Season 3 Episode 21

Look Who's Barking

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 10, 2001 on The WB

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  • Yay no Prue.

    Straight off, people saying Phoebe was acting bad or was really obviously disdainful towards Prue are full of it. I thought she acted quite for someone who was supposed to practically 'worship' her older sister (because Prue is god right). I honestly thought Shannen acted quite badly, she was giving quite snarky looks at Alyssa the entire episode.

    I thought it was a nice episode, Piper was reacting quite rationally to her new power and Phoebe I thought was acting quite normally. She's young, heart broken and still new to magic I reckon, so writing about Cole in the book while not being the smartest idea is not THAT dumb either. If he comes back in 100 years to go after their family line again, they can see the book and see a picture of him, and if he's changed his looks, they can know what he's like too. The demon is a part of him, so the whole him should be identified I reckon.

    I liked the Banshee, thought the costume and make up were well done, and Phoebe made a good one.

    I have to agree with Piper though, people saying "just relax" pisses me off to no end, and the way they were saying it to her as well! I would've tried to blow them up after a while.
  • Look Who's Barking

    Look Who's Barking was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome and I liked the type of dog Prue turned into. It was interesting to see the Banshee and hear her scream or wail. I liked the background story of the Banshee and how they come to be. Phoebe believed Cole was behind a few unsolved attacks and later learns it wasn't him. There was a lot of character development. I liked seeing Piper wrestle with her new powers and have to take matters into her own hands when she was the only sister left around to continue fighting. Every thing ended well and I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Look who's blowing stuff up...

    Season 3 has been Phoebe's season in many ways, perhaps leading to Shannen's exit, and though at first glance this would appear to be a continuation of that, this episode is actually more about Piper.

    This episode prepares Piper for the start of Season 4, when she will be the head of the Charmed Ones and the most powerful witch. At the beginning, she is still paralyzed with fear of her new power with Leo trying to coax her out and build her confidence. By the end, she will take on the responsibility of finding the banshee and saving her sisters.

    The pre-intro scene with the first appearance of the banshee is one of the darker and more chilling scenes in the series. In usual Charmed fashion, much of the darkness surrounding the Banshee is juxtaposed against a more lighthearted subplot involving Prue being a dog. Like many reviewers, I was not taken with the whole dog thing, but I can get over it. It mostly kept Prue out of the picture so we could focus on Piper and Phoebe. The entire Phoebe/Cole story line is just getting tired at this point. Obviously, Phoebe needs a job so she can have something else to think about. The story line will reach the apex of tedium in the next episode before getting a miraculous and much needed revamp in Charmed Again.

    The highlight of the episode is clearly Piper and Leo's facedown with Cole, with Cole edging closer and closer and finally resorting to outright threats. Very tense scene with Piper showing her courage and determination before Phoebe arrives for her throwdown with Cole.

    Solid penultimate episode that sets up Piper, Phoebe and Cole for the finale.
  • Look Who's Getting Fired Soon and the Battle of the Bitter Exes

    This episode definitely had a good degree of darkness for an episode where the Charmed Ones get turned into things; which are usually lighter.

    Banshees: I liked the concept of the Banshee (though as usual I'm sure the writers took previous mythology and changed or added on to it). The pre-credits sequence was one that was genuinely scary and really threw you into the theme song (the first time I saw this episode anyway). The banshees have been the darkest demons on Charmed since the Grimlocks in season 1 and I liked that.

    Prue: It's probably unfortunate she spent most of her penultimate episode as a dog, but she looked absolutely beautiful during her human scenes. I really miss Prue's sophisticated manner and wished she had stuck around to yell more at Phoebe for defacing the Book of Shadows with her self pity scribbles about Cole. Prue seems a lot more mild mannered in this episode, though probably because she knew Phoebe was in pain so she let her off more easily.

    Phoebe: When I first watched this episode I thought the concept of turning Phoebe into a Banshee to work out her intense pain was a well executed idea. The banshee was played well by Phoebe though I didn't like Phoebe in general in this episode. I know I have to separate Alyssa from her character, but she gives Prue/Shannen all of these dirty looks and attitude throughout the episode that is just hard to dismiss. Prue lets her off the hook too easily and goes along with her dumb "Belthazor is behind this" theory about the next victim; so Phoebe has no right to take it out on her.

    Piper: Piper features some of the funnier and snippier lines in this episode ("huh, shut her up!") that really carried this somewhat dark episode. Still dealing with her witchy inadequacies ("I just tag along and freeze things"), Leo encourages her into believing she's just as powerful as Prue and Phoebe. I don't know why she ever thought she was less powerful than a premonition crap witch who can fly with strings, but ok, maybe it was a reference to her obscurity behind the Shannen/Alyssa diva scenes (sorry, I'm biased).

    Cole: Cole's another funny character and you have to love his face when he sees Prue-dog and Piper's botched vanquish. The fight scene between him and banshee Phoebe make the episode as well.

    Conclusion: One of the best "turning into things" episode mainly because of the dark back story behind banshees and Piper being on her own to figure stuff out. It also sets up the stage for All Hell Breaks Loose since by the end of the episode a concerned Piper at P3 looks on with a thoughtful and concerned gaze as Phoebe joyfully becomes determined to save Cole. Unfortunately that quest may cost both her sisters lives in the pivotal episode that follows.
  • Prue's a dog and Phoebe's a banshee

    I really have no idea why I like this episode so much because there was a lot of junk in here.

    I really enjoyed watching Piper struggle over her new power in the beginning. It was cool to see that she had destroyed the Christmas decorations and that she was afraid she would hurt someone if she left the basement. I loved how angry she was getting with being told to relax too.

    I hated the Phoebe/Cole plot to the story which coming from me is nothing new. I've hated almost all of their relationship, but that's not really the point. Phoebe being all blah over Cole was just complete crap and so incredibly annoying. I felt the urge to hit her in the beginning because Cole was all that she cared about and she was just way too mopey about it. And then she just assumed that the demon was Cole because she couldn't stop writing about him for 2 seconds and she just wanted it to be him.

    I liked the tracking spell turning Prue into a dog, because it really wasn't what you were expecting it to do. Prue the dog was great though I loved that she was hiding under the bed after the spell and Phoebe was great and almost cute when trying to get her out. It was funny when Leo insulted the kind of dog that Prue turned out to be and it was even funnier when he orbed out just because he was afraid of Prue.

    I loved that Leo came back and told Piper that witches turn into banshees at the worst moment. It was so amusing to see Piper after Phoebe turned into a banshee. It was nice to see that Piper was trying to find a way to deal with Prue being a dog and Phoebe being a banshee. And seeing Piper arguing with Leo as she was having a crisis was also amusing. I loved that when Piper wanted to get Phoebe back she automatically thought of Cole. I really loved Cole's "Surprise" when the potion didn't kill him

    This was a really good episode but a not so good episode all at the same time and I didn't like that Phoebe decided to give Cole another chance either.
  • It's a Doggy, Dog World Out There

    Look Who's Barking-Phoebe has a premonition of a murderous banshee while adding on to the Belthazar section of the Book of Shadows, thus causing her to think Cole is responsible. The sisters then cast a spell to track the banshee which turns Prue into a dog, but when Prue gets hit by a car, Phoebe's remorse causes the banshee to attack her and turn her into a banshee, too.

    An dark, emotional yet light hearted episode at times where each sister has their own issues in this episode. The biggest and most obvious one being Phoebe, who feels hurt and betrayed by Cole after the events of last episode. Alyssa pulls off Phoebe's hidden pain throughout and her breakdown scene was heartbreaking. I like the portrayal of the Banshees and it was no surprise that Phoebe would become one once we found out they use to be former witches. Alyssa actually look pretty frightening in her Banshee make-up and outfit.

    Then there's Piper, whose still dealing her new power of mass destruction and it's still hilarious watching random things explode with her having no control. Holly makes Piper's situation seem almost non-fictional and you really feel bad that Piper thinks she unable to save the day in the end. Lastly of course, is Prue, who becomes a dog for most of the episode. I always found it hilarious with Prue being a dog as Shannen is always called a b!%@# by the media and here she is being turned into a dog, lol. I also always found it weird that for Prue's penultimate episode of the series that she would be almost M.I.A the whole episode, but that's mostly because of Shannen preparing for her next direction job for the season finale.

    The episode is filled with some disturbing and tense scenes like the opening teaser with the first Banshee attack as with glass shattering everywhere. I also loved Cole finally revealing the truth to Phoebe and it would have been a drag if the writers tragged out Cole's faux betrayal for too long. Again, Julian and Alyssa are great together in their scenes and it's nice to see Phoebe doesn't want to give up on Cole anymore. All and All, a fun and very good episode with solid storyline and all 3 sisters getting a lot to do here.
  • Phoebe is a banshee and Prue is a dog! It's quite an entertaining ride, I'll certainly say that for it!

    There is a banshee on the loose targetting sad souls and, of course, killing them with her screams. Currently, Phoebe is a very sad sould due to the everything that is (or isn't) happening with herself and Cole. Being so sad makes her an easy target and, before we know it, Phoebe has become one herself, which is sad to watch.

    Meanwhile, Prue, believe it or not, gets turned into a dog, hit by a car and saved by a good looking guy who takes excellent care of her. She is clearly disappointed that she must leave him but all the focus is on Phoebe, who is clearly suffering a great deal.

    A terrific episode to watch and a good lead-in to the excellent series finale.
  • Prue does it doggy style

    Plenty of action in this one. Prue turns into a hound, Phoebe turns into a banshee and Cole turns bad and then good again, leaving Piper and Leo to patch things up.

    Having Prue turn into a dog was a little bizarre but I guess it did fit with the plot. It just about managed to avoid being cutesy, despite some annoying 'doggy talk' from the other two. Leo's reaction was priceless though. I'm not sure why Shannen chose not to appear for half the episode. I'd like to think she was saving herself for the finale but it was probably just a bust up with Brad.

    The banshee made an excellent baddie and she looked and sounded great. It's always that much more sinister when the demon doesn't speak. Having Phoebe turn into one was very cool and I loved that she honed in on Cole and tried to scream him to death. I'm impressed the writers are still coming up with such original ideas after three whole seasons.

    It made a nice change to have Piper working out how to save the day. As she admits, it's usually Prue and Phoebe who do the demon hunting while she "tags along and freezes things". It shows the writers are already thinking post Prue, which should make the transition into Season Four a little smoother.

    The way Piper is struggling with her new power reminds me so much of the early days, particularly that time she freezes the kitchen at Quake in the second episode.

    It's cool to see Cole actually wanting to be evil - this is the first time we've seen this and it actually suits him in a cute kind of way.

    And, lastly, what on earth chat up line did Prue use on that bloke at the bar? "Hi, I'm Prue Halliwell, I was round at yours last night - I had white fur and I shat on your floor. Fancy a pint?"
  • Ok i supose, but after a while it got boring.

    A mysterious murder and a premonition has Phoebe convinced Cole is on a killing rampage. So Phoebe performs a spell to conjure up Cole in order to vanquish him, but the spell doesn't work. Meanwhile Piper is struggling to handle her new power. Prue discovers that the murderer is really a Banshee demon who seeks out people whose souls are in pain and kills them with her screams. They find a tracking spell, but it has to be performed on one of the Charmed Ones in order to find the demon. Prue volunteers and is transformed into a dog, Prue begins to pick up the trail of the Banshee, while Piper and Phoebe are in pursuit. They find the Banshee and fight her, but the demon runs away. Prue runs after her, but is hit by a car and taken to the vet by the driver. Since they've lost Prue, Piper and Phoebe head back to the manor. At the Manor, Phoebe goes to the attic and begins to cry, because she's still in love with Cole, but can't forgive him for killing a witch. Leo tells Piper that the Banshee demon is a witch consumed by pain until she becomes evil and she can turn other witches in to Banshees. At that moment, the Banshee demon crashes through the attic window and attacks Phoebe, Piper destroys the Banshee, but Phoebe becomes a Banshee and runs away. Leo says that they have to stop her before she kills or she'll be a Banshee forever. Piper figures out that the only way to save Phoebe is to summon Cole and have him confess that he still loves Phoebe thus ending her pain. Cole confronts Phoebe and a huge battle ensues. When Cole tells her that he can't kill her and that he still loves her, Phoebe returns to normal. While Cole explains how he was forced to kill the witch, Prue escapes from her captor and she turns back into human Prue. Later at P3 Phoebe tells Piper that she made a mistake about giving up on Cole and that if anyone can bring him back, it's her.
  • Phoebe turned into a banshee and Prue turns into a dog

    This epi was ok. It wasn\'t very original and it went no where. It just showed another epi of a demon. It had no excitment, besides Prue meeting a guy that she didn\'t keep. The only interesting thing was the teenager who is played by my fav actress Ashley Tisdale. Anyways, this went no where and I think they probably were saving up the excitment for the season finale. It was an ok episode but I don\'t think it was the best.
    Also, I think Prue should of kept the guy that she met when she was a dog. It was an ok epi, as I said but I wouldn\'t suggest it to anybody.
  • Prue\'s a dog. Phoebe\'s a banshee. Cole is evil, or atleast partially evil, again. Piper is learning how to use a new power. COOL EPISODE.

    With all of the twists in this plot and the different things going on...i almost thought this episode would be kinda over doing it for all of this stuff happening at once, but it really wasn\'t. I liked this episode and it worked itself out.

    This episode was actually kind of funny, although I have to admit, it was almosttt a tearjerker with the entire Cole and Phoebe situation. BUT, besides the sad way that the EX and soon to be again couple left it, this episode was really very entertaining.

    im glad phoebe decided to try again with cole = ]
  • prue is turned into a dog, and phoebe is turned into a banshee while piper and leo try to cope with piper\'s new power.

    this episode was kinda weird, but good at the same time. it was really original, and i dont think they\'ve had one of the sisters turn into anything as original since. i was so glad that cole came back cuz he is such a cool part of the charmed \"team.\" its like he and leo are oposites... anyways, this was an amazing episode! it was really clear and you werent left guessing at the end of the episode as to what happened to the sisters. if only they could have ended the season like that! after i saw the season finale i thought i missed an episode cuz i didnt get it that prue died... but o well this was definitely a good way to count down to prues final episode
  • I Like this episode! It's pretty Interesting.

    I think this episode is very diffrent from anything they have ever done on the show. I can't believe they could actually pull it off the way they did. It was funny at the end of the episode when Prue is going to meet the guy she met as a dog and she they're like "You met a guy as a dog?"
    then after that she like "He ran me over". That part was so funny. Even though I don't really like Cole I'm glad him and Phoebe got back together in the end it was really sweet they way they put it! Great Episode!
  • This episode rocks! Look Who's Barking was funny, interesting & even a little heartbreaking.

    This episode rocks! Look Who's Barking was funny, interesting & even a little heartbreaking.

    Piper was funny throughout the episode, she got the best oneliners, Pheobe looked cool when she turned into a Banshee. And Prue as a dog was awesome.

    Pheobe is heartbroken over her breakup with Cole but is in denial over her feelings about him. Meanwhile Piper still can't control her new power & is hiding out in the basement away from Leo & her sisters so that she won't accidentally blow them up.

    A Banshee is on the loose killing people that have troubled souls & Pheobe at first thinks it's Cole. They sisters cast a tracking spell but it backfires turning Prue into a dog. They manage to save an innocent from the Banshee but it goes after Pheobe & turns her into one. With Prue missing & Pheobe on the loose as a Banshee it's up to Piper to find Pheobe before she kills an innocent & remains a Banshee forever.

    Cole manages to save Pheobe in the end & she decides to bring him back because she still loves him even though he killed a witch.
  • Scary

    Ok... this Banshee lady is pretty scary, and horrible and Phoebe... wow, she looked scary also lol. I really liked this screamin episode. Phoebe is thinking about saving Cole again, i think that's great. And how cool is the dog Prue. It's absolutly gorgeus. Very good episode, that's why i'm watching the series all over again and liking it as if for the first time!
  • Prue's a Stinkin' Dog! Aaaaggghhh!

    With Shannen Doherty's departure from Charmed, there were many rumors circulating centering on why she left. Some believe that it was because of tensions between her and Alyssa; some believe that she disagreed with Brad Kern's plans for the show whilst others believe it was a mix of both. Look Who's Barking adds to the rumor mill as it's an episode almost completely devout of Prue, who is left as a dog for most of the episode.

    The hour has the sisters tracking a Banshee, a former witch who has turned into a shrieking demon who hunts those in pain and turns them into her own species. She turns Phoebe and Prue is inadvertently turned into a dog.

    The episode has a brilliant "possessed-sister" storyline and Alyssa was great as a Banshee. It was slightly obvious that she would be turned into one as she spends the first act of the episode being increasingly annoying and weepy. It was sad to see that Prue was so wasted in her penultimate episode. It's slightly obvious that her "Prujo" subplot was written so Shannen could have some time off and relax after a load of arguments with Alyssa.

    I found the first few acts of Look Who's Barking very good, with a brilliant teaser sequence and some good hunting scenes as the sisters try to find the Banshee. This episode was also surprisingly funny with Piper and Phoebe arguing over who will clean up Prujo's poop. The whole episode is well written with loads of memorable scenes. Shame about the doggy subplot though, which was as stinky as dog poop itself.