Season 1 Episode 21

Love Hurts

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 19, 1999 on The WB

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  • Love Hurts

    Love Hurts was an awesome episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of significant character and plot development for Piper and Leo. The story was very intriguing and the look at both good and evil was interesting. The story was well written and the acting was superb. This will become a classic episode of the series and it is well deserved. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • No, an arrow through the shoulder hurts; love heals.

    This emotional and epic episode would have best served as Season 1's finale, while the finale would have served as an excellent premier to Season 2.

    Here the love story between Piper and Leo truly begins, which would become the backbone of Charmed through 8 seasons. It begins as both finally confess their love for one another. As I suggested before, this wasn't set up as well as it could have been since the last time we saw Piper and Leo, he was saying good bye and she was saying whatever. No surprise that Leo loves Piper, as he has already told Phoebe likewise, but Piper's love is a bit more out of no where. Maybe the sight of Leo dying in her attic had an effect on her. Regardless, we all would learn that healing Leo is a very good idea for the well-being of the sisters in the future.

    The excellent bad guys known as darklighters are introduced here, though they begin with a slightly different backstory than what is presented in future episodes. Here they are presented like male succubus rather than the antithesis to whitelighters that would become their role later on. In fact, knowing how darklighters are presented later on, it is odd that Leo would spend time talking with a darklighter or that he would be surprised when one conjures up a crossbow to kill him. They probably could have done better with the actress for Daisy, but she suffices. Once again a spell is used here, and as usual, it brings different results than what was hoped for. Of course it was cool to see Phoebe with the active power. Even so, it was still Prue that got the somewhat awesome vanquish at the end, even if it was Phoebe's idea. Good thinking by her.

    The subplot with IA and Rodriguez continues to be a waste, but since he turns out to be a demon at the end, it does help explain it. Mostly, it is all a set up for the season finale and Andy's unfortunate exit from the show. By the end, Andy and Prue did develop an excellent chemistry between them. It doesn't evoke love to me, like eventually between Piper and Leo, but it does suggest a deep friendship. And, of course, we have the final scene between Piper and Leo on the couch in the attic. In it, Leo first suggests turning mortal to be with Piper, and both invoke the dream of getting to have a family and grow old together. We would have to suffer through most of Season 2 before Piper and Leo can start on this journey, but the fulfillment of that dream becomes a central story arc for the remainder of Charmed.
  • Brian Does His First Sweaty, Arrow-in-Chest Face

    As the penultimate episode of the season, "Love Hurts" is quite disappointing. The storyline is a routine "save innocent from demon" which doesn't really throw in any new surprises.

    The episode probably worked well when it first aired, as it introduces darklighters, swapping powers and more of the whitelighter mythology, but nowadays, it seems slightly cliché, being that since this episode, we have seen darklighters, swapping powers and poisonous arrows constantly as Charmed goes on.

    The episode features Piper desperately trying to save Leo when he is left dying after being hit with a poisoned arrow whilst Prue and Phoebe attempt to rescue Leo's charge Daisy from her darklighter ex-boyfriend Alec, who is trying to kill her.

    Holly Marie Combs excels in this episode and she puts in all her effort to make you really feel for her character. Piper has always been unlucky in love with, as Prue mentions, "a warlock, a ghost, a geographically undesirable handyman and a very dorky grad student" all in her dating resume and when Leo, her true love, is dying, you really want her to be able to swap powers with him so she can heal his wounds.

    It's fun to see Phoebe and Prue dealing with their swapped powers also and it almost feels like we're right back in "Something Wicca This Way Comes", with each sister trying to control the abilities that have been thrust upon them.

    All-in-all, "Love Hurts" is a decent episode which ends up feeling boring and clichéd if you've seen the other 150+ episodes.

    Rating: C
  • Leo gets into a battle with a Darklighter while trying to protect a young charge and it appears as though he will die.

    Darklighters, like Whitelighters, exist in fairly large numbers so it is no surprise when a Darklighter targets Leo whilst he is attempting to keep a young woman safe from the Darklighter's lethal arrow.

    When Leo takes the arrow himself, the poison spreads very quickly through his body. Back at Halliwell Manor, it appears as though Leo will die and Piper is devastated beyond belief. Things get just a little mixed up when Prue and Phoebe try to help and it seems as though nothing can save Leo's life. Everything they try has no effect and it appears that Piper must prepare for loss. When Piper's genuine tears heal Leo's wounds and restore him to health, it is clear that love can conquer all.
  • Leo is mortally wounded in a battle with a darklighter while trying to save an innocent. He comes to the sisters to protect the girl. Andy quits his job to protect Prue. The sisters mix their powers by accident trying to save Leo.

    A great episode with a lot of emotion. Andy quits for Prue. Leo gets mortally wounded saving Daisy. Piper mixes up the girls powers trying to save Leo. Prue and Phoebe get respect for each others gifts. A new danger reveals itself. Lots of action for everyone.

    Prue gets to find out what its like to kill someone hands on when she switches powers with the darklighter. I don't think she will want to be doing that again in the near future. She also realizes what a burden Phoebe's gift is and has a lot more respect for how Phoebe handles things. What is the expression? Walk a mile in someone else's shoes?

    Andy sacrifices everything he has worked for to keep Prue and her sisters secret safe. His statement about all the innocent lives the sisters has saved is right. Unfortunately there has been a great deal of collateral damage along the way.

    Carlos Gomez the Internal Affairs Inspector is a great actor and it was a surprise to find out that he is some sort of warlock or demon. He now knows what Andy has been trying to protect. You wonder how he is going to explain his partners death though.

    Phoebe also learns the burden of anothers powers. She always wanted an active power and now that she has experienced one I think the she and her sisters may realize that whomever the higher powers are that touched them may know what they are doing.

    Finally Piper. She had to finally admit in his death that she truly loved Leo. It was a very touching moment and Holly Marie Combs did an excellent job portraying a grieving lover. It was in his death that her love really shined and it was that love that triggered the power to save him.

    It is interesting that they choose two of the baser emotions hate and love for the triggers of the darklighter and whitelighter. It does make sense and I think it makes for a nice turn to the story.

    My best of season one episode. I enjoyed this immensely and will watch it again and again. Great acting, heavy action, and an interesting storyline. All the elements of a great episode. Thanks for reading...
  • Touch By A Whitelighter

    Love Hurts-Leo is shot by the arrow of a darklighter, and asks the sisters to help to protect a girl that is being targeted by the darklighter. Piper casts a spell to swap her powers with Leo's but mistakenly the spell causes Prue and Phoebe's powers to swap. Meanwhile Andy leaves his job to help protect Prue's secret from being exposed by an Internal Affairs investigation.

    A fantastic, fun and emotional episode that sees the sisters have to protect Leo's lastest charge while Leo's life hangs in the balance and all the sisters' powers get switched. The power switching storyline is very entertaining as Prue and Phoebe have to learn how to use each others' powers. Phoebe learning how to use Prue's power was especially hilarious as she couldn't hit her target without getting pissed off. I loved these 2 pieces of dialogue between them:

    Prue: "What did the people use to call you back in high school when they caught you under the bleachers making out with a guy."
    Phoebe: "It's not gonna work."
    Prue: "Ohh yeah...Freebe!"
    *Near by magazines fly off a self*


    Prue: "Uuhhh... Gram's car, I dented it, you got blamed for it."
    *Phoebe swings Alec throw bathroom door"
    Phoebe: "I got grounded for that, Prue!"

    This episode also introduces darklighters, a whitelighter's natural enemy and the concept of their arrows being poisonous to them. Michael Trucco (Alec) was good the darklighter after Daisy as he was effectively psychotic as well as Robin Kelly as Daisy who desperately trying to escape from Alec. But the highlight of the episode is without a doubt Piper and Leo as Piper watches him die only for her to finally trigger Leo's power and bring him back to life. It's a beautiful and emotional scene as Piper reveals that she's in love with Leo which is a pivotal moment for the series' signature couple. Also, I love how Phoebe planned Alec's death by Prue saying the power switching spell again and the special effects are he burned away were great.

    The Internal Affairs storyline really heats up in this episode as Inspector Rodriguez and Inspector Anderson investigating Andy. The interrogation scene was well done and Ted King is actually getting to act more. The scene where Andy confesses to Darryl about protecting Prue is also well done. The twist with Rodriguez being a demon is a shock and promises some great drama for the finale. All and All, "Love Hurts" is a wonderful episode with a great character development for Piper and Leo as well as a solid plot and a well developed sub-plot.
  • Prue Piper and Phoebe are about to leave for a weekend get away when Leo appears in the attic

    The beginning with Leo and the Dark Lighter was very confusing at first because you have no idea what is going on which is something that seems to be done quite often in this show. I like when the beginning gets you thinking really fast though. A Dark Lighter in love with a future White Lighter was not the most interesting thing but the story worked out okay.

    This was a truly amazing episode. I loved hearing Prue and Phoebe talking about the weekend and how they were gonna tan and all and then how Piper has terrible luck with guys. It was so amusing to just listen to how ridiculous they both sounded. It was nice that Piper pulled the attention away from the Phoebe/Prue conversation to bring light to Leo's arrival in the attic. I loved Piper freaking out on Phoebe for not telling her about Leo when she had, but she just sounded completely ridiculous when she did so.

    Watching Piper trying to find a way to heal Leo was just incredible. I really do like the relationship between Leo and Piper because it is just absolutely amazing. It was so awesome that Piper tried switching her powers with Leo's so she could heal him. I really liked seeing Piper get all frustrated because it wasn't working. Phoebe and Prue switching powers was, cool too. I loved Prue hating the premonitions while Phoebe who always wanted an active power missed the premonitions.

    It was really interesting to see what Leo's power had done in cloaking Daisy from Alec. Seeing Prue trying to anger Phoebe so her power would work was funny too. I loved the Freebee thing it was so funny. This was a really interesting story and I loved Phoebe's idea for vanquishing Alec in the end; it was so awesome. The episode was totally awesome and one of the season's best.
  • The power of love can actually save lifes.

    While protecting Daisy, a future whitelighter, Leo is wounded by a poisoned arrow shot by the darklighter Alec, who wants to seduce Daisy, to procreate evil. Leo asks the Halliwell sisters to protect her, and Piper casts a spell to swap Leo's healing powers with hers, but accidentally Prue and Phoebe also switch their powers. The sisters have difficulties to handle their new acquired abilities, and Piper is unable to trigger the healing power. Meanwhile, Andy is having troubles with the Internal Affairs and he is temporarily suspended from his duties.

    "Love Hurts" is an excellent episode of "Charmed", presenting action, romance and comedy in adequate doses. Phoebe, as usual, has some of the best lines, such as when she says that problems are for Mondays mornings or when she questions Prue and tells her that she is not the yellow pages of innocents. When Prue says to Andy "Welcome to my world" is also great. In the end, the lesson that the pleasant power of love heals, while the painful power of hate kills.
  • Piper finally learns that Leo is a Whitelighte when he is shot by a poisonous arrow, to save him she switches powers with him, which also switches Prue's and Phoebe's

    Another great storyline which is copied so many times in later episodes. Nevertheless it is the best when it is most original. Love Hurts introduces us to the lethal opposites to Whitelighters; darklighters- who dress in black, mimic voices, kill Whitelighters with poisonous arrows and orb in cool black inky orbs. The girls are pleaded by a dying Leo, to save an innocent Daisy, who is being lusted after by the dangerous and murderous Darklighter (evil can love who knew!). There are great scenes between Prue and Phoebe who have to learn to use their newly switched powers. Prue triggering Phoebe's anger by reminding her of a situation in High School which gave her a nickname 'Freebie' is very hilarious which is explored in greater depth in the season six episode 'Hyde School Reunion'

    I also enjoyed the fight scenes they were very tense and dramatic, especially the scene where Alec (the darklighter) grabbed hold of Piper and threatened to burn her with his heated up hand unless they hand over Daisy. Excellent dilemma!

    The darklighters vanquish is also pretty gruesome- with Prue switching powers with Alec and using his own deadly touch against him which caused him to disentegrate. Chilling material!

    Piper finding the trigger of love to heal Leo, was very light and warm. The acting and interactions between Holly and Brian were as usual magnificent, and the scenes between them are very enlightening. Overall a very creative, tense and dramatic hour of Charmed. Definately worth watching!!
  • Switchback rollercoaster ride

    This is Season One at its best: emotionally charged, highly original and gripping from one end to the other. Theme for the week seems to be personal sacrifice (I guess the clue is in the title).

    The three strands of the main plot are cleverly stitched together, with Piper's heartbreaking fight to save Leo woven into Prue and Phoebe's struggle to save a future whitelighter from her supernatural stalker. In an otherwise dark hour, a little light relief is provided when Piper's power switching spell also affects her two sisters. It's great to hear Phoebe ask for her power back at the end of the episode; I knew she couldn't be that ungrateful forever.

    The writers also introduce us to darklighters. I love these guys! The way Alec's crossbow appears from a black haze is awesome and the effects look great (it's the same effect they used for Phoebe's power when she was possessed by the woogyman). Yet again, we have a great vanquish, with Prue using the switching spell to swap powers with Alec and kill him with his own hatred. Clever!

    Andy has his own sub plot this week in which he leaves his job to avoid betraying Prue. This is pretty noble of him and his last scene with Prue is every bit as touching as anything Piper and Leo can muster. What a shame he and Prue were apart for so much of the season.

    Holly really shines in this episode and she pitches her emotions perfectly as Leo's condition worsens. In their last scene, Leo says all he can think about is becoming mortal, having a family and growing old with Piper. And I thought it was Prue who gained Phoebe's power!

    Great stuff from my three favourite writers, even if some of the one liners are a little cheesy.
  • Love this episode, I think it’s one of the best in this season.

    Finally Prue and Piper found out who Leo is, because he got injured from a dark lighter arrow. And the only one that isn’t bored is Phoebe but that is because she already knew.

    We also got to find out Leo past, as Leo told Piper how he became a whilelighter.

    In this episode, the darklighter fall in love with a normal human being, and it shouldn’t happen, it’s the same situation with Leo and Piper, as a whilelighter, you can’t fall in love with a witch but he did that. lol
  • "Freaky Friday"

    This episode is very funny...Prue and Phoebe switching their powers. It's so great. And Piper finds out that Leo is a whitelighter. And Prue and Phoebe are really close!
    I just love the spell from this episode:
    What's mine is yours,
    What's yours is mine,
    Let our powers cross the line.
    I offer up my gift to share,
    Switch our powers through the air.
    I think that the sisters are using this spell around 3 times!
    Anyway, I really thought that Leo was going to die. And Piper was so sad. And Phoebe was kinda the responsable one!
    But the funnyest parts are the switching-powers parts.
    Love the episode!
  • Leo brings a charge to the charmed ones for protection from a dark-lighter.

    Leo is shot with a poison arrow by a dark-lighter when he tries to save his charge by bringing her to San Francisco to be protected by the sisters. This was a great episode as it weaved 2 other subplots into the main story (i guess it was the main story) about saving Daisy from the dark-lighter. Leo is dying when he orbs into the attic so Piper and Prue now find out he is a white-lighterd (Phoebe had previuosly found out). Prue and Phoebe try to protect his charge while Piper stay with Leo. Piper comes across a power switching spell that she uses to switch powers with Leo so she can heal him. The spell also switches Prue and Pipers powers which provides some good comic relief. it is very touching seeing Piper struggle to try and save Leo and Holly does her usual great job. I thought Brian's acting wasn't too good especially at the begining of the episode but he gets alot better as the series goes on. It was also good seeing Prue going to Andy for help and that sub-plot intensifies as Andy quits his job because internal affairs is pressing him about Prue. You really find yourself routing for Piper and Leo. I think Prue even mentions in the episode about all of Pipers previous failed loves so you really pull for her.
  • Piper finds out that Leo is a whitelighter

    Piper finally learns the supernatural truth about her lost love Leo, when he returns to San Francisco to ask the Halliwell sisters to protect an innocent woman who is being stalked by a demonic suitor. Piper evokes a spell to switch powers with Leo, when he is gravely injured, in order to use his gift of healing to save his life, but the spell also switches Prue and Phoebe's powers. With the mixed up powers the Charmed Ones are weak against their enemies, but the power of three prevails. Piper must say good-bye to Leo because he is a white lighter.
    Its so sad to see Leo go but he'll be back !!
  • Piper tells Leo she loves him

    A darklighter shoots Leo who is protecting a woman called daisy from him. The darklighter loves her and she used to feel the same way until she found out what he does to whitelighters. Leo orbs to the manor and finds a stunned Piper and Prue along with Phoebe who already knew he was a whitelighter. Piper casts a spell that allows hers and Leo's powers to swap bodies so that she can heal him. The spell goes awry and along with their powers Prue and Phoebe switch powers too. Needing to learn how to use one anothers powers is critical now as they need to find and vanquish the dark lighter. Piper struggles to heal Leo until she tells him she loves him. Series classic and the first episode where Piper tells Leo she loves him.
  • Piper finally voices her love for Leo. She has known it for months. She is the soul mate for Leo. Alternatively, Prue does not love her Inspector enough to reward him for his sacrifices.

    Great episode. I can just imagine the promos. Two lovers of the girls are facing major changes - one almost dies and one may loose his job. Piper is true to her man. She does everything possible to help Leo. She loves him and it never changes throughout the series. Prue does not have the same devotion. She allows her childhood love leave his career position and she walks away.

    Phoebe acts like she has a lot of clout in the threesome, but she really has yet to earn it. It is a great episode in the first season. Watch it and love it.
  • The Charmed ones must help a woman escape from a Darklighter and also help Leo who is dying from being shot by the darklighter.

    The beginning of Piper and Leo, where we find out that Leo is a whitelighter and his forbidden love. Even though Prue, Piper and Phoebe didnt know that much about whitelighters they still helped Leo and his charge. This was a funny episode seeing how each one had to learn each others trigger for their powers. I thought it was funny when Prue was trying to puch Phoebe buttons to use their powers. At the end of the episode Phoebe learned how inportant her power was and she did not want a active power. This episode has us watching to the Piper and Leo plotline and how their love grows.
  • Leo returns for a visit after being shot by a darklighter\'s arrow.

    Leo returns looking for the sisters help after he is shot by a darklighter. Daisy, Leo\'s charge, is being stalked by the darklighter who was her former lover. In an attempt to save Leo\'s life, Piper swithchees powers with but also switches Prue and Pheobe\'s powers.Prue and Piper learn that Leo is really a whitelighter. Piper tells Leo that she really does love him. Over all a very good episode.
  • My boyfriend is a darklighter.

    Love Hurt is another Season One classic, with some really memorable scenes and great overall feeling.

    The main plot about the darklighter and the stalked girlfriend is really good, and masterfully mixed together with the two subplots about the power swap and the dying Leo. While the main plot is really gripping, and you feel bad for the poor ex-girlfriend, it’s the story about Leo and Piper you really remember and focus on whilst watching. Their relationship has always been the most beautiful and loved one on Charmed, and their story is just so tragic during the two first Seasons. Holly gives a stunning performance throughout the episode, and even though Brian doesn’t reach the same heights, he is still better than most guest stars on the show.

    The power swap was original, but like so many other things on Charmed, got way overused in later seasons. It was, however, very good in this first episode featuring it. It created some hilarious moments, as well as making the very original and somewhat gruesome vanquish possible. Andy continued to surprise me, and actually was really enjoyable, even though he’s character still is very pointless.

    The main thing I liked about Love Hurts was the wonderful emotions it created, much thanks to the acting of the main trio, especially the always marvellous Holly. The episode was also very well-written and contained some good humour as well as tearjerking and extremely touching scenes.
  • The sisters plan a weekend away but, as usual, things don\'t go as planned for the Halliwells when they discover their fallen whitelighter in the attic, and must save him. A darklighter threatens an innocent while Piper must come to terms with Leo\'s true

    This was one of those episodes that changes a series, and that defines a relationship. And what better relationship to define. One of the earliest Piper and Leo based episodes, there are the good moments and the bad. A classic example of a series just coming into it\'s own this episode has its share of bad acting but at the heart is a romance that we will all come to love with some great moments. The end with Prue and Phoebe is touching and Holly Marie Combs pulls in a great performance when holding the dogtags Leo left behind.
  • first key piper and leo moement

    this is another one of my faveriout episode (well every episode is my fave but thats beside the piont)
    every one now knows leos a white lighter and love it when people fight thier feeling and then they finnily release them. Piper and leo have to go down in history as yet another brilliant classic forbbiden love.
    Piper: Oh, thank God. I tried so hard and I couldn't make it work before. Why didn't you tell me?
    Leo: That love was the trigger? You had to find that out on your own. Why couldn't you tell me?
    Piper: I don't know. I was afraid, I was afraid if I admitted how I really felt it would hurt more if I lost you. I'm so sorry, I should of said it before.
    Leo: It's better late then never.
    i love that part!!!
  • This is basically when Piper finds out that she really loves Leo (and that he is a whitelighter) but she is afraid to tell him. Just in case he dies and she will hurt more.

    This episode is about losing people as Andy loves Prue and wants to protect her secret so he quits her job for her. Leo dies and Piper loses him. They all then switch powers and they have to learn to use them really quickly.

    Piper the ncannot find the right thing to activate Leo's power and she finds out that love is the key to activating it.

    Although this is all happening Piper still manages to help the other woman wh ois being stalked by a darklighter (who is in love with her).
  • awesome! they [i]all[/i] (keyword, 'all') know hes a whielighter now!!

    this was an awesome episode! i think it was cool teh they all swithced powers. Piper= healing, orbing. Prue= Premonition. Phoebe= telekinesis. leo= freezing!!! that was awesome! it was the first appearance of a darklighter, too. it was cool when piper healed leo. i thought it was cool! they should do it again sumtime! lol!
  • I laughed I cried

    This is one of the best episodes in Season 1. It showed so much. It was the episode that the sisters lost somebody and found somebody. Pru lost Andy. Andy lost his job. Piper lost leo but her love over came the obsticles that she was facing loosing Leo and with her love, and a little help from a spell she was able to heal Leo. I laughed when the sisters had each others powers. This was a great episode.
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