Season 4 Episode 20

Long Live the Queen

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 02, 2002 on The WB

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  • Divided She Stands

    Long Live The Queen-Phoebe accepts her new role in Cole's life, but she still sets out to save an innocent after she has a premonition and even seeks her sisters' help in protecting the man. Meanwhile, Piper's heart doesn't seem to be in it as she prepares to defend her family against any new threats from the underworld.

    By far, the darkest episode of the whole series and some of the most surreal dark drama the writers ever penned, "Long Live The Queen" is one of those few times where Charmed actually blew my mind. The "Dark Phoebe" arc was a stroke of genius on the writers' part and it just sucks that they never created a storyline as captivating or even as dark as this one again for the last 4 seasons. The whole episode, like other classic Charmed episodes, brings real issues like morality, good vs. evil, and how the decisions we make in our lives have terrible consequences on us as well as the ones we love. Now rememeber this is a show about witches and demons, yet the writers blend the humanity element we all go through in life so well with the supernatural element.

    Alyssa Milano gives her most powerful performance since the final moments of "Morality Bites". Never has Phoebe been so vunerable, confused, frustrated, disgusted and unhappy that you feel like your going through this journey with her. Alyssa conveys Phoebe's journey throughout the episode with such grace, she makes her story that much more real. Julian McMahon is also incrediblly good as Cole must deal with Phoebe's short comings over her decision when the whole demonic world goes against him. The scenes between Cole and Phoebe in this episode are some of the most moving from the series, especially when Cole shows a bit of humanity he has left in him by trying to support Phoebe, but forcing her to make a final decision once and for all. The rest of the cast is remarkable with Holly Marie Combs being excellent showing Piper's guilt and grief over failing to protect Phoebe from Cole. Rose McGowan is stunning as Paige as she becomes the sister trying to get her family back together. Paige has really come a long way this season and it's ironic that she would be the one to help give Piper her strength again. The character has grown immensely since the season began, not only vanquishing a demon on her own, but embracing her new family with all her heart for the first time. Brian Krause is always great playing Leo as Piper's support and he just nails it every scene.

    The closing moments bring some of the saddest scenes of Charmed. The first being Cole's vanquishing scene, which is heartbreaking as Phoebe finally choses her sisters but at the expense of killing Cole in the end. Then there's the final scene with a grief stricken Phoebe laying on the bed in tears with both her sisters coming to comfort her. Everything from the acting to the music in that scene is flawless, probably one of the best sister moments from the series. Captivating, emotional, immensely dark, and unforgettable, "Long Live The Queen" is one of the most powerful hours from Charmed and it's the last time the series will ever be this good again, which is kinda bittersweet when you think about it.
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