Season 4 Episode 20

Long Live the Queen

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 02, 2002 on The WB

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  • Blood is thicker than water

    More drama, more incredible twists and turns. Phoebe may be queen of the underworld but her good side is making a comeback, just as Cole's did last week. When she acts on a premonition to stop one of her subjects killing an innocent, she puts herself and her husband in an impossible position.

    Once again, Alyssa totally rocks as evil Phoebe. She is so cut out to play bad guys. Her character is clearly loving her new firepower and has no qualms about killing anyone who so much as disturbs her. The way she strolls into the Source's meeting and jokingly threatens to vanquish everyone is wonderfully dark and wickedly funny. I also love the scene where she shimmers into the Manor. There's a clear clash of cultures going on and the whole episode has a gloriously surreal quality to it.

    I can't believe how willing Piper is to give up on her sister. How could she even think about vanquishing her? She has always argued against destiny ruling their lives but now she is willing to sacrifice Phoebe for the sake of her craft. Thanks to an excellent performance from Holly, I found her (and Leo's) hardline stance really hard to stomach.

    The final battle is electrifying and Krista Vernoff keeps us guessing right to the end. For the first time in Charmed history, it isn't obvious that the fallen sister is going to rejoin the others. I never thought Phoebe would actually agree to vanquish Cole. The way she kisses him then sets the crystal trap is a total bombshell. For me, the sight of Cole crying out to Phoebe as he goes up in flames is one of the saddest moments of the whole series and Alyssa's tears just seal it.

    Charmed will be many things over the next four years - rousing, scary, tragic and witty - but never again will it be this good.
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