Season 6 Episode 5

Love's A Witch

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2003 on The WB
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While on a temp job, Paige meets an attractive male witch named Richard and wants to help end the magical feud between his and another magical family. After she refuses Piper and Phoebe's help, she winds up possessed by the vengeful spirit of Richard's deceased fiance. Meanwhile, Leo is suspicious when Chris travels to the underworld in search of a potion.moreless

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  • Love's a Witch

    Love's a Witch was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching this episode because the story was very entertaining. It was interesting to see other magical families, though I found their feud to be a little humorous. It was great to watch the sisters help them deal with their issues as Leo tracked Chris to see what he was really up to. There were some interesting developments and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!moreless
  • War of the Witches

    Any episode that begins with a granny spouting ''those sons of bitches missed me!'' get a thumbs up from me. A grittier episode of Charmed than usual, ''Love's a Witch'' showcases a side of magic with welcomed bloody results. And, while Phoebe maybe be at her most annoying here, the hour also marks the show finally addressing Phoebe's empathy power head on and finding a potion to completely nullify the effects on her sisters. Huzzah! Leo is still hounding Chris about the whole Valhalla incident, but it's hard to muster up any feelings whatsoever when Drew Fuller basically sleeps his way through each episode. It's also another episode that ends with yet another downer resolve. The writers seem to only manage time for Piper and Leo's marital issues come the episode's end, which kind of puts a tinge on everything that went on before. Regardless, this is a solid effort, and Rose McGowan gives a steady performance, although her go-to possession voice has gotten a little irritating at this stage. Mummies, vamps, ghosts, it's the same every time! Bah!moreless
  • It's Time For Family Feud!!

    Love's A Witch-While on a temp job, Paige meets an attractive male witch named Richard and wants to help end the magical feud between his and another magical family. After she refuses Piper and Phoebe's help, she winds up possessed by the vengeful spirit of Richard's deceased fiance. Meanwhile, Leo is suspicious when Chris travels to the underworld in search of a potion.

    Wow, A nice boring episode Charmed! I'd take that over the awful run of episodes we've gotten so far. At least the writers were attemping to give us a serious witch centric plot again, but unfortunately the guest stars couldn't be more boring and the fallout couldn't be more dull. Olivia sure was vicious little ghost wasn't she? The hole she left in Ricahrd's father's chest was brutal. I just wish the ending involved more of a confrontation between Olivia and the sisters. Paige simply talking her down and Olivia going to the afterlife peacefully was beyond anti-climatic, also when she possessed Paige, it's was a wasted plot point and what was up with Richard kissing Paige out of nowhere. I mean it's obvious he sensed Paige was channeling Olivia but didn't sense that Paige might be possessed by Olivia!? Speaking of Richard, Balthazar Getty is yet another boring actor casted in yet another boring role. Of course, he will become a future love interest for Paige, yet I don't see why? He's an interesting as a door knob.

    Also, the story is filled with some glaring plot holes like why haven't the Elders intervened in this war? Leo didn't even give a reason to why these two families are still active witches when all they do is cause harm to one another? What happened to personal gain and the consequences considering they are suppose to be good witches? Also, why do they throw energy balls? Isn't that a demonic power!!? Think writers, think! Another annoying plot point is Phoebe's continuing struggle to control her Empath power. I glad that the Empath potions were made to block Phoebe's power from Paige and Piper, but I hate that Chris was involved in this. Seriously, what is upw with this guy!? And why is Leo the only one noticing Chris' shaddy behavior. The sisters are becoming so dumb and Chris is playing all of them. I'm glad Leo threatened to clip his wings because the fact that Chris is still a whitelighter and doing all these horrible things is ridiculous!! Anyway, "Love's A Witch" is pretty much the best episode of the season so far, which is sad because it's average at best. Which shows you how bad this season is!moreless
  • Interesting Family

    Montana family need to grow up and stop the stupid feud! Both family found out Olivia started it and want feud continue forever! This episode is kind boring and nothing interesting. I like Steve's character in this episode! Paige need to start right now to learn to heal herself!! She is whitelighter, she should learn to heal!! But Chris dont know how to heal, because I cant blame Chris because in the future, no one teach chris yet to heal. Leo is supposed to teach his son, Chris to heal!!!! This episode is not good and enjoy to watch, boring!moreless
  • Neighbours at war

    A hectic episode with plenty of intrigue and good stories for all the cast. The main plot, involving a feud between two witchy and very wealthy families, does take a while to get going but this isn't a huge problem as there is plenty of action elsewhere.

    The idea of feuding families is hardly new, but it hasn't been done on this show before. To be truthful, I wasn't remotely interested who was responsible, I was just hoping it would build into a decent bunfight, which I'm glad to say it did. Some good blood and guts along the way! The séance was a great scene, although I was disappointed it ended with one of the sisters being possessed AGAIN. How many more times is this going to happen?

    All the characters have their own plots this week. Paige is still looking for a life beyond the Charmed Ones and ends up becoming embroiled in the feud. She also succeeds in hitting on the leading man.

    In a desperate attempt to stop Phoebe finding out his secret, Chris goes to some dodgy back street wizard for a potion. Unfortunately for him, Leo is watching from the shadows. I love all the intrigue around these two and I really hope it blows up soon. This is the first time we hear Chris refer to Leo as "Dad", although it's hidden in a reference to Wyatt.

    Phoebe's new power is driving everyone mad, including most of the viewers. I had to laugh when Paige orbed that apple into her mouth; one of the funniest scenes ever. Good also to see her hovering over the hoovering. Piper is dating in a desperate attempt to get over Leo. It won't work, of course, but I did feel very sorry for Leo when she said she wanted a divorce. Some nice acting by Brian.

    So here we are in episode five and so far this season the sisters have vanquished one evil being (and that was in the first ten minutes of the first episode). Are they going soft?moreless
James Suturius

James Suturius

James Callaway

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Rachelle LeFevre

Rachelle LeFevre

Olivia Callaway

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J. Michael Flynn

J. Michael Flynn

Benjamin Montana

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Balthazar Getty

Balthazar Getty

Richard Montana

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (21)

    • When Chris goes to talk to Piper about her date he says "you're not serious about this guy". This could have been him trying to get her not to date so she would eventually go back to Leo, since they needed to conceive him.

    • This feud has been going on for some time now, and it's apparent that all the plasma balls seem to be coming from houses opposite or next door to each other. Yet everyone seems to spend all their time in front of windows, which seem to be the main access points for the destruction.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode it's shown that the ritual makes the ghost get into our plane from the ghostly plane. In the case of an angry spirit, it could become a dangerous fact because the ghost can posses people.

    • TRIVIA: Plasma balls can only come from the ghostly plane. That means that ghosts, despite the fact that they can posses people, they could attack with plasma balls.

    • The first time we see Olivia, she is clearly near Richard and Paige. Later, she leaves and kills Richard's father. When she enters in the room, Richard's father sees her and talks with her. Anyway, Richard and Paige don't see her despite the fact that she is right there.

    • TRIVIA: In one of the scenes, when Leo and Chris are in the cavern, Leo has to orb and Chris says: "Seems that Wyatt needs a babysiter, Dad". This is clearly an allusion to Leo. Chris says it because he is his father and he always is with Wyatt (Like he will confess in Spin City). Anyway, the audience doesn't notice it because is part of the story and they believe he is talking about Wyatt.

    • Olivia is wearing a red blouse/sweater in the photo. Paige is wearing a red blouse/sweater when Olivia takes over her body.

    • TRIVIA: The song played after the credits is called Tears From The Moon by Conjure One.

    • Phoebe says that Piper dated a demon, a warlock, and a ghost, but she never dated a demon. Also she and the ghost were just attracted to each other and did not actually date. She did, however, date Jeremy who was a warlock.

    • Why does Piper suggest making her and Leo's divorce legal? To have a legal divorce, it is required to have a legal marriage. Since grams precided over the 'handfasting' its doubtful that she signed the marriage licence (since she is dead and some may question it).

    • After Paige walks into the house with her wound and starts walking to the kitchen, Piper follows her. It's clearly seen that Piper has walked into the room right behind Paige, but in the next shot, Paige is at the sink and Piper is re-entering the door.

    • Richard said that you can't curse someone who doesn't practice magic, but there have been many times where innocents have been cursed.

    • Why didn't Leo heal Paige when her wound was bad enough to bloody up two shirts?

    • Did the Callaways live across the street from the Montanas? Phoebe said that they did, and both energy balls in the beginning (to the Callaway house) came from across the street. Also, Richard came from across the street. But after Olivia killed Mr. Montana, Phoebe was in the Callway house. But she was clearly in the house next door (which was supposed to be the Callway house). So did the Callaways live next door to the Montanas, or was Phoebe in the wrong house?

    • The front of "Anthony's" (the restaurant where Piper had her date) looked vaguely familiar to the front of "Quake" - where Piper used to work.

    • When Piper and Chris orb in Chris's hair is combed back but when the view switches to where you can see him again it's messy, and when they are in the living room his hair is combed back again.

    • Paige asks Richard why he doesn't have any scars, apparently ignoring the prominent scar in his right eyebrow. While it's not horribly disfiguring, it seems odd not to mention it when having a conversation about scars.

    • Why didn't Piper stop the energy ball from hitting Richard?

    • The amount of mud on Chris changes dramatically from scene to scene.

    • Why didn't Piper utilize her freezing power in this episode? It would have been useful multiple times: to prevent Richard from being hit by the energy ball, to freeze her date when Phoebe was behind the door, to freeze her date again when Chris showed up, etc.

    • It used to be that low-voltage energy balls stun people, while high-voltage ones kill/disintegrate them - so why are there giant, nasty blood wounds caused by the energy/plasma balls in this episode?

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  • NOTES (1)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Láska je mocná čarodějka (Love Is a Mighty Sorceress)
      France: Vengeance d'outre tombe (Vengeance from beyond the grave)


    • Paige quips that Richard is "sleeping with the enemy" when he mentions Olivia. This is a reference to the 1991 movie Sleeping with the Enemy which starred Julia Roberts.

    • Re: Romeo and Juliet

      This episode makes a few plot references to the William Shakespeare play "Romeo and Juliet" - the feuding families in this episode are the Montanas and the Calloways, while in the play "Romeo & Juliet", the rival families are the Montagues and the Capulets; plus the fact that one member of each family falls in love with the other.

    • Title: Love's A Witch

      A reference to the expression "life's a bitch".