Season 1 Episode 21

Love Hurts

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 19, 1999 on The WB
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Leo is shot by the arrow of a darklighter, and asks the sisters to help to protect a girl that is being targeted by the darklighter. Piper casts a spell to swap her powers with Leo's but mistakenly the spell causes Prue and Phoebe's powers to swap. Meanwhile Andy leaves his job to help protect Prue's secret from being exposed by an Internal Affairs investigation.moreless

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  • Love Hurts

    Love Hurts was an awesome episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of significant character and plot development for Piper and Leo. The story was very intriguing and the look at both good and evil was interesting. The story was well written and the acting was superb. This will become a classic episode of the series and it is well deserved. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • No, an arrow through the shoulder hurts; love heals.

    This emotional and epic episode would have best served as Season 1's finale, while the finale would have served as an excellent premier to Season 2.

    Here the love story between Piper and Leo truly begins, which would become the backbone of Charmed through 8 seasons. It begins as both finally confess their love for one another. As I suggested before, this wasn't set up as well as it could have been since the last time we saw Piper and Leo, he was saying good bye and she was saying whatever. No surprise that Leo loves Piper, as he has already told Phoebe likewise, but Piper's love is a bit more out of no where. Maybe the sight of Leo dying in her attic had an effect on her. Regardless, we all would learn that healing Leo is a very good idea for the well-being of the sisters in the future.

    The excellent bad guys known as darklighters are introduced here, though they begin with a slightly different backstory than what is presented in future episodes. Here they are presented like male succubus rather than the antithesis to whitelighters that would become their role later on. In fact, knowing how darklighters are presented later on, it is odd that Leo would spend time talking with a darklighter or that he would be surprised when one conjures up a crossbow to kill him. They probably could have done better with the actress for Daisy, but she suffices. Once again a spell is used here, and as usual, it brings different results than what was hoped for. Of course it was cool to see Phoebe with the active power. Even so, it was still Prue that got the somewhat awesome vanquish at the end, even if it was Phoebe's idea. Good thinking by her.

    The subplot with IA and Rodriguez continues to be a waste, but since he turns out to be a demon at the end, it does help explain it. Mostly, it is all a set up for the season finale and Andy's unfortunate exit from the show. By the end, Andy and Prue did develop an excellent chemistry between them. It doesn't evoke love to me, like eventually between Piper and Leo, but it does suggest a deep friendship. And, of course, we have the final scene between Piper and Leo on the couch in the attic. In it, Leo first suggests turning mortal to be with Piper, and both invoke the dream of getting to have a family and grow old together. We would have to suffer through most of Season 2 before Piper and Leo can start on this journey, but the fulfillment of that dream becomes a central story arc for the remainder of Charmed.moreless
  • Brian Does His First Sweaty, Arrow-in-Chest Face

    As the penultimate episode of the season, "Love Hurts" is quite disappointing. The storyline is a routine "save innocent from demon" which doesn't really throw in any new surprises.

    The episode probably worked well when it first aired, as it introduces darklighters, swapping powers and more of the whitelighter mythology, but nowadays, it seems slightly cliché, being that since this episode, we have seen darklighters, swapping powers and poisonous arrows constantly as Charmed goes on.

    The episode features Piper desperately trying to save Leo when he is left dying after being hit with a poisoned arrow whilst Prue and Phoebe attempt to rescue Leo's charge Daisy from her darklighter ex-boyfriend Alec, who is trying to kill her.

    Holly Marie Combs excels in this episode and she puts in all her effort to make you really feel for her character. Piper has always been unlucky in love with, as Prue mentions, "a warlock, a ghost, a geographically undesirable handyman and a very dorky grad student" all in her dating resume and when Leo, her true love, is dying, you really want her to be able to swap powers with him so she can heal his wounds.

    It's fun to see Phoebe and Prue dealing with their swapped powers also and it almost feels like we're right back in "Something Wicca This Way Comes", with each sister trying to control the abilities that have been thrust upon them.

    All-in-all, "Love Hurts" is a decent episode which ends up feeling boring and clichéd if you've seen the other 150+ episodes.

    Rating: Cmoreless
  • Leo gets into a battle with a Darklighter while trying to protect a young charge and it appears as though he will die.

    Darklighters, like Whitelighters, exist in fairly large numbers so it is no surprise when a Darklighter targets Leo whilst he is attempting to keep a young woman safe from the Darklighter's lethal arrow.

    When Leo takes the arrow himself, the poison spreads very quickly through his body. Back at Halliwell Manor, it appears as though Leo will die and Piper is devastated beyond belief. Things get just a little mixed up when Prue and Phoebe try to help and it seems as though nothing can save Leo's life. Everything they try has no effect and it appears that Piper must prepare for loss. When Piper's genuine tears heal Leo's wounds and restore him to health, it is clear that love can conquer all.moreless
  • Leo is mortally wounded in a battle with a darklighter while trying to save an innocent. He comes to the sisters to protect the girl. Andy quits his job to protect Prue. The sisters mix their powers by accident trying to save Leo.moreless

    A great episode with a lot of emotion. Andy quits for Prue. Leo gets mortally wounded saving Daisy. Piper mixes up the girls powers trying to save Leo. Prue and Phoebe get respect for each others gifts. A new danger reveals itself. Lots of action for everyone.

    Prue gets to find out what its like to kill someone hands on when she switches powers with the darklighter. I don't think she will want to be doing that again in the near future. She also realizes what a burden Phoebe's gift is and has a lot more respect for how Phoebe handles things. What is the expression? Walk a mile in someone else's shoes?

    Andy sacrifices everything he has worked for to keep Prue and her sisters secret safe. His statement about all the innocent lives the sisters has saved is right. Unfortunately there has been a great deal of collateral damage along the way.

    Carlos Gomez the Internal Affairs Inspector is a great actor and it was a surprise to find out that he is some sort of warlock or demon. He now knows what Andy has been trying to protect. You wonder how he is going to explain his partners death though.

    Phoebe also learns the burden of anothers powers. She always wanted an active power and now that she has experienced one I think the she and her sisters may realize that whomever the higher powers are that touched them may know what they are doing.

    Finally Piper. She had to finally admit in his death that she truly loved Leo. It was a very touching moment and Holly Marie Combs did an excellent job portraying a grieving lover. It was in his death that her love really shined and it was that love that triggered the power to save him.

    It is interesting that they choose two of the baser emotions hate and love for the triggers of the darklighter and whitelighter. It does make sense and I think it makes for a nice turn to the story.

    My best of season one episode. I enjoyed this immensely and will watch it again and again. Great acting, heavy action, and an interesting storyline. All the elements of a great episode. Thanks for reading...moreless
Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty

Prudence 'Prue' Halliwell

Holly Marie Combs

Holly Marie Combs

Piper Halliwell

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano

Phoebe Halliwell

Dorian Gregory

Dorian Gregory

Darryl Morris

Ted King

Ted King

Inspector Andy Trudeau

Michael Trucco

Michael Trucco


Guest Star

Carlos Gomez

Carlos Gomez

Inspector Rodriguez

Guest Star

Lisa Robin Kelly

Lisa Robin Kelly


Guest Star

Brian Krause (I)

Brian Krause (I)

Leo Wyatt

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • The spell to switch powers with someone is: What's Mine is Yours,
      What's Yours is Mine
      Let our powers cross the line
      I offer up my gift to share
      Switch our powers through the air.

    • In the bathroom scene, when Prue tries to shoot Alec with the crossbow, it goes through him and into the wall behind him. In the next shot, as he orb's away, there is clearly no arrow in the wall behind him.

    • TRIVIA: This is the first time that the Charmed Ones go up against an evil being (Alec) who has fallen in love with a good woman. He is also not the last, as future episodes include similar love stories with the warlock Anton, Drasi the Demon of Hate, Cole and the Necromancer.

    • In this episode Leo tells the sisters not to touch the darklighters arrow because the poison will kill them. However in future episodes Paige (and probably Piper while pregnant) is the only sister who can not touch the arrow because it is only poisonous to whitelighters.

    • When asked why he can't heal himself, Leo says that whitelighters can't heal themselves but that's not entirely true. Only when injured with a darklighter's arrow can whitelighters not heal themselves. For instance, in the season 4 episode "Saving Private Leo", Leo heals immediately after being stabbed with a knife.

    • Leo orbs to the Charmed ones' house for security, but why wouldn't he just orb 'up there' and have one of the many whitelighters heal him?

    • At the end when Prue and Phoebe use the spell to switch powers it seems strange that they don't get mixed up this time. At the beginning when Piper is trying save Leo, everything gets exchanged, not just hers and Leo's, yet Prue seems able to switch hers and Alec's back and forth at will. Unless Phoebe may not have switched powers, because she was covering her ears.

    • If Leo and Piper switched powers, then why isn't Piper hearing voices of the folks Leo is watching over? She does when the unborn baby switches their powers in a later season.

    • In the beginning of the episode Leo orbs in plain sight - isn't he worried about magic being exposed?

    • In other episodes, when any whitelighter is hit with an arrow, they can't orb but Leo can in this one. For example, in the season 8 episode "The Jung and Restless" Paige is hit with two arrows and she can't orb - if she could, she would have orbed home.

    • TRIVIA: Featured music in this episode -
      -Human by The Pretenders
      -Human (On the Inside) by Nine Inch Nails

    • When Phoebe catches Piper switching powers with Leo Piper says "Leo can't heal himself but maybe with his powers I can" and she clasps her hands, but in the next shot her hands are on her hips.

    • TRIVIA: Prue calls Grams "Grandma" in this episode. This is the second time Prue has called her that, the first time being in the earlier season 1 episode "That 70's Episode".

    • TRIVIA: Piper and Prue learn that Leo is a whitelighter in this episode.

    • In other episodes, it is mentioned that Leo can't heal the dead, yet Piper after switching powers with him, healed him even though he was dead.

    • Prue never finishes the power switching spell when she's killing the darklighter - yet somehow, it worked.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Rodriguez (about Andy): He's covering for Prue Halliwell.
      Anderson: How do you know? (turns and sees Rodriguez' eyes blood red) Oh my God! (Anderson screams)

    • Andy (witnessing a darklighter orb out of the window): What the hell was that?
      Prue: Welcome to my world.

    • Daisy: Oh God, he found me again.
      Phoebe: How do you know?
      Daisy: That's what he does, he sends me flowers so I know he's watching.
      (Phoebe reads the note.)
      Phoebe: No, honey, these are for Prue.
      Prue: They're from Andy, he needs to see me right away.
      Phoebe: Something wrong with his phone?
      Prue: It's a long story but I can't leave you guys.
      Phoebe: No, Prue, we'll go up and check on Leo and, remember, I'm the one with the active power now. Go.
      Prue: Are you sure?
      Phoebe: Yes, absolutely, we'll be fine. Let's go check on Leo.

    • Daisy: Excuse me. Where can I find bus 24?
      (The guy turns around and it's Alec.)
      Alec: I told you I'll always be there for you, Daisy.
      (She walks off quickly and bumps into a man.)
      Daisy: I'm sorry. (The man turns around and it's Alec again.)
      Alec: It's quite all right. I'm in no hurry. I've got forever. You care to join me?

    • Piper: I have looked everywhere in this damn book for something, anything to help Leo and I can't. What's that face? What's the matter?
      Phoebe: Leo's in pretty bad shape, Piper. And he's getting worse.
      Piper: I know, that's why I need to find an ointment or a cure or something.
      Phoebe: You need to listen. This is really hard to say but I think you need to hear it. I think that you need to learn to accept the possibility that... maybe we're not supposed to save Leo. Maybe he's not our innocent. Maybe we're only meant to save Daisy.
      Piper: We have to save him whether we're meant to or not.

    • Phoebe: Leo, I brought you some food in case you're... you do eat, right?
      Leo: Yes, Phoebe, I eat. How's Piper?
      Phoebe: Oh, you know, she's dealing. I mean, it's not every day that you find out that the guy you're seeing isn't human. Although, in Piper's case...
      Leo: I wish she didn't have to find out about me like this. Being with her broke the rules but not being with her breaks my heart.
      Phoebe: You know, Leo, it's not like we rushed to tell you that we're witches. I think Piper understands about those little secrets that we have to keep.
      Leo: Any word on Daisy?
      Phoebe: Yes and no. Prue called. Andy thinks he found out where Daisy's staying. They're on their way now. (She pulls off his bandage.) Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
      Leo: It's okay, I know it's bad.
      Phoebe: I guess I need to work on my poker face a little bit, huh? You know Leo, didn't you tell me that Whitelighters have the ability to heal? Why can't you just...
      Leo: No, my powers are for others, I can't use it on myself.
      (He coughs.)
      Phoebe: Ah, you know, we just gotta get you better. Then you and Piper will have lots of time to talk about stuff when you're well.
      Leo: Phoebe, I'm not going to get better.
      Phoebe: That's ridiculous, Leo, of course you will, we're just gonna have to find something in the Book of Shadows.
      Leo: No, the Darklighter's poison can't be reversed. It's meant to kill Whitelighters. That's what it's doing, it's working it's way through my system. It's just a matter of time.
      Phoebe: How much time?
      Leo: Not much. I'm gonna die and there's nothing you can do about it. My power is ebbing. With it, my ability to cloak Daisy.
      Phoebe: We're gonna save you both, Leo.

    • Prue: Andy, what's going on?
      Andy: Internal Affairs is looking into all my unsolved cases. All the ones that involve the supernatural.
      Prue: All the cases that involve me. Do you think that they followed you here?
      Andy: I wouldn't put it past them.
      Prue: Andy, if we... if I, put you in this situation.
      Andy: I put me here, Prue.
      Prue: Yeah, but you had help. Can they force you to tell them?
      Andy: About you? I won't. But we have to be careful about being seen together. It has to look like we're still... friends.
      Prue: Andy, we are still friends. We always will be.
      Andy: Are you sure I'm not just someone who's keeping your secret, Prue?
      Prue: You know me better than that. I'm glad I told you, I am.
      Andy: So am I. Now when you need me all you have to do is ask.
      Prue: Well, I'm asking. I need to find someone, she's in danger and I have to get to her before he does.
      Andy: He? You know what, I don't need to know. Specifics always get me in trouble. Where was the last time she was seen?
      Prue: Headed to her rental car outside a mini-mart.
      Andy: Well, we can get the security camera from the mini-mart and surrounding businesses. See if we can get the car's license plates and see if it leads us to where she's staying.
      Prue: Thanks.

    • Morris: You enjoying this as much as I am?
      Andy: What's that?
      Morris: The silent treatment and the cold shoulder.
      Andy: I know, it's been a week since Internal Affairs has made a move. What are they waiting for?
      Morris: I'm not talking about I.A., I'm talking about you and me.
      Andy: I got no problems.
      Morris: That makes one of us. I.A. is on our ass and I still don't know why, but I'm pretty damn sure you do. You feel like sharing?
      (The phone rings)
      Andy: Homicide, Trudeau.
      Prue: Andy, hi. I...
      Andy: Hey, Franklin. How are things in Forensics?
      Prue: You can't talk.
      Andy: No, actually. Why don't you have it checked out by the F.B.I. lab?
      Prue: Andy, I really need your help, it's important. Quake?
      Andy: Okay, I'll be there.
      Morris: Franklin's wife had a baby girl yesterday. Took a week off. Did he call you from the maternity ward? You don't wanna tell me what's going on, fine. Just don't lie to me, okay, partner?

    • Phoebe: How long have I been after you to find some new male blood? Preferably tan and buff.
      Prue: With limited verbal skills.
      Prue & Phoebe: No strings attached.

    • Prue: Okay, I brought everything that I could find, I just didn't know what to use on a... what is he again?
      Piper: A whitelighter.
      Phoebe: Yeah, they're sort of like... You know how Peter Pan has Tinkerbell? They're sort of like that minus the tutu and the wings. He guides witches.

    • Prue: A couple of dates not picking up the check, that's a slump. This is more like a sucking void.

    • (The Darklighter crossbow & arrow appear in Alec's hands.)
      Alec: I've never used this on a witch before.
      Prue: Oh, Grandma's car, fender dented, you got blamed for it, I did it!
      (Phoebe makes Alec fly into a cubicle.)
      Phoebe: I got grounded for that, Prue.
      (Prue picks up the crossbow.)
      Prue: I've never used this on a Darklighter before.

    • Phoebe (to Prue about her premonitions): Okay, you know, you guys take for granted that I'm your innocent yellow pages. Okay, this takes work.

    • Phoebe: Okay, it's not that easy to break me.
      Prue: What was it in high school that the guys started calling you after they caught you making out with someone under the bleachers?
      Phoebe: It's not gonna work.
      Prue: What was that? Oh yeah, Freebie! (the magazines on a rack spin around and fall off). Well, class over.
      Phoebe: You know that was just a rumor, right?

    • Piper: What's mine is yours, what's yours is mine... let our powers cross the line...
      Phoebe: What's this? I hear rhyming.

    • Phoebe: I can't believe you're wearing your bikini on the plane.
      Prue: Time saver.
      Phoebe: I know, but you're making me look frumpy. It's like a sign of the apocalypse.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Michael Trucco (Alec) previously appeared in four episodes of the Aaron Spelling produced series Beverly Hills 90210 (which also starred Shannen Doherty for the first four years) as Noah's brother Josh Hunter, who raped Valerie.

    • This episode scored 5.7 million viewers.


    • Phoebe: Great, generation 666.

      In the Bible, the Book of Revelation (13:17-18) cryptically asserts 666 to be "the number of a man", associated with the beast, an antagonistic creature that appears briefly about two-thirds into the apocalyptic vision. In modern popular culture, 666 has become one of the most widely recognized symbols for Satan or the Devil. Earnest references to 666 occur both among apocalypticist Christian groups and in explicitly anti-Christian subcultures such as that surrounding some heavy metal bands; more humorous allusions to the 666 symbolism are mainstream. An appearance of the number 666 in contemporary Western art or literature is more likely than not a conscious reference to this number of the Beast symbolism.

    • Prue: Okay, so that spell switched all of our powers.
      Piper: Am I going to get yelled at?
      Phoebe: It's a supernatural Freaky Friday.
      This is a reference to the 1976 movie Freaky Friday in which a mother and daughter with many conflicts gets to see how the other lives for a day when they switch bodies. It was later remade into a 1995 TV movie and a 2003 feature film.

    • TItle: Love Hurts

      This is a reference to a common saying, that basically states the obvious.

    • Phoebe: Stella, we are getting our groove back.
      This is a reference to the 1998 movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back starring Angela Bassett.

    • Phoebe compares whitelighters to Tinkerbell from "Peter Pan", but "minus the tutu and wings".

      Tinkerbell is a fairy from the popular children's book "Peter Pan", which has many movie and book adaptations. She watches over Peter, much like whitelighters watch over their charges.