Season 4 Episode 20

Long Live the Queen

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 02, 2002 on The WB

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  • one of the saddest but best episodes of charmed there are. I LOVE COLE.

    Watching Phoebe kill Cole pretty much ripped my heart out...i thought i was gonna die. This episode is literally painful for me to watch because im obsessed with Cole and ya know...the love of his life and the person he trusted and promised to love for the rest of his life KILLED HIM!!! I was actually angry with Phoebe for doing it, cause i know I would NEVERR be able to do that to the love of my life.

    Now that i let that out, this was a very good episode...except for the fact that Cole died and the look on his face when Phoebe started to say the Source vanquishing spell.

    Pretty much...Piper is depressed at the thought of lossing another sister. She has already lost Prue, her older sister, and has shut down at the thought of lossing Phoebe, her younger sister, now. She does have Paige, but no matter what she isn't the same. Anyway, when Phoebe gets a premonition, now queen of the underworld, showing one of the leaders of the underworld killing an innocent, she goes to her sisters to try to save him because she has never ignored a premonition before in her life and she later admits that she misses them. However, when Cole finds this out and is aware of the fact that if demons think that Phoebe is "playing both sides", Cole, Phoebe and their unborn child will face a coup, he decides it would be in the best interest of his family to kill the innocent himself. SOO, he shapeshifts into Phoebe and tricks Piper and Paige into calling for Leo to bring the innocent with him into the manor, giving him the oppritunity to kill the innocent, and he does.

    Meanwhile, Phoebe finds out that the tonic the Seer has been giving her for the baby is pure evil, she freaks out.

    When Cole gets back to their apartment after killing the innocent, he finds Phoebe writing 2 letters, one to him and one to her sisters, both saying goodbye. She says that she doesn't know which one she is going to send yet and questions him about the tonic. He says that he DID know what was in it and was only trying to help her because he knows what it is like to have good and evil fighting inside of you and he wanted to spare her some of that pain. He also says that it is good for the baby. She drinks the tonic. However, when Cole tells her that he killed the innocent, Phoebe realizes what he had just done and knows that her sisters would be coming to vanquish him. She goes to the bathroom and spits out the tonic. While she is in there, Piper and Paige orb to the apartment and attempt to surround Cole in the crystal cage. They call for Phoebe and ask her to come help them. NOW, Phoebe has a choice to make, help her sisters kill Cole, the love of her life and the father of her unborn child, or allow him to kill them. Going out into the living room, it looks like she is going to stay with Cole, but then backing away from him, she adds the last crystal to the cage and joins her sisters. Reluctantly, Phoebe says her part of the spell and the charmed ones vanquish Cole.
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