Season 4 Episode 12

Lost and Bound

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2002 on The WB

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  • Don't upset the fire-starting teenager...

    This is decidedly better than last week, at least being good enough to be average, even if it is based on a couple preposterous plot points.

    For one, as pointed out by others, Piper "I want to live a normal life" Haliwell is clearly on the wrong side of the bind the child's powers argument, and Leo "defender of all things magical" as well. However, this argument is a key part of the episode. So it is to be tolerated. The second point of idiocy is the notion that the Source would need this kid. For what? The Source can start fires with a wave of his hand. Ray Wise, decent actor that he is, makes a more frightening investment banker than a demon. We do, however, get to see perhaps the first sign of maternal instincts from Piper, as she takes the boy under her protection and is even more feisty than normal in getting him back after he is taken. Of course, she learns her lesson by the end and understands the gift Grams gave her and her sisters by binding their powers through childhood. As usual, it would have been easier to just listen to Leo.

    The entire Phoebe subplot was well-acted by Alyssa and Julian, but it was beyond stupid that no one noticed she was starting to act completely out of sorts.

    Fairly decent rebound from a disastrous episode last week, but still hardly the lead in to Charmed and Dangerous that you would expect.