Season 4 Episode 12

Lost and Bound

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2002 on The WB

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  • Let the flames begin!

    I failed to mention this in previous reviews, but there's an annoying level of convenience to the scripts that completely alters the flow of the episodes. This week Piper and Leo are discussing their child's future and how their powers may or may not have a negative impact for them, and then a convenient magical child pops up to illustrate both points of view, it's very irritating. Like two episodes back, Phoebe and Cole are having pre-proposal jitters, so they're conveniently possessed by ghosts…who want to get married. It's something you'd expect from shows like Sabrina! ANYWAYS, there are some note-worthy moments in 'Lost and Bound'. For 'Paige from the Past,' I bemoaned how Phoebe's subplot was an unnecessary distraction. Here, however, it's a bit of relief from the very irritable main plot. Alyssa does a bang up job as the house wife – the way she does that little crunch with her nose gets me every time. The special effects were cool, too. As for Piper and Leo? Uhm, Piper, you've spent the last 10 episodes damning magic and how it'd be better if you called truce with the source, now you're praising to anyone within praise distance how great magic is. Inconsistency, much? Oh, well, it is Charmed, I suppose.
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