Season 3 Episode 21

Look Who's Barking

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 10, 2001 on The WB

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  • Prue's a dog and Phoebe's a banshee

    I really have no idea why I like this episode so much because there was a lot of junk in here.

    I really enjoyed watching Piper struggle over her new power in the beginning. It was cool to see that she had destroyed the Christmas decorations and that she was afraid she would hurt someone if she left the basement. I loved how angry she was getting with being told to relax too.

    I hated the Phoebe/Cole plot to the story which coming from me is nothing new. I've hated almost all of their relationship, but that's not really the point. Phoebe being all blah over Cole was just complete crap and so incredibly annoying. I felt the urge to hit her in the beginning because Cole was all that she cared about and she was just way too mopey about it. And then she just assumed that the demon was Cole because she couldn't stop writing about him for 2 seconds and she just wanted it to be him.

    I liked the tracking spell turning Prue into a dog, because it really wasn't what you were expecting it to do. Prue the dog was great though I loved that she was hiding under the bed after the spell and Phoebe was great and almost cute when trying to get her out. It was funny when Leo insulted the kind of dog that Prue turned out to be and it was even funnier when he orbed out just because he was afraid of Prue.

    I loved that Leo came back and told Piper that witches turn into banshees at the worst moment. It was so amusing to see Piper after Phoebe turned into a banshee. It was nice to see that Piper was trying to find a way to deal with Prue being a dog and Phoebe being a banshee. And seeing Piper arguing with Leo as she was having a crisis was also amusing. I loved that when Piper wanted to get Phoebe back she automatically thought of Cole. I really loved Cole's "Surprise" when the potion didn't kill him

    This was a really good episode but a not so good episode all at the same time and I didn't like that Phoebe decided to give Cole another chance either.