartbreaking and the only time Charmed has ever made me genuinely sad. All the actresses are perfect during this scene, from Phoebe's weeping, Piper's determination to help and Paige's vulnerability. The writers should of saved this for the season finale, as it is wonderfully written, wonderfully acted and features some very memorable scenes and events. Perfection.
  • 10
    This is an absolutely amazing episode. Alyssa Milano does a great job playing the sister struggling between the love of her life and her sisters. Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan excel with the rest of the cast. The ending is especially surprising and at the same time shocking. The sisters are once again wonderful. Phoebe and Cole relationship hits you emotionally.
  • Phoebe joined evil in this episode and tried to help innocents in the same time .. but at last she decided that good is what she is and what she does .. she was forced to vanquish Cole ''The Source'' !! Really sad but really great , totally loved it.

    This episode was the best one in all season 4 , i loved it , and it was really really sad .. i cried at the end of it !! but why did cole die ? WHY?
    I loved it , Iam really looking forward for the last two episodes in this season !!
    Iam really sad over Phoebe !! they were together for like so long and now she has to vanquish him , the way he looked at her and his eyes were full of tears teared me apart .. really really good and was the best episode EVER!
  • Goodbye Cole.

    The best episode this season & the saddest too.

    So now Pheobe is the Queen of all evil and she is struggling between her sisters & her true love. Which bond is stronger? The bond of sisterhood or marriage? Who will she choose?

    I just love how evil Pheobe seemed & then when she finds out that an innocent's life is at stake she runs to her sisters for help. We find Piper is angry with her sister for choosing evil and even has a few potions just incase. Paige still has faith that Pheobe will be back on their side, especially now that she had decided that she wants to save an inoccent.

    She admits to her sisters that she misses them & that's why she asked for their help. She wants to stay in the middle, neither good nor evil but she can't have it both ways & has to choose.

    One funny part of the episode was when Piper was drunk & froze Leo to shut him up then fell out of her chair & passed out on the floor.

    Finally Pheobe has to choose between Cole & her sisters and ofcourse she chooses to vanquish Cole with them. That was the saddest part for me, when she kisses him goodbye & says the spell with her sisters, tears in her eyes, head turned, not being able to watch while Cole is telling her that he loves her & always will.

    The final scene is a tearjerker. With Pheobe in her room crying & her sisters comforting her.

    I'm just so sad to see Cole go so soon. He was one of my favorite characters.
  • The Queen Of All Evil ... On one episode

    Long Live The Queen really impressed me, When I was watching the fourth season, I wasn't expecting for a Brilliant episode like this one after a classic like Charmed and Dangerous but this episode really rocked, because was really emotional and had it everything.Phoebe had to help her sisters to vanquish Cole, The Last Scene were the 3 are together is really beautiful, I love this episode, is one of the best of the series.

  • very different pheobe

    I feel we see a very different pheobe and that i really did not like her as being evil. Also i feel the apology she gave paige in the next episode really does not cover all tht she and cole did to paige. i feel it was unfair! Cole manipulated her into drinking the tonic and i think the episode was exciting but the characters in it changed feelings alot. This whole ordeal with cole and everything happened quick and ended quick. i dont think it was unneeded and i don't think it was needed!I\'m SPLIT! But i still love them.
  • one of the saddest but best episodes of charmed there are. I LOVE COLE.

    Watching Phoebe kill Cole pretty much ripped my heart out...i thought i was gonna die. This episode is literally painful for me to watch because im obsessed with Cole and ya know...the love of his life and the person he trusted and promised to love for the rest of his life KILLED HIM!!! I was actually angry with Phoebe for doing it, cause i know I would NEVERR be able to do that to the love of my life.

    Now that i let that out, this was a very good episode...except for the fact that Cole died and the look on his face when Phoebe started to say the Source vanquishing spell.

    Pretty much...Piper is depressed at the thought of lossing another sister. She has already lost Prue, her older sister, and has shut down at the thought of lossing Phoebe, her younger sister, now. She does have Paige, but no matter what she isn't the same. Anyway, when Phoebe gets a premonition, now queen of the underworld, showing one of the leaders of the underworld killing an innocent, she goes to her sisters to try to save him because she has never ignored a premonition before in her life and she later admits that she misses them. However, when Cole finds this out and is aware of the fact that if demons think that Phoebe is "playing both sides", Cole, Phoebe and their unborn child will face a coup, he decides it would be in the best interest of his family to kill the innocent himself. SOO, he shapeshifts into Phoebe and tricks Piper and Paige into calling for Leo to bring the innocent with him into the manor, giving him the oppritunity to kill the innocent, and he does.

    Meanwhile, Phoebe finds out that the tonic the Seer has been giving her for the baby is pure evil, she freaks out.

    When Cole gets back to their apartment after killing the innocent, he finds Phoebe writing 2 letters, one to him and one to her sisters, both saying goodbye. She says that she doesn't know which one she is going to send yet and questions him about the tonic. He says that he DID know what was in it and was only trying to help her because he knows what it is like to have good and evil fighting inside of you and he wanted to spare her some of that pain. He also says that it is good for the baby. She drinks the tonic. However, when Cole tells her that he killed the innocent, Phoebe realizes what he had just done and knows that her sisters would be coming to vanquish him. She goes to the bathroom and spits out the tonic. While she is in there, Piper and Paige orb to the apartment and attempt to surround Cole in the crystal cage. They call for Phoebe and ask her to come help them. NOW, Phoebe has a choice to make, help her sisters kill Cole, the love of her life and the father of her unborn child, or allow him to kill them. Going out into the living room, it looks like she is going to stay with Cole, but then backing away from him, she adds the last crystal to the cage and joins her sisters. Reluctantly, Phoebe says her part of the spell and the charmed ones vanquish Cole.
  • long live the queen the best charmed episode ever!!!!!!

    this episode is my favorite, it's about phoebe the new queen of the underworld.phoebe is now evil and no longer a charmed one. but when she has a preminition of one of coles demons killing an innocent she flames to the manor and and tells her sisters. when they get to the place where the kill happens phoebe orders the demon to leave. piper is pissed at phoebe and she is telling her u cant save innocents and protect demons it just doesn't work that way(my favorite part lol).phoebe leaves.
    this is the most dramatic episode of charmed ever the acting is outstanding so watch this episode i know you'll love it.
  • Phoebe has to vanquish the man she loves.

    I loved this episode. It\'s a classic battle of good against evil, raging both out in the world, and within Phoebe herself. In the Underworld, the Seer has her own agenda, wanting to become the Source of all Evil. To do so, she must be rid of Cole. Inside of Phoebe, the unborn baby is evil, creating conflict for her between her good side, and the dark path. In order to keep the good side, she must be rid of Cole. Demon or not, Source or not, Phoebe loves Cole with every fiber of her being. How can she kill the man she loves? Only with the Power of Three. But her unborn child lives on.
  • Deserved a 10 but Cole got vanquished....

    This episode was a real tearjerker. Though I was disappointed that they only showed evil Phoebe for only one episode. Even when Phoebe was evil, she still cared about her sisters. That was so sweet. I hate the Seer! She was the one that turned Phoebe evil. The last parts of the episode was the best. I guess Poebe thinks family is more important than her love. It was so sad when Cole told Phoebe he was going to love her forever minutes before he was vanquished. It was sad that Phoebe\'s love couldn\'t change him. This was one of the best episodes in this season!
  • Phoebe chooses Cole and turns evil.Piper drinking here way to a break down and paige trying to put the family back!

    This episode was very emotional. I mean i went from being sad to mad to being happy all in one hour. To me i think phoebe justed wanted to show Piper her independence. Because we all seen how she stilled cared for the innocents. I think she justed wanted a chance to walk on the wild side! Or evil side! I also think that with the powers that piper n paige had could have took evil phoebe down. They seemed to scared to mess with phoebe. The end was the best part. The came together like real sisters would!
  • phoebe turns evil and becomes coles queen. she gets premonition of an innocent dying and asks her sisters for help at the end cole is vanquished and she is good again... but still pregnant.

    This is my favorite charmed episode ever, it represents everything the show is, good, evil, love, passion, friendship, family, trust, everything. I love this episode and i cry every single time i see it. literally... this is my favorite plotline of this show. I could watch it over and every again. though cole gets vanquished it isn't final, so i wasnt too upset about him dying, because i mean later he becomes invincible. also i think that phoebe is lucky that she got to experience this being bad a little is good and after being so bad she realized her true destiny, charmed and good.
  • You get to see Pheobe as being evil.Which personally I don't like

    This espiode has to be one of my least favorate.I really like Phoebe as being good not evil.She rally didn't play evil really well.Her acting was really really bad.
    Also Cole turning evil was stupid.It only the third time they done it I don't like seeing the same thing over and over it borning.A cole turning is the same thing.
  • What a fantastic show the Charmed Ones put on in this episode. It just goes to show that the Charmed Ones will never be broken by evil.

    Fantastic. Excellent! WOW! This is one series classic. Besides it being amazingly emotional and full of fantastic acting from all the stars, the episode ends very nicely. At first, it starts out funny when Phoebe kills two demons and shows herself as the Queen. She then comes to her sisters when she gets a premonition, but through a series of events, Cole gets to suffer because of this. With it all being black or white and not grey, Pheobe writes two letters, one saying goodbye to her sisters, and the other saying goodbye to Cole, and is forced to choose which one to send. The ending scene is fantastic. Cole gets vanquished in an amazing special effects scene, and then the ending shows Phoebe being comforted by her sisters while she is crying on her bed over the loss of her husband Cole. She feels sad, and the mood is amplified with the perfect song being chosen to end the episode. Overall, absolutely stunning episode. 9.8 out of 10.
  • Piper and Paige struggle with Phoebe's decision to stand by Cole as the new source and Phoebe struggles with wanting to stay married to Cole and still be a Charmed one.

    The best episode of the season. A tear-jerker and one of the most saddest episodes of the entire show. Everytime I watch it, I cry along with the very heartbroken Phoebe at the end. Alyssa shows a great amount of emotion in this episode and plays this part very well. Better than I thought she could have. It was interesting to see evil phoebe and to see her have to chose between her sisters and the love of her life. I don't think I could ever do that. Plus, drunk Piper was funny. Cole may have died in this one, but its not the last we see of him.
  • Piper and Paige struggle with Phoebe's decision to stand by Cole as the new source and Phoebe struggles with wanting to stay married to Cole and still be a Charmed one.

    The best episode of the season. A tear-jerker and one of the most saddest episodes of the entire show. Everytime I watch it, I cry along with the very heartbroken Phoebe at the end. Alyssa shows a great amount of emotion in this episode and plays this part very well. Better than I thought she could have. It was interesting to see evil phoebe and to see her have to chose between her sisters and the love of her life. I don't think I could ever do that. Plus, drunk Piper was funny. Cole may have died in this one, but its not the last we see of him.
  • Pheobe now standing beside Cole is supposed to fight beside him. But for some reason she still wants to fight the good fight... why...???

    In this episode Pheobe starts out as a hormonel pregnant women in such killing 2 of Coles best demons. Time goes on and the Seer orders Pheobe to take her next drink of tonic for the \"baby\". Pheobe reluctant makes the Seer leave the room and puts it in the plant. Later on Pheobe gets a preminission of an inocent and decides to go and help him... just in a different method then her usual way. She tells the demon to leave instead of vanquishing him. After that Cole begins to question Pheobes faith to him. But Pheobe stands by her man and says she still with him. Time goes by and Pheobe is ordered to take her tonic again... still reluctant she makes the Seer leave. But then Cole comes in and tells her to drink it for the baby... and she does. More time goes by and Piper and Pheobe apear in Coles living room. About to kill them a upset Pheobe who has been disgused by whats going on throws up the tonic \"poisen\" and sits and cries in the bathroom. While all of this is going on Piper and Pheobe are fighting for their lives as Cole is attacking them. Finally Piper brakes the wall by saying \"you heard him Pheobe he said he\'s going to kill us\". Pheobe not wanting to see her sisters die by the man she loves makes the ultimate decision and gives up the man she loves for ths sisters she can\'t live without. In such the scource is vanquished for good and Pheobe is left a widow... and pregnant... but pregnant with what, is the question?
  • Sisterhood over love

    Phoebe is having a hard time caught in the middle between good and bad. As much as she loves Cole and accepts her new role as his queen, she's still too attatched to her sisters. There's still some good inside of her and she can't fight her true nature.
    Finally, when she's forced to decide whose life to save, she steps up to her sisters and together they vanquish Cole.

    This episode was amazing and the moment when Phoebe kisses Cole goodbye and then puts down the crystal was just so sad. I love this episode, even though I cried along in the scene when Paige and Piper joined Phoebe in bed to comfort her. It was just such an emotional scene, a m a z i n g !!
  • Excellent episode but i was really starnge to see Phoebe evil for the episode.

    Now aware that she is slated to be Queen of the Underworld, Phoebe dolefully resigns herself to her fate because she is still in love with the "possessed" Cole. Even so, Phoebe has not forgotten her obligations as a "Charmed One," which include the saving of an "innocent." When she does this, her Underworld subjects threaten to overthrow both herself and Cole unless Phoebe proves her loyalty by killing her sisters, Piper and Paige. However, this may not be necessary in the case of Piper, who is so depressed that she is liable to give up the ghost on her own.
  • Is it possible to straddle both the "good" and "bad"?

    Is it possible to straddle both the "good" and "bad"? That's the question Phoebe faces as her hormones make her kill her Cole's cronies and her powers make her save an innocent. I have to say that I have loved the Phoebe and Cole dynamic. Despite my happiness at her eventual bliss with Cupid, I can't deny that I harbored a secret wish for a reunion between the two. Their passion, their on screen chemistry was palpable. In this episode, you see, though, the culmination of months of tension, the final hurdle that Phoebe must jump to realize that it just isn't meant to be, that love just isn't enough. Piper is in true form as she deals with the possibility of losing another sister. Paige continues to fit in to the Charmed Ones as she trusts her sibling instincts, trusts Phoebe. Phoebe saying goodbye to Cole and choosing her sisters...priceless and sad moment. The best scene, though, had to come not just when she said goodbye but later when she and the three sisters cried in bed. Piper was so worried about going up, Leo was so worried about her, Paige was so matter and fact, and Phoebe needed them both. It was a beautiful shot of the three of them and a perfect way to end the episode.
  • Blood is thicker than water

    More drama, more incredible twists and turns. Phoebe may be queen of the underworld but her good side is making a comeback, just as Cole's did last week. When she acts on a premonition to stop one of her subjects killing an innocent, she puts herself and her husband in an impossible position.

    Once again, Alyssa totally rocks as evil Phoebe. She is so cut out to play bad guys. Her character is clearly loving her new firepower and has no qualms about killing anyone who so much as disturbs her. The way she strolls into the Source's meeting and jokingly threatens to vanquish everyone is wonderfully dark and wickedly funny. I also love the scene where she shimmers into the Manor. There's a clear clash of cultures going on and the whole episode has a gloriously surreal quality to it.

    I can't believe how willing Piper is to give up on her sister. How could she even think about vanquishing her? She has always argued against destiny ruling their lives but now she is willing to sacrifice Phoebe for the sake of her craft. Thanks to an excellent performance from Holly, I found her (and Leo's) hardline stance really hard to stomach.

    The final battle is electrifying and Krista Vernoff keeps us guessing right to the end. For the first time in Charmed history, it isn't obvious that the fallen sister is going to rejoin the others. I never thought Phoebe would actually agree to vanquish Cole. The way she kisses him then sets the crystal trap is a total bombshell. For me, the sight of Cole crying out to Phoebe as he goes up in flames is one of the saddest moments of the whole series and Alyssa's tears just seal it.

    Charmed will be many things over the next four years - rousing, scary, tragic and witty - but never again will it be this good.
  • The Best Episode of Charmed In My Oppinion

    The best episode of the season and the for me the entire series. A tear-jerker and one of the darker episodes of the entire show that touches the Soul. Alyssa shows a great deal of maturity in her acting in this episode and plays this part very well -- better than I thought she could have. It has always been interesting to see Alyssa play an evil Phoebe. She does it so well! However, it is heartbreaking to see her have to choose between her sisters and the love of her life -- her Soul Mate. It would be very difficult for anyone to do this. Plus, a drunk Piper was a very effective subplot that cleverly gave some comic relief to this dark episode.

    Long Live The Queen is one of the best written episodes ever!!!

    Mark -- Chicago, IL
  • Just Beautiful

    This is one of my favourite episodes of the entire series. The plot was great, and the acting was awesome. The aspect of love and family played an important part while we see Phoebe and Cole together. Piper's role in this was almost like Prue's where she played the prtective big sister, her reaction to supposed failure was moving and well portayed by the actress Holly Marie Combs. Alyssa Milano done well in portraying a heartbroken character, as I myself watching it was moved, incredibly. I found that Cole, was developed well and I found it hard to believe that this could be the end for him, it really was heartbraking to see him be vanquished and atthe same time not scream for the sake of Phoebe.
  • Divided She Stands

    Long Live The Queen-Phoebe accepts her new role in Cole's life, but she still sets out to save an innocent after she has a premonition and even seeks her sisters' help in protecting the man. Meanwhile, Piper's heart doesn't seem to be in it as she prepares to defend her family against any new threats from the underworld.

    By far, the darkest episode of the whole series and some of the most surreal dark drama the writers ever penned, "Long Live The Queen" is one of those few times where Charmed actually blew my mind. The "Dark Phoebe" arc was a stroke of genius on the writers' part and it just sucks that they never created a storyline as captivating or even as dark as this one again for the last 4 seasons. The whole episode, like other classic Charmed episodes, brings real issues like morality, good vs. evil, and how the decisions we make in our lives have terrible consequences on us as well as the ones we love. Now rememeber this is a show about witches and demons, yet the writers blend the humanity element we all go through in life so well with the supernatural element.

    Alyssa Milano gives her most powerful performance since the final moments of "Morality Bites". Never has Phoebe been so vunerable, confused, frustrated, disgusted and unhappy that you feel like your going through this journey with her. Alyssa conveys Phoebe's journey throughout the episode with such grace, she makes her story that much more real. Julian McMahon is also incrediblly good as Cole must deal with Phoebe's short comings over her decision when the whole demonic world goes against him. The scenes between Cole and Phoebe in this episode are some of the most moving from the series, especially when Cole shows a bit of humanity he has left in him by trying to support Phoebe, but forcing her to make a final decision once and for all. The rest of the cast is remarkable with Holly Marie Combs being excellent showing Piper's guilt and grief over failing to protect Phoebe from Cole. Rose McGowan is stunning as Paige as she becomes the sister trying to get her family back together. Paige has really come a long way this season and it's ironic that she would be the one to help give Piper her strength again. The character has grown immensely since the season began, not only vanquishing a demon on her own, but embracing her new family with all her heart for the first time. Brian Krause is always great playing Leo as Piper's support and he just nails it every scene.

    The closing moments bring some of the saddest scenes of Charmed. The first being Cole's vanquishing scene, which is heartbreaking as Phoebe finally choses her sisters but at the expense of killing Cole in the end. Then there's the final scene with a grief stricken Phoebe laying on the bed in tears with both her sisters coming to comfort her. Everything from the acting to the music in that scene is flawless, probably one of the best sister moments from the series. Captivating, emotional, immensely dark, and unforgettable, "Long Live The Queen" is one of the most powerful hours from Charmed and it's the last time the series will ever be this good again, which is kinda bittersweet when you think about it.
  • Courage, it couldn't come at a worse time.

    I absolutely love the ending to this episode. It's one of my all time favourite Charmed moments, and possibly one of my favourite television moments. From Cole's vanquish to Phoebe in floods of tears, it's perfect. While Charmed as a series can be described as schizophrenic, often guilty-pleasure viewing, the Phoebe/Cole arc has been, at the very least, consistent, and it's capped off with an electric finish with 'Long Live the Queen'. True, this hour is undermined by the law of diminishing returns, as Cole returns next season, but the hour remains one of the series' best offerings.

    The drama is amped up to 11 and everyone gives a fantastic performance. Alyssa really marvels at the chance to play phoebe with a splice of villainy to her, which is a lot of fun to watch; meanwhile, Holly Marie Combs is simply fantastic as hopeless Piper, and Julian McMahon gives his strongest performance yet. I did enjoy that Paige had to replace Piper as the level-headed sister, but I would have loved her to share a scene with Cole, a round two of what happened in the attic, only this time Paige is completely coherent. Still, her 'you son of a b!tch' moment was very welcomed.

    I really do think the writers should have allowed two episodes for Phoebe to embrace her dark side. The transition is too swift - it becomes jarring rather than gripping. I appreciate the writers' attempts at creating tension between the sisters, and not everything is so black and white, which is a series first, but things aren't allowed to play out, and so we have Phoebe fully evil, then not entirely sure of her standing, and eventually her turn-around all within one episode. It's a huge missed opportunity altogether, especially considering the episode that follows this one... Sigh.

    Regardless of its shortcomings, 'Long Live the Queen' boasts some stellar set-pieces (Piper's attack on Cole looks amazing); some very interesting plot-twists (Cole's kill) and a gut-wrenching end to the episode. This definitely felt like a season finale.
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