Season 3 Episode 21

Look Who's Barking

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 10, 2001 on The WB

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  • It's a Doggy, Dog World Out There

    Look Who's Barking-Phoebe has a premonition of a murderous banshee while adding on to the Belthazar section of the Book of Shadows, thus causing her to think Cole is responsible. The sisters then cast a spell to track the banshee which turns Prue into a dog, but when Prue gets hit by a car, Phoebe's remorse causes the banshee to attack her and turn her into a banshee, too.

    An dark, emotional yet light hearted episode at times where each sister has their own issues in this episode. The biggest and most obvious one being Phoebe, who feels hurt and betrayed by Cole after the events of last episode. Alyssa pulls off Phoebe's hidden pain throughout and her breakdown scene was heartbreaking. I like the portrayal of the Banshees and it was no surprise that Phoebe would become one once we found out they use to be former witches. Alyssa actually look pretty frightening in her Banshee make-up and outfit.

    Then there's Piper, whose still dealing her new power of mass destruction and it's still hilarious watching random things explode with her having no control. Holly makes Piper's situation seem almost non-fictional and you really feel bad that Piper thinks she unable to save the day in the end. Lastly of course, is Prue, who becomes a dog for most of the episode. I always found it hilarious with Prue being a dog as Shannen is always called a b!%@# by the media and here she is being turned into a dog, lol. I also always found it weird that for Prue's penultimate episode of the series that she would be almost M.I.A the whole episode, but that's mostly because of Shannen preparing for her next direction job for the season finale.

    The episode is filled with some disturbing and tense scenes like the opening teaser with the first Banshee attack as with glass shattering everywhere. I also loved Cole finally revealing the truth to Phoebe and it would have been a drag if the writers tragged out Cole's faux betrayal for too long. Again, Julian and Alyssa are great together in their scenes and it's nice to see Phoebe doesn't want to give up on Cole anymore. All and All, a fun and very good episode with solid storyline and all 3 sisters getting a lot to do here.