Season 4 Episode 12

Lost and Bound

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

A fire starter, Tyler, is coveted by Ludlow, a demon who trains bodyguards (other fire starters) for the Source.

Tyler is brought to social services after he is found in an alley, having left his foster parents after setting a bed on fire. She brings him to the manor after he starts another fire. Paige tries to talk to him, but he won't listen. Paige has to write the power of three spell when Phoebe becomes Susie Homemaker.

Piper and Leo are not speaking because Leo thinks that binding a child's power is OK, where Piper thinks it's not. When Tyler comes to the manor, Piper is able to get through to him, and she tells him of his power, and how special he is to have the gift. When his foster parents come, Piper gets suspicious. Leo realizes they are demons, and Tyler's anger sets them on fire. Worried that he did something wrong, Piper shows him her powers, and then the Book of Shadows, where they learn that his foster parents were Demonic Bounty Hunters, who were looking for the fire starter (Tyler) to bring to Ludlow, who would train him to be a bodyguard for the Source. This tells the Charmed Ones that the Source is resurfacing. Since no one knew where Tyler was, Piper realizes that bounty hunters will be able to find Tyler through his power. She and Leo decide to go to Ludlow as bounty hunters to save Tyler.

Phoebe fears she will become Samantha Stevens ("Bewitched") when she marries Cole. When Cole places Grams' ring on her finger, Phoebe becomes Susie Homemaker, and starts flashing between black and white and color. Cole realizes that it's the ring, and Paige is able to use her powers to get the ring off Phoebe's finger, where they find the inscription, "To gain another, lose oneself." Grams was married six times, and they figure the curse was her way of protecting herself from yet another marriage. She and Cole agree to not lose their identities, and she throws the ring down the drain. What's up with Cole: Cole wants a job, and Paige gets him a job as a legal aid at social services. When he gets mad at a bad landlord, he punches him, and is fired. The landlord drops the charges, and Cole is looking for another job.

Piper and Leo go to Ludlow's house as bounty hunters. Tyler piggy-backs on the orb, and they all get into the house after Piper figures the password as being killing one of the guards. Ludlow comes, and Tyler is scared and unable to set anything on fire. When Ludlow keeps going, Tyler builds up his anger, and sets Ludlow on fire, but it doesn't burn Ludlow. Ludlow then freezes Tyler, telling Piper and Leo that he will take the power, and kill Tyler when the Source gets there. Piper realizes her powers don't work, and Ludlow throws them out (literally), to claim their payment. Leo gets Phoebe and Paige, and Piper channels her anger and is able to break through the force-protected barrier, getting them back into the house. Lucky for them all, Paige's haiku vanquishes Ludlow. Leo unthaws Tyler. Back at the manor, Tyler drinks a potion to give up his power, and Paige is able to find him a family in the area, which, according to Piper, is a good thing, because she wants visitation rights, and one day he may want his power back. Piper realizes that Tyler guided her, and she didn't guide him as she had hoped. Children need to live their lives free from fear, and magic is a gift, and now she sees Grams' wisdom in hiding their powers from them.