Season 4 Episode 20

Long Live the Queen

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 02, 2002 on The WB

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  • Pheobe now standing beside Cole is supposed to fight beside him. But for some reason she still wants to fight the good fight... why...???

    In this episode Pheobe starts out as a hormonel pregnant women in such killing 2 of Coles best demons. Time goes on and the Seer orders Pheobe to take her next drink of tonic for the \"baby\". Pheobe reluctant makes the Seer leave the room and puts it in the plant. Later on Pheobe gets a preminission of an inocent and decides to go and help him... just in a different method then her usual way. She tells the demon to leave instead of vanquishing him. After that Cole begins to question Pheobes faith to him. But Pheobe stands by her man and says she still with him. Time goes by and Pheobe is ordered to take her tonic again... still reluctant she makes the Seer leave. But then Cole comes in and tells her to drink it for the baby... and she does. More time goes by and Piper and Pheobe apear in Coles living room. About to kill them a upset Pheobe who has been disgused by whats going on throws up the tonic \"poisen\" and sits and cries in the bathroom. While all of this is going on Piper and Pheobe are fighting for their lives as Cole is attacking them. Finally Piper brakes the wall by saying \"you heard him Pheobe he said he\'s going to kill us\". Pheobe not wanting to see her sisters die by the man she loves makes the ultimate decision and gives up the man she loves for ths sisters she can\'t live without. In such the scource is vanquished for good and Pheobe is left a widow... and pregnant... but pregnant with what, is the question?